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Agharkar, S.P. (1953) Botany Part I -- Medicinal plants. [Publication]

Agharkar, S.P. (1953) Medicinal plants of the Bombay Presidency. [Publication]

Ali, Salim (1953) The Keoladeo Ghana, Bharatpur (Rajasthan). [Publication]

Ali, Salim (1953) The birds of Kerala. [Publication]

Ali, Salim (1953) The birds of Kerala. [Publication]

Arokiaswami, M. (1953) The cult of Mariyamman or the goddess of rain. [Publication]

Bailey, H.W. (1953) Medicinal plant names in Uighur Turkish. [Publication]

Bal, S.N. (1953) Some commercial aspects of Indian Ephedras. [Publication]

Banerjee, A.K. (Ed.) (1953) West Bengal District Gazetteers: Bankura. [Publication]

B\={a}p\={a}l\={a}l Vaidya (1953) Sa\d{m}sk\d{r}t s\={a}hitya me\d{m} vanaspatio. [Publication]

Barua, A.K., D. Chakravarti and R.N. Chakravarti (1953) Utilization of Indian species of Dioscorea for the preparation of cortisone. [Publication]

Benveniste, E. (1953) Le terme obryza et la métallurgie de l'or. [Publication]

Bhat, J.V. and R. Broker (1953) Action of some plant extracts on pathogenic staphylococci. [Publication]

Bhat, J.V., R. Broker and V. Iyer (1953) Role of saffron and nutmeg in indigenous milk preparations. [Publication]

Bhatnagar, S.S. and P.V. Divekar (1953) Pristimerin, the antibacterial principle from Pristimera indica. [Publication]

Bhatt, P.N. (1953) The sun-cult in Gujarat and Saurashtra. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, Benoytosh (1953) Dharma and serpent worship in Bankura District. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, Benoytosh (1953) Dharma worship in West Bengal. [Publication]

Bhattacharyya, H. (Ed.) (1953) The cultural heritage of India, vol. III: The philosophies. [Publication]

Biswas, Dilip Kumar (1953) Origin and antiquity of the S\={u}rya image in India. [Publication]

Bor, N.L. (1953) Manual of Indian forest botany. [Publication]

Bor, N.L. (1953) The genus Cymbopogon in India. [Publication]

Briggs, George Weston (1953) The \d{D}oms and their near relations. [Publication]

Buess, H. (1953) [History of Atropa belladonna Linn. as a drug]. [Publication]

Burkill, I.H. (1953) Habits of man and the origin of the cultivated plants of the Old World. [Publication]

Burton, R.W. (1953) The preservation of wild life in India. [Publication]

Carstairs, G.M. (1953) The case of Thakur Khuman Singh: a culture-conditioned crime. [Publication]

Chakravarti, M.D. (1953) Indian medicinal plant in the treatment of hypertension. [Publication]

Chakravarty, N.K., H.S. Chakravarti, B.N. Dutta and R.N. Chaudhuri (1953) Body-fluid changes in epidemic dropsy. [Publication]

Chapekar, N.G. (1953) Agastya. [Publication]

Chaudhri, I.I. (1953) Cultivation of medicinal plants of Pakistan. [Publication]

Chinnaswami Sastri (1953) Soma-svar\={u}pavimar\'{s}a. [Publication]

Corbett, Jim (1953) Jungle lore. [Publication]

Cormack, Margaret (1953) The Hindu woman. [Publication]

Das, Sudhir Ranjan (1953) Folk religion of Bengal: A study of the Vrata rites, Part I, number 1. [Publication]

Das, S.R. (1953) A note on rain-making rites. [Publication]

De, N.N. and B. Mukerji (1953) Effect of Coccinia indica Wight et Arn. on alloxan diabetes in rats (A preliminary note). [Publication]

De, U.N. and B. Mukerji (1953) Effect of Coccinia indica Wight et Arn. on alloxan diabetes in rabbits -- a preliminary note. [Publication]

De, U.N. and B. Mukerji (1953) Effect of Coccinia indica on alloxan diabetes in rabbits. [Publication]

Diemair, W. and D. Heusser (1953) Wissenswertes über Bixa orellana (Annattosamen). [Publication]

Dutt, N.V.B.S. (1953) Ancient diamond mining in Andhra and its future. [Publication]

Dwarakanath, C. (1953) The fundamental principles of \={A}yurveda, Part I, Part II, Part III. [Publication]

Edwards, M. (1953) Rudyard Kipling and the Imperial imagination. [Publication]

Emeneau, M.B. (1953) The composite bow in India. [Publication]

Filliozat, J. (1953) L'Inde et les échanges scientifiques dans l'antiquité. [Publication]

Filliozat, J. (1953) La pensée scientifique en Asie ancienne. [Publication]

