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Abrol, B.K. and I.C. Chopra (1962) Some vegetable drug resources of Ladakh (Little Tibet), Part I. [Publication]

Achar, S.T. (1962) Development of paediatrics with particular reference to India. [Publication]

Adi Seshuvu, Hari (1962) A medieval family of six generations of medical men in Andhra (1250--1450 A.D.). [Publication]

Adiga, P.R., G. Padmanabhan, S.L.N. Rao and P.S. Sarma (1962) The isolation of a toxic principle from Lathyrus sativus seeds. [Publication]

Agarwala, S.N. (1962) Age at marriage in India. [Publication]

Ahluwalia, K.S. (1962) British Pharmaceutical Codex plants and their Indian substitutes; uses, names and distribution. [Publication]

Aiyar, K.N. (1962) The thirty-two Vidy\={a}-s. [Publication]

Allchin, F.R. (1962) Upon the antiquity and methods of gold mining in ancient India. [Publication]

Almast. S.C. (1962) Historical and evolutionary notes on cancer. [Publication]

Alsdorf, Ludwig (1962) Beiträge zur Geschichte von Vegetarismus und Rinderverehrung in Indien. [Publication]

Anastos, Milton V. (1962) The history of Byzantine science -- Report on the Dumbarton Oaks Symposium of 1961. [Publication]

Antony, J. (1962) India's contributions to the development of modern medicine. [Publication]

Anuradha, R. Pal, K. Zehra, J.C. Katiyar, N. Sethi, G. Bhatia and R.K. Singh (1962) The Indian host for visceral leishmaniasis. [Publication]

Archer, M. (1962) Natural history drawings in the India Office Library. [Publication]

Ariès, Philippe (1962) Centuries of childhood: A history of family life. [Publication]

Arora, R.B., C.N. Mathur and S.D. Seth (1962) Calophyllolide, a complex coumarin coagulant from Calophyllum inophyllum Linn. [Publication]

Arora, R.B., C.N. Mathur and S.D.S. Seth (1962) Anticoagulant and cardiovascular actions of calphylolide, an indigenous complex coumarin. [Publication]

Arora, R.B., M. Singh and Chandrakanta (1962) Tranquillizing activity of jatamansone, a sesquiterpene from Nardostachys jatamansi. [Publication]

Arora, R.B., M. Singh and Y.R. Saxena (1962) A biochemical approach to mechanism of action of jatamansone. [Publication]

Arora, R.B. and H.R.K. Arora (1962) Pharmacological investigation of the glucoside and a glucone isolated from Caccinia glauca. [Publication]

Arora, R.B., M. Singh and C.K. Arora (1962) Tranquillising activity of jatamansone, a sesquiterpene from Nardostachys jatamansi. [Publication]

Arora, R.B., S.D.S. Seth and P. Somani (1962) Effectiveness of musk (kasturi), an indigenous drug, against Echis carinatus (the saw-scaled viper) envenomation. [Publication]

Atal, C.K. and A.E. Schwarting (1962) Intraspecific variability in Withania somnifera -- A preliminary survey. [Publication]

Atal, C.K. and P.D. Sethi (1962) Wrightia tinctoria bark, an adulterant of kurchi. [Publication]

Atal, C.K. and S.M.J.S. Qadry (1962) A pharmacognostic study of roots of `bidhari kand' (tuberous roots of Pueraria tuberosa). [Publication]

Atal, C.K. and S.M.J.S. Qadry (1962) Pharmacognostic study of roots of Pueraria tuberosa DC. [Publication]

Atal, C.K. and S.S. Banga (1962) Studies on genus Piper, part I -- Pharmacognostic study of pippalimool -- the stem of Piper longum Linn. [Publication]


Badhwar, R.L., G.V. Karira and S. Ramaswamy (1962) Camphor from Ocimum kilimandscharicum. [Publication]

Bailey, H.W. (1962) The preface to the Siddhas\={a}ra-\'{s}\={a}stra. [Publication]

Balakrishna, S., J.D. Ramanathan, T.R. Seshadri and B. Venkataramani (1962) Special chemical components of the heartwood of Ougeinia dalbergioides Benth. [Publication]

Bapat, V. (1962) Ayurvedic research. [Publication]

Bassa, D.M. (1962) An analysis of cases attending child psychotherapy centres. [Publication]

Basu, D.K., V.K. Mohan Rao and S.L. Nayar (1962) Gum ghatti -- a substitute of gum acacia. [Publication]

