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Aalbersberg, William G.L., Shabina Hussein, Subramaniam Sotheeswaran and Susan Parkinson (1993) Carotenoids in the leaves of Morinda citrifolia. [Publication]

Abdullaev, F.J. (1993) Biological effects of saffron. [Publication]

Abena, A.A., G.S. Kintsangoula-Mbaya, J. Diantama and D. Bioka (1993) [Analgesic activity of raw extract of Ageratum conyzoides in the rat]. [Publication]

Abhang, R. (1993) Clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of an Ayurvedic sukshma compound preparation in diseases of pranah of pranavahasrotas. [Publication]

Abhang, Ranjana (1993) Study to evaluate the effect of a micro (suksma) medicine derived from brahmi (Herpestis monniera) on students of average intelligence. [Publication]

Acharya, S.K., S.K. Panda, H. Duphare et al. (1993) Chronic hepatitis in a large Indian hospital. [Publication]

Acharya, S.K., S. Dasarathy, A. Tandon, Y.K. Joshi and B.N. Tandon (1993) A preliminary open trial on interferon stimulator (SNMC) derived from Glycyrrhiza glabra in the treatment of subacute hepatic failure. [Publication]

Achaya, K.T. (1993) A companion to Indian food and food materials. [Publication]

Agrawal, Arun (1993) Mobility and cooperation among nomadic shepherds: the case of the Raikas. [Publication]

Ahmad, R.U. (1993) Medical plants used in ISM -- their procurement, cultivation, regeneration and import/export aspects -- A report,. [Publication]

Ahmad, R., T.U. Sheikh, A. Ahmad and M. Ahmad (1993) Medicinal importance of essential oils. [Publication]

Ahmed, A., A.K. Pendse, S.S. Sarana and P.P. Singh (1993) Effectiveness of a Unani therapy (sanges armahi) in management of urinary stone disease. [Publication]

Ahmed, B.A., K.D. Sulayman, A.A. Aziz, A.A. Abd and L.J. Rashan (1993) Antibacterial activity of the leaves of Nerium oleander. [Publication]

Ahmed, M.M., S. Qureshi, A.M. Al-Bekairi, A.H. Shah, R.M. Rao and N.S. Qazi (1993) Anti-inflammatory activity of Caralluma tuberculata alcoholic extract. [Publication]

Ahmed, M., R.K. Sharma and P.C. Tripathi (1993) A review of etiological factors of rajayaksma (pulmonary tuberculosis). [Publication]

Ahmed, S. et al. (1993) Aloe -- a biologically active and potential medicinal plant. [Publication]

Akhtar, Husain (1993) Medicinal plants and their cultivation. [Publication]

Al-Hader, A., M. Aqel and Z. Hasan (1993) Hypoglycemic effects of the volatile oil of Nigella sativa seeds. [Publication]

Alagesaboopathi, C. (1993) Studies on the biology of some medicinally potential species of Andrographis Wall. of the Shevaroy Hills of Tamilnadu, India. [Publication]

Aleykutty, N.A., K.K. Srinivasan, P. Gundu Rao, A.L. Udupa and K.R. Keshavamurthy (1993) Diuretic and antilithiatic activity of Dendrophthoe falcata. [Publication]

Ali, Liaqat, Abdul Kalam Azad Khan, Muhammad Iqbal Rouf Mamun, Mohammad Mosihuzzaman, Nilufar Nahar, Muhammad Nur-e-Alam and Begum Rokeya (1993) Studies on hypoglycemic effects of fruit pulp, seed, and whole plant of Momordica charantia on normal and diabetic model rats. [Publication]

Ali, M., M. Angelo-Khattar, A. Farid, R. A. Hassan and O. Thulesius (1993) Aqueous extracts of garlic (Allium sativum) inhibit prostaglandin synthesis in the ovine ureter. [Publication]

Ali, Momin (1993) A brief history of Indian alchemy covering pre-Vedic to Vedic and Ayurvedic period (circa 400 B.C. to 800 A.D.). [Publication]

Alique, A. et al. (1993) Traditional herbal contraceptives from north west Uttar Pradesh. [Publication]

Almas, K. (1993) Miswak (chewing stick) and its role in oral health. [Publication]

Alter, Joseph S. (1993) The body of one color: Indian wrestling, the Indian state and Utopian somatics. [Publication]

Amalraj, V.A., K.C. Velayudhan and Z. Abraham (1993) Threatened medicinal plants of Western Ghats. [Publication]

