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Abraham, S., S.K. Abraham and G. Radhamony (1976) Mutagenic potential of the condiments ginger and turmeric. [Publication]

Agarwal, V.S. (1976) Fruits of Indian plants as a source for medicine. [Publication]

Agrawal, S.S., S.L. Bhardwaj and Lalit Gupta (1976) Some pharmacological studies on Pedalium murex Linn. [Publication]

Alirol, Philippe (1976) Animal husbandry in the Ganesh Himal region: an essay in ecological synthesis. [Publication]

Allen, N. (1976) Shamanism among the Thulung Rai. [Publication]

Allen, M.R. (1976) Kumari or `virgin' worship in Kathmandu valley. [Publication]

Allen, N.J. (1976) Approaches to illness in the Nepalese hills. [Publication]

Ambirajan, S. (1976) Malthusian population theory and Indian famine policy in the nineteenth century. [Publication]

Anand Swami, Raj Vaid (1976) Ayurveda -- ancient and modern. [Publication]

Anand, R.M. (1976) Yogic satkarmas and Ayurveda. [Publication]

Anand, R.M. and G.K. Gurjar (1976) Virechana karma in Indian literature. [Publication]

Anand, R.M. and G.K. Gurjar (1976) Virechana karma through ages. [Publication]

Anand, R.M. and K.N. Mehta (1976) Preliminary clinical studies on shirovasti in cases of pakshavadha. [Publication]

Anand, R.M., K.N. Mehta and G.K. Gurjar (1976) Vamana karma in ancient times. [Publication]

Anonymous (1976) Nutmeg tree. [Publication]

Anonymous (1976) Preliminary techno-economical survey of natural resources and herbal wealth of Ladakh. [Publication]

Antarkar, D.S., C.V. Nande and A.G. Joshi (1976) Reduction in plasma pseudocholinesterase levels and no alteration in serum proteins after black gram (Phaseolos mungo) ingestion. [Publication]

Arjungi, K.N. (1976) Areca nut: a review. [Publication]

Arora, R.K. and R. Prashad (1976) Malva verticillata -- a less known economic plant. [Publication]

Asthana, Shashi (1976) History and archaeology of India's contacts with other countries: from earliest times to 300 BC. [Publication]

Atrideva Vidy\={a}la\.{n}k\={a}ra (1976) \={A}yurved k\={a} b\d{r}hat itih\={a}s. [Publication]

Awasthi, D.D. (1976) Lichen genus Parmelia in India. 1. Subgenera Parmelia and Amphigymnia. [Publication]

Aziz, Barbara (1976) Reincarnation reconsidered: or the reincarnate lama as shaman. [Publication]

Bagadia, V.N., Jethi Copalani, P.V. Pradhan and L.P. Shah (1976) Habitual use of Cannabis indica in psychiatric patients. [Publication]

Bailly, P.J. (1976) Une nouvelle thérapeutique de la cellulite par l'extrait de Centella asiatica. [Publication]

Balakrishnan, S. (1976) Indian pediatrics through the ages. [Publication]

Baldwa, V.S., R.K. Goyal, C.M. Bhandari and A. Pangaria (1976) A clinical trial of insulin obtained from vegetable source (plant insulin) in patients with diabetes mellitus. [Publication]

Balse, M. (1976) The Indian female: attitude towards sex. [Publication]

Bandyopadhyay, N.G. and P.V. Sharma (1976) Clinical trial of bhallataka as rasayana. [Publication]

Banerjee, Anup and S.S. Nigam (1976) Antifungal activity of the essential oil of Curcuma caesia Roxb. [Publication]

Banerjee, Usha (1976) Health administration in a metropolis (a case study of Delhi). [Publication]

Banerji, Debabar (1976) Formulating an alternative rural health care system for India: issues and perspectives. [Publication]

Bapalal G. Vaidya (1976) A glossary of Vriddhatrayi plants. [Publication]

Bargheon, J. (1976) Cellulite et Centella asiatica. [Publication]

Barnett, Steve A. (1976) Coconuts and gold: relational identity in a South Indian caste. [Publication]

Baruch, A.K.S. and S. Bhagat (1976) Oil of Indian wintergreen. [Publication]

Basak A., Banerjee, L. Bose and K. Basu (1976) Chemical examination of the leaves of Careya arborea. [Publication]

Basham, A.L. (1976) The practice of medicine in ancient and medieval India. [Publication]

Basu, A.K. (1976) Cataranthus roseus -- a useful medicinal plant. [Publication]

