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UNSPECIFIED (2013) Palmer, Komal K.,. [Publication]


Kumara, Honnavalli, N., R. Sasi, R. Suganthasakthivel and (2013) Distribution, abundance and conservation of primates in the Highwavy mountains of Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu, India and conservation prospects for lion-tailed macaques. [Publication]

Singh, Mhaveer, Y.T. Kamal, Rabea Parveen and Sayeed Ahmad (2013) In vitro antioxidant activity and HPTLC analysis of Borago officinalis Linn. [Publication]

Maheshwari, Raaz, Bina Rani (2013) Intrinsic benefits and therapeutic applications of rose water. [Publication]

Lavekar, G.S., B. Ravishankar, S. Gaid (2013) Mahayograj guggulu: heavy metal estimation and safety studies. [Publication]

Geetha, L., T.S. Manjunatha, P.N. Mogasale and Nagaraj Poojar (2013) Role of psychological factors in the etiopathogenesis of psoriasis. [Publication]

UNSPECIFIED (2013) Svar\d{n}a-tantram (A dialogue between Para\'sur\=ama and \'Siva). [Publication]

Razali, Nadiah, Aidiahmad Dewa, Mohd Z. A (2013) Vascular reactivity on aortic rings of spontaneously hypertensive rats with methanolic and water extracts of Ficus deltoidea. [Publication]

Abbas, Syed Shahid, Manish Kakkar (2013) Research & policy disconnect: The case of rabies research in India. [Publication]

Abbas, Syed Shahid, Manish Kakkar (2013) Research and policy disconnect: The cae of rabies research in India. [Publication]

Abbasi, Arshad Mehmood, Mir Ajab Khan, Munir H. Shah, Mohammad Maroof Shah, Arshad Pervez, Mushtaq Ahmad (2013) Ethnobotanical appraisal and cultural values of medicinally important wild edible vegetables of Lesser Himalayas - Pakistan. [Publication]

Abd Aziz, Azalina Farina, Mohammad Iqbal (2013) Antioxidant activity and phytochemical composition of Cynometra cauliflora. [Publication]

Abdualkader, A.M., A.N. Ghawi, M. Alaama, M. Awang, A. Merzouk (2013) Leech therapeutic applications. [Publication]

Abdul Kareem, Mohammed, Saayi Krushna Gadhamsetty, Althaf Hussain Shaik, E. Maruthi Prasad, Lakshmi Devi Kodidhela (2013) Protective effect of nutmeg aqueous extract against experimentally-induced hepatotoxicity and oxidative stress in rats. [Publication]

Abdul Mannan, Mohammad, Tushar Chandra Sarker, Ahmad Humayan Kabir, Md. Mostafizur Rahman, Mohammad Firoz Alam (2013) Antitumor properties of two traditional aromatic rice genotypes (Kalijira and Chinigura). [Publication]

Abe, F., T. Yamauchi and S.C. Wan (2013) Sesqui-, sester- and trilignans from stems of Cerbera manghas and Cerbera odollam. [Publication]

Abhay, Prakash, Debnath Parikshit, G.R. Arun Raj, N. Rao Prasanna, U. Shailaja (2013) A review on the role of jalaukavacharana (hirudotherapy) in the management of venous ulcer. [Publication]

Abhay Prakash, G.R. Arun Raj, Parikshit Debnath, Lalta Prasad, P.R. Tiwary (2013) Clinical study on the efficacy of ksharasutra in the management of high anal fistula. [Publication]

Abhishek, B., Avinash Saini (2013) Evaluation of physicochemical screening and standardization on the root of Rotula aquatica Lour. [Publication]

Abhishek, Rayasandra Umesh, Devihalli Chikkaiah Mohana, Sreerangegowda Thippeswamy, Kiragandur Manjunath (2013) Antioxidant properties of some selected Indian medicinal plants: Their correlation with total phenolic contents. [Publication]

Abi Beaulah, G., A. Mohamed Sadiq and Jaya Santhi (2013) Antioxidant and antibacterial activity of Achyranthes aspera: An in vitro study. [Publication]

Abirami, P. and M. Gomathinayagam (2013) Biochemical composition of Enicostemma littorale Blume extracts. [Publication]

Abrol, D.P. (2013) Conservation of bee trees as world heritage sites. [Publication]

Abrol, D.P. (2013) Vulture decline an ecosystem crisis. [Publication]