Amarsinghe, A.P.G., R.D. Sharma, C. Chaturvedi and D.K. Agarwal (1993) Anthelmintic effect of Ayurvedic recipe kuberakshadi yoga in intestinal worms among children. [Publication]

Amatya, M.P. (1993) Anti-inflammatory activity of Callicarpa microphylla. [Publication]

Amatya, S.M. (1993) Ritha (Sapindus mukorossi): a cash earning tree. [Publication]

Aminuddin, Girach A. and S. Khan (1993) Treatment of malaria through herbal drugs from Orissa, India. [Publication]

Aminuddin, R.D. Girach (1993) Observations on ethnobotany of the Bhunjia, a tribe of Sonabera Plateau. [Publication]

Aminuddin, R.D. Girach and A. Subhan Khan (1993) Treatment of malaria through herbal drugs from Orissa, India. [Publication]

Amit Nagar, B.D.S. (1993) Efficacy of combined therapy with Septilin and Styplon in gingival inflammation and bleeding. [Publication]

Ammon, H.T.P., H. Safayhi, T. Mack and J. Sabieraj (1993) Mechanism of antiinflammatory actions of curcumin and boswellic acids. [Publication]

A\d{m}\'{s}um\={a}n, P.S. (1993) Brahmacaryajanya kl\={\i}bat\={a}. [Publication]

A\d{m}\'{s}um\={a}n, P.S. (1993) Hydronephrosis eva\d{m} \={a}yurved\={\i}ya upac\={a}r. [Publication]

A\d{m}\'{s}um\={a}n, P.S. (1993) Sandhimarm\={a}bhigh\={a}t eva\d{m} tajjanya sandhivik\={a}r. [Publication]

Anand, R., G.K. Patnaik et al. (1993) Effect of Crateva nurvala on calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis and hyperoxaluria. [Publication]

Anand, R., G.K. Patnaik, D.K. Kulshreshtha, B.N. Mehrotra, R.C. Srimal and B.N. Dhawan (1993) Antiurolithiatic activity of Crateva nurvala ethanolic extract on rats. [Publication]

Ananth, C.V. and P.S.S. Rao (1993) Epidemiology of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy and its relation to fetal outcome in a rural area. [Publication]

Anderson, E.F. (1993) Plants and people of the Golden Triangle: Ethnobotany of the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. [Publication]

Anderson, Leona M. (1993) Vasantotsava: the spring festivals of India; texts and traditions. [Publication]

Andrade, C., J. George and T. Joseph (1993) BR-16A does not influence alpha-2 noradrenergic and dopamine postsynaptic receptor functioning. [Publication]

Angot, Michel (1993) Le neutre entre surplus et défaut. La notion de napu\d{m}sakam dans les textes médicaux, grammaticaux et rituels. [Publication]

Angot, Michel (1993) La notion de napu\d{m}saka dans les textes médicaux, grammaticaux et rituels. [Publication]

Anonymous (1993) A process for preparation of product having anti-leishmanial activity from the seeds of of the plant Nyctanthes arbor-tristis. [Publication]

Anonymous (1993) Aspects of classical Tibetan medicine. [Publication]

Anonymous (1993) Fish curry and rice: a citizens' report on the state of Goa's environment. [Publication]

Ansari, S.H., M. Ali and J.S. Qadry (1993) Essential oils of Pistacia integerrima galls and their effects on the central nervous system. [Publication]

Ansari, A.A. (1993) Threatened medicinal plants from Madhaulia forest of Gorakhpur. [Publication]

Ansari, A.A. and P. Dwarakan (1993) Less known edible plants of Shevaroy and Kolli Hills. [Publication]

Anturlikar, S.D., S. Gopumadhavan, S.K. Mitra, B.L. Chauhan and R.D. Kulkarni (1993) Antiamoebic activity of Cassia fistula: in vitro and in vivo study. [Publication]

Appasamy, Paul P. (1993) Role of non-timber forest products in a subsistence economy: the case of a joint forestry project in India. [Publication]

Apte, S.R. (1993) Tridoshas and blood groups: 56th view in the world. [Publication]

Aqel, Mahmoud B. (1993) Effects of Nigella sativa seeds on intestinal smooth muscle. [Publication]

Arnold, D. (1993) Colonizing the body: State medicine and epidemic disease in nineteenth-century India. [Publication]

Arnold, David (1993) Sexually transmitted diseases in nineteenth and twentieth-century India. [Publication]

Arnold, David (1993) Colonising the body: State medicine and epidemic disease in nineteenth-century India. [Publication]