Beals, Alan R. (1976) Strategies of resort to curers in South India. [Publication]

Beck, Brenda E.F. (1976) The symbolic merger of body, space, and cosmos in Hindu Tamil Nadu. [Publication]

Behari, Mukat and C.K. Andhiwal (1976) Chemical examination of Amaranthus spinosus Linn. [Publication]

Bennett, Lynn (1976) Sex and motherhood among the Brahmnis and Chhetris of East-Central Nepal. [Publication]

Berglie, Per-Arne (1976) Preliminary remarks on some Tibetan spirit-mediums in Nepal. [Publication]

Bhagwan Dash, Vaidya (1976) Indian contribution to Tibetan medicine. [Publication]

Bhagwan Dash, Vaidya (1976) Saffron in Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine. [Publication]

Bhagwan Dash, Vaidya (1976) The drug Terminalia chebula in Ayurveda and Tibetan medical literature. [Publication]

Bharadwaj, S.L., R.C. Sharma, O.P. Aggarwal, I.P. Varshney and G. Handa (1976) Preliminary pharmacological studies on the saponin lebbekanin-A: isolated from the seeds of the Albizzia lebbek Benth. [Publication]

Bharati, Agehananda (Ed.) (1976) The realm of the extra-human: vol. 1 -- Agents and audiences, vol. 2 -- Ideas and actions. [Publication]

Bhargava, R.K., A. Hakim, P.K. Shah, S.B. Mathur and J.S. Ujjwal (1976) Disseminated intravascular coagulation in cases of snake bite (Echis carinatus). [Publication]

Bhat, K.M. (1976) Medicine men of Basavanahalli -- A study in ethnomedicine. [Publication]

Bhat, Krishna H. (1976) Study of ethno-medicine in a Mysore (Karnataka) village. [Publication]

Bha\d{t}n\={a}gar, R\={a}jendraprak\={a}\'{s} (1976) Guptak\={a}l me\d{m} bh\={a}rat\={\i}ya cikits\={a}laya. [Publication]

Bha\d{t}n\={a}gar, S\={a}vitr\={\i} Dev\={\i} (1976) Striyo\d{m} k\={a} b\={a}\d{m}jhpan: nid\={a}n aur cikits\={a}. [Publication]

Bha\d{t}\d{t}\={a}c\={a}rya, Jayant\={\i} (1976) Garu\d{d}pur\={a}\d{n} me\d{m} var\d{n}it \'{s}ar\={\i}r dar\'{s}an. [Publication]

UNSPECIFIED (1976) Purity and impurity in death rituals of Bengal. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, Narendranath (1976) The cult and rituals of Dharma Thakur. [Publication]

Billore, K.V. and Prem Ki\'{s}or (1976) R\={a}jasth\={a}n k\={\i} vanau\d{s}adhiy\={a}\d{m}: m\={a}lk\={a}\.{n}gan\={\i}. [Publication]

Birwé, Robert (1976) The Amarako\'sa and the lexicographical chapters of the Agnipur\=a\d{n}a. [Publication]

Bisarya, R.K., N.K. Sachdev and S.L. Karim (1976) Treatment of piles by Pilex tablets and ointment. [Publication]

Bleumink, E., J.C. Mitchell, T.A. Geissman and G.H.N.Towers (1976) Contact hypersensitivty to sesquiterpene lactones in Chrysanthemum dermatitis. [Publication]

Blondeau, A.M. (1976) Les religions du Tibet. [Publication]

Blustain, Harvey S. (1976) Levels of medicine in a Central Nepali village. [Publication]

Bolling, George Melville and Julius von Negelein (Eds.) (1976) The Pari\'si\d{s}\d{t}as of the Atharvaveda. [Publication]

Bomgaars, M. (1976) The traditional birth attendants in Nepal: existing practices and suggestions for training. [Publication]

Borthakur, S.K. (1976) Less known medicinal uses of plants among the tribals of Mikir Hills. [Publication]

Borthakur, S.K. (1976) Less known medicinal uses of plants among the tribes of Karbi Anglong (Milir Hills), Assam. [Publication]

Bose, Ashish, Devendra B. Gupta and Gaurisankar Raychaudhuri (Eds.) (1976) Population statistics in India. [Publication]

Bourguignon, Erika (1976) Possession. [Publication]

Bourguignon, Erika (1976) Spirit possession: belief and social structure. [Publication]

Brahmananda, G. (1976) Indigenous medicine in nineteenth and twentieth century Bengal. [Publication]

