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Agarwal, Anil (1975) Gandhi's ghost saves the Himalayan trees. [Publication]

Agarwal, A. (1975) Gandhi's ghost saves the Himalayan trees. [Publication]

Agarwal, Har Swaroop K. (1975) The effect of indigenous drugs on testicular regeneration. [Publication]

Agarwal, V.K. (1975) Anthelmintic activity of the seeds of Abrus precatorius. [Publication]

Agnihotr\={\i}, R.J. (1975) \={A}yurved me\d{m} pak\d{s}avadh. [Publication]

Agrawal, A.K., B.B. Sethi and S.C. Gupta (1975) Physical and cognitive effects of chronic bhang (Cannabis) intake. [Publication]

Agrawal, V.K. (1975) Anthelmintic activity of the seeds of Abrus precatorius Linn. [Publication]

Ahmad, Maqbul, Ram Behari and B.V. Subbarayappa (1975) Al-B\={\i}r\={u}n\={\i} -- An introduction to his life and writings on the Indian sciences. [Publication]

Ahmad, R.U. and M.S. Ansari (1975) Pharmacognostical and botanical identification of drug turbud used in Unani system. [Publication]

Ahmad, S. Maqbul (1975) Al-B\={\i}r\={u}n\={\i} as a synthesizer and transmitter of scientific knowledge. [Publication]

Aiyar, T.K. Krishnaswami (1975) Vede A\'{s}vinau. [Publication]

Ali, M.M. and B.J. Ray Ghatak (1975) Pharmacological examination of an alkaloid fraction isolated from Strychnos potatorum. [Publication]

Ali, Usman S. (1975) Contribution to the botanical identity of `priyangu', I, II, III. [Publication]

Allen, M.R. (1975) The cult of Kumari: virgin worship in Nepal. [Publication]

\={A}nand, Sure\'{s} (1975) Br\={a}hm\={\i} v\={a} ma\d{n}\d{d}\={u}kapar\d{n}\={\i}. [Publication]

Anjaria, J.V., K. Janakiraman, M.R. Varia and O.D. Gulati (1975) Studies on Leptadenia reticulata -- Effects on some endocrine glands and reproductive organs of rats. [Publication]

Anjaria, J.V., M.R. Varia, K. Janakiraman and O.D. Gulati (1975) Studies on Leptadenia reticulata: lactogenic effects on rats. [Publication]

Anonymous (1975) Au\d{s}adhiyo\d{m} k\={a} \={A}yurved me\d{m} var\d{n}ankram. [Publication]

Anonymous (1975) Carak eva\d{m} Su\'{s}rut k\={\i} divyau\d{s}adhiy\={a}\d{m}. [Publication]

Anonymous (1975) Dravyavij\~{n}\={a}n par saiddh\={a}ntik prabh\={a}v. [Publication]

Anonymous (1975) History of the Army Medical Corps. [Publication]

Anonymous (1975) Sa\d{m}digdhat\={a} k\={a} itih\={a}s. [Publication]

Anonymous (1975) Underexploited tropical plants with promising economic value. [Publication]

Anonymous (1975) V\={a}lm\={\i}ki {R}\={a}m\={a}ya\d{n} k\={\i} sa\d{m}digdha au\d{s}adhiy\={a}\d{m}. [Publication]

Ansari, Z.D. and M.K. Dhavalikar (1975) Excavation at Kayatha. [Publication]

Archer, W.G. (1975) The hill of flutes; Life, love and poetry in tribal India: A portrait of the Santals. [Publication]

Arms, Karen and D. McPheeters (1975) Sensitivity of cultured embryonic heart cells to cardiotoxin obtained from Naja naja siamensis venom. [Publication]

Arnott, Margaret L. (Ed.) (1975) Gastronomy: the anthropology of food and food habits. [Publication]

Arole, Mabelle and Rajanikant Arole (1975) A comprehensive rural health project in Jamkhed (India). [Publication]

Artola, George T. (1975) The transvestite in Sanskrit story and drama. [Publication]

Atal, C.K., O.P. Gupta and S.H. Afaq (1975) Commiphora mukul source of guggul in Indian system of medicine. [Publication]

Atal, C.K., O.P. Gupta and S.H. Afaq (1975) Commiphora mukul, source of guggul in Indian systems of medicine,. [Publication]

Atal, C.K., O.P. Gupta, K. Raghunathan and K.L. Dhar (1975) Pharmacognosy and phytochemistry of Withania somnifera (Linn.) Dunal (ashwagandha). [Publication]