Arora, R.K. (1993) Himalayan plants resources: diversity and conservation. [Publication]

Aryal, M. (1993) Diverted wealth -- the trade in Himalayan herbs. [Publication]

Ascher, K.R. Simon (1993) Nonconventional insecticidal effects of pesticides available from the neem tree, Azadirachta indica. [Publication]

Asmawi, M.Z., H. Kankaanranta, E. Moilanen and H. Vapaatalo (1993) Anti-inflammatory activities of Emblica officinalis Gaertn. leaf extracts. [Publication]

Assayag, J. (1993) The goddess and the saint: acculturation and Hindu-Muslim communalism in a place of worship in South India (Karnataka). [Publication]

Asshauer, Egbert (1993) Heilkunst vom Dach der Welt: Tibets sanfte Medizin. [Publication]

Aswal, B. S. (1993) Rare or threatened medicinal plants of Garhwal Himalayas and their conservation. [Publication]

Atique, A., S. Khair and M. Iqbal (1993) Traditional herbal contraceptives from North-west Uttar Pradesh. [Publication]

Azevedo Moreira, R. de and J.T.A. de Oliveira (1993) Lectins from the genus Artocarpus. [Publication]


Babu, Suresh Chandra, Susheela Thirumaran and T.C. Mohanan (1993) Agricultural productivity, seasonality and gender bias in rural nutrition: empirical evidence from South India. [Publication]

Babu, T.D. and J. Padikkala (1993) Anticancer activity of an active principle from Centella asiatica. [Publication]

Baby, P., G.S.J.G. Alankararao and Y.R. Prasad (1993) Leaf oil of Piper betle Linn. -- The in vitro antimicrobial studies. [Publication]

Badhe, P.D. and V.K. Pande (1993) Novel medicinal uses of a few plants used by Korku tribe of Melghat in Amravati distt. Maharashtra State. [Publication]

Badrinath, Chaturvedi (1993) Dharma, India and the world order: Twenty-one essays. [Publication]

Baj\={a}j, Lak\d{s}ma\d{n} (1993) \={A}yurved k\={\i} \'{s}aktivarddhan\={\i} au\d{s}adhiyo\d{m} ke satprayog. [Publication]

Baker, D.E.U. (1993) Colonialism in an Indian hinterland: the Cemtral Provinces, 1820--1920. [Publication]

Bakuridze, A.D., M.Sh. Kurtsikidze, V.M. Pisarev, R.V. Makharadze and D.T. Berashvili (1993) Immunomodulators of plant origin (a review). [Publication]

Balambal, V. (1993) Agriculture in the Sangam age. [Publication]

Balaraman, R., N. Hingorani and S.P. Rathod (1993) Studies on the antihypertensive effect of abana in rats. [Publication]

Balbir, Nalini (1993) À la recherche des trésors souterrains. [Publication]

Ballal et al. (1993) Draft report on indigenous iron and steel technology of India. [Publication]

Balu, S. and C. Alagesaboopathi (1993) Anti-inflammatory activities of some species of Andrographis Wall. (Acanthaceae). [Publication]

Balu, S., C. Alagesa Boopathi and V. Elango (1993) Antipyretic activities of some species of Andrographis Wall. [Publication]

Bambhole, V.D. and P.L. Kamalakar (1993) Reduction of diet-induced obesity in rats with a herbal formulation. [Publication]

Bandaranayake, Senake (1993) Amongst Asia's earliest surviving gardens: the royal and monastic gardens at Sigiriya and Anuradhapura. [Publication]

Banerjee, L.K. (1993) Plant resources of Jaldapara Rhino Sanctuary. [Publication]

Banerjee, R. and A.R. Choudhary (1993) Mesua ferrea: chemical constituents and biological activity. [Publication]

Banuri, Tariq and Frédérique Apffel-Marglin (Eds.) (1993) Who will save the forests? Knowledge, power, and environmental destruction. [Publication]

Barbanti, G., C.A. Maggi, P. Beneforti P. Baroldi and D. Turini (1993) Relief of pain following intravesical capsaicin in patients with hypersensitive disorders of the lower urinary tract. [Publication]

Barbieri, L., M.G. Battelli and F. Stirpe (1993) Ribosome-inactivating proteins from plants. [Publication]

Baruah, R.N. and P.A. Leclercq (1993) Constituents of the essential oil from the flowers of Chromolaena odorata. [Publication]

Basnet, Purusotam, Shigetoshi Kadota, Krishna Manandhar, Mangala Devi Manandhar and Tsuneo Namba (1993) Constituents of Boenninghausenia albiflora: isolation and identification of some coumarins. [Publication]