AbuKhader, Majed M. (2013) Thymoquinone in the clinical treatment of cancer: Fact or fiction? [Publication]

Acharya, Niyati S., Kavita Mehta, Vimal Kumar Jain, Sanjeev R. Acharya (2013) Pharmacognostical studies and phytochemical analysis of Typha angustata with reference to female inflorescence. [Publication]

Acharya, Rabinarayan, Riddhish Padiya, Esha D. Patel, C.R. Harisha, Vinaya J. Shukla (2013) Phytochemical rstudy of an ethno medicinal plant Limnophila rugosa Roth. (Merr) (Scrophulariaceae) whole plant. [Publication]

Acharya, Rabinarayan, Riddhish Padiya, Esha D. Patel, C.R. Harisha, Vinaya J. Shukla (2013) Phytochemical study of an ethno medicinal plant Limnophila rugosa Roth. (Merr) (Scrophulariaceae) whole plant. [Publication]

Acharya, Rabinarayan, Sudipta Roy (2013) A review on therapeutic utilities and purificatory procedure of gunja (Abrus precatorius Linn.) as described in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Acharya, Subrat Kumar (2013) This is hepatitis: Know it, confront it. [Publication]

Adair, Frederick Edward Shafto et al. (2013) The big game of Baltistan and Ladakh: a summer in high Asia: being a report of sport and travel in Baltistan and Ladakh. [Publication]

Adake, Prabhakar, R. Chandrashekar, S.N. Rao (2013) Preclinical evaluation of antidepressant activity of Boswellia serrata by tail suspension test. [Publication]

Addlakha, Renu (2013) Disability studies in India: Global discourses, local realities. [Publication]

Adedapo, Adeolu A., Sunday O. Ofuegbe, Abiodun A. Adeyemi (2013) The anti-diabetic activities of the methanol leaf extract of Phyllanthus amarus in some laboratory animals. [Publication]

Adewale, Adetutu, Awe Emmanuel Olorunju (2013) Modulatory effect of fresh Amaranthus caudatus and Amaranthus hybridus aqueous leaf extracts on detoxify enzymes and micronuclei formation after exposure to sodium arsenite. [Publication]

Adhikari, Anjan, Sharmistha Biswas, Radha Raman De, Achintya Mitra, Jayram Hazra, P.K. Debnath (2013) Role of Imunomet in upper respiratory tract disorders: A randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical trial. [Publication]

Adinortey, Michael Buenor, Isaac K. Galyuon, Nicholas Oteng Asamoah (2013) Trema orientalis Linn. Bkume: A potential for prospecting for drugs for various uses. [Publication]

Adiputro, Dwi Laksono, Husnul Khotimah, M. Aris Widodo, Rochmad Romdoni, Djanggan Sargowo (2013) Cathecins in ethanolic extracts of Garcinia mangostana fruit pericarp and anti-inflammatory effect in atherosclerotic rats. [Publication]

Aditya, Menon and C.K.K. Nair (2013) Ayurvedic formulations as therapeutic radioprotectors: preclinical studies on Brahma Rasayana and Chyavanaprash. [Publication]

Adonu, Cyril C., C.O. Esimone, Okechukwu Ugwu, Abubakar Bawa and Emmanuel C. Ossai (2013) In vitro evaluation of the antibacterial potential of extracts of the aerial parts of Cassytha filiformis against urogenital clinical Gram positive organisms. [Publication]

Afzal, Muhammad, Imran Kazmi, Firoz Anwar (2013) Antineoplastic potential of Bryophyllum pinnatum lam. on chemically induced hepatocarcinogenesis in rats. [Publication]

Agarwal, Nidhi, Sheel Sharma (2013) Garden cress (Lepidium sativum L.) -- A non conventional traditional plant item for food product. [Publication]

Agarwal, Shivani, Payal Bhalla, Simran Kaur, Rashmi Babbar (2013) Effect of body mass index on physical self concept, cognition & academic performance of first year medical students. [Publication]

Aggarwal, Praveen (2013) Emergency medicine - Lecture notes. [Publication]

Agnes, Flavia (2013) Law and gender inequality: The politics of women's rights in India. [Publication]

Agnihotri, Akshay P., Smita D. Sontakke, Vijay R. Thawani, Anand Saoji, Vaidya Shishir S. Goswami (2013) Effects of Withania somnifera in patients of schizophrenia: A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled pilot trial study. [Publication]