Augusti, K.T. (1975) Studies on the effect of allicin (diallyl disulphide-oxide) on alloxan diabetes. [Publication]

Augusti, K.T. and P.T. Mathew (1975) Effect of allicin on certain enzymes of liver after a short term feeding to normal rats. [Publication]

Augusti, K.T. et al. (1975) Partial identification of the fibrinolytic activators in onion. [Publication]

Awasthi, Y.C., S.C. Bhatnagar and C.R. Mitra (1975) Chemurgy of Sapotaceous plants: Madhuca species of India. [Publication]

Azeez Pasha, M. (1975) Biography of an eminent Unani hakeem called Abu Sayeed Sinan bin Sabit bin Qurra. [Publication]

Azeez Pasha, M. (1975) Descriptive catalogue of Arabic manuscripts preserved in the Indian Institute of History of Medicine. [Publication]


Babb, Lawrence A. (1975) The divine hierarchy: popular Hinduism in entral India. [Publication]

Baidyanath (1975) Baidyanath Therapeutic Guide. [Publication]

Bajra, Mana (1975) An outline of Ayurveda. [Publication]

Baldeo, K., G.C. Prasad and P.J. Deshpande (1975) Serum electrophoretic studies in skeletal tuberculosis cases under the influence of B.T. powder. [Publication]

Banerjee, N.H. (1975) Dyes and dyeing in Bengal. [Publication]

B\={a}p\={a}l\={a}l Vaidya (1975) Aja\d{r}\={a}. [Publication]

B\={a}p\={a}l\={a}l Vaidya (1975) Yavas and dhanvayasak, some controversial drugs of Indian medicine. [Publication]

Barnes, C.S., J.R. Price and R.L. Hughes (1975) Examination of some reputed antifertility plants. [Publication]

B\={a}ro\d{t}, K. C., Il\={a} De\'{s}p\={a}\d{n}\d{d}e and W. B. Mehedale (1975) -Madhumeha me\d{m} m\={a}mejjak. [Publication]

Basu, A.P. (1975) Studies on antibacterial activity of Bambusa arundinacea Willd. [Publication]

Bedekar, V.M. (1975) K\=arttikeya (Skanda) in Sanskrit literature, with special reference to the Mah\=abh\=arata: From a folk-spirit to the chief war-god. [Publication]

Bedekar, V.M. (1975) K\={a}rttikeya (Skanda) in Sanskrit literature with special reference to the Mah\={a}bh\={a}rata: from a folk spirit to the chief war-god. [Publication]

Behl, P.N. and R.L. Tripathi (1975) Response of phagocytic co-efficient to different therapeutic agents in chronic skin infections. [Publication]

Bernardi, L. (1975) Les épices et leur commerce dans l'antiquité: (i) les produits d'Extrême Orient ,(ii) les produits de l'Inde et de la région himalayenne. [Publication]

Bhagwan Dash, Vaidya (1975) Ayurveda in Tibet. [Publication]

Bhagwan Dash, Vaidya (1975) Embryology and maternity in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Bhardwaj, S.L., Lalit Gupta, R.C. Sharma, I.P. Varshney and G. Badhwar (1975) Toxicological evaluation of an active principle (saponin) proceranin--A isolated from the seeds of Albizzia procera Benth. [Publication]

Bhardwaj, Surinder M. (1975) Attitude toward different systems of medicine: a survey of four villages in the Punjab, India. [Publication]

Bharucha, F.R. (1975) Fifty years of ecological and phytosociological research in India. [Publication]

Bhatia, J.C., Dharam Vir, A. Timmappaya and C.S. Chuttani (1975) Traditional healers and modern medicine. [Publication]

Bha\d{t}n\={a}gar, I.C. (1975) Bhagandar k\d{s}\={a}rs\={u}tra cikits\={a}. [Publication]

Bha\d{t}n\={a}gar, R\={a}jendra Prak\={a}\'{s} (1975) \d{D}\={\i}k\={a}m\={a}l\={\i} (n\={a}\d{d}\={\i}hi\.{n}gu) (ek nir\={a}pad gharel\={u} au\d{s}adhi). [Publication]

Bhatnagar, S. C., G. Misra, S. K. Nigam, C. R. Mitra and L. D. Kapoor (1975) Diosgenin from Balanites roxburghii and Trigonella foenumgraecum. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, S., V.K. Dixit and K.C. Varma (1975) Antimicrobial activity of essential oils of leaves of Blumea lacera DC. and Blumea laciniata DC. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, S.K., P.K. Debnath, V.B. Pandey and A.K. Sanyal (1975) Pharmacological investigations on Elaeocarpus ganitrus. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, Narendra Nath (1975) History of Indian erotic literature. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, S.K. and H.S. Bajpai (1975) Hypoglycaemic effect of Clerodendron phlomidis (arani). [Publication]

