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Ackerknecht, Erwin H. (1955) A short history of medicine. [Publication]

Adelman, Fred (1955) Toward a psycho-cultural interpretation of latah. [Publication]

Agrav\={a}l, V\={a}sudeva\'{s}ara\d{n} (1955) P\={a}\d{n}inik\={a}l\={\i}n Bh\={a}ratavar\d{s}a A\d{s}\d{t}\={a}dhy\={a}y\={\i} k\={a} s\={a}\d{m}sk\d{r}tik adhyayan). [Publication]

Altekar, A.S. (1955) Pr\={a}c\={\i}n bh\={a}rat\={\i}ya \'{s}ik\d{s}a\d{n}apaddhati. [Publication]

Anderson, K. (1955) Nine man-eaters and one rogue. [Publication]

Archer, M. (1955) Indian paintings for British naturalists. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) Philosophy of the potency of drugs. [Publication]

Atrideva (1955) Carakasa\d{m}hit\={a} k\={a} s\={a}\d{m}sk\d{r}tik anu\'{s}\={\i}lan. [Publication]

Auboyer, Jeannine (1955) La vie publique et privée dans l'Inde ancienne (IIe siècle av. J.-C. - VIIIe siècle env.). [Publication]

Aung Maung Htin (1955) Burmese alchemy beliefs. [Publication]


Badhwar, R.L. (1955) The role of minor forest products for the betterment of tribal and backward class people. [Publication]

Badhwar, R.L., G.V. Karira and S. Ramaswami (1955) Rauwolfia serpentina -- The wonder drug of India (Rauwolfia, sarpagandha). [Publication]

Banerjee, Bireswar (1955) Jute -- especially as produced in West Bengal. [Publication]

Banerjee, Bireswar (1955) Siddha N\={a}g\={a}rjuna's Kak\d{s}apu\d{t}atantra. [Publication]

Banerjee, M.L. (1955) Some edible and medicinal plants of east Nepal. [Publication]

Banerji, M.L. (1955) Some edible and medicinal plants from East Nepal. [Publication]

Banerji, Chandra (1955) K\d{r}\d{s}i-Par\={a}\'{s}ara, a work on agriculture. [Publication]

Banerji, M.L. (1955) Some edible and medicinal plants from East Nepal. [Publication]

Banerji, S.C. (1955) Flora and fauna of Dharmas\={u}tras -- (A) Flora, (B) Fauna. [Publication]

Barnette, Leslie W. (1955) Survey of research with psychological tests in India. [Publication]

Bed\={\i}, R\={a}me\'{s} (1955) Tuls\={\i}; 2nd ed. [Publication]

Bhattacharyya, A. (1955) The cult of the village gods of West Bengal. [Publication]

Bhattacharyya, A. (1955) Some ailments and their remedies among the hill Sora (Sawara) of Orissa. [Publication]

Bhowmick, P.K. (1955) Treatment of diseases among the Lodhas of West Bengal. [Publication]

Boilot, D.L. (1955) L'oeuvre d'al-Beruni -- essai bibliographique. [Publication]

Bose, J.L. and K. Chandran (1955) Oestrogenic activity of the fixed oil of Cicer arietinum Linn. [Publication]

Brown, Truesdell S. (1955) The reliability of Megasthenes. [Publication]


Carr, W.R. (1955) Ascorbic acid content of baobab fruit. [Publication]

Carstairs, G. Morris (1955) Medicine and faith in rural Rajasthan. [Publication]

Chakravarti, R.N. (1955) Isolation of diosgenin from Indian jungle roots. [Publication]

Chakravarti, R.N. (1955) Possibilities for the preparation of steroid hormones from Indian plants. [Publication]

Chan-Ok (1955) Contribution à l'étude de la thérapeutique traditionnelle en pays khmer. [Publication]

Chatterjee, P. (1955) Ayurvedic treatment of cancer. [Publication]

Chaudhri, I.I. (1955) Pakistan Santonica. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N. and I.C. Chopra (1955) A review of work on Indian medicinal plants. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N. and I.C. Chopra (1955) Quasi-medical use of opium in India and its effects. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N., K.L. Handa, I.C. Chopra and L.D. Kapoor (1955) The standardization of crude drugs used in indigenous medicine in India. [Publication]

Chowdhury, A. and P.B. Sen (1955) Studies on Boerhaavia diffusa Linn. -- Effect on diuresis and some renal enzymes. [Publication]

