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Aaronson, S. (1988) Paspalum spp. and Claviceps paspali in ancient and modern India. [Publication]

Aathiniri, P.R. (1988) Bh\={a}rat\={\i}ya cikits\={a} v\={a}\.{n}maya k\={a} kramik vik\={a}s aur netra vij\~{n}\={a}n. [Publication]

Abdul-Ghani, A.-S. and R. Amin (1988) The vascular action of aqueous extracts of Foeniculum vulgare leaves. [Publication]

Acharya, S.B., M.H. Frotan, R.K. Goel, S.K. Tripathi and P.K. Das (1988) Pharmacological actions of shilajit. [Publication]

Acharya, S.N. (1988) A clinical study on the role of virechana and ksarabasti in the management of amavata. [Publication]

Achaya, K.T. (1988) Concepts of food and nutrition in ancient India. [Publication]

Adams, S.L. (1988) The medicinal leech -- A page from Annelids of internal medicine. [Publication]

Adams, Vincanne (1988) Modes of production and medicine: an examination of the theory in light of Sherpa medical traditionalism. [Publication]

Adamson, P.B. (1988) Dracontiasis in antiquity. [Publication]

Section I: Drugs belonging to 33 groups, described in the S\={u}tra section of A\d{s}\d{t}\={a}\.{n}gah\d{r}daya; Section II: Supplementary plants; Section III: Food and drinks; Section IV: Animals and animal products; Section V: Tree and its parts; Secti (1988) Formulary of Tibetan Medicine. [Publication]

Adesanya, S.A., T.B. Idowu and A.A. Elujoba (1988) Antisickling activity of Adansonia digitata. [Publication]

Afaq, S.H., W. Husain and A. Latif (1988) Pharmacognostic studies on Anagallis arvensis Linn. [Publication]

Agarwal, Bina (1988) Structures of patriarchy: state, community and household in modernizing Asia. [Publication]

Agarwal, B. (Ed.) (1988) Structures of patriarchy: state, community and household in modernising Asia. [Publication]

Agarwal, U., M.L. Dubey and G.P. Dubey (1988) Coronary risk factors and their management by an indigenous drug Abana. [Publication]

Agarwal, V. and B.M. Chauhan (1988) A study on composition and hypolipidemic effect of dietary fibre from some plant foods. [Publication]

Agrawal, A. and J. Singh (1988) Glycosides of two xanthones and a chromone from roots of Chrozophora prostrata. [Publication]

Agrawal, Indu Lekha and S.B. Mall (1988) Studies on the insecticidal and antifeedant activity of some plant extracts on Bihar hairy caterpillar, Diacrisia obliqua Walker (Lepidoptera, Arctiidae). [Publication]

Aguinagalde, Itziar (1988) Flavonoids in Brassica nigra (L.) Koch, Brassica oleracea L., Brassica campestris L. and their natural amphidiploids. [Publication]

Ahluwalia, P. and P. Amma (1988) Effect of oral ingestion of oleoresin of gum guggul on the fecal excretion of cholesterol and bile acids in hypo- and hypercholesterolaemic rats. [Publication]

Ajabnoor, Mohammad Ali and Abdul Karim Tilmisany (1988) Effect of Trigonella foenum graecum on blood glucose levels in normal and alloxan-diabetic mice. [Publication]

Akbar, M.J. (1988) Riot after riot. [Publication]

Akhtar, M.S. (1988) Anthelmintic evaluation of indigenous medicinal plants for veterinary usage -- Final Research Report (1983--88). [Publication]

Akhtar, M.S.and S. Makhdoom (1988) Antinematodal efficacy of glycosides isolated from Saussurea lappa (Qust or Kooth) in sheep and buffalo calves. [Publication]

Akhtar, Salman (1988) Four culture-bound psychiatric syndromes in India. [Publication]

Akiyama, Terufumi (Ed.) (1988) Mriga: animals in Indian art. [Publication]

Ali, M. and J. S. Qadry (1988) Studies on the stem exudate of Azadirachta indica Linn. [Publication]