Basu, N.K. and R.N. Nasipuri (1962) A note on the sedative and other constituents of Daphne papyracea Wall. ex Steud. [Publication]

Basu, U.P. (1962) On the progress of pharmaceutical science and industry in India. [Publication]

Bawden, C.R. (1962) Calling the soul: a Mongolian litany. [Publication]

Bed\={\i}, R\=ame\'s (1962) Pal\=a\'s. [Publication]

Behura, N.K. (1962) Meals and food habits in rural India. [Publication]

Ben Efraim and A. Yarden (1962) The activity of some constituents of Withania somnifera. I. -- The antibacterial activity of five nitrogen-free substances. [Publication]

Bender, E. (Ed.) (1962) Indological studies in honor of W. Norman Brown. [Publication]

Bhat, P.S. Ishwar and K.S.N. Rao (1962) On the antiquity of the arecanut. [Publication]

Bhatia, B.M. (1962) Famines in India and their effect on administration and economic policy (1860--1908). [Publication]

Bhattacharyya, Asutosh (1962) Cure deities of Bengal. [Publication]

Bhattacharyya, Asutosh (1962) Legends on cure-deities of Bengal. [Publication]

Bhave, P.D. (1962) Progress of public health services in Maharashtra State since independence. [Publication]

Bhide, N.K. (1962) Pharmacological study and fractionation of Paspalum scrobiculatum Linn. extract. [Publication]

Bhowmik, T. (1962) Technology of lac -- (a) Indigenous method of processing lac. [Publication]

Bhowmik, T. (1962) Technology of lac -- (c) Autoclave method of making shellac. [Publication]

Bhowmik, T. (1962) Technology of lac -- (d) Various improvements in lac refining. [Publication]

Bisht, B.S. and B.C. Kundu (1962) Pharmacognostic study of root and leaf of Clerodendrum serratum (L.) Moon. [Publication]

Biswas, H.G. (1962) History of leprosy and its treatment. [Publication]

Bose, S. (1962) Economy of the Onge of Little Andamans. [Publication]

Brahmachari, H.D. and K.T. Augusti (1962) Orally effective hypoglycaemic agents from plants. [Publication]

Brentjes, Burchard (1962) Mensch und Katze im alten Orient. [Publication]

Brewster, P.G. (1962) Fire-walking in India and Fiji. [Publication]

Busachi, Vincenzo (1962) Storia della medicina. [Publication]


Casamassima, Emanuele (1962) Ludovico degli Arrighi detto Vicentino copista dell'Itinerario del Varthema (Cod. Landau Finaly 9 Biblioteca Nazionale di Firenze). [Publication]

Central Council for Ayurvedic Research (1962) Curriculum and Syllabus for Ayurvedic Education. [Publication]

Chakravarti, R.N. (1962) Possibilities for the production of steroidal hormones in India. [Publication]

Champion, H.G. and F.C. Osmaston (1962) E.P. Stebbing's The forests of India, Volume IV, being the history from 1925 to 1947 of the forests now in Burma, India and Pakistan. [Publication]

Chandervaker, Pushker (1962) Rain-making rituals of Gujarat. [Publication]

Chandra, Abinash (1962) Professions and occupations in the Mah\={a}bh\={a}rata. [Publication]

Chapekar, N.G. (1962) Atri. [Publication]

Chatterjee, P. (1962) The Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalay of Poona should be an eye-opener to all the Ayurvedic institutions of India. [Publication]

Chatterjee, Prabhakar (1962) Chakrapani, the greatest physician of the ayurvedic world in the 11th century. [Publication]

Chêng, C.F. and C.M. Schwitter (1962) Bactrian nickel and [the] Chinese [square] bamboos. [Publication]

Chopra, I.C. and P.R. Rao (1962) Oxytocic principle from the seeds of Cassia tora Linn. [Publication]

Chopra, I.C., S.N. Sobti and K.L. Handa (1962) Monograph on cultivation of medicinal plants in Jammu and Kashmir. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N. (1962) Presidential Address. [Publication]

Chupkan, S.M. and A.W. Doskotch (1962) Tumor inhibitors. I. Aristolochic acid, the active principle of Aristolochia indica. [Publication]


Dahlquist, A. (1962) Megasthenes and Indian religion. [Publication]

Damodaran Unni, T.D. (1962) Surgical bandages of ancient India. [Publication]

Dandiya, P.C. and J.D. Sharma (1962) Studies on Acorus calamus. Part V: Pharmacological actions of asarone on central nervous system. [Publication]