Clark, T.W. (1955) The evolution of Hinduism inmedieval Bengali literature: \'Siva, Cha\d{n}\d{d}\={\i}, Manas\=a. [Publication]

Corbett, Jim (1955) Tree tops. [Publication]


Dakshinamurti, K. (1955) Choline content of some south Indian foodstuffs. [Publication]

Deraniyagala, P.E.P. (1955) Some extinct elephants, their relatives and the two living species. [Publication]

Deraniyagala, P.E.F. (1955) A coloured atlas of some vertebrates from Ceylon. [Publication]

Deraniyagala, P.E.P. (1955) Some extinct elephants, their relatives, and the two living species. [Publication]

Desai, M.D. and K.N. Amin (1955) A report on health survey of middle class families in Ahmedabad. [Publication]

Desai, R.A. and G.B. Mohile (1955) Epidemic dropsy in Nadiad. [Publication]

Dighe, P.Y., G.N. Pendse and R.G. Modak (1955) Fungicidal properties of Acorus calamus. [Publication]

Dittmar, F.K. (1955) [Data on Aleurites moluccana Willdenow]. [Publication]

Dolder, F., Ch. Tamm and T. Reichstein (1955) Die Glykoside von Antiaris toxicaria Lesch. [Publication]


East, J. (1955) The effect of certain plant preparations on the fertility of laboratory mammals, 2. Psoralea corylifolia L. [Publication]

Elwin, Verrier (1955) The religion of an Indian tribe. [Publication]

Esser, A. Albert M. (1955) Älteste Sehprüfungen. [Publication]

Esser, A. Albert M. (1955) Wie alt ist die Kenntnis der Nyctalopie? [Publication]


Filliozat, J. (1955) Les sciences dans l'Inde ancienne. [Publication]

Filliozat, J. (1955) The psychological discoveries of Buddhism. [Publication]


Gaitonde, B.B. and R.A. Lewis (1955) Activity and toxicity of Rauwolfia serpentina. [Publication]

Gault, E.W. (1955) Geographic distribution of carcinoma of uterus and relative distribution of cervical and fundal carcinoma with special reference to South India. [Publication]

Godakumbura, Charles Edmund (1955) Sinhalese literature. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1955) History of the practice of massage in ancient and medieval India -- Between c. B.C. 1000 and A.D. 1900. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1955) History of the spittoon in India. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1955) References to tobacco in Marathi literature and records between A.D. 1600 and 1900. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1955) Studies in the history of Indian dietetics -- History of the dishes i\d{d}li and do\'{s}e -- between A.D. 1100 and 1900. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1955) The T\={a}mb\={u}lakalpasa\.{m}graha of N\d{r}si\.{m}habha\d{t}\d{t}a and its date -- c. A.D. 1350. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1955) The history of the sling (gopha\d{n}a) in India and other countries between c.B.C. 3000 and A.D. 1900. [Publication]

Gonda, J. (1955) Purohita. [Publication]

Gopalan, C. and V. Ramalingaswami (1955) Kwashiorkor in India. [Publication]

Gough, E. Kathleen (1955) Female initiation rites on the Malabar coast. [Publication]

Gough, K. (1955) Female initiation rites on the Malabar coast. [Publication]

Gujral, M.L. and P.N. Saxena (1955) An experimental study of the comparative activity of indigenous diuretics. [Publication]

Gujral, M.L. and P.N. Saxena (1955) Preliminary experimental studies on indigenous spasmolytics. [Publication]

Gujral, M.L., N.K. Choudhury and R.S. Srivastava (1955) An experimental study of the comparative activity of indigenous diuretics. [Publication]

Gujral, M.L., P.N. Saxena and R.P. Kohli (1955) Antipyretic activity of some indigenous drugs, part II. [Publication]

Gujral, M.L., R.P. Kohli, K.P. Bhargava and P.N. Saxena (1955) Antipyretic activity of some indigenous drugs. [Publication]

Gupta, G.N., Ganesh Chandra and D.R. Dhingra (1955) Otto of rose. [Publication]

Gupta, K.C. and R. Viswanathan (1955) A short note on antitubercular substance from Ocimum sanctum. [Publication]


Hadaway, W.S. (1955) Handicrafts of India. [Publication]

Hambis, Louis (1955) Marco Polo, La description du monde: texte intégral en fran\c{c}ais moderne avec introduction et notes. [Publication]