Basu, A.M. (1993) How pervasive are sex differentials in childhood nutritional levels in South Asia? [Publication]

Basu, R. and P.K. Mukherjee (1993) Smokes and beverages of the tribals of Purulia (W.B.). [Publication]

Batra, Suzanne W.T. (1993) India's buzzy biodiversity of bees. [Publication]

Bavalia, N.K. (1993) Poisonous legumes of Rajasthan. [Publication]

Bavoliya, N. K. (1993) Poisonous legumes of Rajasthan. [Publication]

Bawa, Kamaljit S. and Ricardo Godoy (1993) Introduction to case studies from South Asia. [Publication]

Behera, D.K. (1993) Impact of deforestation on the life of the Plain-Bhuiyans (a case study of two villages of Northern Orissa). [Publication]

Belavadi, V.V. (1993) Knowledge of pollination in ancient India. [Publication]

Beleña, Rosa Anna and Dora Lacovara (1993) Ensayo experimental con Centella asiatica intralesional en queloides y cicatrices hipertroficas. [Publication]

Bender, Barbara (1993) Landscape perspectives. [Publication]

Berkes, F. (1993) Traditional ecological knowledge in perspective. [Publication]

Berman, P. and M.E. Khan (Eds.) (1993) Paying for India's health. [Publication]

Berreman, Gerald D. (1993) Sanskritzation as female oppression in India. [Publication]

Beubler, E. and A. Schirgi-Degen (1993) Serotonin antagonists inhibit sennoside-induced fluid secretion and diarrhea. [Publication]

Bh\={a}g\={\i}ratha Sv\={a}m\={\i} (1993) \={A}yurved\={\i}ya \d{t}\={\i}k\={a}k\={a}ro\d{m} k\={\i} mah\={a}n bh\={u}l. [Publication]

Bhagwan Dash (1993) Pitta versus agni -- An Ayurvedic perspective. [Publication]

Bh\={a}radv\={a}j, Vi\d{s}\d{n}u Datta (1993) \={A}yurved me\d{m} j\={\i}v\={a}\d{n}uv\={a}d eva\d{m} Vedo\d{m} me\d{m} a\d{s}\d{t}\={a}\.{n}ga \={a}yurved. [Publication]

Bharathi, S.B. (1993) Spirit possession and healing practices in a South Indian fishing community. [Publication]

Bhat, A.V., S. Rajasekharan and P. Pushpangadan (1993) Ethnobiological investigation of Lakshadweep islands. [Publication]

Bhat, R. (1993) The private health care sector in India. [Publication]

Bhat, R. (1993) The private/public mix in health care in India. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, M., K.K. Kapur, S. Jalers and S.K. Sharma (1993) Laboratory evaluation of insecticidal properties of Ocimum basilicum L. and Ocimum sanctum L. plants essential oils and their major constituents against vector mosquito species. [Publication]

Bhatt, A.V., S. Rajasekharan and P. Pushpangadan (1993) Ethnobiological investigation of Lakshadweep Islands. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, S.K., S. Nayak, B. Dey, M. Pal and A. Basu (1993) A note of prevalence of intestinal parasitosis in a coastal zone of West Bengal. [Publication]

Bhattarai, N.K. (1993) Folk herbal remedies for diarrhoea and dysentery in central Nepal. [Publication]

Bhattarai, N.K. (1993) Folk herbal remedies of Dolakha district, Nepal. [Publication]

Bhattarai, N.K. (1993) Folk medicinal use of plants for respiratory complaints in central Nepal. [Publication]

Bhattarai, N.K. (1993) Medical ethnobotany in the Rapti Zone, Nepal. [Publication]

Bhaumik, Anup and M.C. Sharma (1993) Therapeutic efficacy of two herbal preparations in induced hepatopathy in sheep. [Publication]

Bhaumik, Sraboni, Sukumar Chattopadhyay and Shibnath Ghosal (1993) Effect of shilajit on mouse peritoneal macrophages. [Publication]

Bisen, S.S., K.C. Choudhary, V. Giri and M.G. Gogate (1993) Medicinal plant potential in Melghat. [Publication]

Biswas, A.K. (1993) The primacy of India in ancient brass and zinc metallurgy. [Publication]

Biswas, S.K. (Ed.) (1993) The Central Himalayan panorama. [Publication]

Biswas, T.K., R.N. Chattopadhyay, S. Datta, B. Marjit and L.N. Maity (1993) A preliminary study on antiulcerogenic effect of three indigenous drugs. [Publication]

