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UNSPECIFIED (2015) Clinical trial on the effect of baladi yapan basti and vajikarana yoga in the management of oligoastheno. [Publication]

Talekar, Manisha, Sisir Kumar Mandal (2015) A case discussion on vicharchika (eczema). [Publication]

UNSPECIFIED (2015) Bh\=avaprak\=a\'sanigha\d{n}\d{t}u\d{h}. [Publication]

Manohar, S. Ram (2015) Prameha: An Ayurvedic concordance of textual references from Brhattrayis. [Publication]

UNSPECIFIED (2015) Socio, economic and religious life of Gond tribal. [Publication]

Abhinav, V.K. Srivastava, N.P. Rai (2015) Rasonapinda: A clinical evaluation in management of amavata (rheumatic arthritis). [Publication]

Abou Zeid, A.H., M.S. Hifnawy, R.S. Mohammed and A.A. Sleem (2015) Lipoidal contents, analgesic and antipyretic activities of the aerial parts of Dichrostachys cinerea L. [Publication]

Abraham, Suja, Padma Raghavan (2015) Myths and facts about vitiligo: An epidemiological study. [Publication]

Abu Sufian, Md., Mohammad Rashedul Haque (2015) Cytotoxic, thrombolytic, membrane stabilizing and anti-oxidant activities of Hygrophila schulli. [Publication]

Achar, Somashekhara K.G., Vijaya Boosanur, M.B. Shivanna (2015) Ethno-medico-botanical knowledge of Tiptur taluk in Tumkur district of Karnataka, India. [Publication]

Adhikary, Partha Pratim, M. Madhu, Ch. Jyotiprava Dash, D.C. Sahoo, Praveen Jakhar, B.S. Naik, H.C. Hombe Gowda, G.B. Naik, Benukantha Dash (2015) Prioritization of traditional tribal crops based on RWUE in Koraput district of Odisha. [Publication]

Aftab-Ullah, Mahmood Ahmad, Taseer Ahmad, Faiza Naseer Naseer (2015) Hepatoprotective activity of Sonchus asper in paracetamol-induced hepatic damage in rabbits. [Publication]

Agarwal, A.K., Shashi Rai, M.C. Upreti, A.K. Srivastava, Sheeba (2015) Day care as an innovative approach in psychiatry: Analysis of Lucknow experience. [Publication]

Agarwal, T., Somya Asthana, A. Bissoyi (2015) Molecular modeling and docking study to elucidate novel chikungunya virus nsP2 protease inhibitors. [Publication]

Agrawal Anuja and Aarushi Sharma (2015) Gender contests in the Delhi metro: implications for reservation of a coach for women. [Publication]

Agrawal, Rachna, Dr. Sarvesh Kumar Agrawal, Dr. Kamalesh Kumar Sharma (2015) A pilot study on the short term effect of bhastrika pranayama to enhace the breath holding capacity of students. [Publication]

Ahirwar, Ramesh Kumar (2015) Indigenous knowledge of traditional magico-religious beliefs about plants of district Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh, India. [Publication]

Ahluwalia, Gautam (2015) Obesity paradigm in India: Are the consequences an impending Tsunami? [Publication]

Ahmad, Kamal, S. Heena Kausar, Najeeb Jahan, Mohd Aslam, Parwej Ahmad, H. Anwar Khan (2015) Cardiology in Unani medicine: A review. [Publication]

Ahmmed, S.K. Milan, Pulok K. Mukherjee, Shiv Bahadur, Amit Kar, Naif Abdullah Al-Dhabi, V. Duraipandian (2015) Inhibition potential of Moringa oleifera Lam. on drug metabolizing enzymes. [Publication]

Aishwarya, A.M., P.M. Ulka, A.P. Pravin, P.P. Pallavi, B.R. Pagire (2015) Assessment of standardization and quality control of saurashtri by using ancient and modern methods. [Publication]

Aiswarya, I.V. (2015) A protocol based approach in the management of amavata - A case report. [Publication]

Ajay, Swathi, B. Narayana Prakash, G.S. Ajay, Suhas Kumar Shetty (2015) Role of sarpagandha vati in nidranasha (primary insomnia). [Publication]

