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Clark F W Simpson and JR Young (1972) Osteomalacia in immigrants from the Indian subcontinent in Newcastle upon Tyne. [Publication]

Abdou, I.A., A.A. Abou-Zeid, M.R. El-Sherbeeny and Z.H. Abou-El-Gheat (1972) Antimicrobial activities of Allium sativum, Allium cepa, Raphanus sativus, Capsicum frutescens, Eruca sativa, Allium kurrat on bacteria. [Publication]

Agarwal, S.S. and R.B. Arora (1972) Preliminary pharmacological studies of roots of Abrus precatorius Linn. [Publication]

Agarwal, V.K. (1972) Sulphur as described in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Agrawal, G.D., S.A. Rizvi, P.C. Gupta and J.D. Tewari (1972) Structure of fistulic acid, a new colouring matter from the pods of Cassia fistula. [Publication]

Agshikar, N.V. and G.J.S. Abraham (1972) Pharmacology and acute toxicity of essential oil extracted from Zanthoxylum budrunga. [Publication]

Aiyar, V.N. and T.R. Seshadri (1972) Chemical components of Croton oblongifolius -- part VIII. [Publication]

Aiyar, V.N., P.S. Rao and T.R. Seshadri (1972) Chemical investigation of Indian lichens. [Publication]

Ajgaonkar, S.S. (1972) Diabetes mellitus as seen in ancient Ayurvedic medicine. [Publication]

Akhtar, H. and A. Sitaratna (1972) Leptaden, a clinical trial of its value as a galactagogue. [Publication]

Angmor, J.E., D.M. Dicks, W.C. Evans and D.K. Santra (1972) Studies on Cinnamomum zeylanicum. [Publication]

Anjaria, J.V. and I. Gupta (1972) Some pharmacological studies on Leptadenia reticulata (jivanti) and leptaden tablets. [Publication]

Anonymous (1972) Research on Indian medicinal plants. [Publication]

Arora, R.B., Lalit Gupta, R.C. Sharma, Dipali Das (1972) Standardisation of Indian indigenous drugs and preparations -- I: chemical standardisation of Piper cubeba (fruits) Linn. (kabab chini). [Publication]

Arora, R.B., Lalit Gupta, R.C. Sharma, S.K. Gupta (1972) Standardisation of Indian indigenous drugs and preparations -- II: chemical and biological standardisation of Commiphora mukul (guggulu). [Publication]

Arora, R.B., V. Taneja, R.C. Sharma, S.K. Gupta (1972) Anti-inflammatory studies on a crystalline steroid isolated from Commiphora mukul. [Publication]

Arora, Raj Kumar (1972) Historical and cultural data from the Bhavi\d{s}ya Pur\={a}\d{n}a. [Publication]

Attia, M.S., S. Ahmad, Z. Ahmad and Z. Ahmad (1972) Studies on the bacteriostatic properties of wild medicinal plants of Karachi (Pakistan) region -- I. [Publication]

Auboyer, J. (1972) Animals in India. [Publication]

Avril, Walter (1972) Dengue hämorrhagisches Fieber in Südasien. [Publication]

Azeez Pasha (1972) Tohofetul-Mulook (A gift for the kings). [Publication]

Azeez Pasha, M. (1972) Mayarul-Atibba (A standard (book) for the physicians). [Publication]

Azeez Pasha, M. (1972) Tahqeeq-ul-Buhran (Systematic investigation of crisis). [Publication]

Azeez Pasha, M. (1972) Zad-a-Gereeb (Provision for the poor) -- A medical guide-book for the poor travellers. [Publication]

Azeez Pasha, M. (1972) Zia-ul Uyoon -- A treatise on ophthalmology by Aynul-Mulk Sheerazi of Akbar's court. [Publication]

Baden-Powell, B.H. (1972) The Indian village community, with special reference to the physical, ethnographic and historical conditions of India. [Publication]

Bagadia, V.N., K.P. Dave, P.V. Pradhan and L.P. Shah (1972) A study of 258 male patients with sexual problems. [Publication]

Bammi, R.K., M.B. Bankapur, G.S. Randhawa, Y. Selvaraj, M.C. Tyagi and M.P. Singh (1972) Abstract bibliography on Dioscorea. [Publication]