Bhattacharya, S.K., A.B. Ray and B. Dasgupta (1975) Central nervous system depressant activity of Ipomoea carnea Jacq. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, S.K., A.B. Ray and S.C. Dutta (1975) Psychopharmacological investigations of the 4-methoxyindole alkaloids of Alstonia venenata. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, Shivakali (1975) Jalapippali in carcinoma. [Publication]

Bhattacharyya, N.N. (1975) History of Indian erotic literature. [Publication]

Bhattacharyya, Sivakali (1975) Tarbadik -- a slow poison. [Publication]

Bhonsle, L.A. (1975) Antibacterial screening of Goan medicinal plants. [Publication]

Bhowmick, P.K. (1975) Socio-cultural profile of frontier Bengal. [Publication]

Biswas, Miss (1975) Chemical investigations of Crataeva nurvala, a search for the anti-inflammatory principle. [Publication]

Biswas, S. (1975) Gregarious flowering of Aechmanthera gossypina (Nees) Nees in Mussoorie hills. [Publication]

Blasco, F. (1975) Les mangroves de l'Inde. [Publication]

Bokadia, A. and S.K.Arora (1975) The effect of essential oil (active principle) of asafoetida on alimentary lipemia. [Publication]

Bordia, A., H.C. Bansal, S.K. Arora and S.V. Singh (1975) Effect of the essential oils of garlic and onion on alimentary hyperlipemia. [Publication]

Bose, A.B. (1975) Pastoral nomadism in India -- Nature, problems and prospects. [Publication]

Brucker, Egon (1975) Ai. n\'{a}lada = Nardostachys jatamansi {DC}. [Publication]

Brunner, Hélène (1975) Le s\=adhaka, personnage oublié du \'Siva\"{i}sme du Sud. [Publication]

Budhiraja, R.D., S. Bala and K.N. Garg (1975) Effect of Beta vulgaris saccharifera on hair growth in rabbits. [Publication]

Bulletin (1975) Bulletin of Indian Medicine 1974-75, published by Professor K.N. Udupa. [Publication]

Burang, Th. (1975) About cancer. [Publication]

Burang, Th. (1975) Der Arzt in der tibetischen Kultur. [Publication]

Burang, Theodor (1975) Die Kunst des Heilens im Fernen Osten: Heilverfahren und Heilmittel. [Publication]


Cannon, G. (1975) Sir William Jones, Sir Joseph Banks and the Royal Society. [Publication]

Casa, Carlo della (1975) Ahi\d{m}s\={a}: significato e ambito originari della non violenza. [Publication]

Caturved\={\i}, Gop\={a}l K\d{r}\d{s}\d{n}a (1975) Pl\={\i}h\={a} do\d{s}. [Publication]

Caudhar\={\i}, Dharmadatta (1975) P\={a}lak. [Publication]

Cauh\={a}n, \'{S}r\={\i}n\={a}r\={a}ya\d{n} Si\d{m}ha (1975) \'{S}\={a}str\={\i}ya dravya p\={a}\d{t}h\={a} ke kuch sth\={a}nik (gr\={a}m\={\i}\d{n}) prayog. [Publication]

Central Council for Research in Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy (1975) Note on activities of the Medico-Botanical Project. [Publication]

Chakraborty, Ajita and Gouranga Banerji (1975) Ritual, a culture specific neurosis, and obsessional states in Bengali culture. [Publication]

Chakraborty, H.L. (1975) Herbal heritage of India. [Publication]

Chakravarthy, R.S. (1975) Rgvedic India, a centre of domestication of the horse. [Publication]

Chakravarthy, R.S. (1975) Watt's dictionary. A landmark in the study of the economic plants of India. [Publication]

Chakravarty, H.L. (1975) Herbal heritage of India. [Publication]

Champion, H.G. (1975) Indian silviculture and research over the century. [Publication]

Chanana, Dev Raj (1975) Data on agriculture around Varanasi. [Publication]

Ch\={a}\.{n}g\={a}\d{n}\={\i}, Govardhan \'{S}arm\={a} (Ed.) -- see on him, his writings and speeches: Gulr\={a}j\'{s}arm\={a} Mi\'{s}ra (1975) Jyoti\d{s} rognid\={a}n. [Publication]