Filliozat, J. (1953) Les limites des pouvoirs humains dans l'Inde. [Publication]

Filliozat, J. (1953) Les premières étapes de l'indianisme. [Publication]

Fulling, Edmund H. (1953) India's gur industry. [Publication]

UNSPECIFIED (1953) Gazetteer of Bombay State -- Volume A: Botany, Part I, Medicinal plants, revised series. [Publication]

Gee, E.P. (1953) Buffalos, wild and tame. [Publication]

Ghosh, S.S. (1953) Study of an ancient fabric and its identification. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1953) Date of \={A}nandabh\={a}rat\={\i} or \={A}nandasiddha and his medical treatise \={A}nandam\={a}l\={a} -- Between A.D. 1350 and 1600. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1953) Studies in Indian literary history I, II. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1953) The history of fireworks in India between A.D. 1400 and 1900. [Publication]

Grayson, R.R. (1953) A technic for using suction in cases of snake bite. [Publication]

Greenwald, I. (1953) Some notes on the history of goitre in Ceylon. [Publication]

Grist, D.H. (1953) Rice. [Publication]

Gujral, M.L., N.K. Chowdhury and P.N. Saxena (1953) The effect of certain indigenous remedies on the healing of wounds and ulcers. [Publication]

Gupta, G.S. and M.O. Farooq (1953) Essential oil of Seseli indicum W. et A. [Publication]

Gupta, K.C. and I.C. Chopra (1953) A short note on antibacterial properties of chaksine: an alkaloid from Cassia absus Linn. [Publication]

Gupta, K.C. and I.C. Chopra (1953) In vitro studies of combined action of chloromycetin and ptergospermin (antibacterial). [Publication]

Gupta, K.C. and I.C. Chopra (1953) Tuberculostatic activity of Leea hirta Roxb. (kaka jangan). [Publication]

Handa, K.L., L.D. Kapoor and I.C. Chopra (1953) The present position of the crude drugs used in the indigenous medicine. [Publication]

Handa, K.L., L.D. Kapoor, I.C. Chopra and V. Prabhakar (1953) A note on Indian Artemisia. [Publication]

Heiser, Jr., Charles B. and Paul G. Smith (1953) The cultivated Capsicum peppers. [Publication]

Heissig, W. (1953) A Mongolian source to the Lamaist suppression of shamanism in the 17th century. [Publication]

Hingorani, G.R. (1953) Indian belladonna (Atropa belladonna Royle ex Lindl.). [Publication]

Holzer, K. and A. Zinke (1953) Über die Bitterstoffe der Zichorie (Cichorium intybus L.). [Publication]

Hora, S.L. (1953) Knowledge of the ancient Hindus concerning fish and fisheries of India IV. -- Fish in the S\={u}tra and Sm\d{r}ti literature. [Publication]

Irvine, F.R. and R.S. Trickett (1953) Water lilies as food. [Publication]

Iyer, K. Narayana and M. Kolammal (1953) Pharmacognosy of Ayurvedic drugs (Travancore-Cochin). [Publication]

Job, T.J. and V.R. Pantulu (1953) Fish trapping in India. [Publication]

Joshi, C.G. and N.G. Nagar (1953) Antibacterial agent from Zanthoxylum rhetsa {DC}. [Publication]

Kane, P.V. (1953) King Bhoja and his works on Dharma\'{s}\={a}stra and astrology. [Publication]

Kapadia, Hiralal R. (1953) Detection of poison in food (by noting its effects on birds and beasts). [Publication]

Kapoor, L.D. (1953) A note on the minor forest products of Chamba (Himachal Pradesh) and scope for their development. [Publication]

Kapoor, L.D., K.L. Handa and I.C. Chopra (1953) Cultivation of medicinal plants in Kashmir. [Publication]

Karan, Pradyumna P. (1953) Economic regions of Chota Nagpur, Bihar, India. [Publication]

Karve, Irawati (1953) Kinship organization in India. [Publication]

Kashikar, C.G. (1953) \=Ayurveda-pad\=arthavij\~n\=ana: the philosophy of \=Ayurveda based on the philosophies of Vai\'se\d{s}ika, Ny\=aya and S\=a\d{m}khya. [Publication]

Kazmi, M.A. (1953) On the drugs of Kalat State. [Publication]

Kazmi, S.M.A. and I.A. Siddiqui (1953) Medicinal plants of Astore and Upper Guraiz valleys. [Publication]

Kermani, W.A. (1953) Chittagong Hill Tracts. [Publication]

Khan, K.F. and A.R. Krishnaswamy (1953) Essential oil of nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) and its possible uses. [Publication]

Kohl, J.F. (1953) Pflanzen mit gemeinsamem K\"{o}rper (s\=adh\=ara\d{n}a-\'sar\={\i}ra) nach der Lehre der Jainas. [Publication]