Allcarz, M.J. and M.J. Jimenez (1988) Flavonoids as antiinflammatory agents. [Publication]

Alok, S.K. (1988) Medicinal plants in India: Approaches to exploitation and coservation. [Publication]

Alter, Stephen (Ed.) (1988) Great Indian hunting stories. [Publication]

Amaro, Anna Maria (1988) Goa's famous cordial stone. [Publication]

Ameenoddin, G., S.J.M. Rao and S.D.T. Rao (1988) Aminoacid composition of subabul (Leucaena leucocephala) seed kernel proteins. [Publication]

Finckh, Elisabeth (1988) Tibetan medicine -- Constitutional types. [Publication]

Amin, R.M., Abdul Ghani and S. Abdul-Salam (1988) Effect of fenugreek and lupine seeds on the development of experimental diabetes in rats. [Publication]

Ammar, N. and S. Al-Okbi (1988) Effect of four flavonoids on blood glucose of rats. [Publication]

Anderson, M.M. (1988) The festivals of Nepal. [Publication]

Anderson, R.S. and W. Huber (1988) The hour of the fox: tropical forests, the World Bank and indigenous people of Central India. [Publication]

Anonymous (1988) Medicinal Plants Bibliography of CSIR Contributions (1950--1987). [Publication]

Appadurai, A. (1988) How to make a national cuisine: cookbooks in contemporary India. [Publication]

Apte, I.C., I.P. Vaishnav, S.B. Khannade and S.N. Jadhav (1988) Studies on antihyperglycemic activity of some indigenous plants. [Publication]

Arambewela, L.S.R., C.K. Ratanayaka, J.S. Jayasekara and K.T.D. DeSilva (1988) Vasicine contents and their seasonal variation in Adhatoda vasica. [Publication]

Arasaratnam, S. (1988) The rice trade in eastern India 1650--1740. [Publication]

Arnold, D. (1988) Famine: social crisis and historical change. [Publication]

Arnold, W.N. (1988) Vincent van Gogh and the thujone connection. [Publication]

Arora, R.B. (1988) Elemental concept of atherosclerosis and hypertension and its application in developing herbal drugs. [Publication]

Ashraf, J. (1988) The concept of Jangala in Kautilya and its implications for the land use pattern in ancient India. [Publication]

Asthana, R. and M.K. Raina (1988) Pharmacology of Withania somnifera (Linn.) Dunal -- A review. [Publication]

A\'{s}vin\={\i}kum\={a}r \'{S}\={a}str\={\i}, Ve\d{n}\={\i}m\={a}dhava (1988) \={A}yurved k\={a} Carakokta p\={a}\d{t}hyakram: ek s\={a}mayik\={\i}. [Publication]

Aulakh, Gian Singh, Sharada Narayanan and Geeta Mahadevan (1988) Phyto-chemistry and pharmacology of shankapushpi -- four varieties. [Publication]

Awang, M.N. (1988) Betel quid and oral carcinogenesis. [Publication]

Aye, Maung Maung (1988) Clinico-pathological correlation in Russell's viper bite. [Publication]

Azad, R., A.R. Sihota and H.K. Tewari (1988) The ocular fundus in epidemic dropsy. [Publication]

Azariah, J., H. Azariah, S. Mallikesan, M.V. Sumathi and C. Sundararaj (1988) Toxicology of the plant Calotropis gigantea. [Publication]

al-Said, M.S., E.A. Abdelsattar, S.I. Khalifa and F.S. el-Feraly (1988) Isolation and identification of an anti-inflammatory principle from Capparis spinosa. [Publication]


Babu, C.R., Subodh K. Sharma, S.R. Chatterjee and Y.P. Abrol (1988) Seed protein and amino acid composition of wild Vigna radiata var. sublobata (Fabaceae) and two cultigens, V. mungo and V. radiata. [Publication]

Bacon, Vincent (1988) Preliminary report on the faunal remains from Chalcolithic Daimabad, Maharashtra. [Publication]