Akinlolu, Adelaja Abdulazeez, Mamidele A. Salau, Martins Ekor, Jubril Otulana (2015) Musa sapientum with exercises attenuates hyperglycaemia and pancreatic islet cells degeneration in alloxan-diabetic rats. [Publication]

Al-Mendalawi, Mahmood Dhahir (2015) Aetiology of childhood viral gastroenteritis in Lucknow, North India. [Publication]

Alam, Fiaz, Qazi Najam us Saqib, Abdul Waheed (2015) Cytotoxic activity of crude saponins from Gaultheria trichophylla against human breast cancer cells MCF-7 and MDA-MB-468. [Publication]

Alam, Nazmun Nahar, Ferdous Ara, Md. Jalal Uddin Iqbal (2015) Prescribing pattern of psychotropic drugs used in non-psychiatry patients among outpatient department of two teaching hospitals in Bangladesh. [Publication]

Alam Fiaz Qazi Najumus Saqib Abdul Waheed (2015) Effect of crude saponins from Gaultheria trichophylla extract on growth inhibition in human colorectal cancer. [Publication]

Ali, Muhammad Zeeshan, Khalid Hussain Janbaz, Malik Hassan Mehmood, Anwar Hassan Gilani (2015) Antidiarrheal and antispasmodic activities of Polygonum bistorta are mediated predominantly through K+ channels activation. [Publication]

Alluri, Narendranath, M.N. Shivakameshwari, S.H. Manohar, Mala Majumdar (2015) Diversity of Drimia indica (Roxb.) Jessop and its relationship to Drimia nagarjunae using phenotypic traits and molecular markers. [Publication]

Alluri, Narendranath, Mala Majumdar (2015) Evaluation of alpha-glucosidase inhibition of Drimia nagarjunae, a medicinal plant from South India. [Publication]

Alluri, Narendranath, Mala Majumdar (2015) In vitro anticancer potential and GC-MS analysis of Drimia nagarjunae, an endangered medicinal plant. [Publication]

Alnakshbandi, Abdulkadir A. (2015) Aminoglycosides induce fragility of human red cell membrane: An in vitro study. [Publication]

Anandgal, Praveen Kumar, Nishteswar Karra, C.R. Harisha (2015) Comparative pharmacognostical study of root stock and root of Pygmaeopremna herbacea (Roxb.) Mold NK. - Source plant of bharangi. [Publication]

Anandgal, Praveen Kumar, Nishteswar Karra, C.R. Harisha (2015) Comparative pharmacognostical study of root stock and root of Pygmeaopremna herbacea (Roxb.) Mold NK. - Source plant of bharangi. [Publication]

Angadi, Jyoti Ravindra (2015) Prevention of blindness caused by vitamin A deficiency - An Ayurvedic perspective. [Publication]

Angadi, Ravindra (2015) Therapeutic evaluation of tuvaraka beeja taila in vicharchika w.s.r. to eczema - A pilot study. [Publication]

Ankad, G.M., R.T. Konakeri, H.V. Hegde, S. Roy (2015) Variation in pharmacognostic characters and polyphenolic contents among four species of medicinal plants from the genus spermacoce (rubiaceae). [Publication]

Ankad, G.M., R.T. Konakeri, H.V. Hegde, S. Roy (2015) Variation in pharmacognostic characters and polyphenolic contents among four species of medicinal plants from the genus spermacoce (rubiaceae). [Publication]

Anonymous (2015) Legacy of mountain people: Inventory of cultural resources of Ladakh. [Publication]

Antony, James T. (2015) Psychiatrists need a Freud-chip in their psyche to be well-rounded. [Publication]

Arali, Mukta Veeranna, Nagendra Prasad (2015) A critical review on the medicinal plants acting on female reproductive system. [Publication]

Arici, M. Aylin, Ayse Gelal, Yucel Demiral, Yesim Tuncok (2015) Short and long-term impact of pharmacovigilance training on the pharmacovigilance knowledge of medical students. [Publication]

Arif Khan, Rahmat Ali Khan, Mushtaq Ahmed, Nadia Mushtaq (2015) Antioxidant and antifungal activities of selected fruits of Districts Bannu and Lakki Marwat, Pakistan. [Publication]