Dandiya, P.C. and J.D. Sharma (1962) Studies on Acorus calamus; part V: pharmacological actions of asarone and B-asarone on central nervous system. [Publication]

Das, Harihar (1962) Tuberculosis: historical aspects. [Publication]

Das, P.K., C.L. Malhotra and N.S. Dhalla (1962) Spasmolytic activity of asarone and essential oil of Acorus calamus. [Publication]

Das, R.M. (1962) Women in Manu and his seven commentators. [Publication]

Dastur, J.F. (1962) Medicinal plants of India and Pakistan. [Publication]

Daumas, M. (Ed.) (1962) Histoire Générale des Techniques. [Publication]

De, A.C. (1962) Folk-lore of medicinal plants of Bhagirathi Valley (Himalaya). [Publication]

Derrett, J. Duncan M. (1962) The Theban Scholasticus and Malabar in c.355--360. [Publication]

Dimock Jr., Edward C. (1962) The goddess of snakes in medieval Bengali literature. [Publication]

Dunn, F.L. (1962) Medical-geographical observations in Central Nepal. [Publication]

Dunnigan, M.G. et al. (1962) Late rickets and osteomalacia in the Pakistani community in Glasgow. [Publication]

Dutta, A.K. and S.C. Pakrashi (1962) Studies on cardiovascular drugs IV: Effect of the new alkaloid from the stem bark of Alangium lamarckii Thw. on the cardiovacular system and smooth muscles. [Publication]

Dutta, N.K. and M.V. Panse (1962) Usefulness of berberine (an alkaloid from Berberis aristata) in the treatment of cholera (experimental). [Publication]


El-Hefnawi, H. (1962) Treatment of keloid with asiaticoside. [Publication]

Elgood, C. (1962) Tibb-ul-Nabbi or the medicine of the prophet. [Publication]

Eliade, M. (1962) Méphistophélès et l'androgyne. [Publication]

Eliade, Mircea (1962) Pata\~{n}jali et le Yoga. [Publication]

Eliade, Mircea (1962) Recent works on shamanism: a review article. [Publication]

Ellis, S. and K.R. Fell (1962) The morphology and anatomy of the leaf of Podophyllum hexandrum Royle. [Publication]

Emeneau, M.B. (1962) Barkcloth in India -- Sanskrit valkala. [Publication]


Filliozat, J. (1962) La technologie en Inde. [Publication]

Fozdar, N.G., Doongaji, V.N. Bagadia and N.S. Vahia (1962) Preliminary report of an indigenous drug "Acorus calamus" in psychiatric disorders. [Publication]

Freed, Ruth S. and Stanley A. (1962) Two mother goddess ceremonies of Delhi State in the great and little traditions. [Publication]

F\"{u}rer-Haimendorf, C. von (1962) The Apatanis and their neighbours. [Publication]

F\"{u}rer-Haimendorf, Christoph von (1962) Caste in the multi-ethnic society of Nepal. [Publication]


Gaind, K.N., H.C. Mittal and S.R. Khanna (1962) A study on the purgative activity of triphala. [Publication]

Gaur, D.S. (1962) Medical ethics in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Gau\d{r}, D\={a}modar \'{S}arm\={a} (1962) H\d{r}dviveka\d{h}. [Publication]

Gee, E.P. (1962) The management of India's National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, Part IV. [Publication]

Ghatge, B.M. (1962) Marketing of lac. [Publication]

Ghosal, Samir (1962) Folk cults and magical rites relating to rain in Bengal. [Publication]

Ghurye, G.S. (1962) Gods and men. [Publication]

Gideon, Helen (1962) A baby is born in the Punjab. [Publication]

Giles, Eugene (1962) Favism, sex-linkage, and the Indo-European kinship system. [Publication]

Gokhale, B.B. (1962) Bavachi and vitiligo. [Publication]

Gonda, J. (1962) The old Javanese Agastyaparva. [Publication]

Gopinath, K.W., L. Prakash and A.R. Kidwai (1962) Chemical examination of Nepeta hindostana. [Publication]

Gujral, M.K. et al. (1962) Anti-inflammatory and antiexudative action of Septilin. [Publication]

Gujral, M.L., K. Sareen, G.S. Reddy and M.K. Amma (1962) Pharmacological studies on the oleoresin of gum-guggul (Balsamodendron mukul). [Publication]

Gujral, M.L., K. Sareen, G.S. Reddy, M.K.P. Amma. and G. Santha Kumari (1962) Endocrinological studies on the oleoresin of gum guggul. [Publication]