Handa, K.L., L.D. Kapoor and O.N. Channa (1955) Essential oil bearing plants of Kashmir -- V. [Publication]

Hartmann, Karl (1955) Über Hornhautschädigung durch Rhizoma Galangae. [Publication]

Hazra, R.C. (1955) The S\={a}mba-Pur\={a}\d{n}a: a Saura work of different hands. [Publication]

Hodge, W.H. (1955) Some new or noteworthy industrial raw materials of plant origin. [Publication]

Hoffmann, Karl (1955) Altpers. afuv\={a}ya. [Publication]

Hora, S.L. (1955) Fish in the J\={a}taka sculptures. [Publication]

Hora, S.L. and S.K. Saraswati (1955) Fish in the J\={a}taka tales. [Publication]


Jain, Jyoti Prasad (1955) P\={u}jyap\={a}da Devanandi. [Publication]

J\={\i}, \'{S}r\={\i} K\d{r}\d{s}\d{n}a Kum\={a}r (Ed.) (1955) \={A}yurveda-pari\d{s}ad nibandh\={a}val\={\i}. [Publication]

Joshi, Nirmala G. (1955) Ayurvedic concepts in gynaecology. [Publication]


Kapadia, K.M. (1955) Marriage and family in India. [Publication]

Kapadia, K.M. (Ed.) (1955) Prof. Ghurye Felicitation Volume. [Publication]

Karambelkar, V.W. (1955) Matsyendran\={a}tha and his Yogin\={\i} cult. [Publication]

Kern, H. and H. Terpstra (1955) Itinerario, voyage ofte schipvaert van Jan Huygen van Linschoten. [Publication]

Kirfel, Willibald (1955) Ist die altindische Medizin arischen Ursprungs? [Publication]

Knowles, P.F. (1955) Safflower -- production, processing, and utilization. [Publication]

Kohl, J.F. (1955) Enige Bemerkungen zur Zahlensymbolik und zum Animismus im botanischen System der Jaina-Kanon. [Publication]

Kohli, J.D. and B. Mukerji (1955) Comparative study of reserpine and total alkaloids of Rauvolfia serpentina. [Publication]

Krahe, Hans (Ed.) (1955) Corolla Linguistica: Festschrift Ferdinand Sommer zum 80.Geburtstag am 4.Mai 1955 dargebracht von Freunden, Schülern und Kollegen. [Publication]

Krishnamurthy, S. (Ed.) (1955) Horticultural and economic plants of Nilgiris. [Publication]

Krishnan, M. (1955) Preservation of wildlife -- plan for park near the Tungabhadra dam. [Publication]

Krishnan, M.S. (1955) Iron ores of India. [Publication]

Krishnaswamy, A.K. (1955) Filariasis in Mangalore (South India). [Publication]

Kuiper, F.B.J. (1955) - \d{R}gvedic loanwords. [Publication]


Lewis, O. (1955) Medicine and politics in an Indian village. [Publication]

Lin, R.C. (1955) Presence of acetylcholine in the Malayan jack-fruit, Artocarpus integra. [Publication]

Liver Diseases Sub-committee (1955) Infantile cirrhosis of the liver in India (synonym: infantile biliary cirrhosis). [Publication]

Lommel, H. (1955) Wiedergeburt aus embryonalem Zustand in der Symbolik des altindischen Rituals. [Publication]

Longhurst, A.H. (1955) The marriage of trees in South India. [Publication]

Losch, Hans (1955) Ein Abrisz der Waffenkunde. [Publication]


Mahdihassan, S. (1955) On Capparis moonii. [Publication]

Mahias, Marie-Claude (1955) Au pays de la canne à sucre -- Histoire et actualité du sucre brut en Inde. [Publication]

Majumdar, D.N. (1955) Withania somnifera Dunal, Part II. Alkaloidal constituents and their chemical characterization. [Publication]

Majumdar, D.N. (1955) Withania somnifera Dunal, part II: Alkaloidal constituents and their chemical characterisation. [Publication]

Majumdar, M.R. (1955) Iconography of Vayu and Vayu-worshippers in Gujarat. [Publication]

Marriott, McKim (1955) Little communities in an indigenous civilization. [Publication]

Marriott, McKim (Ed.) (1955) Village India: studies in the little community. [Publication]

Marriott, McKim (1955) Western medicine in a village of Northern India. [Publication]

Mehra, P.N. and S.N. Sobti (1955) Aconites, valerian and senna. [Publication]