Brain, K.R. (1976) Accumulation of L-DOPA in cultures from Mucuna pruriens. [Publication]

Buck, David C. (1976) Dance, snake, dance: a translation with comments of the songs of P\=amp\=a\d{t}\d{t}ti-cittar. [Publication]

Bukhari, A.Q., S. Ahmad and S. Qureshi (1976) Oral toxicology of Abrus precatorius Linn. [Publication]

Burang, Theodore (1976) Tibetan medicine on cancer. [Publication]

Burkart, A. (1976) A monograph of the genus Prosopis (Leguminosae, subf. Mimosoideae). [Publication]

Campbell, J.G. (1976) Saints and householders: a study of Hindu ritual and myth among the Kangra Rajputs. [Publication]

Carstairs, G.M. and R.L. Kapur (1976) The great universe of Kota -- Stress, change and mental disorder in an Indian village. [Publication]

Chaghtai, S.A. and Javed Ahmed (1976) Save rare species of tree flora of Bhopal. [Publication]

Chakrabarti, Dilip K. (1976) The beginning of iron in India. [Publication]

Chakravarti, D.K. (1976) The problem of tin in early India. [Publication]

Chan, S.H., A. Koo and K.M. Li (1976) The involvement of medullary reticular formation in the hypotensive effect of extracts from seeds of Cassia tora. [Publication]

Chan, Samuel H.H., Anthony Koo and K.M. Li (1976) The involvement of medullary reticular formation in the hypotensive effect of extracts from seeds of Cassia tora. [Publication]

Chandola, Sudha (1976) Tulsi plant in Indian folklore. [Publication]

Chandramouli, K. (1976) Indian medicinal plants -- A biochemical approach. [Publication]

Chang, T.T. (1976) The origin, evolution, cultivation, dissemination, and diversification of Asian and African rices. [Publication]

Chang, Te-Tzu (1976) The rice cultures. [Publication]

Chatterjee, Prabhakar (1976) My experiments with nirgundi. [Publication]

Chattopadhyay, Aparna (1976) A note on the importance of Ficus glomerata (udumbara) in ancient India. [Publication]

Chaturvedi, G.N. (1976) Traditional medicine: perspectives and priorities. [Publication]

Chaturvedi, G.N., S.K. Tiwari and S.P. Sen (1976) Experimental studies on bharangi (Gardenia turgida), an indigenous drug used for the treatment of bronchial asthma. [Publication]

Chaudhuri, B.G. (1976) Propagation of Helicteres isora Linn. by stem cutting. [Publication]

Chaudhuri, Mamata (1976) Ship-building in the Yuktikalpataru and Samar\={a}\.{n}gana S\={u}tradh\={a}ra. [Publication]

Chauhan, D.V. (1976) Naphtha in Maharashtra. [Publication]

Chauhan, D.V. (1976) Naphta in Maharashtra. [Publication]

Chopra, S.S., M.R. Patel and R.P. Awadhiya (1976) Studies on Cissus quadrangularis in experimental fracture repair, a histopathological study. [Publication]

Chopra, Ramnath -- obituary: see B. Mukerji (1976) Studies on Cissus quadrangularis in experimental fracture repair: a histopathological study. [Publication]

Choubey, Deo Brata and Dr. G.P. Dubey (1976) The concept of mind in Charaka-Samhita. [Publication]

Choudhury, Pratap Chandra (Ed.) (1976) Hastividy\={a}r\d{n}ava. [Publication]

Cooke, Reginald R. (1976) Cancer of the lower alveolus. [Publication]

D.P. Chattopadhyay (Ed.) (1976) History and society: Essays in honour of Professor Nihar Ranjan Ray. [Publication]

Dar, M.S., M. Ikram and T. Fakouhi (1976) Pharmacology of Quercus infectoria. [Publication]

Das, Veena (1976) Masks and faces: An essay on Punjabi kinship. [Publication]

Das, Veena (1976) The uses of liminality: society and cosmos in Hinduism. [Publication]

Dasgupta, S.P. (Ed.) (1976) Atlas of forest resources of India. [Publication]

Data, S.K. and P.C. Datta (1976) Bark drugs of Plumeria. [Publication]

Datta, Nalinee (1976) Vegetable oils from some nonconventional sources. [Publication]

Datta, S.C. (1976) Costus speciosus: a potential source of diosgenin. [Publication]

Davane, Kum\={a}r\={\i} G.V. (1976) A critical study of Dhanvantari. [Publication]

