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\={A}c\={a}rya, \'{S}e\d{s}r\={a}j (1973) Kavir\={a}j K\d{r}\d{s}\d{n}a Bah\={a}dur Si\d{m}ha. [Publication]

Adam, S.E.I., G. Tartour, H.M. Obied and O.F. Idris (1973) Effect of Ipomoea carnea on liver and serum enzymes in young ruminants. [Publication]

Afaq, S.H. and M. Rizwan (1973) Pharmacognosy of fruits of Prangos pabularia Lindl. (komal). [Publication]

Aggarwal, D.V. (1973) Clinical and experimental studies on Ayurvedic hypocholesterolemic drugs. [Publication]

Ahmed, Z. (1973) Geography of deaths in Orissa: some spatial patterns, trends and correlates of mortality. [Publication]

Aiyar, V.N. and T.R. Seshadri (1973) Chemistry of Indian medicinal plants of the genus Croton. [Publication]

Ali, G.M. (1973) Animals in life and art of the early Mughals. [Publication]

Allen, N. (1973) The ritual journey, a pattern underlying certain Nepalese rituals. [Publication]

Alur, K.R. (1973) The faunal studies in archaeology. [Publication]

Amarasingham, L.R. (1973) Laughter as cure: joking and exorcism in a Sinhalese curing ritual. [Publication]

Ameed, S.M. (1973) The importance of weeping and wailing. [Publication]

Ansari, Zafiruddin (1973) Evaluation of the efficacy of some indigenous drugs in svitra roga (vitiligo). [Publication]

Arieti, S. (1973) Word Biennial of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy II. [Publication]

Arora, R.B., D. Dass, S.C. Kapoor and R.C. Sharma (1973) Effect of some fractions of Commiphora mukul on various serum lopid levels in hypercholesterolemic chicks and their effectiveness in myocardial infarction in rats. [Publication]

Arora, R.B. and P.R. Sundersan (1973) Studies on peruvoside I. Early manifestations and comparative toxicity in the guinea pig and the dog. [Publication]

Arora, R.B., D. Das, S.C. Kapoor and R.C. Sharma (1973) Effect of some fractions of C. mukul on various serum lipid levels in hypercholesterolemic chicks and their effectiveness in myocardial infarction in rats. [Publication]

Arora, R.B., J.N. Sharma, Lalit Gupta and S.S. Agarwal (1973) Standardisation of Indian indigenous drugs and preparations -- IV. Biological and chemical standardisation of kumari asava -- an Ayurvedic drug. [Publication]

Arora, R.B., K.C. Mishra and S.D.S. Seth (1973) Preliminary studies on the hypoglycaemic activity of Salacia macrosperma. [Publication]

Arora, R.B., Lalit Gupta, R.C. Sharma and S.K. Gupta (1973) Standardisation of Indian indigenous drugs and preparations -- III: standardisation of yograja guggulu with reference to its anti-inflammatory activity. [Publication]

Arora, R.K. (1973) Adlay (Coix) crop in Meghalaya. [Publication]

Arora, R.K. and H.B. Singh (1973) Abelmoschus tuberculatus and its relation to A. esculentus (Malvaceae). [Publication]

Augusti, K.T. (1973) Studies on the effects of a hypoglycemic principle from Allium cepa Linn. [Publication]

Augusti, K.T. and P.T. Mathew (1973) Effect of long-term feeding of the aqueous extracts of onion (Allium cepa Linn.) and garlic (Allium sativum Linn.) on normal rats. [Publication]

Azeez Pasha, M. (1973) Brief biographies of eminent Unani hekeems of India. [Publication]

Azeez Pasha, M. (1973) Establishment of Unani hospitals in Islamic countries. [Publication]

Azeez Pasha, M. (1973) Yusrul Ilaj (A Persian medical manuscript compiled in India by Hekeem Hida-etullah in 1731 A.D.). [Publication]


Bagadia, V.N., D.V. Jeste, K.P. Dave, S.U. Doshi and L.P. Shah (1973) Depression: a clinical study of 233 cases. [Publication]

Bagadia, V.N., D.V. Jeste, K.P. Dave, S.U. Doshi and L.P. Shah (1973) Depression: a study of demographic factors in 233 cases. [Publication]

Bagadia, V.N., D.V. Jeste, K.P. Dave, S.U. Doshi and L.P. Shah (1973) Depression: family and psychodynamic study of 233 cases. [Publication]

