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Abegg, Emil (1945) Indische Psychologie. [Publication]

Alam, Z. (1945) Nomenclature of oleiferous Brassicas cultivated in the Punjab. [Publication]

Anonymous (1945) Ancient Indian literature on veterinary science. [Publication]

Anonymous (1945) Pharmacognosy in India and its future. [Publication]

Bal, S.N. and S.C. Datta (1945) Comparative pharmacognosy of Gentiana kurroo Royle and Picrorrhiza kurroa Royle ex Benth. [Publication]

Benveniste, E. (1945) La doctrine médicale des Indo-Européens. [Publication]

Bhandarkar, D.R. et al. (Eds.) (1945) B.C. Law Volume, Part I. [Publication]

Bhattacharjee, Dinesh Chandra (1945) Dates of Bha\d{t}\d{t}otpala and Kaly\={a}\d{n}avarman. [Publication]

Caius, J.F. (1945) The medicinal and poisonous Sterculiads of India. [Publication]

Chakravarti, H.L. (1945) Studies on Indian medicinal plants -- Aristolochiaceae (Bragantia and birthworts). [Publication]

Chandra, Moti (1945) Geographical and economic studies in the Mah\={a}bh\={a}rata: Upanayana Parva. [Publication]

Chaudhury, Nanimadhab (1945) The cult of Vana Durga, a tree deity. [Publication]

Chopra, I.C., J.D. Kohli and K.L. Handa (1945) [on Inula royleana DC.]. [Publication]

Correia, Germano (1945) Os Luso-descendentes da India. [Publication]

Craig, Charles Franklin and Ernest Carroll Faust (1945) Clinical parasitology. [Publication]

Damodaran, M. and P.N. Rangachari (1945) Tamarind seed "pectin". [Publication]

Datta, S.C. and S.N. Bal (1945) Pharmacognostic studies on kurchi bark. [Publication]

Datta, S.C. and S.N. Bal (1945) Pharmacognosy of kurchi bark. [Publication]

Datta, S.C., B. Gupta and S.N. Bal (1945) Pharmacognostical studies on aconites of the Indian markets. [Publication]

Dikshitar, V.R.R. (1945) A history of irrigation in South India. [Publication]

Farooq, M. and M. Qutubuddin (1945) Oriental sore in the Nizam's dominions -- some epidemiological factors. [Publication]

Filliozat, J. (1945) La doctrine des Br\^{a}hmanes d'après saint Hippolyte. [Publication]

Fürer-Haimendorf, Ch. von (1945) Tribal Hyderabad: Four reports. [Publication]

Ganguli, S.C., T. Hassan and B. Mukherji (1945) Ghattigum as emulsifyimg agent. [Publication]

Gates, G.E. (1945) Indian earthworms. [Publication]

Ghose, T.P. and S. Krishna (1945) Tamarind seed pectin. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1945) A plea for a systematic study of the history of Indian materia medica. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1945) Buchanan's account of the manufacture of rose-water and other perfumes at Patna in A.D. 1811 and its bearing on the history of Indian perfumery industry. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1945) Glimpses into the economic, industrial and social life of Bengal as given by a Mah\={a}r\={a}\d{s}\d{t}ra Brahmin of the seventeenth century. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1945) Some evidence about the location of the Manuscript library of Kav\={\i}ndr\={a}c\={a}rya Sarasvat\={\i} at Benares in A.D. 1665. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1945) Some new evidence for the date of the lexicon Medini -- Between A.D. 1200 and 1275. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1945) Some new evidence from the Rasaratnaprad\={\i}pa of R\={a}mar\={a}ja on the genealogy of the \d{T}\={a}k\={a} kings of K\={a}\d{s}\d{t}h\={a} -- Between A.D. 1200 and 1500. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1945) Some provincial social customs and manners mentioned as dur\={a}c\={a}ras by Varadar\={a}ja (a pupil of Bha\d{t}\d{t}oji D\={\i}k\d{s}ita (c.A.D. 1600--1660). [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1945) Studies in the history of Indian cosmetics and perfumery -- A critical analysis of a rare manuscript of Gandhav\={a}da and its Marathi commentary (between c.A.D. 1350 and 1550). [Publication]

Gode, P. K. (1945) Studies in the history of Indian cosmetics and perfumery -- The Gandhas\={a}ra of Ga\.{n}g\={a}dhara, an unknown treatise on gandha\'{s}\={a}stra and its critical analysis. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1945) Studies in the history of Indian cosmetics and perfumery -- The campaka oil and its manufacture (Between A.D. 500 and 1850). [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1945) Studies in the history of Indian plants -- History of ca\d{n}aka (gram) as food for horses -- Between c. A.D.800 and 1870, together with some notes on the import of foreign horses into India in ancient and mediaeval times. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1945) The menagerie of the Peshwa, its site and description given in contemporary records -- Between A.D. 1778 and 1794. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1945) The regional history of Indian paper industry (Paper-manufacture at Behar and Arwal in A.D. 1811--1812 as described by Francis Buchanan). [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1945) Verses pertaining to gandhayukti in the Agnipur\={a}\d{n}a (9th century {A}.{D}.) and their relation to the topics dealt with in Ga\.{n}g\={a}dhara's Gandhas\={a}ra, between A.D. 1300 and 1600. [Publication]

Gorkom, K.W. van (1945) Cinchona cultivation after Junghuhn's death. [Publication]

Gorkom, K.W. van (1945) The introduction of Cinchona into Java. [Publication]

Hayes, W.B. (1945) Fruits frowing in India. [Publication]