David, K. (Ed.) (1976) The new wind: Changing identities in South Asia. [Publication]

Davies, Marvin (Ed.) (1976) Bengal: Studies in literature, society and history. [Publication]

Davis, M. (1976) Bengal: studies in literature, society and history. [Publication]

Dawa Norbu (Ed.) (1976) An introduction to Tibetan medicine. [Publication]

De, T.R. et al. (1976) Evaluation of `Geriforte' as a hypolipidaemic agent. [Publication]

Debelmas, A. M. (1976) Plantes médicinales et médecines traditionnelles: motivations et méthodes de recherches. [Publication]

Debelmas, A.M. and J. Hache (1976) Etude pharmacologique de quelques plantes médicinales du Nepal -- Toxicité aigue: étude comportementale et action sur le système nerveux,. [Publication]

Dennis, T.J., T.G. Joseph, K.P. Mishra and G.K. Bhatt (1976) Pharmacognostic study of stem bark of Ailanthus excelsa Roxb. (arlu). [Publication]

Derrett, D. (1976) Rajadharma. [Publication]

Des\={a}\={\i}, Ra\d{n}jit R\={a}y (1976) Ham\={a}re bha\.{n}g\={\i} ko yah rog hu\={a} th\={a}... [Publication]

Deshpande, P.J. and K.R. Sharma (1976) Successful non-operative treatment of high rectal fistula. [Publication]

Deshpande, P.J., R.C. Choudhury and K.R. Sharma (1976) Anatomical schools of ancient India. [Publication]

Devbarma, M. (1976) Chuak: a drink for tribals in Tripura. [Publication]

Devberman, M. (1976) Chuk -- a drink for tribals in Tripura. [Publication]

Dey, C.D., S. Bose and S. Mitra (1976) Effect of some centrally active phyto products on maze-learning of albino rats. [Publication]

Dhani, Ram (1976) Studies on effect of certain Ayurvedic drugs on gastric secretion (bhringaraja -- Eclipta alba , sootashekhara rasa). [Publication]

Dhar, D.N. and R.C. Munjal (1976) Chemical examination of the seeds of Bombax malabaricum. [Publication]

Dharmadhikari, S.V. (1976) Antiepileptic action of Solanum xanthocarpum. [Publication]

Dharmadhikari, S.V. (1976) Tineacidal properties of coconut. [Publication]

Dhirasekera, J.D. (1976) H\={a}rit\={\i} and P\={a}\~{n}cika: an early Buddhist legend of many lands. [Publication]

Dimock Jr., Edward C. (1976) A theology of the repulsive: some reflections on the \'{S}\={\i}tal\={a} and other ma\.{n}gals. [Publication]

Diwekar, H.R. (1976) Dr.H.R. Divekar Niva\d{d}aka-lekha-sa\.{n}graha -- Select writings of Dr.H.R. Diwekar. [Publication]

Dixit, B.S., P.S.H. Khan and S.N. Srivastava (1976) Chemical investigation of Pycnocycla glauca Lindl. [Publication]

Dixit, R.D. and R. Mishra (1976) Studies on ethnobotany II -- On some less known medicinal plants of Ajmer forest division, Rajasthan. [Publication]

Dixit, R.S., M.R. Uniyal and O.H. Mishra (1976) Keshar and kunkum in Ayurveda and their identity. [Publication]

Dixit, S.N., S.C. Tripathi and R.R. Upadhyay (1976) The antifungal substance of rose flowers (Rosa indica). [Publication]

Dixit, V.K. and K.C. Varma (1976) Effect of essential oil of Blumea lacera DC. on central nervous syetm. [Publication]

Dobremez, J.F. (1976) Le Népal -- Écologie et Biogéographie. [Publication]

Dunn, Fred L. (1976) Traditional Asian medicine and cosmopolitan medicine as adaptive systems. [Publication]

Dvived\={\i}, Vi\'{s}van\={a}th (1976) M\={a}majjaka\d{h} y\={a} m\={a}mejav\={a}. [Publication]

Dwarakanath, C. (1976) Dhanvantari. [Publication]

Dwivedi, J. (1976) Dressing by myrobalan herbs as shaktishali bhasm. [Publication]

Dwivedi, R.N. (1976) Aging and its solution: the rasayana therapy of Ayurveda. [Publication]

Elizarenkova, T.I. and V.N. Toporov (1976) Les représentations mythologiques touchant aux champignons dans leur rapports avec l'hypothèse de l'origine du Soma. [Publication]