Kohl, Josef Friedrich (1953) Zur Deutung des Begriffes potaja in der Zoologie der Jainas. [Publication]

Kohl, J.F. (1953) Pflanzen mit gemeinsamem Körper. [Publication]

Korvin-Krasinski, P. Cyrill von (1953) Die tibetische Medizinphilosophie -- Der Mensch als Mikrokosmos. [Publication]

Kosambi, D.D. (1953) Brahmin clans. [Publication]

Krishnamurthi, Sundaram (1953) Horticultural and economic plants of the Nilgiris. [Publication]

Lakshminarayan, V. and M.S. Muthana (1953) Essential oil from Premna tomentosa. [Publication]

Lal, S.B., A.C. Roy and G. Achari (1953) Toxic effects of sanguinarine. [Publication]

Lal, S.V. (1953) Pharmaceutical and pharmacological investigations of certain indigenous drugs. [Publication]

Lalou, M. (1953) Tibétain ancien Bod/Bon. [Publication]

Mahdihassan, S. (1953) Is indragopa of Brihadaranyaka Upanishad a cochineal insect? [Publication]

Mahdihassan, S. (1953) On Lakshadia (Kerria) fici with its red and yellow forms. [Publication]

Major, Ralph H. (1953) A note on the history of asthma. [Publication]

Majumdar, R.C. (1953) Growth of scientific spirit in ancient India. [Publication]

Mayrhofer-Passler (1953) Haustieropfer bei den Indoiraniern und den anderen indogermanischen {V}\"{o}lkern. [Publication]

Mitra, Ashok (Ed.) (1953) The tribes and castes of West Bengal. [Publication]

Mitra, A. (1953) The tribes and castes of West Bengal -- Census 1951. [Publication]

Mooss, N. S. (1953) Ayurvedic Flora Medica, with equivalents in Sanskrit and regional languages, medicinal properties and notes on identification, fasciculus I. [Publication]

Mukerji, B. (1953) The Indian Pharmaceutical Codex, vol. I: Indigenous drugs. [Publication]

Mukherjee, S.K. (1953) Origin, distribution and phylogenetic affinity of the species of Mangifera L. [Publication]

Mukherjee, S.K. (1953) The mango -- Its botany, cultivation, uses, and future improvement, especially as observed in India. [Publication]

Mukherji, B.K. (1953) Aromatic woods. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1953) Zur Feuerwertung in altindischer Medizin. [Publication]

Murphy, G. (Ed.) (1953) In the minds of men: the study of human behavior and social tensions in India. [Publication]

Murphy, Lois Barclay (1953) Roots of tolerance and tensions in Indian child development. [Publication]

Narasimha Rao, P.L. and P.A. Kurup (1953) Pterygospermin -- the antibiotic principle of Moringa pterygosperma Gaertn. [Publication]

Palsule, G.B. (1953) The identification of Vedapada. [Publication]

Paranavitana, S. (1953) Medicine and hygiene as practised in ancient Ceylon. [Publication]

Patwardhan, V.N. (1953) Nutritive value of vanaspati. [Publication]

Pereira, F.M., J. De Sa and S.S. Bhatnagar (1953) Antitubercular activity of a pure lichen chemical constituent. [Publication]

Pishawikar, Ashok D. and D.G. Pishawikar (1953) The chemistry of nutmeg-aril (jay-patri). [Publication]

Pradhan, S.N., K.S. Varadan, C. Ray and N.N. Dey (1953) Pharmacological examination of chaksine, an alkaloid from Cassia absus Linn. [Publication]

Quimby, Maynard W. (1953) Ammi visnaga Lam. -- a medicinal plant. [Publication]

Raghu Vira, K.N. Dave and Lokesh Chandra (1953) Indian scientific nomenclature of the mammals of India, Burma and Ceylon. [Publication]

Rai Chaudhuri, H. N., D. D. Datta and S. C. Datta (1953) Comparative pharmacognostic studies on the leaves of black and white varieties of Datura metel Linn. [Publication]

Raju, P.T. (1953) Nature of mind and its activities and: Indian psychology. [Publication]

Rao, P.L.N. and P.A. Kurup (1953) Pterygospermin -- the antibiotic principle of Moringa pterygosperma Gaertn. [Publication]

Renou, Louis et Jean Filliozat, avec le concours de Paul Demiéville, Olivier Lacombe, Pierre Meile (1953) L'Inde classique. Manuel des études indiennes. Tome II. [Publication]

Sahasrabudhe, M. R. and D. S. Bhatia (1953) A note on antioxidant properties of spices. [Publication]

Sahni, K.C. (1953) Botanical exploration in the Great Nicobar. [Publication]

