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A member of the Royal Asiatic Society of London (1952) Sex life in India. [Publication]

Aberle, D.F. (1952) Arctic hysteria and latah in Mongolia. [Publication]

Agrawala, Ratna Chandra (1952) A study of weights and measures as depicted in the Kharoshthi documents from Chinese Turkestan. [Publication]

Ahluwalia, K.S. (1952) Medicinal plants of Kangra valley. [Publication]

Ajgaonkar, S.S. (1952) The use of Ayurvedic minerals in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. [Publication]

Akhilananda, Swami (1952) Mental health and Hindu psychology. [Publication]

Arunachalam, S. (1952) The history of the pearl fishery of the Tamil coast. [Publication]


Bedi, R. (1952) Tulasi -- the sacred plant of India. Is it foreign to the people of this country? [Publication]

Bénisti, Mireille (1952) Le médaillon lotiforme dans la sculpture indienne. [Publication]

Bhagwagar, P.R. and M.K. Patel (1952) Review of work on fungicides in India up to 1940. [Publication]

Bhatia, A.L. (1952) Anti-tubercular activity of atomized mica (shankerabhrak). [Publication]

Bhattacharya, Benoytosh (1952) The Dharma cult. [Publication]

Bhattacharyya, Asutosh (1952) The cult of the goddess of smallpox in West Bengal. [Publication]

Biswas, Dilip Kumar (1952) Two solar legends re-examined. [Publication]

Bose, N.K. (1952) Some facts of psychoanalytic interest in Gandhiji's Life. [Publication]

Broker, Rajul and J.V. Bhat (1952) Phagocytic co-efficients of certain indigenous medicinal plant extracts. [Publication]

Burton, R.W. (1952) A history of shikar in India. [Publication]

Bustinza, Florencio (1952) Antibacterial substances from lichens. [Publication]


Cameron, H.C. (1952) Sir Joseph Banks, K.B., P.R.S.: the autocrat of the philosophers. [Publication]

Chatterjee, Ramgopal (1952) Indian Podophyllum. [Publication]

Chatterjee, D. and G.S. Randhawa (1952) Standardised names of cultivated plants in India. I: Fruits. [Publication]

Chatterjee, D. and G.S. Randhawa (1952) Standardised names of cultivated plants in India. II: Cereals, pulses, vegetables and spices. [Publication]

Chaudhuri, Sibadas (1952) Concordance of the fauna in the R\={a}m\={a}ya\d{n}a. [Publication]

Chopra, I.C. and L.D. Kapoor (1952) The poisonous and medicinal plants of India -- Insect repellants. [Publication]

Chopra, I.C., K.C. Gupta and B.N. Nazir (1952) Preliminary study of anti-bacterial substances from Melia azadirachta. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N. (1952) Essential oil bearing plants. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N. and L.D. Kapoor (1952) Some botanical aspects of Kashmir. [Publication]

Chowdhury, K.A. and S.S. Ghosh (1952) Wood remains from Sisupalgarh. [Publication]

Corbett, Jim (1952) My India. [Publication]

Corner, E.J.H. (1952) Revision of Ficus. [Publication]


Datta, S.C. and B. Mukerji (1952) Pharmacognosy of Indian leaf drugs. [Publication]

Des\={a}\={\i}, Ra\d{n}jit R\={a}y (1952) \={A}yurved\={\i}ya kriy\={a}\'{s}ar\={\i}ra. [Publication]

Diemair, W., H. Janecke and D. Heusser (1952) Untersuchungen über die Farbstoffe aus Bixa orellana L. [Publication]

Diepgen, Paul (1952) Reinhold F.G. Müller zum 70. Geburtstag (16.04.52). [Publication]


El-Mofty, A.M. (1952) Observations on use of Ammi majus Linn. in vitiligo. [Publication]


Filliozat, J. (1952) Continence et sexualité dans le bouddhisme et les disciplines du yoga. [Publication]

Filliozat, J. (1952) Prognostics médicaux akkadiens, grecs et indiens. [Publication]

Froehner, R. (1952) Kulturgeschichte der Tierheilkunde -- Ein Handbuch für Tierärzte und Studierende -- I. Band: Tierkrankheiten, Heilbestrebungen, Tierärzte im Altertum. [Publication]