Arslan, Muzeyyen, Nalan Kutlu, Merve Tepe, Nisa Selin Yilmaz, Leyla Ozdemir, Senol Dane (2015) Dry cupping therapy decreases cellulite in women: A pilot study. [Publication]

Arulappan, M. Thamacin, S. John Britto, K. Ruckmani, R. Mohan Kumar (2015) An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used by ethnic people in Gingee Hills, Villupuram District, Tamilnadu, India. [Publication]

Arya, Vikrant (2015) Tannins. [Publication]

Asgar, Md. Ali, Gulsiri Senawong, Banchob Sripa, Thanaset Senawong (2015) Scopoletin potentiates the anticancer effects of cisplatin against cholangiocarcinoma cell lines. [Publication]

Asgarpanah, Jinous, Arefeh Ariamanesh (2015) Phytochemistry and pharmacological properties of Myrtus communis L. [Publication]

Asgarpanah, Jinous, Fereshteh Ramezanloo (2015) An overview on phytopharmacology of Pelargonium graveolens L. [Publication]

Ashtiyani, Saeed Changizi, Taiebeh Shoja, Mohsen Shamsi, Majid Ramezani, Ali Aalizadeh (2015) An overview of the ideas of the traditional medical scholars on the symptoms, causes and treatment of nasal catarrh and post nasal drip. [Publication]

Aslan, Abdullah, Didem Boydak, Muhammed Ismail Can, Tuncay Kuloglu (2015) Nigella sativa improves the carbon tetrachloride-induced lung damage in rats through repression of erk/akt pathway. [Publication]

Asthana, S., T. Agarwal, S. Singothu, A. Samal, I. Banerjee K. Pal, K. Pramanik, S.S. Ray (2015) Molecular docking and interactions of pueraria tuberosa with vascular endothelial growth factor receptors. [Publication]

Asthana, S., T. Agarwal, S. Singothu, A. Samal, I. Banerjee, K. Pal, K. Pramanik, S.S. Ray (2015) Molecular docking and interactions of pueraria tuberosa with vascular endothelial growth factor responses. [Publication]

Atila, G\"{o}zde, Hamit Uslu, Ebru Beytut, Evren Go\c{c}, Yusuf Ersan (2015) Anti-hyperglycaemic, anti-oxidantand anti-hyperlipidaemic effects of Momordica charantia L. on streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. [Publication]

Attanayake, A.P., K.A.P.W. Jayatilaka, C. Pathirana, L.K.B. Mudduwa (2015) Antihyperglycemic activity of Coccinia grandis (L.) Voigt in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. [Publication]

Attanayake, Anoja P., Kamani A.P.W. Jayatilaka, Chitra Pathirana, Lakmini K.B. Mudduwa (2015) Toxicological investigation of Spondias pinnata (Linn. F.) Kurz. (Family: Anacardiaceae) bark extract in Wistar rats. [Publication]

Azizur Rahman, Md., Arshad Hussain (2015) Anticancer activity and apoptosis inducing effect of methanolic extract of Cordia dichotoma against human cancer cell line. [Publication]

Babu, Bijo, M. Ravi, Ashok B.N. Kumar, V.H. Sudheendra, B. Ravishankar (2015) Burn wound healing potential of plain gritha, shatadhauta ghrita and sahasradhauta ghrita on wistar albino rats. [Publication]

Bagheri, Seyyed Majid, Leila Keyhani, Mehrangiz Heydari, Mohammad Hossein Dashti-R (2015) Antinociceptive activity of Astragalus gummifer gum (gum tragacanth) through the adrenergic system: A in vivo study in mice. [Publication]

Bagheri, Seyyed Majid, Maryam Yadegari, Majid Porentezari, Aghdas Mirjalili, Ashraf Hasanpor, R. Mohammad Hossein Dashti, Morteza Anvari (2015) Effect of Ferula assa-foetida oleo gum resin on spermatic parameters and testicular histopathology in male wistar rats. [Publication]

Bahadur, Shiv, Kakali Mukherjee, Amit Kar, S.K. Milan Ahmmed, Pulok K. Mukherjee, Naif Abdullah Al-Dhabi, V. Duraipandiyan (2015) Evaluation of food-drug interaction potential of Aegle marmelos (L.) CorrĂȘa through metabolism mediated cytochrome P450 inhibition assay. [Publication]