Sahni, K.C. (1953) Botanical explorations in Great Nicobar. [Publication]

Sandesara, B.J. (1953) Some important literary references bearing on the fire arms and history of fire works. [Publication]

Santapau, H. (1953) Critical notes on the identity and nomenclature of some Bombay plants. II. The genus Zizyphus. [Publication]

Santapau, H. (1953) The role of botany in the isolation of antibiotics from plant materials. [Publication]

Sarkar, H. (1953) Fish hooks from Indus Valley. [Publication]

\'{S}arm\={a}, Durg\={a} Pras\={a}d (1953) Haij\={a} aur usk\={\i} cikits\={a}. [Publication]

Sastri, V. (1953) Bhasmas and sindooras -- Vaidya Yoga Ratnavali (English translation, vol. 1). [Publication]

Seide, J. (1953) The relationship of Garcia da Orta's and Cristobal Acosta's botanical works. [Publication]

Sen, R.K. (1953) Susruta, Caraka and Bharata -- Fundamental unity in some basic concepts of Ayurveda and Bharata's Natyasastra. [Publication]

Sengupta, P.N. (1953) The dietaries of primitive tribes of India. [Publication]

Shah, Umakant Premanand (1953) Foreign elements in Jaina literature. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1953) Light on Ayurveda. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1953) \'{S}ar\={\i}ratantra. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1953) Vi\d{s}akany\={a}. [Publication]

Shrivastav, J.B. (1953) A survey of the intestinal parasites in the human population in Bombay with special reference to Entamoeba histolytica. [Publication]

Sial, N.M. and A.R. Ghani (1953) On a need for a comprehensive multilingual dictionary of Pakistan plant-names. [Publication]

Siggel, Alfred (1953) Die propädeutischen Kapitel aus dem Paradies der Weisheit über die Medizin des `Al\={\i} b. Sahl Rabban a\d{t}-\d{T}abar\={\i}, übersetzt und erläutert. [Publication]

Silburn, Liliane (1953) Le matérialisme: les N\={a}stika, Lok\={a}yatika et C\={a}rv\={a}ka. [Publication]

Si\d{m}ha, Dalj\={\i}t (1953) Y\={u}n\={a}n\={\i} Cikits\={a}s\={a}gara. [Publication]

Sinclair, Hugh M. (1953) The work of Sir Robert McCarrison. [Publication]

Someswara Rao, K., N.K. De and D. Subba Rao (1953) Investigation of an outbreak of night-blindness in a village near Madras. [Publication]

Srinivasan, K.R. (1953) The colouring matter in turmeric. [Publication]

Srinivasan, M., I.S. Bhatia and M.N. Satyanarayana (1953) Carbohydrates of garlic (Allium sativum L.) and onion (Allium cepa L.). [Publication]

Srivastava, G.P., S.N. Ganju and S.S. Iyer (1953) Ayurvedic process of purification of nux-vomica seeds. [Publication]

Stansfield, H. (1953) The Royle herbarium. [Publication]

Sternbach, Ludwik (1953) Ga\d{n}ika-v\d{r}tta-sa\d{m}graha or texts on courtezans in classical Sanskrit. [Publication]

\'{S}ukla, Jagann\={a}thpras\={a}d (1953) \={A}yurvedik patro\d{m} k\={a} itih\={a}s. [Publication]

\'{S}ukla, Jagann\={a}thpras\={a}d (1953) \={A}yurvedik patro\d{m} k\={a} itih\={a}s. [Publication]

Turrill, W.B. (1953) Pioneer plant geography: the phytogeographical researches of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker. [Publication]

Underwood, E. Ashworth (1953) Science, medicine and history: essays on the evolution of scientific thought and medical practice written in honour of Charles Singer. [Publication]

Unkrig, W.A. (1953) Zur Einführung. [Publication]

Varma, L.P. (1953) History of psychiatry in India and Pakistan. [Publication]

Venkata Rao, C. (1953) Life-history of Ochroma lagopus Sw. [Publication]

Watson, A.A. (1953) Plants of pharmaceutical importance in Pakistan. [Publication]

Wedd, A.M. and S.M. Tenney (1953) Action of aconitine on the cold-blooded heart. [Publication]

Williams, J.H. (1953) Bandoola (Elephant-lore in Burma). [Publication]

Williams, J. H. (1953) Bandoola (Elephant-lore in Burma). [Publication]

Y\={a}davj\={\i} Trikamj\={\i} \={A}c\={a}rya (1953) Bh\={a}rat\={\i}ya dravyagu\d{n} vij\~{n}\={a}n k\={a} digdar\'{s}an. [Publication]

Youngken, H.W. Sr. (1953) A study of the root of Morinda citrifolia Linn., I. [Publication]

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