Ahamed, M. Faizal, K. Sundaravel, R. Ramachandran and R. Lalitha (2013) Effect of Punica granatum on a dandruff causing fungus: A phytopathogenic and few human pathogenic bacterial strains. [Publication]

Ahir, Swati P., V. Chavan, S. Kerkar, P. Samant-Manavi, R. Nanavati, P.R. Mehta, J. Mania-Pramanik (2013) Antiretroviral treatment, viral load of mothers & and perinatal HIV transmission in Mumbai, India. [Publication]

Ahir, Swati P., V. Chavan, S. Kerkar, P. Samant-Mavani, R. Nanavati, P.R. Mehta, J. Mania-Pramanik (2013) Antiretroviral treatment, viral load of mothers & perinatal HIV transmission in Mumbai, India. [Publication]

Ahluwalia, Sanjam (2013) Scripting pleasures and perversions - Writings of sexologists in the twentieth century. [Publication]

Ahmed, Ajij, Nasreen Jahan, Abdul Wadud, Alia Bilal, Syeda Hajera (2013) In vitro effect of hydro alcoholic extract of Adiantum capillus-veneris Linn. on calcium oxalate crystallization. [Publication]

Ahmed, Ejaz, Muhammad Arshad, Abdul Saboor, Rahmatullah Qureshi, Ghazala Mustafa, Shumaila Sadiq, Sunbal Khalil Chaudhari (2013) Ethnobotanical appraisal and medicinal use of plants in Patriata, New Murree, evidence from Pakistan. [Publication]

Ahmed, Faiyaz, Asna Urooj, Alias A. Karim (2013) Protective effect of Ficus racemosa stem bark against doxorubin-induced renal and testicular toxicity. [Publication]

Ahmed, Faiyaz, Raza Murad Ghalib, P. Sasikala, K.K. Mueen Ahmed (2013) Cholinesterase inhibitors from botanicals. [Publication]

Ahmed, Nadeem Muhammad and Salman Ahmed (2013) Anti-emetic activity of Cleome brachycarpa Vahl and Cleome viscosa L. (leaves) in chicks. [Publication]

Ahuja, Anamika, R.C. Arya, Sanjeev Sharma, Anil Sharma (2013) Role of agnikarma in snayu vikara w.s.r. to tennis elbow. [Publication]

Ahuja, Gunja, Rupam Bharti, Yumnam Sileima and S.D. Shruthi (2013) In-vitro anti-arthritic activities of Kirganella reticulata Baill. [Publication]

Ahuja, M.M.S., G.P. Talwar, V.M. Varma, A. Kumar (2013) Diabetes mellitus in young Indians. [Publication]

Ahuja, S.C. and Uma Ahuja (2013) Traditional utilization of paddy straw, husk, and bran. [Publication]

Ajanal, Manjunath and B.S. Prasad (2013) Generalized skin rash after oral administration of Ayurvedic drugs: An unintended drug reaction. [Publication]

Ajith Babu, T.K., V. Ganesan, P. Sajith (2013) Anatomical and phytochemical studies of Scleropyrum pentandrum (Dennst.) Mabb. [Publication]

Akansha, Anupam, R.R. Dwivedi (2013) Concept of Satkaaryavaada in Darshana and its application in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Akhtar, Javed, Kulwant Singh Himaliyan and Ramesh Chand Arya (2013) K\=a\~{n}can\=araguggulu and varu\d{n}akv\=atha c\=ura\d{n}a in the management of benign prostatic hyperplasia - A clinical evaluation. [Publication]

Akhtar, Muhammad Shoaib, Hafiz Muhammad Mazher Asjad, Sajid Bashir, Abdul Malik, Rehan Khalid, Faisal Gulzar, Nadeem Irshad (2013) Evaluation of antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects of Khamira Gaozaban Ambri Jadwar Ood Saleeb Wala (KGA). [Publication]

Akhtar, Naveed, Abdur Rashid, Waheed Murad, Erwin Bergmeier (2013) Diversity and use of ethno-medicinal plants in the region of Swat, North Pakistan. [Publication]

Akinboro, Akeem, Adekunle A. Bakare (2013) Spermatotoxic, cytotoxic and genotoxic evaluation of aqueous extract of Ocimum gratissimum in albino mice. [Publication]

Akinboro, Akeem, Adekunle A. Bakare (2013) Spermatotoxic, cytotoxic and genotoxic evaluation of aqueous extract of Ocimum gratissimum in albino rats. [Publication]