Elliott, R.C. and G.J.E. Heward (1976) The influence of a banana supplemented diet on gastric ulcers in mice. [Publication]

Fawcett, C.G.H. (1976) Dyes and dyeing in Bombay Presidency. [Publication]

Fazal, Ummul and M.A. Razzak (1976) A handbook of common remedies in Unani system of medicine. [Publication]

Fernandez-Puentes, Carmen, Luis Carrasco and David V\'{a}zquez (1976) Site of action of ricin on the ribosome. [Publication]

Fernandez-Puentes, Carmen, Stephen Benson, Sjur Olsnes and Alexander Pihl (1976) Protective effect of elongation factor 2 on the inactivation of ribosomes by the toxic lectins abrin and ricin. [Publication]

Filliozat, J. (1976) Les visions chez les spiritualistes indiens. [Publication]

Filliozat, J. (1976) Méditation et conditionnement psychologique selon le Tirumantiram. [Publication]

Fleischmann, Paul R. (1976) Ayurveda. [Publication]

Fleming, Robert L. Sr., Robert L. Fleming Jr. and Lain Singh Bangdel (1976) Birds of Nepal, with reference to Kashmir and Sikkim. [Publication]

Fontaine, R. and A. Erdös (1976) Zur zentralen Wirkung verschiedener Withania-Extrakte nach oraler Applikation am Tier. [Publication]

Fournier, Alain (1976) A preliminary report on the Puimbo and Ngiami: the Sunuwar shamans of Sabra. [Publication]

Frend, W.H.C. (1976) Religion popular and unpopular in the early Christian centuries (Collected essays). [Publication]

Fruzzetti, L. and A. Ostor (1976) Seed and earth: a cultural analysis of kinship in a Bengali town. [Publication]

Furst, P.T. (1976) Hallucinogens and culture. [Publication]

Gaborieau, M. (1976) Preliminary report on the god Masta. [Publication]

Gadgil, Madhav and V.D. Vartak (1976) Sacred groves of India: a plea for continued conservation. [Publication]

Gadgil, Madhav and V.D. Vartak (1976) The sacred groves of the Western Ghats in India. [Publication]

Gandha, Vasudha (1976) Some terms in Vedic language indicating age of cattle. [Publication]

Gandhe, V. (1976) Gon\={a}mika (Maitr\={a}ya\d{n}\={\i} Sa\d{m}hit\={a} IV.2) -- an ancient text on cattle-keeping. [Publication]

Gandhi, H.S. et al. (1976) Report of the political actions in the field of health in India from 1947 to 1975. [Publication]

Garg, S.K. (1976) Antifertility screening of plants -- Effect of four indigenous plants on early pregnancy in female albino rats. [Publication]

Geib, R. (1976) Food and eater in natural philosophy of early India. [Publication]

Ghosal, S., J.P. Reddy and V.K. Lal (1976) Shilajit I: Chemical constituents. [Publication]

Giri, Jayn\={a}r\={a}ya\d{n} (1976) Gulma rog. [Publication]

Glasgow, U.K. (1976) The upas tree. [Publication]

Glass, T.G. (1976) Early debridement in pit viper bites. [Publication]

Gobert, I. (1976) La vie publique et privée dans l'Inde classique. [Publication]

Goldman, R.P. (1976) V\={a}lm\={\i}ki and the Bh\d{r}gu connection. [Publication]

Goldman, Robert P. (1976) Myth and meta-myth: a critical study of the evolution and manipulation of the Bh\={a}rgava corpus in the Mah\={a}bh\={a}rata. [Publication]

Gopalakrishna Pillai, N. (1976) On the botanical identity of sankhapushpi. [Publication]

Gosling, D.L. (1976) Science and religion in India. [Publication]

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Gough, E. Kathleen (1976) Cults of the dead among the Nayars. [Publication]

Govind, K.N. and K.S. Chopra (1976) [on Abutilon indicum (Linn.) Sw.]. [Publication]

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Gupta, S.S. (1976) A clinical study of treatment with the indigenous drug 'Pilex'. [Publication]

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Hedge, R.D. (1976) Caraka's conept of pram\=a\d{n}a. [Publication]

Hedge, R.D. (1976) Caraka's concept of pram\={a}\d{n}a. [Publication]

Hehn, Victor (1976) Cultivated plants and domesticated animals in their migration from Asia to Europe: Historico-Linguistic Studies; new edition prepared with a bio-bibliographical account of Hehn and a survey of the research in Indo-European prehistory by James P. Mallory. [Publication]

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