Bala, S. and K.N. Garg (1973) Preliminary observations on the anti-ovulatory activity present in Crotalaria juncea Linn. seeds. [Publication]

Balaramiah, V. (1973) The greatness of Siddha medicine. [Publication]

Banerjee, P. (1973) The N\={a}ga cult. [Publication]

Banerji, Debabar (1973) Impact of rural health services on the health behaviour of rural populations in India: a preliminary communication. [Publication]

Banerji, D. and S. Anderson (1973) A critical review of the role and utilization of social scientists in promoting social science research in health fields in India. [Publication]

Banerji, Debabar (1973) Health behaviour of rural populations -- Impact of rural health services. [Publication]

Banerji, Debabar (1973) Social orientation of medical education in India. [Publication]

Bang, B. G. (1973) Current concepts of the smallpox goddess Sitala in parts of West Bengal. [Publication]

B\={a}p\={a}l\={a}l Vaidya (1973) Caraka -- ek sv\={a}dhy\={a}ya (A study on the work of Caraka). [Publication]

Basu, A.P. (1973) Studies on the antibacterial activity of "Abrus precatorius". [Publication]

Baveja, S.K. and A.S. Oberoi (1973) Pharmaceutical evaluation of the mucilage of Mimosa pudica Linn. seed; Pharmaceutical study of the mucilage of Mimosa pudica Linn. [Publication]

Beale, T.W. (1973) Early trade in highland Iran: a view from the source. [Publication]

Beddall, Barbara G. (1973) "Notes for Mr. Darwin": letters to Charles Darwin from Edward Blyth at Calcutta: a study in the process of discovery. [Publication]

Berlin, B., D.E. Breedlove, and P.H. Raven (1973) General principles of classification and nomenclature in folk biology. [Publication]

Berlin, B. (1973) Folk systematics in relation to biological classification and nomenclature. [Publication]

Beyer, S. (1973) The cult of T\={a}r\={a}: magic and ritual in Tibet. [Publication]

Bhardwaj, S.M. (1973) Early phases of homeopathy in India. [Publication]

Bhardwaj, Surinder Mohan (1973) Hindu places of pilgrimage in India: a study in cultural geography. [Publication]

Bhatia, J.C. (1973) Abortionists and abortion seekers. [Publication]

Bhatia, J.C. and A.K. Neumann (1973) Practitioners of indigenous medicine and India's family planning programme. [Publication]

Bhatia, J.C. and H.S. Gandhi (1973) Orienting doctors for rural health needs and services. [Publication]

Bhatia, J.C., Dharam Vir, A. Timmappaya and C.S. Chuttani (1973) Indigenous medical practitioners and their attitudes towards the proposed rural health scheme. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, L.S., V.K. Singh and G. Pandey (1973) Medico-botanical studies on the flora of Ghatgaon forest, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, G.S., V.K. Singh and G. Pandey (1973) Investigations on the new botanical source of bharngi in Madhya Pradesh -- I. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, J.K. and R.K. Puri (1973) Drug adulteration characters of artificial benzoin. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, J.K., R.K. Puri and O.P. Gupta (1973) Pharmacognostic studies of Centratherum anthelmintica Kuntz. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, L.S., V.K. Singh and G. Pandey (1973) Investigations on the new botanical source of bharangi in Madhya Pradesh -- I. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, L.S., V.K. Singh and G. Pandey (1973) Medico-botanical studies on the flora of Ghatigaon Forests, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, L.S., V.K. Singh and G. Pandey (1973) On the occurrence of guggulu-yielding Commiphora with reference to Commiphora berryi Engle. in Madhya Pradesh. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, V.B. (1973) Therapy of the enlarged prostate with Speman. [Publication]

Bha\d{t}\d{t}\={a}c\={a}rya, Jayant\={\i} (1973) Garu\d{d}pur\={a}\d{n} me\d{m} nirdi\d{s}\d{t} \={a}yurved s\={a}magr\={\i}. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, S.K., A.K. Parikh, P.K. Debnath, V.B. Pandey and N.C. Neogy (1973) Pharmacological studies with the alkaloids of Costus speciosus (kemukha). [Publication]