Mitra, K. (1955) Drug addiction in India. [Publication]

Morton, J. F. (1955) Emblic (Phyllanthus emblica L.), a rich but neglected source of vitamin C. [Publication]

Mudaliar, V.T. Subbiah (1955) Common cultivated crops of South India. [Publication]

Mukerji, B. (1955) Indian Rauwolfias and their place in therapy. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1955) Altindische Embryologie. [Publication]

Müller, Reinhold F.G. (1955) Kannten die altindischen Aerzte die Lunge ? (Zur Bedeutung von kloman und phupphusa). [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1955) Über Krankheiten, Behandlungen und Fürsorge bei Kindern im alten Indien,. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1955) Über das indische "Asthma". [Publication]


Nagraj, M. (1955) Floral morphology of Terminalia belerica Roxb. [Publication]

Nair, K.N.R. (1955) Rauwolfia serpentina Benth. -- its importance and cultivation. [Publication]

Nayar, S.L. (1955) Vegetable insecticides. [Publication]

Nebesky-Wojkowitz, René de (1955) Wo die Berge Götter sind -- Drei Jahre bei unerforschten Völkern des Himalaya. [Publication]

Neuwald, F. and W. Lodges (1955) Withaniae radix, an adulterant of Rauwolfiae radix. [Publication]


Palekar, R.P. and Bhupinder Singh (1955) Tribal health in India. [Publication]

Patel, S.M. and M.V. Radhakrishna Rao (1955) Selenium content of `khesari' (Lathyrus sativus) and other pulses. [Publication]

Pathak, Balkrishna Amarjee (1955) {M}\={a}nasarog vij\~{n}\={a}n. [Publication]

P\={a}\d{t}hak, R\={a}mrak\d{s}\={a} (1955) Prameha-vik\={a}r. [Publication]

Pathak, S.K. and B.B. Banerjee (1955) Ras\={a}yana\'{s}\={a}stroddh\d{r}ti from the Tibetan xylographs. [Publication]

Pillai, P. Damodaran (1955) Sylvan civilization in Kerala. [Publication]

Pillai, P.K. Narayanan (Ed.) (1955) Kerala Studies: Professor A. Gopala Menon Commemoration Volume. [Publication]

Pillay, P.P., S.B. Rao and D.S. Rao (1955) Assay of Rauwolfia serpentina preparations. [Publication]

Plattner, Felix Alfred (1955) Pfeffer und Seelen -- Die Entdeckung der See- und Landwegen nach Asien. [Publication]

Porterfield, Jr., W.H. (1955) Loofah -- the sponge gourd. [Publication]

Purohit, G.V. (1955) \={A}yurved\={\i}yam \'{S}\={a}r\={\i}ram. Written to arrange the whole subject-matter on "\'{S}\={a}r\={\i}ra'' in the ancient Ayurvedic books, with the short explanatory notes and illustrations. With English translation and Preface. Part I. [Publication]


Rahurkar, V.G. (1955) Was Soma a spirituous liquor? [Publication]

Rai Chaudhuri, H.N. and D.D. Datta (1955) Comparative pharmacognostic studies on the stem and root of black and white Datura grown in Bengal. [Publication]

Rambo, Victor C. (1955) Couching operation in Tibet. [Publication]

Renou, Louis (1955) Védique n\'{\i}r\d{r}ti. [Publication]

Roy Chowdhuri, M.K. (1955) Economic geology and mineral resources of Madhya Bharat. [Publication]

Roy, Prodipto (1955) The sacred cow in India. [Publication]


Sarker, Arati, Niren Choudhuri and Gautam Sankar Ray (1955) Birth and pregnancy rites among the Oraons. [Publication]

Sastry, L.V.L., M. Srinivasan and V. Subrahmanyan (1955) Asafoetida, part II -- Assessment of quality. [Publication]

Sastry, L.V.L., M. Srinivasan and V. Subrahmanyan (1955) Saffron (Crocus sativus Linn.). [Publication]

Schafer, E.H. (1955) Orpiment and realgar in Chinese technology and tradition. [Publication]

Schröder, Dominik (1955) Zur Struktur des Schamanismus. [Publication]

Sebastine, K.M. (1955) The immigrant economic plants of India --I. Anacardium occidentale Linn. [Publication]

Shah, C. N. and M. Sirsi (1955) Standardisation of crude total alkaloids of Rauwolfia serpentina. [Publication]