Fulling, Edmund H. (1952) Castor oil. [Publication]


Ghatge, N.D. and N.M. Shah (1952) Isolation of saponin from the seeds of Albizzia lebbeck (N.O. Leguminosae). [Publication]

Ghosh, A. (1952) The Rajputana desert -- its archaeological aspect. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1952) Presidential Address to the Section of Technical Sciences and Fine Arts. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1952) Date of Vaidyah\d{r}day\={a}nanda, a work on medicine by Yog\={\i} Prahar\={a}ja. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1952) Perfumes and cosmetics in the royal bath c.A.D. 1130. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1952) Studies in the history of Indian plants -- History of fenugreek and alfalfa (lucerne) in India and other countries (between c.B.C. 700 and A.D. 1800). [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1952) The attitude of Hindu dharma\'{s}\={a}stra towards t\={a}mb\={u}la-bhoga (enjoyment of betel). [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1952) The use of cloth for letter-writing at the court of Har\d{s}a (A.D. 606--647). [Publication]

Gonda, J. (1952) Ancient Indian ojas, Latin *augos and the Indo-European nouns in es/os. [Publication]

Gordon, D.H. (1952) The early use of metals in India and Pakistan. [Publication]

Government of India (1952) The national forest policy. [Publication]

Gupta, B. and S.N. Bal (1952) The senegas of Indian market. [Publication]

Gupta, B. and S.N. Bal (1952) Pharmacognosy of Indian Ephedra. [Publication]

Gupta, Bireswar (1952) Soma-lat\={a} of \d{R}gveda. [Publication]


Handa, K.L. and V.S. Prabhakar (1952) A modified method for the assay of chirata (Swertia chirata Ham.). [Publication]

Handa, K.L., L.D. Kapoor and H. Singh (1952) A short note on male ferns. [Publication]

Harkare, Gunde Rao (1952) Sanskrit under Muhammadan patronage. [Publication]

Hazra, Rajendra C. (1952) The S\={a}mba Pur\={a}\d{n}a through the ages. [Publication]

Hermanns, M. (1952) Were animals first domesticated and bred in India ? [Publication]

Hora, S.L. (1952) Fish in the R\={a}m\={a}ya\d{n}a. [Publication]

Hora, S.L. (1952) Lac and the lac-insect in the Atharva-Veda. [Publication]

Howes-Kew, F.N. (1952) The Caesalpinias as tanning materials. [Publication]


Iyer, S. Venkitasubrahmonia (1952) Acyuta Pi\d{s}\={a}roti: his date and works. [Publication]


Jacob, K. Cherian (1952) Madras bananas, a monograph. [Publication]

Johnson, C.C., G. Johnson and C.F. Poe (1952) Toxicity of alkaloids to certain bacteria. II. Berberine, physostigmine, and sanguinarine. [Publication]

Joshi, C.G. and N.G. Magar (1952) Antibiotic activity of some Indian medicinal plants. [Publication]

Joshi, C.G. and N.G. Nagar (1952) Antibiotic activity of some Indian medicinal plants. [Publication]

Joshi, K. and T. Mager (1952) Antibiotic activity of Indian medicinal plants. [Publication]


Kamath, M.A. (1952) Drug and drug addiction in the Orient. [Publication]

Kane, P.V. (1952) Muh\={u}rta. [Publication]

Kartha, A.R.S. and K.N. Menon (1952) Examination of the root bark of Tabernaemontana crispa. [Publication]

Kasemsanta, M.C.L., K. Suvatabandhu and S.H.K. Airy (1952) A new species of Pueraria (leguminosae) from Thailand yielding an oestrogenic principle. [Publication]

Kaura, R.L. (1952) Indian breeds of livestock. [Publication]

Khanna, Shivanath (1952) Rogaparicaya (Clinical medicine). [Publication]

Kirfel, W. (1952) Der Mythus von der T\={a}r\={a} und der Geburt des Budha. [Publication]

Kretschmer, Paul (1952) Nachträge zum Namen des Elefanten. [Publication]

Krishnaswamy, A. (1952) Combined annual progress report (1951--52) and final report (1--6--49 to 31--3--52) of the scheme for `The collection of information on indigenous veterinary medicine from ancient literature and Sanskrit manuscripts'. [Publication]