Badam, L., R.P. Deolankar, S.R. Rajatkar, B.A. Nagasampagi and U.V. Wagh (1988) In vitro antimalarial activity of arbotristosides from Nyctanthes arbortristis. [Publication]

Badam, Lalita, R.P. Deolankar, S.R. Rojatkar, B.A. Nagsampgi and V.V. Wagh (1988) In vitro antimalarial activity of medicinal plants of India. [Publication]

Bag, A.K. (1988) Ships and ship-building technology in ancient and medieval India. [Publication]

Bagchi, G.D. and H.S. Puri (1988) Centella asiatica -- a review. [Publication]

Bagchi, G.D. and H.S. Puri (1988) Centella asiatica I, II. [Publication]

Bagi, M.K., H.K. Kakrani, G.A. Kalyani, T.J. Dennis and M.H. Jagdale (1988) Experimental evaluation of pharmacological activity of Lawsonia alba seed oil. [Publication]

Baierle, Pierre (1988) Passeport pour l'immortalité: l'Ayur-Veda Maharishi. [Publication]

Bajaj, J.K. (1988) The Indian tradition in science and technology: an overview. [Publication]

Bajaj, R. and H.S. Wasir (1988) Epidemic aluminium phosphide poisoning in Northern India. [Publication]

Baker, Brenda J. and George J. Armelagos (1988) The origin and antiquity of syphilis: palaeopathological diagnosis and interpretation. [Publication]

Balandrin, Manuel F., S. Mark Lee and James A. Klocke (1988) Biologically active volatile organosulfur compounds from seeds of the neem tree, Azadirachta indica (Meliaceae). [Publication]

Balasubramaniam, K., V. Arasaratnam, S. Seevaratnam et al. (1988) Hypoglycemic effect of Gymnena sylvestre on diabetic patients. [Publication]

Balodi, B. (1988) Introductory note on the ethnobotany of Gori Valley. [Publication]

Bambhole, V.D. (1988) Effect of some medicinal plant preparations on adipose tissue metabolism. [Publication]

Banerjee, B.G. and R. Jalota (1988) Folk illness and ethnomedicine. [Publication]

Banerjee, B.G. and Ritula Jalota (1988) Folk illness and ethnomedicine. [Publication]

Barros, Joseph (1988) Garcia da Orta -- his life and researches in India. [Publication]

Baudoin, J.P. and R. Maréchal (1988) Taxonomy and evolution of the genus Vigna. [Publication]

Bayly, C.A. (1988) Indian society and the making of the British Empire. [Publication]

Bechert, Heinz (1988) Die Datierung des Buddha als Problem der Weltgeschichte. [Publication]

Begum, V.H. and J. Sadique (1988) Long term effect of herbal drug Withania somnifera on adjuvant induced arthritis in rats. [Publication]

Bentley, Margaret E (1988) The household management of childhood diarrhea in rural North India. [Publication]

Bernot, Lucien (1988) Buveurs et non-buveurs de lait. [Publication]

Bhan, Satesh, Rajive Kumar, Ashok K. Kalla and K.L. Dhar (1988) Triterpenoids from Swertia petiolata. [Publication]

Bhardwaj, Surinder M. and Madhusudana N. Rao (1988) Regional development and seasonality of communicable diseases in rural Andhra Pradesh. [Publication]

Bhargava, M.K., Harpal Singh and Amresh Kumar (1988) Evaluation of Adhatoda vasica as a wound healing agent in buffaloes -- clinical, mechanical and biochemical studies. [Publication]

Bhargava, S.K. (1988) Antifertility agents from plants. [Publication]

Bhasin, M.K. (1988) Biology of the peoples of Indian region (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) -- A classified and comprehensive bibliography. [Publication]

Bhaskar Rao, M. (1988) Comparative clinical evaluation of ksharasutra and kshara paste in the management of bahyarshas (external haemorrhoids). [Publication]

Bhatnagar, Manju (1988) Birds and animals in Indian sayings. [Publication]