Bahekar, Satish E., Ranjana S. Kale (2015) Antidiarrheal activity of ethanolic extract of Manihot esculenta Crantz leaves in Wistar rats. [Publication]

Bajpai, Vivek K., Pooja Agrawal (2015) Studies on phytochemicals, antioxidant, free radical scavenging and lipid peroxidation inhibitory effects of Trachyspermum ammi seeds. [Publication]

Balhara, Yatan Pal Singh, Ashwani Mishra (2015) A study exploring attributes and nature uf the retracted literature on mental disorders. [Publication]

Bali, Yogitha (2015) Sugarcane - A healthy grass. [Publication]

Bam, Joken, S. Rai, D. Bhattacharya, S. Maiti, Pallabi Pathak, A.K. Bera, S.M. Deb (2015) Indigenous curative and prophylactic traditional practices used against haematophagous leeches in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. [Publication]

Bandyopadhyay, Aparna et al. (2015) The 'other' universe: an anthology of women's studies. [Publication]

Banerjee, Amartya, S.M. Firdous (2015) Antiulcer activity of hydroalcoholic extract of Ipomoea staphylina plant in rats. [Publication]

Bangar, Chandrakant Panditrao, Snehal Narendra Wagh (2015) Herbal dentifrices: An orthodontics aspect. [Publication]

Bansal, Prachi, S. Medhe, N. Ganesh, M.M. Srivastava (2015) Antimelanoma potential of eruca sativa seed oil and its bioactive principles. [Publication]

Bapat, Sharda Narendra (2015) Cannabis: the forgotten sacred plant of India. [Publication]

Baraiya Hetal P Shilpa B. Donga, L.P. Dei, Kashyap Chauhan (2015) A review study on uttarabasti of yavakshara taila in the management of vandhyatva w.s.r. fallopian tube blockage. [Publication]

Bardale, Rajesh V., Pradeep G. Dixit (2015) Suicide behind bars: A 10-year retrospective study. [Publication]

Barua, Chandana Choudhury, Prakash Haloi, Pompy Patowary, Acheenta Gohain Barua, Manab Jyoti Bordoloi, Iswar Chandra Barua (2015) Evaluation of anti-amnestic activity of few medicinal plants against scopolamine induced amesia. [Publication]

Basu, Debasish, Ajit Avasthi (2015) Strategy for the management of substance use disorders in the State of Punjab: Developing a structural model of state-level de-addiction services in the health sector (the "Punjab model"). [Publication]

Batra, Mukesh (2015) Homeopathy: Bespoke medicine. [Publication]

Baul, Tarit Kumar, Morag McDonald (2015) Integration of indigenous knowledge in addressing climate change. [Publication]

Bawaskar, Himmatrao Saluba, Parag Himmatrao Bawaskar, Pramodini Himmatrao Bawaskar (2015) Homocysteine and cardiovascular system. [Publication]

Bazracharza, Abijit, Manju Rana, Biswajit Roy, Archana Tiwari and Ajay Tripathi (2015) Optical characterization of medicinal plants' extracts used for the treatment of diabetes. [Publication]

Begum, Wajeeha, Mariyam Roqaiya (2015) Treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome by wet cupping - A case report and review of literature. [Publication]

Behere, Rishikesh V. (2015) Facial emotion recognition deficits: The new face of schizophrenia. [Publication]

Bera, Tushar Kanti, Kausik Chatterjee and Debidas Ghosh (2015) Remedial hypoglycemic activity of n-hexane fraction of hydro-methanol extract of seed of Swietenia mahagoni (L.) jacq. in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat: A comparative evaluation. [Publication]

Berk, Ulrich, Shailendra Sharma (2015) Effect of Agnihotra energy field on water purification. [Publication]

Bhadada, Shraddha V., R.K. Goyal (2015) Effect of aqueous extract of Tephrosia purpurea on cardiovascular complications and cataract associated with streptozotocin-induced diabetes in rats. [Publication]

Bhadada, Shraddha V., R.K. Goyal (2015) Effect of aqueous extract of Tephrosia purpurea on cardiovascular complications and cataract associated with streptozotocin-induced diabetes in rats. [Publication]