Akuodor, Christian Godwin, Monday Pius Udia, Charles Emeka Udenze, John Onyemaechi Ogbonna (2013) Antibacterial potential of the methanol stem bark extract of Stachytarpheta indica. [Publication]

Al-Amin, Md. Mamun, Syed Zaheed Kamal (2013) Biochemical studies of raktapittantaka louha. [Publication]

Al-Amin, Md. Mamun, Shahabuddin Kabir Choudhuri, Biplab Kumar Das, J.M.A. Hannan (2013) Toxicological and pharmacological effect of khadirarista in animal model. [Publication]

Al-Aufi, Safa H., Mohammad A. Hossain, Afaf M. Weli and Qasim Al-Riyami (2013) In vitro phytochemical screening and antimicrobial activity of the leaves of Lawsonia inermis. [Publication]

Al-Mandeel, Fathi A. (2013) Investigation and chromatographic separation of some phenolic compounds from flowers of Mentha longifolia L. and Mentha spicata L. growing in Iran. [Publication]

Al-Nimer, Marwan S.M., Majid M. Mahmood, Zainab W. Abdul Lateef (2013) Amber stones assisted water extraction of cloves antioxidants: A novel procedure. [Publication]

Al-Noory, Ahmad Sameer, Abdul-Nasser Amreen, Shatha Hymoor (2013) Antihyperlipidemic effects of ginger extracts in alloxan-induced diabetes and prpylthiouracil-induced hyperthyroidism in rats. [Publication]

Alamgeer, Muhammad Nasir Hayat Malik, Sajid Bashir, Abdul Qayyum Khan, Muhammad Naveed Mushtaq, Muhammad Rashid, Muhammad Akram, Sadia Samreen (2013) Evaluation of diuretic activity of Paspalidium flavidum in rats. [Publication]

Alamgeer, Muhammad Rashid, Sajid Bashir, Muhammad Naveed Mushtaq, Hafeez Ullah Khan, Muhammad Nasir Hayat Malik, Abdul Qayyum, Muhammad Shafeeq ur Rahaman (2013) Comparative hypoglycemic activity of different extracts of Teucrium stocksianum in diabetic rabbits. [Publication]

Alamzeb, Muhammad, Muhammad Rafiullah Khan, Saqib Ali, Syed Qaiser Shah, Mamoon-Ur-Rashid (2013) Antimicrobial properties of extracts and compounds isolated from Berberis jaeschkeana. [Publication]

Alathur, Sreelal, Basavaraj Y. Ganti, Reshma M. Saokar (2013) Critical analysis on pharmaceutics of alcoholic preparations (asava-arishta) in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Ali, Amjad, Ahsan Ilahi, Abdul Haseeb Ansari (2013) Roghane gul (rose oil): A multipotent Unani preparation. [Publication]

Ali, Doaa A., Mohamed F. Ismail and Heba A. Badr (2013) Hepatoprotective effect of ginger extract against the toxicity of 7, 12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (DMBA) in albino rats. [Publication]

Ali, Md. Sekendar et al. (2013) Antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of methanol extract of Urena lobata (L) leaves. [Publication]

Ali, Mohsin, Imran Qadir, Mohammad Saleem, Khalid Hussain Janbaz, Humaira Gul, Liaqat Hussain, Bashir Ahmad (2013) Hepatoprotective potential of Convolvulus arvensis against paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity. [Publication]

Alinejad, Bagher, Ahmad Ghorbani, Hamid Reza Sadeghnia (2013) Effects of combinations of curcumin, linalool, rutin, safranal, and thymoquinone on glucose/serum deprivation-induced cell death. [Publication]

Allocco, Amy (2013) Fear, reverence and ambivalence: Divine snakes in contemporary South India. [Publication]

Allocco, Amy L. (2013) From survival to respect: The narrative performances and ritual authority of a female Hindu healer. [Publication]

Almatar, Manaf, Zaidah Rahmat, Faezah Mohd Salleh (2013) Prelminary morphological and anatomical study of Orthosiphon stamineus. [Publication]

Alter, Joseph S. (2013) Sex, athleticism and the soul: Physical philosophy in the ancient Mediterranean and South Asia. [Publication]

Amiri, Mohammad Sadegh, Mohammad Reza Joharchi (2013) Ethnobotanical investigation of traditional medicinal plants commercialized in the markets of Mashhad, Iran. [Publication]

Amirthalingam, M. et al. (2013) Plant and animal diversity in Valmiki's Ramayana. [Publication]