Bha\d{t}n\={a}gar, R\={a}jendraprak\={a}\'{s} (1988) Candraguptamaurya-k\={a}l\={\i}n bh\={a}rat\={\i}ya cikits\={a}-paddhati. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, P. and N.K. Ghatak (1988) Ethnobotanical aspect of Spirulina. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, S., S. Pal and A.K. Nag Chaudhuri (1988) Preliminary studies on psychopharmacological actions of Mikania cordata (Burm.) B.L. Robins. root extract. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, Siddhartha, Siddhartha Pal and A.K. Nag Chaudhuri (1988) Neuropharmacological studies on Mikania cordata. [Publication]

Bhattarai, N.K. (1988) Ethnobotanical studies in Kathmandu Valley and adjoining districts in Central Nepal. [Publication]

Bhattarai, N.K. (1988) Home herbal remedies of the urban population of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. [Publication]

Bindal, V.N. (1988) Report on ultrasonic NDT study on the historical Delhi iron pillar. [Publication]

Bisht, L.S.B., N.B. Brindavanam and G.P. Kimothi (1988) Comparative study of herbal agents used for fumigation in relation to formalin. [Publication]

Bist, M.K., K.C. Bhatt and R.D. Gaur (1988) Folk medicines of Arakot Valley in District Uttarkashi: an ethnobotanical study. [Publication]

Biswas, A.R., S. Ramaswamy, M. Rajasekaran and J.S. Bapna (1988) Effect of Moringa oleifera bark on the male reproductive functions in rats. [Publication]

Biswas, Arun Kumar (1988) Antiquity of minerals in India -- An approach to the studies. [Publication]

Blackburn, Stuart H. (1988) Singing of birth and death: texts in performance. [Publication]

Blasko, G. and G.A. Cordell (1988) Economic and medicinal plant research. [Publication]

Bloch, Maurice (1988) Introduction: Death and the concept of a person. [Publication]

Bopardikar, S.M. (1988) Study of Geriforte in industrial stress -- A pilot double-blind study. [Publication]

Borris, Robert P., Gábor Blaskó and Geoffrey A. Cordell (1988) Ethnopharmacologic and phytochemical studies of the Thymelaeaceae. [Publication]

Bose, A.B. and K.D. Gangrade (Eds.) (1988) The aging in India. [Publication]

Bouchon, G. (1988) "Regent of the sea:" Cannanore's response to Portuguese expansion, 1507--1528. [Publication]

Bouchon, Geneviève and Luis Fílipe Thomaz (Eds.) (1988) Voyage dans les deltas du Gange et de l'Irraouaddy. Relation portugaise anonyme (1521). [Publication]

Brachet, Isabelle (1988) Approche de la maladie mentale dans l'Ayurveda. [Publication]

Brahmac\={a}r\={\i}, Vindhy\={a}cal (1988) Sannip\={a}tik jvar: nid\={a}n eva\d{m} cikits\={a}. [Publication]

Brahman, G.N.V., J.G. Sastry and N.P. Rao (1988) Intra-family distribution of dietary energy -- an Indian experience. [Publication]

Bravo da Costa, Lourdes (1988) Medical conditions in Goa of sixteenth and seventeenth century -- A study of foreign travelogues. [Publication]

Brook, M.G. (1988) Effect of Phyllanthus amarus on chronic carriers of hepatitis B virus. [Publication]

Brouwer, Jan (1988) Coping with dependence: craftsmen and their ideology in Karnataka (South India). [Publication]

Brown, M.F, (1988) Shamanism and its discontents. [Publication]

Buch, J.G., R.K. Dikshit and S.M. Mansuri (1988) Effect of certain volatile oils on ejaculated human spermatozoa. [Publication]

Buchanan, Francis (1988) A journey from Madras through the countries of Mysore, Canara and Malabar. [Publication]

Burghart, Richard (1988) Cultural knowledge of hygiene and sanitation as a basis for health development in Nepal. [Publication]

Burghart, Richard (1988) Penicillin: an ancient Ayurvedic medicine. [Publication]