Hill, A.V. (1945) Health, food and population in India. [Publication]

Hocking, G. M. (1945) Indian rhubarb. [Publication]

Honig, Pieter and Frans Verdoorn (Eds.) (1945) Science and scientists in the Netherlands Indies. [Publication]

Horner, I.B. (1945) Early Buddhism and the taking of life. [Publication]

Koolhaas, D.R. (1945) Chapters in the history of chemistry in the Netherlands Indies, I: Half a century pf phytochemical research. [Publication]

Krishnaswamy, A. (1945) What a veterinarian can learn from a study of the ancient Indian veterinary lore, parts I and II. [Publication]

Lalou, Marcelle (1945) Texte médical tibétain. [Publication]

Law, B.C. (1945) Animals in early Jain and Buddhist literature. [Publication]

Leersum, P. van (1945) Junghuhn and cinchona cultivation. [Publication]

Majumdar, G.P. (1945) Vedic plants. [Publication]

Mariadassou, P. (1945) Histoire de la médecine hindoue. [Publication]

Mukerji, B. (1945) Planning of India's foreign trade in vegetable drugs. [Publication]

Mukerji, B. and S.K. Ghosh (1945) Lobelia nicotianaefolia Heyne as substitute for Lobelia inflata Linn. [Publication]

Nanji, H.R., G.R. Savur and A. Sreenivasan (1945) Tamarind seed `pectin'. [Publication]

O'Brien, Lt.Col. (1945) Where man-eating tigers occur. [Publication]

Phillimore, R.H. (1945) Historical records of the Survey of India. [Publication]

Puri, B.N. (1945) Toilet and the treatment of hair in the Ku\d{s}\={a}\d{n}a period. [Publication]

Puri, Baij Nath (1945) Some aspects of economic life in the Ku\d{s}\={a}\d{n}a period. [Publication]

Ramaswami, M. N. (1945) Minor forest products in Mysore -- A survey. [Publication]

Rao, K. Vishweswara and R. Vasudeva Sarma (1945) Occurrence of gossypol. [Publication]

Reddy. D.V.S. (1945) Veterinary medicine in Mouryan times (4th century B.C.) (based on Kautilya's Arthashastra). [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1945) Clinical descriptions and case sheets from the R\={a}m\={a}ya\d{n}a. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1945) Food and diet in the Mouryan period. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1945) Medical lore in Bana's Harsha Charita (tradtion, practices and diseases in the 7th century AD.). [Publication]

Sahasrabudhe, M.B. (1945) Oestrogen potency of the defatted castor-seed. [Publication]

Sarkar, S. N. and Md. Bazlur Rahman (1945) A chemical method for the estimation of alkaloids present in Argemone oil and its application to a mixture of Argemone and mustard oils. [Publication]

Sarkar, S.N. and Md. Bazlur Rahman (1945) Isolation of some toxic factors from Argemone oil. [Publication]

Sarma, M. Somasekhara (1945) A forgotten chapter of Andhra history. [Publication]

Sastri, K.A. (1945) Gleanings on social life from the Avad\=anas. [Publication]

Sen, Satiranjan (1945) Two medical texts in Chinese translation. [Publication]

Sen, S. (1945) Two medical texts in Chinese -- Translations. [Publication]

Sharma, Dasharatha (1945) Kav\={\i}ndrakalpalat\={a}, a Hind\={\i} work by Kav\={\i}ndr\={a}c\={a}rya Sarasvat\={\i}. [Publication]

Shastri, Durga Shankar K. (1945) Medical science in ancient Gujar\={a}t. [Publication]

Shastri, R. M. (1945) Full light on the real site of the Bharadv\={a}j\={a}\'{s}rama. [Publication]

Shortt, H.E. (1945) Recent researches on kala-azar in India. [Publication]

Shourie, K.L. (1945) An outbreak of lathyrism in Central India. [Publication]

Sigerist, Henry E. (1945) The need for an institute of the history of medicine in India. [Publication]

Sigerist, H. (1945) The need for an institute of the history of medicine in India. [Publication]

Sircar, D.C. (1945) Text of the Puranic list of peoples. [Publication]

Sirks, M. J. (1945) Rumphius, the blind seer of Amboina. [Publication]

Snapper, I. (1945) Medical contributions from the Netherlands Indies. [Publication]

Srivastava, J. (1945) On Cassytha filiformis Linn. [Publication]

Sternbach, Ludwik (1945) Legal responsibility of physicians in ancient India for their carelessness in medical treatment. [Publication]

Stewart, Ralph Randles (1945) The grasses of Northwest India. [Publication]

Subrahmanya Sastri, P.S. (1945) History of the words N\={a}saty\={a}u and Dasr\={a}u. [Publication]

Varadarajaiyer, E.S. (1945) The elephant in the Tamil land. [Publication]

Verbeke, G. (1945) L'évolution de la doctrine du pneuma du Stoicisme a S. Augustin; étude philosophique. [Publication]

Virabhadra Rao, J. (1945) Chemical examination of Erythrina indica. [Publication]

Went, F. A. F. C. (1945) A short history of general botany in the Netherlands Indies (with additions by {F}.{W}. Went). [Publication]

Went, F.A.F.C. (1945) A short history of general botany in the Netherlands Indies (with additions by F.W. Went). [Publication]

Wijesekera, O. H. de A. (1945) Vedic gandharva and Pali gandhabba. [Publication]

Wijesekera, O.H. de A. (1945) Vedic gandharva and Pali gandhabba. [Publication]

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