Bisset, N.G., P.W. Leenhouts, A.J.M. Leeuwenberg, D. Philcox, C. Tirel-Roudet and J.E. Vidal (1973) The Asian species of Strychnos. Part II. Typification, miscellaneous notes, synoptic key, and sectional classification. [Publication]

Biswas, Kalipad (1973) Bh\={a}rat\={\i}ya Vanau\d{s}adhi: Study of the medicinal properties of some Indian herbs, plants and fruits: Ayurvedic. [Publication]

Blanpied, W.A. (1973) Notes for a study on the early scientific work of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. [Publication]

Bloss, Lowell W. (1973) The Buddha and the N\={a}ga: a study in Buddhist folk religiosity. [Publication]

Bordia, A. and H.C. Bansal (1973) Essential oil of garlic in prevention of atherosclerosis. [Publication]

Bourguignon, Erika (1973) Religion, altered states of consciousness, and social change. [Publication]

Brahmabhatt, Manibai (1973) Madhumeha -- ek aitih\={a}sik avalokan. [Publication]

Brewster, Paul G. (1973) Latah: a strange Malayan malady. [Publication]

Brough, John (1973) Problems of the "Soma-mushroom" theory. [Publication]

Buadu, C.Y., and A.E. Bokaye Yodem (1973) The antibacterial activity of some Ghanian chewing sticks. [Publication]

Budhiraja, R.D. and K.N. Garg (1973) Anthelmintic activity of Cassia occidentalis Linn. [Publication]

Buxton, Jean C. (1973) Religion and healing in Mandari. [Publication]


Caldes, G. and B. Prescott (1973) A potential antileukemic substance present in Allium ascalonicum. [Publication]

Cantor Associates (1973) Tamil Nad Nutrition Study: An operations oriented study of nutrition as an integrated system in the State of Tamil Nadu. [Publication]

Chakrabarti, D.K. (1973) Beginning of iron and social change in India. [Publication]

Chandra, M. (1973) Costumes, textiles, cosmetics and coiffure in ancient and mediaeval India. [Publication]

Chandra, S., R. Chandra, J.C. Katiyar, Promila Govil, P.A. George and A.B. Sen (1973) Observations on filariasis in some villages around Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. [Publication]

Chandra, V. and K. Srivastava (1973) Genus Cymbopogon, its botany and pharmacognosy. [Publication]

Chao, J.M. and A.H. Marderosian (1973) Ergoline alkaloidal constituents of Hawaiian baby wood rose, Argyreia nervosa (Burm.f.) Bojer. [Publication]

Chatterjee, P.N., A.K. Sehgal et al. (1973) A search for hill diarrhoea in Simla. [Publication]

Chattopadhyay, Aparna (1973) Cocks in ancient Indian life. [Publication]

Chattopadhyay, Aparna (1973) The period of Indian society as reflected in Caraka Sa\d{m}hit\={a}. [Publication]

Chattopadhyaya, B.D. (1973) Irrigation in early medieval Rajasthan. [Publication]

Chaturvedi, C. (1973) Studies on anabolic effect of rasa and vip\={a}ka of certain indigenous drugs. [Publication]

Chaturvedi, M. (1973) An analysis of honey bee pollen load from Banthra, Lucknow, India. [Publication]

Chaube, Shivanikinkar (1973) Hill politics in north-east India. [Publication]

Chaudhuri, S.K. and S. Ghosh (1973) Chaulmoogra oil. [Publication]

Chowdhani, Ravindra Chandra (1973) Li\.{n}gan\={a}\'{s} k\={a} itih\={a}s eva\d{m} anusandh\={a}n. [Publication]

Chowdhury, N.P. (1973) The Pteridophytic flora of the Upper Gangetic Plain. [Publication]

Chowdhury, Amiya Kumar Roy (1973) Trepanation in ancient India. [Publication]

Chuttani, C.S., J.C. Bhatia, Dharam Vir and A. Timmappaya (1973) A survey of indigenous medical practitioners in the rural areas of five different states of India. [Publication]

Chuttani, C.S., J.C. Bhatia, Dharam Vir and A. Timmappaya (1973) Study of private medical practitioners in rural areas of a few states in India. [Publication]

Clason, A.T. (1973) Archaeozoological study in India -- Aspects of stock-breeding and hunting in prehistoric and early historic times. [Publication]

Claus, Peter J. (1973) Possession, protection and punishment as attributes of the deities in a South Indian village. [Publication]