Bandyopadhyay, M., N.P. Pardeshi and T.R. Seshadri (1972) Comparative study of Anethum graveolens and Anethum sowa. [Publication]

Banerji, Sures Chandra (1972) Aspects of ancient Indian life from Sanskrit sources. [Publication]

Bansal, M.K., D.N. Mathur and A.N. Pathak (1972) Role of Rumalaya tablets and Rumalaya cream in arthralgia of athletes. [Publication]

Bapalal G. Vaidya (1972) Pippali mula. [Publication]

Baroda Operations Research Group (1972) Food habits survey conducted in Southern India. [Publication]

Bechert, H. (1972) The cult of Skandakum\={a}ra in the religious history of South India and Ceylon. [Publication]

Beck, Brenda E.F. (1972) Peasant society in Konku: a study of right and left sub-castes in South India. [Publication]

Bector, N.P., Ajit S. Puri and S. Prakash (1972) Commiphora Mukul (gum guggul) in the treatment of obesity. [Publication]

Bendre, V.V., A.L. Moholkar and G.V. Joglekar (1972) Tooth loosening effect of Lasiosiphon eriocephalus (rametha) on experimental animals. [Publication]

Bergemann, H.H. (1972) Aus der tibetischen Heilkunde: maligne Tumoren. [Publication]

Bergemann, Hugo (1972) India -- the cradle of dentistry? [Publication]

Berreman, Gerald D. (1972) Hindus of the Himalayas. [Publication]

Bhansali, K.M. and G.M. Mathur (1972) Dracontiasis: a historical review. [Publication]

Bhaskara Reddy, D. and G. Suvarna Kumari (1972) Fatal cases of scorpion sting. Autopsy study of 7 cases. [Publication]

Bhatia, J.C. and S.R. Mehta (1972) Induced abortions -- opinions of the indigenous medicine practitioners. [Publication]

Bhatia, S.L. (1972) Medical science in ancient India. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, J.K. (1972) Pharmacognostic studies on Tecomella undulata. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, R.P.A. (1972) \={A}yurved s\={a}hitya me\d{m} Him\={a}laya var\d{n}an. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, R.P.A. (1972) Pr\={a}c\={\i}n abhilekho\d{m} me\d{m} \={a}yurved (\={A}yurveda in ancient inscriptions). [Publication]

Bhattacharya, D.C. (1972) Pr\={a}c\={\i}n bh\={a}rat\={\i}ya manovidy\={a}. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, S. (1972) Iron smelters and the indigenous iron and steel industry of India: from stagnation to atrophy. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, S.K., A.K. Parikh, P.K. Debnath, V.B. Pandey and N.C. Neogy (1972) Anticholinesterase activity of Costus speciosus alkaloids. [Publication]

Bhattacharyya, D.C. (1972) The five protective goddesses of Buddhism. [Publication]

Bicchieri, M.G. (1972) Hunters and gatherers today. [Publication]

Bisset, N.G. (1972) Chemical studies on the alkaloids of Asian and African Strychnos species. [Publication]

Bisset, N.G. (1972) The Asian species of Strychnos -- Part I -- Strychnos as a source of the drug Lignum colubrinum (snake-wood). [Publication]

Biswas, T.K. and P.K. Debnath (1972) A\'{s}oka (Saraca indica Linn.) -- A cultural and scientific evaluation. [Publication]

Blondeau, Anne-Marie (1972) Matériaux pour l'étude de l'hippologie et de l'hippiatrie tibétaines à partir des manuscrits de Touen-houang). [Publication]

Bloom, Alfred (1972) Buddhism, nature, and the environment. [Publication]

Bloss, Lowell W. (1972) Ancient Indian folk religion as seen through the symbolism of the N\={a}ga. [Publication]

Boder, G.B. and I.S. Johnson (1972) Comparative effects of some cardioactive agents on automaticity of cultured heart cells. [Publication]

Boesch, Ernest E. (1972) Communication between doctors and patients in Thailand, Part I: Survey of the problem and analysis of the consultations. [Publication]

Brandenburg, Dietrich (1972) Avesta und Medizin -- Ein literaturgeschichtlicher Beitrag zur Heilkunde im alten Persien. [Publication]

Brass, Paul R. (1972) The politics of Ayurvedic education: a case study of revivalism and modernization in India. [Publication]

Brown, Dorris D. (1972) Agricultural development in India's districts. [Publication]