Buth, G.M. and L.A. Navchoo (1988) Ethnobotany of Ladakh (India) -- Plants used in health care. [Publication]

Buth, G.M. and I.A. Navchoo (1988) Ethnobotanical exploration of Ladakh. [Publication]

Byams-pa 'Phrin-las and Wang Lei (1988) Tibetan medical thangka of the four medical tantras. [Publication]


Caldwell, J.C., A.G. Hill and V.J. Hull (Eds.) (1988) Micro-approaches to demographic research. [Publication]

Cameron, B.D., M.W. Phillips and C.A. Fenerty (1988) Milk transfer of rhein in the Rhesus monkey. [Publication]

Caplan, Lionel (1988) Visions of god: prophecy and agency in Christian South Asia. [Publication]

Caudhur\={\i}, Sunirmal Datta (1988) Ga\.{n}g\={a} theke sur'm\={a} -- Cakrap\={a}\d{n}i ba\d{m}\'{s}er itih\={a}s. [Publication]

Cederroth, S., C. Corlin and J. Lindstrom (Eds.) (1988) Essays on mortuary rituals and eschatological beliefs. [Publication]

Cenini, P., A. Bolognesi and F. Stirpe (1988) Ribosome-inactivating proteins from plants inhibit ribosome activity of Trypanosoma and Leishmania. [Publication]

Chakraborti, S., A. Mukherji and P.C. Datta (1988) Comparative pharmacognosy of Strychnos nux-vomica and Strychnos potatorum stem barks. [Publication]

Chakraborty, T. and M.K. Vasudeva Rao (1988) Ethnobotanical studies on the Shompens of Great Nicobar Islands. [Publication]

Chanana, Karuna (Ed.) (1988) Socialisation, education and women: Explorations in gender identity. [Publication]

Chandhoke, S.K. (1988) Culture and habitat. [Publication]

Chandola, Hari Mohan, S.N. Tripathi and K.N. Udupa (1988) Constitution and diabetes. [Publication]

Chandra, S. and M.S. Sastry (1988) Phytochemical investigations on Prunus persica heart wood. [Publication]

Chandra Sekhar, B., B. Mukherjee and S.K. Mukherjee (1988) Blood sugar lowering effect of Trichosanthes dioica Roxb. in experimental rat models. [Publication]

Channabasavanna, S.M. (1988) Drug prescriptions in psychiatry. [Publication]

Chatterjee, Bhaskar (1988) Mother goddess in Bengal. [Publication]

Chatterjee, R. (1988) A survey of lac manufactures in South Bihar and Bengal, 1872--1921. [Publication]

Chaturvedi, Vinita and M.C. Pant (1988) Effect of feeding fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum) leaves on faecal excretion of total lipids and sterols in the normal albino rabbits. [Publication]

Chaudhury, N. (1988) Memsahibs and motherhood in the nineteenth century colonial India. [Publication]

Chauhan, Vidya and N.S. Chauhan (1988) Ethno-botany of Trans-Giri area of Simour district of Himachal Pradesh. [Publication]

Chauhan, Ashok K., Mahaveer P. Dobhal and Bhuwan C. Joshi (1988) A review of medicinal plants showing anticonvulsant activity. [Publication]

Chauhan, B.L. and R.D. Kulkarni (1988) Alcohol hangover and Liv.52. [Publication]

Chauhan, B.L., P.A. Gurjar and R.D. Kulkarni (1988) Lack of teratogenicity of LIV.52. [Publication]

Chauhan, N.S. (1988) Endangered Ayurvedic pharmacopoeial plant resources of Himachal Pradesh. [Publication]

Chauhan, Narain Singh (1988) Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants of Himachal Pradesh. [Publication]

Chauhan, N.S. (1988) Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants of Himachal Pradesh. [Publication]

Chitnis, S. (1988) Feminism: Indian ethos and Indian concictions. [Publication]

Choondal, C. (1988) Some folk medicines for livestock in Kerala. [Publication]

Chopra, A. et al. (1988) The pattern of rheumatoid arthritis in the Indian population: a prospective study. [Publication]