Clive, John (1973) Thomas Babington Macaulay -- The shaping of the historian. [Publication]


Dabadghao, P.M. and K.A. Shankarnarayan (1973) The grass cover of India. [Publication]

Dabadghao, P.M. and Shankaranarayan, K.A. (1973) The grass covers of India. [Publication]

Dalton, E.T. (1973) Tribal history of Eastern India. [Publication]

Dandekar, R. N. (1973) Varu\d{n}a. [Publication]

Das Gupta, Rama Prasad (1973) Crime and punishment in ancient India. [Publication]

Das, D., R.C. Sharma and R.B. Arora (1973) Antihyperlipidaemic activity of fraction `A' of Commiphora mukul in monkeys. [Publication]

Dave, D.S., V.J. Rajput, M.R. Gupta, V.K. Jain and Miss U. Lavangikar (1973) A clinical evaluation of Liv.52 therapy in malnutrition during infancy and childhood. [Publication]

Davis, R. (1973) Special aspects of depression in Indian patients. [Publication]

Day\={a}l, Vi\'{s}ve\'{s}vara (1973) Svarg\={\i}ya Pa\d{n}\d{d}it Vi\'{s}ve\'{s}vara Day\={a}lj\={\i} k\={a} sa\d{m}k\d{s}ipt j\={\i}van v\d{r}tta. [Publication]

Debelmas, A.M., J.F. Dobremez, S. Michel and L. Benaproche (1973) Plantes médicinales du Népal. [Publication]

Demiéville, P. (1973) Le bouddhisme et la guerre. [Publication]

Den Hertog, H.J., J.T. Hackmann, D.D. Nanavati et al. (1973) Malkanguniol, one of the polyalcohols from Celastrus paniculatus. [Publication]

Deo, S.B. and R.S. Gupte (Eds.) (1973) Excavations at Bhokardan 1973 (Bhogavardhana). [Publication]

Deshpande, P.J. and K.R. Sharma (1973) Treatment of fistula-in-ano by a new technique -- Review and follow-up of 200 cases. [Publication]

Deshpande, P.J., K.R. Sharma and S.K. Sharma (1973) Fistula-in-ano (An ambulatory treatment) -- (Review of 200 cases). [Publication]

Deshpande, P.N. (1973) Contribution of Sushruta to surgeon's armamentarium (part {II}: instruments). [Publication]

Dhar, M.L., M.M. Dhar, B.N. Dhawan, B.N. Mehrotra, R.C. Srimal and J.S. Tandon (1973) Screening of Indian plants for biological activity: part IV. [Publication]

Dhar, M.L., M.M. Dhar, B.N. Dhawan, R.C. Srimal and J.S. Tandon (1973) Screening of Indian plants for biological activity. [Publication]

Dhurandhar, Jay (1973) `Bonnisan' - A metabolic corrective in gastrointestinal disorders of the newborn (a study of 100 cases). [Publication]

Dutt, A.K. (1973) `Shah-zerah' of Indian markets. [Publication]

Dutt, A.K., S.H. Afaq and C.K. Atal (1973) Pharmacognosy of the commercial caraways -- Part II: Pharmacognostical study of the fruits of Bupleurum falcatum Linn. [Publication]

Dutta, M.K. (1973) The diffusion and ecology of cholera in India. [Publication]

Dvived\={\i}, Ram\={a}n\={a}tha (1973) Ari\d{s}\d{t}a-vij\~{n}\={a}n (S\={a}dhy\={a}s\={a}dhya par\={\i}k\d{s}\={a} eva\d{m} pr\={a}gj\~{n}\={a}n); Ari\d{s}\d{t}a-vij\~{n}\={a}na (Prognostic Methodology of Indian System of Medicine (Ayurveda)). [Publication]

Dwarakanath, C. (1973) Lectures on tanmatras and panchamahabhutas. [Publication]


Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi, G. (1973) Food avoidances at puberty and menstruation in Tamilnad: an anthropological study. [Publication]

Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi, G. (1973) Food avoidances of pregnant women in Tamilnad. [Publication]

Eliott, J.G. (1973) Field sports in India, 1800--1947. [Publication]

Elliot, J.G. (1973) Field sports in India, 1800--1947. [Publication]

Elliott, Major-General J.G. (1973) Field sports in India: 1800--1947. [Publication]