Gupta, R. (1962) Some unusual and interesting food plants of Garhwal Himalaya. [Publication]

Gupta, K.C., M.C. Bhatia, C.L. Chopra, Amar Nath and I.C. Chopra (1962) Antistaphylococcal activity of Psoralea corylifolia Linn. seed extract. [Publication]

Gupta, R.B.L., S. Singh and Y. Dayal (1962) Effect of punarnava on the visual acuity and refractive errors. [Publication]

Gupta, Raj Kumar (1962) Medicinal plants of West Himalaya. [Publication]

Gupta, S.N. (1962) Lac cultivation outside India. [Publication]

Gupta, S.S. (1962) Effect of some Ayurvedic antidiabetic drugs on body weight of rats treated with pituitary extract. [Publication]

Gupta, S.S. and C.B. Seth (1962) Experimental studies on pituitary diabetes, part II: comparison of blood sugar level in normal and anterior pituitary extract induced hyperglycaemic rats treated with a few Ayurvedic remedies. [Publication]

Gupta, S.S. and C.B. Seth (1962) Effect of Momordica charantia Linn. (karela) on glucose tolerance in albino rats. [Publication]

Gupta, S.S., C.B. Seth and M.C. Variyar (1962) Experimental studies on pituitary diabetes, part I: inhibitory effect of a few Ayurvedic antidiabetic remedies on anterior pituitary extract induced hyperglycaemia in albino rats. [Publication]


Hamarneh, S.K. (1962) Development of hospitals in Islam. [Publication]

Haveliwala, Y.A. (1962) Diabetes mellitus: a short note on its history. [Publication]

Hedayetullah, S. and A. Amed (1962) Pharmacognostic study of the stem and leaf of Andrographis paniculata Nees. [Publication]

Heiszig, Walter (1962) Ein mongolisches Handbuch für die Herstellung von Schutzamuletten. [Publication]

Henning, W. B. and Ehsan Yarshater (Eds.) (1962) A locust's leg -- Studies in honour of S.H. Taqizadeh. [Publication]

Herz, A. (1962) Wirkungen des Arecolins auf das Zentralnervensystem. [Publication]

Hoch, Erna (1962) Delinquent features in children examined at a private psychiatric centre. [Publication]

Hocking, George M. (1962) Pakistan medicinal plants - IV. [Publication]

Hyde, H. M. (1962) Dr. George Govan and the Saharanpur Botanical Gardens. [Publication]


Inamdar, M.C. (1962) Studies on indigenous drugs (Adhatoda vasica Nees, Terminalia chebula Retz. and Alpinia galanga Willd.). [Publication]

Inamdar, M.C. and M.R. Rajarama Rao (1962) Studies on the pharmacology of Terminalia chebula. [Publication]

Inamdar, M.C., M.L. Khorana amd M. Rajaram Rao (1962) Expectorant activity of Alpinia galanga Willd. [Publication]

Inamdar, M.C., M.R. Rajarama Rao and H.H. Siddiqi (1962) Purgative activity of triphala. [Publication]

Israili, A.H., S.S. Banga and C.K. Atal (1962) Studies leading to standardization of itrifal ustukhudus (Unani medicine). [Publication]

Iyengar, M.A. and G.S. Pendse (1962) Pharmacognosy of the root of Plumbago zeylanica. [Publication]

Iyengar, M.A. and G.S. Pendse (1962) Some pharmacognostic aspects of the fruits of Psoralea corylifolia Linn. [Publication]


Jain, S.K. (1962) Studies in Indian ethnobotany: plants used in medicine by the tribals of Madhya Pradesh. [Publication]

Jalali, A.K. (1962) Saffron cultivation in Kashmir. [Publication]

Jamwal, K.S., K.K. Anand and I.C. Chopra (1962) Pharmacological properties of a crystalline substance (osthol) isolated from Prangos pabularia Lindl. [Publication]

Jamwal, K.S. and K.K. Anand (1962) A note on the curariform properties of an alkaloid isolated from the roots of Inula royleana DC. [Publication]

Jamwal, K.S. and K.K. Anand (1962) Preliminary screening of some reputed abortifacient indigenous plants. [Publication]

Janert, Klaus L. (1962) Indische Handschriften. [Publication]

Jeffrey, C. (1962) Notes on Cucurbitaceae including a proposed new classification of the family. [Publication]

Joglekar, G.V., D.S. Shrotri, R. Aiman and J.H. Balwani (1962) Further studies on Ficus bengalensis Linn. I -- Toxicity tests. [Publication]