Bhagat, S., S.S. Grover, N. Gupta, R.D. Roy, S. Khare (2015) Persistence of Corynebacterium diphtheriae in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR). [Publication]

Bhagwat, Pranav (2015) Karnakshweda - Case reviews. [Publication]

Bhagya, N. and K.R. Chandrashekar (2015) In vitro development of meristematic centers in Cyclea peltata - A pharmaceutically important plant. [Publication]

Bhagyalakshmi, B.R., D.V. Keshava, Shobha G. Hiremath, Pradeep K. Prajapati (2015) Experimental evaluation of oestrogenic activity of rajahpravartini vati - a herbo-mineral formulation. [Publication]

Bhalla, Preena (2015) Chlamydial infection: A clinical and public health perspective. [Publication]

Bhardwaj, Anil, Soni Kapil (2015) Beejdushti: A conceptual study. [Publication]

Bhardwaj, Atul (2015) Comprehensive compendium of supraclavicular disorders in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Bhat, Divya Deva, Prasanna Aithal, B.S. Praveen, Vikram Kumar, Sachin Deva (2015) A clinical study on upanaha sweda in sandhigatavata (osteoarthritis of knee joint). [Publication]

Bhat, Sulochana Ganapati (2015) Challenges in the regulation of traditional medicine - a review of global scenario. [Publication]

Bhattacharjya, D.K., A. Kar, H. Sarma, K.N. Patowary (2015) Notes on herbal treatment practiced by the people of fringe villages of Manas National Park, India. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, Arnab, Nishant Goyal, Vinod Kumar Sinha (2015) Childhood dissociation as a precursor of mood disorder: A 5 years follow-up case study. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, Bhaswati (2015) The diseases of modern life and the Ayurvedic approach. [Publication]

Bhavanani, Ananda Balayogi, Meena Ramanathan, Madanmohan Trakroo (2015) Single session of integrated "Silver Yoga" program improves cardiovascular parameters in senior citizens. [Publication]

Bhinde, Sagar, Sunil Joshi (2015) General health survey of school-going children. [Publication]

Bhishakcakra Cittotsava (2015) Ha\d{m}sar\=ajanid\=ana, edited by M.S. Krishnamurthy. [Publication]

Bhojak, Poonam, S. Amita, S. Amita, S. Amita (2015) A clinical study on the efficacy of sitamandoor on amlapitta. [Publication]

Bhugra, Dinesh, Jonathan Campion, Antonio Ventriglio, Sue Bailey (2015) The right to mental health and parity. [Publication]

Bhuiyan, Dasarathi (2015) Modernization of Kondhs of Odisha. [Publication]

Bhuiyan, Dasarathi (2015) Politics of scheduled tribes in Odisha. [Publication]

Bindurani, Ram, Ashish D. Chimbalkar, S.V. Veeresh Babu, Ganesh S. Mhaske (2015) Comparative evaluation of combination of extracts of Centella asiatica and Glycyrrhiza glabra for presentation of haloperidol induced catalepsy. [Publication]

Biradi, Mahesh, Kirankumar Hullatti (2015) Cytotoxic activity of islated constituents from leaves of Premna serratifolia on MCF-7 and HT-29 cell lines. [Publication]

Bisht, J.K. and R.P. Yadav (2015) Ethnobotanical utilization of trees in Kumaon region, North West Himalaya, India. [Publication]

Bisoyi, Rajendra Kumar (2015) Religious beliefs and practices of the Dongria Kandha in the Niyamgiris. [Publication]

Bissoy, Rajendra Kumar (2015) Conversion -- A curse to the Saora culture. [Publication]

Bitra, V.R., Deepthi Rapaka, Annapurna Akula (2015) Prediabetes and alzheimer's disease. [Publication]

Blackburn, Anne M. (2015) Buddhist connections in the Indian Ocean: Changes in monastic mobility, 1000--1500. [Publication]

Blaikie, Calum (2015) Wish-fulfilling jewel pills: Tibetan medicines from exclusivity to ubiquity. [Publication]

Bode, Maarten (2015) Assembling cyavanapr\=ash, Ayurveda's best-selling medicine. [Publication]

Bondya, Sutanu Lal, Prasanjit Mukherjee and Anuradha Das (2015) Traditional knowledge: Best medicine mines, a way forward. [Publication]