Ellis, K.O. and S.H. Bryant (1973) Aconitine-induced repetitive firing in frog skeletal muscle and the effect on cable properties. [Publication]


Falk, Nancy E. (1973) Wilderness and kingship in ancient South Asia. [Publication]

Faugeras, G., F. Dobremez, J. Bourgeois and R.R. Paris (1973) Sur les Aconits du Népal -- Étude préliminaire de six espèces récoltées en 1972. [Publication]

Fliermans, C.B. (1973) Inhibition of Histoplasma capsulatum by garlic. [Publication]

Fuegner, A. (1973) Inhibition of immunologically induced inflammation by the plant steroid withaferin A. [Publication]


Gadgil, M. and V.D. Vartak (1973) Groves dedicated to the gods. [Publication]

Gaur, Y.D. and A.N. Sen (1973) Role of legumes and Rhizobium in solving the protein problem in India. [Publication]

Gode, Jagdish D. (1973) Effect of rasayana in surgical convalescence in geriatric patients. [Publication]

Goody, Jack and S.J. Tambiah (1973) Bridewealth and dowry. [Publication]

Goonaratna, C. de F.W. (1973) Some descriptions of leprosy in the ancient medical literature of Ceylon. [Publication]

Gopal, Lallanji (1973) The date of the K\d{r}\d{s}i-Par\={a}\'{s}ara. [Publication]

Gothoni, G., W. Nyberg and S.G. Jokipii (1973) The laxative effect of pure sennosides A and B. [Publication]

Goudriaan, T. (1973) Deities of the tree-cutting ceremony in Vaikh\={a}nasa \={A}gama. [Publication]

Goudriaan, T. (1973) Tumburu and his sisters. [Publication]

Goutam, M.P. and R.M. Purohit (1973) Antibacterial activity of leaves and seeds of Diospyros montana Roxb. [Publication]

Goutam, M.P. and R.M. Purohit (1973) Preliminary investigations on the anti-bacterial activity of leaves and oil of Polyalthia longifolia. [Publication]

Grey, Allen (1973) Oedipus in Hindu dreams, Gandhi's life and Erikson's concepts. [Publication]

Gujarat Ayurved University (1973) Sphere of activities. [Publication]

Gulati, O.D., H.M. Parikh, D.I. Panchal and S.S. Karbhari (1973) Anti-inflammatory activity of guggul (Balsamodendron mukul) in white rats. [Publication]

Gupta, K. and K. Bhanot (1973) A clinical trial of Lukol in the treatment of non-specific leucorrhoea. [Publication]

Gupta, P.D. (1973) Studies on the management of mutrakrichhra by Ayurvedic drugs. [Publication]

Gupta, R.C. and L.D. Kapoor (1973) Comparative pharmacognostic study on `sirish' barks and leaves. [Publication]

Gupta, R.C. and L.D. Kapoor (1973) Pharmacognostic study on `sirish' -- II: Albizzia lebbeck Benth -- stem bark. [Publication]

Gupta, S.P. (1973) Costumes, textiles, cosmetics and coiffure in ancient and medieval India (Dr. Moti Chandra Felicitation Volume). [Publication]

Guru, L.V. and J. Mitra (1973) The ethical life as described in Ayurveda with special reference to Charaka. [Publication]


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Hitchcock, J.T. (1973) A Nepali shaman's performance as theatre. [Publication]

Hoch, E. (1973) Der Traum: eine Welt -- Die Welt: ein Traum ? Zur Bedeutung des Traumes in der altindischen Philosophie. [Publication]

Höfer, A. and B. Shrestha (1973) Ghost exorcism among the Brahmans of Central Nepal. [Publication]

Hultkrantz, A. (1973) A definition of shamanism. [Publication]


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Israili, A.H. (1973) Studies leading to the standardisation of itrifal mulayyin (a Unani preparation). [Publication]

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Jo\'{s}\={\i}, Amb\={a}l\={a}l (1973) V\={a}lmik\={\i}ya R\={a}m\={a}ya\d{n} me\d{m} \={A}yurved. [Publication]

Joslin, P. (1973) The Asiatic lion: a study of ecology and behaviour. [Publication]

Jyotir Mitra (1973) \={A}yurved k\={a} d\={a}r\'{s}anik \={a}dh\={a}r tath\={a} usk\={\i} vyavah\={a}rikat\={a}. [Publication]

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