Kulkarni, E.D. (1952) The Dhanurveda and its contribution to lexicography. [Publication]

Kumar, L.S.S. (1952) Identification of charred ragi and rice grains from the excavations at Kolhapur 1945--46. [Publication]

Kurup, P.A. and P.L. Narasimha Rao (1952) Antibiotic principle from Moringa pterygosperma. Part I. [Publication]


Lal, B.B. (1952) Examination of some Indian glass specimens. [Publication]

Lal, K.S. (1952) Food and drink in medieval India. [Publication]

Lambrick, H.T. (1952) Sir Charles Napier and Sind. [Publication]

Lutkemeyer, J. (1952) Therapeutic use of Atropa belladonna. [Publication]


Müller, R.F.G. (1952) Sinneslehre altindischer Medizin unter Beachtung arischer Grundlagen. [Publication]

Majumdar, D.N. (1952) Alkaloidal constituents of Withania somnifera. [Publication]

Mazumdar and Mukherji (1952) Rauwolfia serpentina in hypertension. [Publication]

Meyer, Johann Jakob (1952) Sexual life in ancient India; A study in the comparative history of Indian culture. [Publication]

Mills, J.P. (1952) The Mishmis of the Lohit valley, Assam. [Publication]

Modi, F.K. and M.L. Khorana (1952) A study of Cassia fistula pulp. [Publication]

Modi, F.K. and M.L. Khurana (1952) A study of Cassia fistula Linn. pulp. [Publication]

Mooss, N.S. (1952) Studies on medicinal plants -- Some references to gojihva. [Publication]

Morris, R.C. and Salim Ali (1952) Game preservation in Kashmir. [Publication]

Müller, Reinhold F.G. (1952) Altindisches Ermittlungsverfahren bei plötzlichen Todesfällen. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1952) Manas und der Geist altindischer Medizin. [Publication]

Müller, Reinhold F.G. (1952) Altindisches Feuerordal und Schutzmittel. [Publication]


Nadkarni, G.B. and V.A. Patwardhan (1952) Fatty oil from the seeds of Ocimum sanctum Linn (tulsi). [Publication]

Nagendranath, C.K. (1952) Two cases of paranoia treated with Rauwolfia serpentina. [Publication]

Narasimhachar, S.G. (1952) Latin and Kannada names of indigenous and medicinal plants of Mysore. [Publication]

Narasimhachari, S.G. (1952) Latin and Kannada names of indigenous medicinal plants of Mysore. [Publication]

Nebesky-Wojkowitz, René de (1952) Tibetan drum divination. [Publication]

Nölle, Wilfried (1952) Schamanistische Vorstellungen im Shaktismus. [Publication]


Palathara, J.C. (1952) Snake worship in India. [Publication]

Papaspyros, Nikos S. (1952) The history of diabetes mellitus. [Publication]

Peiris, Edmund (1952) Paul Hermann, the father of Ceylon botany. [Publication]

Penzer, N.M. (1952) Poison-damsels and other essays in in folklore and anthropology. [Publication]

Petech, Luciano (1952) I missionari italiani nel Tibet e nel Nepal. [Publication]

Petelot, A. (1952) Les plantes médicinales du Cambodge, du Laos et du Vietnam. [Publication]

Pradhan, S.N., C. Roy and K.S. Varadhan (1952) Curariform substances from the roots of Cissampelos pareira Linn. [Publication]


Raghavan, V. (1952) \'{S}\={a}hendra Vil\={a}sa, a poem on the life of king \'{S}\={a}haji of Tanjore (1684--1710), of \'{S}r\={\i}dhara Ve\.{n}ka\d{t}e\'{s}a (Ayy\={a}val), edited with historical introduction and notes by Dr. V. Raghavan. [Publication]

Rangaswami, S. and S. Sankara Subramanian (1952) Lichens and antibiotic activity. [Publication]

Rao, M.R. Raja Rama and N.N. De (1952) An antidiabetic principle from Rivea cuneata (Wight). [Publication]

Razdan, R.K. and S.C. Bhattacharya (1952) Sesquiterpenes from Piper cubeba Linn. [Publication]