Amrith, Sunil (2013) Health and sovereignty in the new Asia -- The decline and rise of the tropics. [Publication]

Anandharaj, M., S. Sivakumar, M. Rizwana Parveen Rani (2013) Conservation of Dugong dugon (sea cow) in Gulf of Mannar. [Publication]

Anantha Narayana, D.B., C.K. Katiyar (2013) Draft amendment to drugs and cosmetics rules to license science based botanicals, phytopharmaceuticals as drugs in India. [Publication]

Anantha Narayana, D.B. (2013) Approaches to pre-formulation R and D for phytopharmaceuticals emanating from herb based traditional Ayurvedic processes. [Publication]

Anbu, Thangadurai and Palanichamy Mehalingam (2013) Phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial activity of Alstonia scholaris R.Br. and Rauvolfia serpentina (L.) Benth. (Apocynaceae). [Publication]

Andrade, Chittaranjan (2013) Depression: From psychopathology to pharmacotherapy - Modern trends in pharmacopsychiatry. [Publication]

Aneja, Simran, Manisha Vats, Sushma Aggarwal, Satish Sardana (2013) Phytochemistry and hepatoprotective activity of aqueous extract of Amaranthus tricolor Linn. roots. [Publication]

Angadi, Savita S., Vijaykumar S. Kotrannavar (2013) A case discussion on presbyacusis. [Publication]

Angadi, Savita Shivappa, Vijaykumar Sangamesh Kotrannavar (2013) Clinical efficacy of samudraphena powder dusting in otorrhoea caused by diffuse otitis externa. [Publication]

Angadi, Savita Shivappa, Vijaykumar Sangamesh Kotrannavar (2013) Clinical efficacy of samudraphena powder dusting in otorrhoea caused by diffuse otitis externa. [Publication]

Angadi, Savita Shivappa, Vijaykumar Sangamesh Kotrannavar (2013) Clinical efficacy of samudraphena powder dusting in otorrhoea caused by diffuse otitis externa. [Publication]

Angajala, Gangadhara, P. Divya, R. Ramya, R. Subashini (2013) In vitro anthelnintic and antioxidant activity of crude leaf extracts of Aegle marmelos Correa. [Publication]

Anil Kumar and D.K. Yadav (2013) Ethnobotanical and mythological importance of betel vine with special reference to traditional farming, custom and Barai caste in Gaya district (Bihar). [Publication]

Anila, P.S., N.M. Raja Rajeshwari, K.J. Mallika (2013) Satkarya and asatkarya vada in the diagnosis and management of disease. [Publication]

Anila, P.S., N.M. Raja Rajeshwari, K.J. Mallika (2013) Satkarya and asatkarya vada in the diagnosis and management of disease. [Publication]

Ansa, Mathew, C.D. Madhu, Philip Subash (2013) Antioxidant activity of some common medicinal plants. [Publication]

Ansari, Abdul Haseeb, Mohd. Zulfikle, Md Akhter Hussain Jamali, Muhammad Shakir (2013) Postprandial elevation of body temperature: A diagnostic tool for diq (tuberculosis). [Publication]

Ansari, Jahanzeb, Sohail Hassan Khan, Ahsan Ul Haq, Tanveer Ahmad and Muhammad Ismail Abbass (2013) Effect of supplementation of Withania somnifera (Linn.) Dunal roots on growth performance, serum biochemistry, blood hematology, and immunity of broiler chicks. [Publication]

Aprahamian, Ivan, Florindo Stella, Orestes V. Forlenza (2013) New treatment strategies for Alzheimer's disease: is there a hope ? [Publication]

Archana, I., A. Praveen Kumar, Mahesh Vyas (2013) Tenets of Vaisheshika philosophy in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Arivalagan, M., K.K. Gangopadhyay, G. Kumar (2013) Determination of steroidal saponins and fixed oil content in fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) genotypes. [Publication]

Arjariya, Saurabh, Nitin Nema, Swati Tiwari, Ritu Dubey (2013) Antinociceptive potential of Terminalia Catappa (Indian almond) leaves in Swiss albino rat. [Publication]

Arnold, David (2013) Dietetics, mimesis, and alterity -- Food in Asian medical traditions and East-West exchanges. [Publication]

Aron, S., N. Bose, Maria Francis Jeffrey, P. Mehalingam (2013) Pharmacognostic evaluation of stem, leaves and roots of Merremia tridentata (L.) Hallier f. [Publication]