Burrow, T. (1972) The primitive Dravidian word for the horse. [Publication]

Chak, I.M. and G.K. Patnaik (1972) Local anaesthetic activity of Plumeria rubra. [Publication]

Chakraborty, D.P., A.C. Nandy and M.T. Phillipose (1972) Barringtonia acutangula (L.) Gaertn. as a fish poison. [Publication]

Chakravarty, Indira (1972) Saga of Indian food -- A historical and cultural study. [Publication]

Chandel, K.P.S., R.K. Arora and B.S. Joshi (1972) Vigna capensis Walf. -- an edible root legume. [Publication]

Chandorkar, A.G. and P.K. Jain (1972) Analysis of hypotensive action of garlic. [Publication]

Chandra, D. and S.S. Gupta (1972) Anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritis activity of volatile oil of Curcuma longa (haldi). [Publication]

Chandra, Dinesh and S. S. Gupta (1972) Anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic activity of volatile oil of Curcuma longa (haldi). [Publication]

Chatterjee, Acharya Prabhakar (1972) My experiments with cuckoo's meat in the treatment of mental diseases. [Publication]

Chatterjee, Prabhakar (1972) Outline of Ayurvedic literature in India. [Publication]

Chattopadhyay, Aparna (1972) Dress, ornaments and daily physical care in Caraka and Su\'{s}ruta. [Publication]

Chaturvedi, Gopal (1972) Pa\~{n}cakarma k\={\i} saiddh\={a}ntik p\d{r}\d{s}\d{t}habh\={u}mi (Theoretical background of pa\~{n}cakarma). [Publication]

Chitnis, M.P., D.D. Khandalekar, M.K. Adwamkar and M.B. Sahasrabudhe (1972) Anti-tumour activity of the extracts of stem and leaf of Tylophora indica. [Publication]

Chopra, K.K. and P.J. Deshpande (1972) Concept of urine formation in ancient India. [Publication]

Choudhary, V.P., M. Sabir and V.N. Bhide (1972) Berberine in giardiasis. [Publication]

Choudhry, V.P., M. Sabir and V.N. Bhide (1972) Berberine in giardiasis. [Publication]

Chowdhury, K.A. (1972) Botany: prehistoric period. [Publication]

Cidade, Hernâni (1972) Lu\ís de Camões e suas afinidades com Garcia de Orta. [Publication]

Coster, Geraldine (1972) Yoga and Western psychology -- A comparison. [Publication]

Crosby, Jr., Alfred W. (1972) The Columbian exchange: biological consequences of 1492. [Publication]

Crowe, S., S. Haywood, S. Jellicoe and G.Patterson (1972) The gardens of Mughal India. A history and a guide. [Publication]

Dalton, Edward T. (1972) Descriptive ethnology of Bengal. [Publication]

Das Gupta, Ajit (1972) Study of the historical demography of India. [Publication]

Davane, G.V. (1972) The fourteen gems in the legend of samudra-mathana. [Publication]

Dave, D.S., V.J. Rajput and M.R. Gupta (1972) Clinico-biochemical study of infective hepatitis with special reference to Liv.52 therapy. [Publication]

Debnath, P.K., G.N. Chaturvedi, S.K. Bhattacharya and Y.N. Upadhyaya (1972) Comparative study of some pharmacological actions of crude and shodhita cobra venom. [Publication]

Deoraja, T.L. (1972) Studies on vasti karma in colitis. [Publication]

Desai, Sudha R. (1972) Bhavai: A medieval form of ancient Indian dramatic art. [Publication]

Deshpande, P.J. and K.R. Sharma (1972) Non-operative ambulatory treatment of fistula-in-ano (a new technique). [Publication]

Deshpande, P.J. and Vidyanand Prasad (1972) Surgical instruments of Sushruta. [Publication]

Dev, K.P. (1972) The use of Sapindus trifoliatus in the treatment of chronic rheumatic arthritis. [Publication]

Dev, Purushottam (1972) The tridhatus of Ayurved. [Publication]

Devar\={a}j, T.L. (1972) Keral\={\i}ya-pa\~{n}cakarma-cikits\={a}-vij\~{n}\={a}nam. [Publication]

Devereux, G. (1972) Essais d'ethnpsychiatrie générale. [Publication]