Ch\={a}\.{n}g\={a}\d{n}\={\i}, Harik\d{r}\d{s}\d{n}a (1975) Jyoti\d{s} aur dantrog. [Publication]

Chatterjee, Acharya Prabhakar (1975) My experiments with kantakari in the treatment of the diseases of heart, lungs and throat. [Publication]

Chatterjee, M. (1975) Gandhiji's interest in nursing, medicine and health. [Publication]

Chattopadhyay, A. and M. Maji (1975) Some medicinal trees of Bankura district of West Bengal. [Publication]

Chattopadhyaya, K.C. (1975) The Lok\={a}yata system of thought in ancient India. [Publication]

Chaturvedi, G.N. and B.D. Sharma (1975) Clinical studies on Hedychium spicatum (shati), an anti-asthmatic drug. [Publication]

Chaturvedi, G.N. and Gurdip Singh (1975) Monograph on clinical studies on kamala (jaundice) and yakrit rogas (liver diseases) and its treatment with kutaki (Picrorrhiza kurroa) and other Ayurvedic drugs. [Publication]

Chaudhari, H.N. and D.C. Pal (1975) Ethnobotany of vallatak. [Publication]

Chaudhuri, Rai H. N., D. C. Pal and C. R. Tarafder (1975) Less known uses of some plants from the tribal areas of Orissa. [Publication]

Childers, C.H. (1975) Banjaras. [Publication]

Chopra, S.S., M.R. Patel, L.P. Gupta and I.C. Datta (1975) Studies on Cissus quadrangularis in experimental fracture repair: effect on chemical parameters in blood. [Publication]

Chugh, K.S., B.K. Aikat, B.K. Sharma, S.C. Dash, M.T. Mathew and K.C. Das (1975) Acute renal failure following snakebite. [Publication]

Chunekar, K.C. (1975) Pharmacognostical studies of some Indian medicinal plants. [Publication]

Clarke, Joyce A., Gurdip S. Brar and J. Procopiou (1975) Fatty acid, carbohydrate and amino acid composition of pistachio (Pistacia vera) kernels. [Publication]

Claus, Peter J. (1975) The Siri myth and ritual: a mass possession cult of South India. [Publication]

Conklin, H.C. (1975) Review of basic color terms. [Publication]


D\={a}dh\={\i}c, Um\={a}\'{s}a\.{n}kar (1975) Vedokta garbh\={a}dh\={a}n sa\d{m}sk\={a}r eva\d{m} au\d{s}adhi vidh\={a}n. [Publication]

Dahiya, B.S. (1975) Seed morphology as an indicator of low neurotoxin in Lathyrus sativus L. [Publication]

Dalloz-Bourguignon, A. (1975) Étude de l'action de l'extrait tiré de Centella asiatica. [Publication]

Dandekar, R.N. et al. (Eds.) (1975) Sanskrit and Indological Studies -- Dr.V. Raghavan Felicitation Volume. [Publication]

Dandia, S.D., V.B. Kalra, A.K. Pendse, I.N. Ramdeo and I.M.S. Narula (1975) The peventive action of Cystone in oxamide-induced urolithiasis and histochemical changes in the utinary tract -- an experimental study in rats. [Publication]

Das, A.K. (1975) Ethnobotany of East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh. [Publication]

Dasgupta, Surendranath (1975) A history of Indian philosophy. [Publication]

Datar, Rekha and V.D. Vartak (1975) Enumeration of wild edible plants from Karnala Bird Sanctuary. [Publication]

Datar, R. and V.D. Vartak (1975) Enumeration of wild edible plants from Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Maharashtra State. [Publication]

Deb, D.B. (1975) Economic plants of Tripura State. [Publication]

Del Castillo, J., M. Anderson and G.M. Rubottom (1975) Marijuana, absinthe and the central nervous system. [Publication]

Dem'yanenko, V.G. and L.I. Dranik (1975) Flavonoids of Cichorium intybus. [Publication]

Dennis, T.J., K.P. Mishra and G.K. Bhatt (1975) Chemical standardisation of gum oleoresin (Indian olibanum) of Boswellia serrata Roxb. [Publication]

Des\={a}\={\i}, Ra\d{n}jit R\={a}y (1975) Nid\={a}n-cikits\={a} hast\={a}malak (ch\={a}tropayog\={\i} nid\={a}n-cikits\={a}). [Publication]

Des\={a}\={\i}, Ra\d{n}jit R\={a}y (1975) Nigha\d{n}\d{t}u-racan\={a} k\={a} \={a}dya \'{s}ail\={\i}k\={a}r Carak. [Publication]