Chopra, A., D. Raghunath, A. Singh and A.R. Subramaniyan (1988) The pattern of rheumatoid arthritis in Indian population. [Publication]

Choudhury, B.P. (1988) Assessment and conservation of medicinal plants of Bhubaneshwar and its neighbourhood. [Publication]

Chowdhury, Amiya Kumar Roy, in collaboration with K. Ray Chawdhury (1988) Man, melody and medicine -- History of Indian medicine. [Publication]

Chowdhury, Amiya Kumar Roy, in collaboration with K. Ray Chawdhury (1988) Food beliefs and practices among British Bangladeshis with diabetes: implications for health education. [Publication]

Christ, K. (1988) Vorbeugung und Gesundheitsförderung durch Maharishi-Ayurveda-Produkte -- neueste Untersuchungsergebnisse. [Publication]

Ciplea, A.G. and K.D. Richter (1988) The protective effect of Allium sativum and Crataegus on isoprenaline-induced tissue necrosis in rats. [Publication]

Cohn, Bernard and Nicholas Dirks (1988) Beyond the fringe: the nation-state, colonialism and technologies of power. [Publication]

Colomb, Louis (1988) Supernaturalist curers and sorcery accusations in Thailand. [Publication]

Colomb, Louis (1988) The interplay of traditional therapies in South Thailand. [Publication]

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Csordas, Thomas J. (1988) Elements of charismatic possession and healing. [Publication]

Cunningham, A. B. and A. S. Wehmeyer (1988) Nutritional value of palm wine from Hyphaene coriacea and Phoenix reclinata (Arecaceae). [Publication]


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Dadkar, Vaishali N., Aneeta G. Joshi, S. Jagusta Veena, F.R. Billimoria and H.L. Dhar (1988) Antistress activity of Ocimum sanctum (tulsi). [Publication]

Dagar, H.S. (1988) Euphorbiaceae in folk life of the Nicobarese tribals. [Publication]

Dahanukar, S.A. et al. (1988) Immunotherapeutic modification by Tinospora cordifolia of abdominal sepsis induced by caecal ligation in rats. [Publication]

Dahot, M.U. (1988) Vitamin contents of the flowers and seeds of Moringa oleifera. [Publication]

Dalai Lama (1988) Buddhism and the protection of nature: an ethical approach to environmental protection. [Publication]

Das, P.K. and Rama Kant (1988) Ethno-botanical studies of the tribal belt of Koraput (Orissa). [Publication]

Das, Veena (1988) Femininity and the orientation to the body. [Publication]

Das, A.K. and M.K. Mishra (1988) Some medicinal plants of Koraput District (Orissa). [Publication]

Das, M.R. and D. Rai (1988) Role of Septilin in chronic pharyngitis. [Publication]

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Das, Rahul Peter (1988) Das Wissen von der Lebensspanne der Bäume. Surap\={a}la's V\d{r}k\d{s}\={a}yurveda, kritisch ediert, übersetzt und kommentiert. Mit einem Nachtrag von G. Jan Meulenbeld zu seinem Verzeichnis `Sanskrit names of plants and their botanical equivale. [Publication]

Da\v{s}iev, D.B. and S.M. Nikolaev (1988) "Tsjzjud-sji", pamnjatnik crednebekowoj tibetskoy kulturi. [Publication]

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Dey, Dipali and M.N. Das (1988) Pharmacognosy of antidysenteric drugs of Indian medicine. [Publication]

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Dhavalikar, M.K. (1988) The first farmers of the Deccan. [Publication]

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Dogar, I.A., M. Ali and M. Yaqub (1988) Effect of Grewia asiatica, Gossypium herbaceum and Gymnema sylvestre on blood glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides levels in normoglycaemic and alloxan diabetic rabbits. [Publication]

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Dolui, A.K., M.D. Kharya and M.P. Srivastava (1988) Mahua fat in ointment bases. [Publication]

Dolui, A.K., M.D. Kharya and M.P. Srivastava (1988) Mahua fat in suppository bases. [Publication]

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