Devereux, G. (1972) Ethnopsychoanalyse complementariste. [Publication]

Dewaraja, L.S. (1972) The Kandyan Kingdom 1707--1760. [Publication]

Dhar, D.N. and R.C. Munjal (1972) Chemical constituents of the seeds of Nelumbo nucifera. [Publication]

Dhyani, S.C. (1972) Diabetes and anti-diabetic drugs: an appraisal of recent advances in the light of Ayurvedic doctrines. [Publication]

Dikshit, S.K., P.V. Tewari and S.P. Dixit (1972) Anticonvulsant activity of Canscora decussata Roem. et Schult. [Publication]

Dikshit, S.K., P.V. Tiwari and S.P. Dixit (1972) Anti-convulsant activity of Canscora decussata Schult. [Publication]

Dinesh, Chandra and S.S. Gupta (1972) Anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic activity of volatile oil of Curcuma longa (haldi). [Publication]

Dixit, S.P. et al. (1972) An experimental study on balarasayana powder in augmentation of general growth factors. [Publication]

Dobremez, J.F., F. Vigny and L.H.J. Williams (1972) Bibliographie du Népal. [Publication]

Drenth, E. (1972) A revision of the family Taccaceae. [Publication]

Dube, Chandra Bali (1972) Historical evolution of the concept of shwasa roga (bronchial asthma). [Publication]

Dubey, G.P. and R.H. Singh (1972) Studies on pippali vardhamana rasayana in the management of amavata. [Publication]

Dutt, A.K., S.H. Afaq and C.K. Atal (1972) Pharmacognosy of the commercial caraways -- Part I: Pharmacognostical study of the fruit of Carum gracile Lindl. [Publication]

Dutt, R. (1972) Role of certain indigenous drugs in Hymenolepis nana infestation in children. [Publication]

Dutta, N.K., P.H. Marker and N.R. Rao (1972) Berberine in toxin-induced experimental cholera. [Publication]

Dvived\={\i}, Vi\'{s}van\={a}th (1972) Vaidyasahacara. [Publication]

Dwarakanath, C. (1972) Indigenous medicine: implications and needed areas of research. [Publication]

Dwivedi, Gopalji (1972) \={A}yurved pravartak bhagav\={a}n Dhanvantari (Lord Dhanvantari, the founder of \={A}yurveda). [Publication]

Dwivedi, V.N. et al. (1972) A report of Neo Kashyapa Samhita of Varanasi. [Publication]

Eisenberg, J. and M. Lockhart (1972) An ecological reconnaissance of the Wilpattu National Park, Ceylon. [Publication]

Eliade, Mircea (1972) Zalmoxis. [Publication]

Emboden, William A., Jr. (1972) Ritual use of Cannabis sativa L.: an historical-ethnographic study. [Publication]

Filliozat, J. (1972) Les théories psychologiques de l'Inde. [Publication]

Formulary (1972) Formulary of Siddha medicines. [Publication]

Forrest, Janet E. and R.A. Heacock (1972) Nutmeg and mace, the psychotropic spices from Myristica fragrans. [Publication]

Foucher, A. (1972) The beginnings of Buddhist art and other essays in Indian and Central-Asian art (translated from the French by L.A. Thomas et al.). [Publication]

Freidson, Eliot and Judith Lorber (Eds.) (1972) Medical men and their work -- A sociological reader. [Publication]

Furst, Peter T. (Ed.) (1972) Flesh of the gods -- The ritual use of hallucinogens. [Publication]

Gangadharan, N. (1972) Garu\d{d}a Pur\={a}\d{n}a -- a study; Appendix 6: Index of the names of herbs and diseases in the medical chapters of the Garu\d{d}a Pur\={a}\d{n}a. [Publication]

Gardner, P.M. (1972) The Paliyars. [Publication]

Garg, S.K. (1972) Antifertility screening of plants, VIII: investigation on Taxus baccata Linn. leaves. [Publication]

Gellhorn, Ernst and Willaim F. Kiely (1972) Mystical states of consciousness: neurophysiological and clinical aspects. [Publication]

Genders, R. (1972) A history of scent. [Publication]

Ghatak, N. and N. Basu (1972) Sodium curcuminate as an effectice anti-inflammatory agent. [Publication]

Ghosal, S. (1972) Occurrence of psychedelic substances in some Indian medicinal plants. [Publication]