Bondya, Sutanu Lal (2015) Ethnomedicine of some religious plants in Dumka district of Santal Pargana, Jharkhand. [Publication]

Bordia, Devika (2015) The ethics of des seva: Hindu nationalism, tribal leadership and modes of sociality in Rajasthan. [Publication]

Bose, Satheese Chandra et al. (2015) Kerala modernity: ideas, spaces and practices in transition. [Publication]

Chaganti, Sreelakshmi, B.S. Prasad (2015) Analysis of virechana karma with danti avaleha: A retrospective study. [Publication]

Chakraborty, Bhaswat S. (2015) Pharmacovigilance: A data mining approach to signal detection. [Publication]

Chakraborty, Dhanashree Sumeet (2015) Antimetastatic mechanism and efficacy of bromelain. [Publication]

Challapallisri, Vaishnavi, Lloyd V. Dempster (2015) Attitude of doctors towards mentally ill in Hyderabad, India: Results of a prospective survey. [Publication]

Chandra, Prabha S., Geetha Desai, Dharma Reddy, Harish Thippeswamy, Gayatri Saraf (2015) The establishment of a mother-baby inpatient psychiatry unit in India: Adaptation of a Western model to meet local cultural and resource needs. [Publication]

Chandran, Rahul, Saikumar Sathyanarayanan, Murugan Rajan, Muniyandi Kasipandi, Thangaraj Parimelazhagan (2015) Anti-oxidant, hypoglycemic and anti-hyperglycemic properties of Syzygium calophyllifolium. [Publication]

Chandy, Sujith J. (2015) Antimicrobial resistance and inappropriate use of antimicrobials: Can we rise to the challenge? [Publication]

Chatterjee, Amitava (Ed.) (2015) Gender and modernity. [Publication]

Chatterjee, Dattatreyo, Sukanta Sen, Sabnam Ara Begum, Anjan Adhikari, Avijit Hazra, Anup Kumar Das (2015) A questionnaire-based survey to ascertain the views of clinicians regarding rational use of antibiotics in teaching hospitals of Kolkata. [Publication]

Chaturvedi, Arun, Nitin Patil, Alka Chaturvedi, and Trilok Hajare (2015) Shifting paradigms of agriculture and forestry and marginalization of forest dwellers in India. [Publication]

Chaubey, Suresh, Ramesh Chandra Tewari, Rajeev Kurele, Meeta Kotecha, Gagan Deep Kour (2015) Pharmacognostical evaluation of nagakesara used in different parts of India. [Publication]

Chaudhari, Maheshkumar Nilkanth (2015) Distinctive qualities of Ayurveda. [Publication]

Chaudhari, Maheshkumar Nilkanth (2015) The concept of aam in Ayurved. [Publication]

Chaudhary, Vijay, Rajnikant Rohila (2015) Evaluation of an Ayurvedic formulation in the management of essential hypertension in elderly patients. [Publication]

Chaudhary, Vijay, Sharad Johri, Ashwani Kumar Rana (2015) Evaluation of comparative efficacy of neelkanthi (Ajuga bracteosa), tejapatra (Cinnamomum tamala) and methika beeja (Trigonella foenum graecum) churna in the management of diabetes mellitus. [Publication]

Chauhan, Sanjay, Ragini Kulkarni, Dinesh Agarwal (2015) Prevalence and factors associated with chronic obstetric morbidities in Nashik district, Maharashtra. [Publication]

Chauhan, Sanjay P., Navin R. Sheth, Bhanubhai N. Suhagia (2015) Analgesic and anti-inflammatory action of Opuntia elatior Mill fruits. [Publication]

Chen, Xiaowen, Shengnan Peng, Huihong Zeng, Aixiang Fu, Qingxian Zhu (2015) Toll-like receptor 4 is involved in a protective effect of rhein on immunoglobulin A nephropathy. [Publication]

Chhaganbhai, Padhar Bharatkumar (2015) A comparative clinical study of Tryoshnadi Guggulu and Lasuna in mangement of dyslipidemia. [Publication]

Choudhary, Kshiteeja, Parul Sharma, Ved Bhushan Sharma (2015) Hypertension and its management through panchakarma. [Publication]