Des\={a}\={\i}, Ra\d{n}jitr\={a}y (1975) Prati\'{s}y\={a}y me\d{m} nasya; \={a}pothit\={a}gra. [Publication]

Deshpande, P.J., K.R. Sharma, S.K. Sharma and L.M. Singh (1975) Ambulatory treatment of fistula-in-ano: results in 400 cases. [Publication]

Deutsch, A. (1975) Observations on a sidewalk ashram. [Publication]

Dhananjayan, R., C. Gopalakrishnan and L. Kameswaran (1975) Studies on the pharmacological effects of extracts and total alkaloids of Tylophora indica. [Publication]

Dhar, V.J., V.S. Mathur and S.K. Garg (1975) Pharmacological studies on Daucus carota, part I. [Publication]

Dhurve, S.M. (1975) Pharmacognostic studies on some Indian Heliotropium spp. [Publication]

Dhy\={a}n\={\i}, \'{S}ivcara\d{n} (1975) Madhumeha par adyavadhi kiye gae k\={a}ryo\d{m} k\={a} viha\.{n}g\={a}valokan. [Publication]

Digby, S. (1975) 'Abd al-Quddus Gangohi, 1456--1537 AD: the personality and attitudes of a medieval Sufi. [Publication]

D\={\i}k\d{s}it, Gir\={\i}\'{s}candra (1975) Pur\={a}\d{n}o\d{m} me\d{m} \={A}yurved\={\i}ya abhigam -- 1. Padmapur\={a}\d{n}a. [Publication]

Dixit, R.D. and G.K. Bhatt (1975) Ferns -- a much neglected group of medicinal plants. [Publication]

Dixit, R.D. and G.K. Bhatt (1975) Folk-lore studies on unknown indigenous antifertility drugs. [Publication]

Dixit, S.K. and G.K. Bhatt (1975) Folk-lore studies on unknown indigenous antifertility drugs. [Publication]

Dixit, S.N. and S.C. Tripathi (1975) [on the antimicrobial activity of unripe fruits of Momordica charantia]. [Publication]

Dixit, V.K. and K.C. Varma (1975) Anthelmintic properties of essential oils from rhizomes of Hedychium coronarium Koenig and Hedychium spicatum Koenig. [Publication]

Djurfeldt, Göran and Staffan Lindberg (1975) Pills against poverty -- A study of the introduction of Western medicine in a Tamil village. [Publication]

Dogra, P.D., B.P. Singh and S. Tandon (1975) Vitamin content in Moringa pod vegetable. [Publication]

Donaldson, Thomas E. (1975) Propitious-apotropaic eroticism in the art of Orissa. [Publication]

Dube, C.B. and C.M. Tiwari (1975) Treatment of jaundice with modern medicine on Ayurvedic principles. [Publication]

Dunn, F.L. (1975) Rain-forest collectors and traders: a study of resource utilization in modern and ancient Malaya. [Publication]

Dvived\={\i}, Gop\={a}lj\={\i} (1975) \={A}yurved pravartak bhagv\={a}n Dhanvantari. [Publication]

Dvived\={\i}, Vi\'{s}van\={a}th (1975) Sa\d{m}digdha vanau\d{s}adhi a\.{n}ka. [Publication]

Dwarakanath, C. (1975) A basic concept of disease causation -- asatmyendriyarthasamyoga, pragnaparadha and parinama. [Publication]

Dwivedi, L.D. and L.V. Guru (1975) R\={a}mcharitm\={a}nas and \={A}yurved. [Publication]

Dwivedi, R.C. (Ed.) (1975) Contributions of Jainism to Indian culture. [Publication]


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Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi, G. (1975) Temporary female food avoidances in Tamilnad: interpretation and parallels. [Publication]

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Gonda, J. (1975) Vedic literature (Sa\d{m}hit\={a}s and Br\={a}hma\d{n}as). [Publication]

Gopal, Surendra (1975) Commerce and crafts in Gujarat -- A study in the impact of European expansion on precapitalist economy. [Publication]

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Gupta, O.P. (1975) Pharmacognostic features of "chakramarda", Cassia tora. [Publication]

Gupta, R.C. (1975) Pharmacognostic studies on `sharpunkha' -- Tephrosia purpurea (Linn.) Pers. [Publication]

Gupta, R.C. and L.D. Kapoor (1975) Pharmacognostic studies on `shirish' -- IV: Albizzia odoratissima Benth stem bark. [Publication]

Gupta, R.P., M.L. Kapoor and N.K. Bansal (1975) Study on etiopathogenesis of timira. [Publication]

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