Ghosal, S., B.K. Banerjee, S.K. Bhattacharya and A.K. Sanyal (1972) Chemical and pharmacological evaluation of Desmodium pulchellum. [Publication]

Ghosh, A.K. and N. Sen (Eds.) (1972) A concise history of science in India. [Publication]

Glass, D.V. and R. Revelle (Eds.) (1972) Population and social change. [Publication]

Goldwater, J. (1972) Mercury: A history of quicksilver. [Publication]

Gonda, J. (1972) The significance of the right hand and the right side in Vedic ritual. [Publication]

Gopal, H. and R.K. Gupta (1972) Chemical constituents of Salmalia malabarica Schott and Endl. flowers. [Publication]

Gop\={\i}n\={a}th Kavir\={a}j (1972) T\={a}ntrika S\={a}hitya (vivara\d{n}\={a}tmak granthas\={u}c\={\i}). [Publication]

Goswami, M.C. and D.N. Majumdar (1972) Social institutions of the Garo of Meghalaya: An analytical study. [Publication]

Goukowsky, Paul (1972) Le roi Poros, son éléphant et quelques autres. [Publication]

Goyal, H.R. and Y.N. Upadhyaya (1972) The concept of krimi in Vedic literature. [Publication]

Griffin, H.M. (1972) T.B. Macaulay and the Anglicist-Orientalist controversy in Indian education. [Publication]

Gupta, S., R.I. Khatri and G. Srivastava (1972) Therapy of infectious hepatitis and other liver disorders. [Publication]

Gupta, S.K. and A.B. Banerjee (1972) Screening of selected West Bengal plants for antifungal activity. [Publication]

Gupta, A.S., K.P. Singh, M.M. Mahawar and V.P. Sharma (1972) Preliminary report on phytochemical and clinical trials of Tinospora cordifolia Miers on six uraemia patients. [Publication]

Gupta, Gauri Shankar (1972) Sa\d{m}sk\d{r}t s\={a}hitya tath\={a} \={a}yurved ke advit\={\i}ya vidv\={a}n Pa\d{n}\d{d}it \'{S}y\={a}masundar\={a}c\={a}rya. [Publication]

Gupta, R. (1972) Vital drugs and essential oil bearing plants as future cashcrops in India. [Publication]

Gupta, R.C. (1972) Pharmacognostic study of sharpunkha -- Tephrosia purpurea Pers. [Publication]

Gupta, S.K. and A.B. Banerjee (1972) Screening of selected West Bengal plants for antifungal activity. [Publication]

Gupta, S.K. and I.S. Mathur (1972) The effect of Arnebia nobilis Reichb. and its naphthaquinones in rat Walker carcinoma 256. [Publication]

Gupta, S.K., R.C. Sharma, O.P. Aggarwal and R.B. Arora (1972) Anti-inflammatory activity of the oil isolated from Cyperus scariosus. [Publication]

Gupta, S.S., A.K. Ram and R.M. Tripathi (1972) Diuretic effect of the saponins of Achyranthes aspera Linn. [Publication]

Gupta, S.S., A.W. Bhagwat and A.K. Ram (1972) Cardiac stimulant activity of the saponin of Achyranthes aspera. [Publication]

Gupta, S.S., S.C.L. Verma, A.K. Ram and R.M. Tripathi (1972) Diuretic effect of the saponin of Achyranthes aspera (apamarga). [Publication]

Gupta, S., R.L. Khatri and G. Srivastava (1972) Therapeutic effcts of Liv.52 in post-necrotic hepatitis. [Publication]

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Joshi, H.C. (1972) Pharmacological activity of Clerodendrum infortunatum Gaertn. [Publication]

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Jo\'{s}\={\i}, S\={\i}t\={a}r\={a}m Ra\.{n}gan\={a}th (1972) \'{S}r\={\i} Su\'{s}rut\={a}c\={a}rya. [Publication]

Jyotir Mitra (1972) A study of anatomical material in Visuddhimagga of Buddhaghosa. [Publication]

Jyotir Mitra (1972) Food and drinks of Vedic antiquity as mentioned by the Western Indologists. [Publication]

Jyotir Mitra (1972) The Bhelasa\d{m}hit\={a} -- A study in unp\={a}\d{n}inian forms and other anomalies. [Publication]

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