Bolsokhoyeva, Natalia D. (1993) Introduction to the study of Tibetan medical sources. [Publication]

Borang, A. and G.S. Thapaliyal (1993) Natural distribution and ecological aspects of non-human primates in Arunachal Pradesh. [Publication]

Borin, Maria Renata de M. B. and Otto R. Gottlieb (1993) Steroids taxonomic markers? [Publication]

Borthakur, S.K. (1993) Native phytotherapy for child and women diseases from Assam in North Eastern India. [Publication]

Bos, G. (1993) The misw\=ak, an aspect of dental care in Islam. [Publication]

Bouillier, Véronique (1993) Une caste de Yog\={\i} Newar: les Kusle-K\={a}p\={a}li. [Publication]

Boyajian, James C. (1993) Portuguese trade in Asia under the Hapsburgs, 1580--1640. [Publication]

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Bray, John (1993) Christian missions and the politics of Tibet, 1850--1950. [Publication]

Breckenridge, Carol A. and Peter van der Veer (Eds.) (1993) Orientalism and the postcolonial predicament. [Publication]

Brenner, N., O.S. Frank and E. Knight (1993) Chronic nutmeg psychosis. [Publication]

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Bryant, Raymond L. (1993) Forest problems in colonial Burma: historical variations on contemporary themes. [Publication]

Buchy, M. (1993) British forestry in the Western Ghats (India) and French forestry in Indochina -- A comparison. [Publication]

Budathoki, K., G.B. Gurung and D.P. Lohar (1993) Vegetable crops: indigenous knowledge and technology in the western hills of Nepal. [Publication]

Budhathoki, K., G.B. Gurung and D.P. Lohar (1993) Vegetable crops: indigenous knowledge and technology in the western hills of Nepal. [Publication]

Bulletin (1993) Aspects of classical Tibetan medicine. [Publication]

Buranasin, P. (1993) Snakebites at Maharat Nakhonratchasima Regional Hospital. [Publication]

Burger, R.A., R.P. Warren, L.D. Lawson and B.G. Hughes (1993) Enhancement of in vitro human immune function by Allium sativum L. (garlic) fractions. [Publication]

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Caillat, C. (1993) Words for violence in the "Seniors" of the Jaina Canon. [Publication]

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Carmichael, Ann G. (1993) Bubonic plague. [Publication]

Catanach, Ian J. (1993) `Who are your leaders?' -- Plague, the Raj and the `communities' in Bombay, 1896--1901. [Publication]

Chakraborty, Ajita (1993) Possessions and hysterias, what do they signify? [Publication]

Chakrapani, C. (1993) Shifting cultivation and deforestation: a socio-eco system nexus. [Publication]

Chakravorty, Ranes C. (1993) Diseases of antiquity in South Asia. [Publication]

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Chandra, R., R. Srinivasan and S. Madhavan (1993) The prevalence of mental disorders in school age children attending a general pediatric department in Southern India. [Publication]

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Chandra, V. (1993) Some unreported uses of plants from North-eastern India. [Publication]

Chapple, Christopher Key (1993) Nonviolence to animals, earth, and self in Asian traditions. [Publication]

Chatterjee, K.K. (1993) Health status of tribal women. [Publication]

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Chaudhury, R.R. (1993) The quest for a herbal contraceptive. [Publication]

Chaudhury, R.C. (1993) Netra cikits\={a} vij\~{n}\={a}n. [Publication]

Chaudhury, R.R. (1993) The quest for a herbal contraceptive. [Publication]

Chauhan, B.L. and R.D. Kulkarni (1993) A novel mechanism of action prevents ethanol-induced injury -- Liv.52: profile of an herbal remedy. [Publication]

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Chauhan, Ramraja Singh (1993) Nirooh basti karam with special reference to yapana basti. [Publication]

Chellam, Ravi and A.J.T. Johnsingh (1993) Manageement of Asiatic lions in the Gir forest, India. [Publication]

Chellam, Ravi (1993) Ecology of the Asiatic lion, Panthera leo persica Meyer 1826. [Publication]

Chempakam, B. (1993) Hypoglycaemic activity of arecoline in betel nut Areca catechu L. [Publication]

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Chinnasamy, N., N. Harishankar, P.U. Kumar and C. Rukmini (1993) Toxicological studies on debitterized neem oil (Azadiachta indica). [Publication]

Chopra, Kanchan (1993) The value of non-timber forest products: an estmation for tropical deciduous forests in India. [Publication]

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