Rock, J.F. (1952) The Na-Khi N\=aga cult and related ceremonies. [Publication]

Roy, P.K., A.T. Dutta, G.K. Ray and B. Mukerji (1952) A preliminary note on the pharmacological action of the total alkaloids isolated from Cissampelos pareira Linn. (false Pareira brava). [Publication]

Roy, P.K., A.T. Dutta, G.K. Roy and B. Mukerjee (1952) A preliminary note on the pharmacological action of the total alkaloids from Cissampelos pareira Linn. [Publication]

Roy, P.K., G.K. Ray, A.T. Dutta and B. Mukerji (1952) Studies on suchikabharana -- an Ayurvedic tonic preparation of cobra venom. [Publication]

Rudra, M.N. (1952) Toxic factor of Lathyrus sativus and experimental lathyrism in animals. [Publication]

Rudra, M.N. (1952) Toxic principle of Lathyrus sativus. [Publication]

Rudra, M.N. and L.M. Chaudhury (1952) Preliminary note on methionine excretion in lathyrism. [Publication]


Santapau, H. (1952) Contributions to the bibliography of Indian botany. [Publication]

\'{S}\={a}str\={\i}, Hanumatpras\={a}d (1952) Carak ke p\={a}\d{t}h par vic\={a}r k\={\i}jie. [Publication]

Sastri, N. Aiyaswami (1952) Comparative study of the Sankhya tenets found in the Buddhacarita and the Carakasamhita. [Publication]

Schaaffhausen, Reimar v. (1952) Adlay or Job's tears -- a cereal of potentially greater economic importance. [Publication]

Seide, J. (1952) Nathaniel Wallich, surgeon and botanist (1786--1854). [Publication]

Sengupta, P.N. (1952) Investigation into the dietary habits of the aboriginal tribes of the Abor hills (North-Eastern Frontier), part I. [Publication]

Shah, Umakant Premanand (1952) Harinegame\d{s}in. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1952) \={A}yurved k\= vaij\~{n}\={a}nik utkar\d{s}. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1952) \={A}yurved k\={a} bhavi\d{s}ya. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1952) \={A}yurved k\={\i} duravasth\={a}. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1952) Scientific methods of drug research in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Sircar, D.C. (1952) Date of the Vaidyah\d{r}day\={a}nanda by Yog\={\i} Prahar\={a}ja. [Publication]

Sirsi, M. et al. (1952) Studies on the antimicrobial activity and pharmacological properties of some essential oils extracted from locally cultivated plants. [Publication]

Smythies, B.E. (1952) Tree-fern sago. [Publication]

Srinivas, M.N. (1952) Religion and society among the Coorgs of South India. [Publication]

Srinivasan, K.R. (1952) The colouring matter in turmeric. [Publication]

Srivastava, G.P. and N. Krishnamurthy (1952) Standardization of ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). [Publication]

Stahl, E. (1952) Über die Farbe des ätherischen Öles von Artemisia absinthium L. und das Proazulen. [Publication]

Stearns, R.P. (1952) James Petiver: promoter of natural science. [Publication]

Subramanian, N., M.V. Lakshminarayan Rao and M. Srinivasan (1952) Nutritive value of the seed proteins of Sesbania grandiflora Pers. [Publication]


Taylor, Carl E. (1952) Hindu medicine and India's health. [Publication]

Thieme, Paul (1952) Studien zur indogermanischen Wortkunde und Religionsgeschichte. [Publication]


Vogel, Jean-Philippe (1952) Ptolemy's topography of India: his sources. [Publication]

Vyas, S. N. (1952) Belief in omens in the {R}\={a}m\={a}ya\d{n}a age. [Publication]


Wijerama, E. M. (1952) Systems of medicine in Ceylon. [Publication]

Wijerama, E.M. (1952) Systems of medicine in Ceylon. [Publication]

Wit, H. C. D. de (1952) In memory of {G}.{E}. Rumphius (1702--1952). [Publication]

Wit, H.C.D. de (1952) In memory of G.E. Rumphius (1702--1952). [Publication]


Y\={a}davj\={\i} Trikamj\={\i} \={A}c\={a}rya (1952) Khanij dravyo\d{m} k\={a} varg\={\i}kara\d{n}. [Publication]

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