Johnson, Helen M. (1962) Tri\d{s}a\d{s}\d{t}i\'{s}al\={a}k\={a}puru\d{s}acaritra or The lives of sixty-three illustrious persons by \={A}c\={a}rya \'{S}r\={\i} Hemacandra, vol. VI (Book X: Mah\={a}v\={\i}racaritra), translated into English. [Publication]

Joshi, A.L. (1962) Madhavakar, the Rugviniscayakar. [Publication]


Kalesaraj, R. and P.A. Kuru (1962) Investigation on the anthelmintic principle of Butea frondosa seeds. [Publication]

Kamath, N.R. (1962) Chemistry of lac. [Publication]

Kapadia, Hiralal R. (1962) Jaina records about birds. [Publication]

Kapoor, L.D. and Y.K. Sarin (1962) Indian Podophyllum -- its distribution and availability in North-West Himalayas. [Publication]

Kapur, A.P. (1962) The lac insect. [Publication]

Karim, B. (1962) Technology of lac -- (b) Machine-made shellac. [Publication]

Khare, R.S (1962) Ritual purity and pollution in relation to domestic sanitation. [Publication]

Krishnamurthy, T.R. (1962) The effect of an extract of Momordica charantia on blood sugar in animals. [Publication]

Krishnaswami, S. (1962) Lac through the ages. [Publication]

Krishnaswami, S. and H.D. Singh (1962) Lac cultivation in India: improved methods and extension service. [Publication]

Kulkarni, R.D. and B.B. Gaitonde (1962) Potentiation of tolbutamide action by jasad bhasma and karela (Momordica charantia). [Publication]

Kundu, N. and S. Mandol (1962) Studies on tumors damaging capacity of indigenous medicinal plants. [Publication]

Kunhan Raja, C. (1962) A survey of Sanskrit literature. [Publication]

Kupchan, S. Morris and Raymond W. Doskotch (1962) Tumor inhibitors. I. Aristolochic acid, the active principle of Aristolochia indica. [Publication]

Kurup, P.A. (1962) Investigations on the venom of the Indian scorpion. [Publication]

Kutumbiah, P. (1962) Medicine in mediaeval India. [Publication]

Kutumbiah, P. (1962) The doctrine of "vital air" (prana) and "pneumatism". [Publication]


Lakshmipathi, G. and B. Venugopala Rao (1962) Clinical effects of a combination of indigenous herbs in otorhinolaryngologic infections. [Publication]

Lakshmipathi, G. and B. Venugopala Rao (1962) Clinical effects of a combination of medicinal herbs in infections. [Publication]

Lal, M.R. (1962) Anthelmintics in ancient India. [Publication]

Lamotte, E. (1962) Vimalak\={\i}rtinirde\'{s}a -- L'enseignement de Vimalak\={\i}rti, traduit et annot\'{e}. [Publication]

Larwood, H.J.C. (1962) Western science in India before 1850. [Publication]

Liener, Irvin E. (1962) Toxic factors in edible legumes and their elimination. [Publication]

Lotlikar, M.M. and M.R.R. Rao (1962) Note on a hypoglycaemic principle isolated from the fruits of Momordica charantia. [Publication]


Macdonald, A.W. (1962) Notes préliminaires sur quelques jh\={a}kri du Mugl\={a}n. [Publication]

Madan, C.L. and B.C. Kundu (1962) Pharmacognosy of the leaf and petiole of Vallaris solanacea Kuntze. [Publication]

Madan, T.N. and Gop\={a}la \'{S}arana (Eds.) (1962) Indian anthropology -- Essays in memory of D.N. Majumdar. [Publication]

Mahapatra, Piyush K. (1962) Some rain ceremonies of West Bengal. [Publication]

Mahdihassan, S. (1962) Popularity of soma plant at the beginning of alchemy. [Publication]

Maheshwari, J. K. (1962) Studies on the naturalised flora of India. [Publication]

Maheshwari, J.K. (1962) Taxonomic notes on the Indian coral tree (Erythrina variegata L. var. orientalis Merr.). [Publication]

Maheshwari, P. (Ed.) (1962) Proceedings of the Summer School in Botany. [Publication]

Majumdar, R.C. (1962) Date of the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea. [Publication]

Malati, R., R. Deshpande and M.N. Asher (1962) Mystery of lactation -- A clinical study on an Indian drug. [Publication]

Mann, K.H. (1962) Leeches (Hirudinea): their structure, physiology, ecology, and embryology. [Publication]