Choudhary, Manjusha, Vipin Kumar, Hitesh Malhotra, Surender Singh (2015) Medicinal plants with potential anti-arthritic activity. [Publication]

Choudhary, Praveen Kumar (2015) Leech therapy in thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger's disease). [Publication]

Chowdhury, Anurag, Abhaya Prasad Das (2015) Ethnopharmacological survey of wetland plants used by local ethnic people in sub-Himalayan Terai and Duars of West Bengal, India. [Publication]

Cobb, Matthew (2015) The chronology of Roman trade in the Indian Ocean from Augustus to early third century ce. [Publication]

Cordell, Geoffrey A. (2015) Ecopharmacognosy and the globalization of traditional medicines. [Publication]

Dai, Yun-Lei, Gui-Lian Shao, Fang Wang (2015) Extract of Brassica rapa suppresses ovalbumin-induced asthma by down-regulating NF-kB and p38 MAPK activity. [Publication]

Damania, A.B. (2015) Additional note on the Parsi contribution to Indian agriculture and Agri-research. [Publication]

Dar, Bilal Ahmad, Ali Mohamad Lone, Rafiq Ahmad Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad Qurishi (2015) Studies on structure elucidation of Aconitum alkaloids using LC-ESI-MS technique. [Publication]

Das, Jeuti Rani, Hemanta Bikash Das, Sisir Kumar Mandal, Surendra Kumar Sharma (2015) Concept of krimi in perspective of modern era - A review. [Publication]

Das, Kusal K., Jameel G. Jargar, Sikha Saha, Saeed M. Yendigeri, Shashi Bala Singh (2015) Alpha-tocopherol supplementation prevents lead acetate and hypoxia-induced hepatic dysfunction. [Publication]

Das, S., P.L. Haroled Pater, M. Lakshmi Bhavani, P. Naresh, M.V. Ramana (2015) Age- and sex-related prevalence and drug utilization pattern in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus and its comorbidity with cardiovascular diseases: A comparative study. [Publication]

Das, S., S. Ganapaty (2015) Phytochemical evaluation of roots of polygonum viscosum buch-ham. [Publication]

Das, Veena (2015) Affliction: health, disease, poverty. [Publication]

Dasa, Bharat Chandra (2015) A complete guide on garbhadhana samskara: The science of Vedic family planning. [Publication]

Dass, Preeti (2015) Gas: A laughing matter or a problem. [Publication]

Datta, D., S. Pandey, S. Dutta, Y. Verma, Amit Chakrabarti (2015) Descriptive epidemiology and high risk behavior of male prescription opioid abusers: Cross-sectional study from Sikkim, North East India. [Publication]

Deepak, B.S.R. (2015) Randomized controlled open-label study of herbal preparation lekhaneeya mahakashaya ghanavati in dyslipidemia patients. [Publication]

Dehejia, Harsha V. and Vijay Sharma (2015) Love songs of Narsingh Mehta. [Publication]

Deka, Kamala, Neha Dua, Monali Kakoty, Rina Ahmed (2015) Persistent genital arousal disorder: Successful treatment with leuprolide (antiandrogen). [Publication]

Deogade, Meena Shamrao, Siva Rama Prasad Kethamakka, Arati Panchabai, Sonali P. Chalakh, Priti R. Desai (2015) Perception of Dravyaguna students about small group teaching and classroom teaching. [Publication]

Derges, Jane (2015) Ritual and recovery in post-conflict Sri Lanka. [Publication]

Deshmukh, Renuka Yeshwantrao (2015) Medicolegal aspects of surrogacy in India. [Publication]

Deshpande, Shailesh Rajaram (2015) Establishing rural and urban health training centers in AYUSH teaching institutes: A pivotal step for building community interface. [Publication]

Devarajan, Natarajan, Srinivasan Ramalingam and Shivakumar Muthugounder Subramaniam (2015) Gas chromatography mass spectroscopy chromatogram and antimicrobial activity of leaf extracts of Blepharis maderaspatensis and Maesa indica. [Publication]

Devraj, T.L. (2015) Nature cure for common diseases. [Publication]

Dey, Abhijit, Souryadeep Mukherjee and Arijit De (2015) Altitude and growth stage specific variations in antimicrobial activity of Darjeeling Himalayan Pellia endiviifolia against selected human pathogens. [Publication]

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