Shah, M.J. and R.A. Lewis (1955) Epidemic dropsy: Nadiad epidemic observations of serum proteins and cortisone therapy. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) \={A}m. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) \={A}yurved k\={\i} \={a}tm\={a}. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) \={A}yurved k\={\i} pragati k\={a} si\d{m}h\={a}valokan. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) Ayurveda in Bihar I and II. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) \={A}yurved\={\i}ya au\d{s}adhi-nirm\={a}\d{n}. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) Bhojan ke das niyam. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) Bih\={a}r me\d{m} \={A}yurved: cikits\={a}-vyavasth\={a}. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) Bih\={a}r me\d{m} \={A}yurved: r\={a}jak\={\i}ya d\d{r}\d{s}\d{t}iko\d{n}. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) Bih\={a}r me\d{m} \={A}yurved: \'{s}ik\d{s}a\d{n}-vyavasth\={a}. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) Bih\={a}r me\d{m} \={A}yurved: vaidyasa\d{m}ga\d{t}han. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) Dvit\={\i}ya pa\~{n}cavar\d{s}\={\i}ya yojn\={a} aur \={a}yurved. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) Gr\={a}mvik\={a}s aur \={a}yurved. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) Pras\={a}dhan aur sv\={a}sthya. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) Scientific methods of drug research in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) The new era of Ayurveda. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) Upav\={a}s se \'{s}ar\={\i}r-sa\d{m}\'{s}odhan. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1955) Var\d{s}\={a} me\d{m} \={a}p\k=a sv\={a}sthya. [Publication]

Sharma, V.N. (1955) Vitex peduncularis. [Publication]

Shelley, W.B. and R.P. Arthur (1955) Mucunin, the active pruritogenic proteinase of cowhage. [Publication]

Silburn, Lilian (1955) Instant et cause: le discontinu dans la pensée philosophique de l'Inde. [Publication]

Simon, W. (1955) A note on Tibetan Bon. [Publication]

Singh, A., J.D. Kohli and D.B. Parihar (1955) Search for anthelmintics among indigenous remedies -- Action of acetyl saponin from Anagallis arvensis Linn. on annelids and helminths. [Publication]

Singh, Balwant (1955) Bih\={a}r k\={\i} vanaspatiy\={a}\d{m}. [Publication]

Singh, D. (1955) Yunani Siddha Yoga. [Publication]

Singh, \d{T}h\={a}kur Balvant (1955) Vih\={a}r k\={\i} vanaspatiy\={a}\d{m}. [Publication]

Sinha, R.N. and D. Sankaranarayana (1955) Concepts of insect taxonomy in ancient India. [Publication]

Snowden, J.D. (1955) The wild fodder Sorghums of section Eu-Sorghum. [Publication]

Spies, Otto (ed.) (1955) Studia Indologica -- Festschrift für Willibald Kirfel zur Vollendung seines 70. Lebensjahres. [Publication]

Srinivas, M.N. (1955) A brief note on Ayyappa, the South Indian deity. [Publication]

Srivastava, J.C. (1955) Some recently introduced or newly recorded plants from Patna District and its neighbourhood. [Publication]

Steed, Gitel P. (1955) Notes on an approach to the study of personality formation in a Hindu village in Gujarat. [Publication]

Subbiah Mudaliar, V.T. (1955) Common cultivated crops of South India. [Publication]


Tadulingam, C. and G. Venkatanarayana, revised and enlarged by C.R. Mudaliar and J.S. Rao (1955) A handbook of some South Indian weeds. [Publication]

Toh, C.C., T.S. Lee and A.K. Kiang (1955) The pharmacological actions of capsaicin and analogues. [Publication]


Vallauri, Mario (1955) Fonti sanscrite di materia medica. [Publication]

Varma, S. (1955) Explanatory names in Sanskrit vocabulary. [Publication]

Venkateswarulu, J. and B. Achyutaramamurti (1955) Life-history of Coldenia procumbens Linn. [Publication]

Venkateswarulu, J. and L.L. Narayana (1955) Life-history of Hydrocera triflora. [Publication]


W\"{u}st, Walther (1955) Beil und Lauch. [Publication]

Wheeler, M. (1955) Textiles and ornaments of India. [Publication]

Wüst, Walther (1955) Beil und Lauch. [Publication]


Yamada, Kentaro (1955) A short history of ambergris (and its trading) by the Arabs and the Chinese in the Indian Ocean. [Publication]

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