Aron, Somu and Palanichamy Mehalingam (2013) Pharmacognostical studies and preliminary phytochemical investigations on the rhizome of Aponogeton natans L. (Aponogetonaceae). [Publication]

Arora, Disha, Anita Rani, Anupam Sharma (2013) A review on phytochemistry and ethnopharmacological aspects of genus Calendula. [Publication]

Arora, M.K., Dalim Baidya (2013) WHO guidelines on the pharmacological treatment of persisting pain in children with medical illness. [Publication]

Arora, Shalabh, Anjana Joel (2013) Pancreatic cancer in a case of idiopathic chronic pancreatitis. [Publication]

Arshami, Javad, Mohammad Pilevar, Mohammad Aami Azghadi, Ahmad Reza Raji (2013) Hypolipidemic and antoxidative effects of Curcumin on blood parameters, humoral immunity, and jejunum histology in Hy-line hens. [Publication]

Arthi Rashmi, B., A. Latha and P. Sivaselvi (2013) Conservation of Maerua arenaria Hook. f. and Thoms. (Capparidaceae): A traditional medicinal plant species. [Publication]

Arun Raj, G.R., D.V. Nikhil, U. Shailaja, Prasanna N. Rao, S. Ajayan (2013) Clinical study on efficacy of local application with jyotishmati-apamarga kshara taila in the management of shvitra (vitiligo) in children. [Publication]

Arun Raj, G.R., U. Shailaja, Prasanna N. Rao, S. Ajayan, Nivya P. Thomas (2013) Review on the contribution of Ura Marunnu, a traditional baby care practice in southern India. [Publication]

Arun Raj, G.R., U. Shailaja, Prasanna N. Rao, S. Ajayan (2013) The therapeutic potential of ten sacred planats (dashapushpa) of Kerala State of Southern India. [Publication]

Arun Raj, G.R., U. Shailaja, Prasanna N. Rao, S. Ajayan (2013) The therapeutic potential of ten sacred plants (dashapushpa) of Kerala State of southern India. [Publication]

Arunadevi, R., M. Ananthraj (2013) Ethnobotanical survey of plants used for respiratory disorders in Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu, India. [Publication]

Arvind (2013) Management of primary obesity through virecana. [Publication]

Arvind Kumar, Tanmoy De, Amrita Mishra, Arun K. Mishra (2013) Oleandrin: A cardiac glycosides with potent cytotoxicity. [Publication]

Arya, K.R., Sayyada Khatoon, Brijesh Kumar (2013) Development of quality control markers for Ulmus wallichiana Planchon: An Indian traditional plant for osteogenic activity. [Publication]

Asadi-Shekaari, Majid, Abuzar Karimi, Mohammad Shabani, Vahid Sheibani, Khardije Esmaeilpour (2013) Maternal feeding with walnuts (Juglans regia) improves learning and memory in their adult pups. [Publication]

Asha, K., K.P. Latha, H.M. Vagdevi (2013) Phytochemical screening and analgesic activity of bark extracts of Pajanelia longifolia (Willd.) K.Schum. [Publication]

Ashok Kumar, B.S., Saran Gopi Setty, R. Harshada, P.G. Archana (2013) Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of safoof-e-kasir-e-reeh. [Publication]

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Auti, Swapnil S., Anup B. Thakar, Vinay J. Shukla, B. Ravishankar (2013) Assessment of lekhana basti in the management of hyperlipidemia. [Publication]

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Babu, Thirunavukkarasu Arun (2013) The ideal zinc preparation in the management of acute diarrhea in children. [Publication]

Bacchetta, Paola (2013) Queer formations in (Hindu) nationalism. [Publication]

Badhuri, Tapas, Ekta and Kousik Dass Mahapatra (2013) Ka\d{t}\={\i}vasti and yoga therapy in the management of low back ache - A clinical study. [Publication]

Badola, Hemant K., Bharat K. Pradhan (2013) Plants used in healthcare practices by Limboo tribe in South-West of Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve, Sikkim, India. [Publication]

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Bahar, Entaz, Mahbubul Alam, Mofasser Hossain, Bashutosh Nath, Joushan Ara (2013) Antioxidant (in-vitro) and thrombolytic (in-vitro) activity of petroleum ether extract of Sida acuta. [Publication]

Bahar, Entaz et al. (2013) Antioxidant (in-vitro) effect of methanol and petroleum ether extracts of the Aerva lanata. [Publication]

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