Marcone, G.J., R.J. Esposito and C.A. Dias (1962) The use of asiaticoside in ulcerative corneal diseases. [Publication]

Mehra, P.N. and L.C. Garg (1962) Pharmacognostic study of Nardostachys jatamansi. [Publication]

Mehra, P.N. and S.S. Jolly (1962) The identity and pharmacognosy of the adulterant of Nardostachys jatamansi {DC}. [Publication]

Mehra, P.N. and T.C. Mittal (1962) Pharmacognosy of Indian substitutes of male fern, II: Dryopteris barbigera and Dryopteris cochleata. [Publication]

Mehrotra, B.N. and B.C. Kundu (1962) Pharmacognostic studies on Asteracantha longifolia Nees. [Publication]

Mehrotra, B.N. and B.C. Kundu (1962) Pharmacognostic study of leaf and tender shoot of Justicia gendarussa. [Publication]

Mehta, B.S. and S.D. Naik (1962) Chronic rhinosinal infection treated with an indigenous drug. [Publication]

Mehta, P.M. (1962) History of medicine. [Publication]

Mehta, P.M. (1962) History of medicine in India. [Publication]

Meisezahl, R.D. (1962) The Amoghap\={a}\'{s}ah\d{r}dayadh\={a}ra\d{n}\={\i} -- The early Sanskrit manuscript of the Reiunji critically edted and translated. [Publication]

Merchant, J.R., R.M. Naik and S.N. Hirwe (1962) Chemical investigation of Cocculus hirsutus (L.) Diels. [Publication]

Mishra, R.K., R.B. Arora and S.D.S. Seth (1962) Anti-inflammatory activity of musk. [Publication]

Mishra, S.S. and H.D. Singh (1962) Antiphlogistic action of some indigenous drugs, II. Anti-arthritic action of Balsamodendron mukul. [Publication]

Mishra, S.S. and K.C. Datta (1962) A preliminary pharmacological study of Ipomoea digitata. [Publication]

Misra, R.K., R.B. Arora and S.D.S. Seth (1962) Anti-inflammatory activity of musk. [Publication]

Morton, J.F. (1962) Spanish needles (Bidens pilosa) as a wild food. [Publication]

Mosch, E. (1962) Betrachtungen zu einem Schreiben des Portugiesen Pires an den König Dom Manuel in dem er ihm am 27.Januar 1516 einen Bericht über die Drogen Indiens sendet. [Publication]

Mukerji, B., N.N. De and J.D. Kohli (1962) Highlights of pharmacology in India. [Publication]

Mukerji, B., N.N. De and J.D. Kohli (1962) Highlights of pharmacology in India. [Publication]

Mukherjee, B. (1962) Drug research -- oral antidiabetic drugs. [Publication]

Mukhopadhyay, B. and M.S. Muthana (Ed.) (1962) A monograph on lac. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1962) Az Indiai seb\'{e}szetr\"{o}l (Über den indischen Chirurgen). [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1962) Eine Wind-Lehre der Bhelasa\d{m}hit\={a}. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1962) Über einige Denkarten indischer Ärzte und ihre eigenen Auswertungen. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1962) "Wörter und Sachen" -- Einige Bemerkungen zu Eigenbewertungen indischer Ärzte in sprachwissenschaftlichen und medizingeschichtlichen Beurteilungen. [Publication]

Musajo, L. and G. Rodighiero (1962) The skin-photosensitizing furocoumarins. [Publication]

Mylius, K. (1962) Zur Waldwirtschaft in Pakistan. [Publication]


Nath, B. (1962) Remains of horse and Indian elephant from pre-historic site of Harappa. [Publication]

Neelameghan, A. (1962) Medical notes in John Ovington's travelogue. [Publication]

Neelameghan, A (1962) Medical notes in John Ovington's travelogue. [Publication]

Nicholson, R.A. (1962) A literary history of the Arabs. [Publication]


Oza, G.M. (1962) Nomenclatural notes on the Indian species of Citrullus Schrader. [Publication]


Pabrai, D.N. and K.B. Sehra (1962) Effect of Momordica charantia on blood sugar in rabbits. [Publication]

Pandey, Raj Bali (1962) The Hindu sacraments (sa\d{m}sk\={a}ras). [Publication]

Pandeya, L.K. (1962) Golden age of Indian surgery. [Publication]

Panseri, C. (1962) Dell'acciaio di Damasco nella legenda e nella realtà. [Publication]

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