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UNSPECIFIED (1941) Report of the Punjab Committee on Indigenous Medicine. [Publication]

Amancio Gracias, J.B. (1941) Medicine in Goa in XVI--XVIII centuries. [Publication]

\={A}r\d{s}a, Priyaratna (1941) Atharvaved\={\i}ya cikits\={a} \'{s}\={a}stra. [Publication]

Bagchi, K.N. (1941) Incidence of lead poisoning among Hindu women and children. [Publication]

Bagchi, K.N. (1941) Indigenous poisons in crime and difficulties in their detection. [Publication]

Bagchi, P.C. (1941) New materials for the study of the Kum\={a}ratantra of R\={a}va\d{n}a. [Publication]

Bal, S.N. and S.C. Datta (1941) Senega and its substitutes. [Publication]

Banerjee, H.K. and B.K. Kar (1941) Catalase activity in Mangifera indica. [Publication]

Bhide, B.V., N.L. Phalnikar and K. Paranjpe (1941) Chemical investigation of Tinospora cordifolia Miers. [Publication]

Burgham, E. (1941) The Oriental physicians of the Great Moguls. [Publication]

Burts, B.C. (1941) Comments on cereals and fruits. [Publication]

Caius, J.F. (1941) The medicinal and poisonous Labiates of India. [Publication]

Caius, J.F. (1941) The medicinal and poisonous plants of India: dammers, Guttifers, silk-cottons, teas, tutsans, water-peppers. [Publication]

Chaudhuri, Nanimadhab (1941) Some cure deities. [Publication]

Chaudhuri, Nanimadhab (1941) The sun as a folk-god. [Publication]

Cherian, M.C. and S. Ramachandran (1941) Kernels of Thevetia nerrifolia Juss. -- a potent insecticide. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N., J.C. Gupta and G.S. Chopra (1941) Pharmacological action of the essential oil of Curcuma longa. [Publication]

Coedès, George (1941) L'assistance médicale au Cambodge à la fin du XIIe siècle. [Publication]

Coomaraswami, Ananda K. (1941) Atmayajna: self sacrifice. [Publication]

Correia, A.C.G. da Silva (1941) O ensino de medicina e cirurgia em Goa nos séculos XVII, XVIII e XIX. [Publication]

Dandekar, R. N. (1941) Somatism of Vedic psychology. [Publication]

Datta, Bibhutibhusan (1941) Chronology of the history of science in India during the XVIth century. [Publication]

Dhareshwar, S.S (1941) The denuded condition of the minor forest in Kanara coastal tract: its history and a scheme for its regeneration. [Publication]

Dogra, J.R. (1941) Studies on peptic ulcer in South India, part III: experimental production of gastroduodenal ulcer. [Publication]

Dogra, J.R. (1941) Studies on peptic ulcer in South India, part IV: incidence of peptic ulcer in India with particular reference to South India. [Publication]

Dubois, C. M. (1941) Les instruments de l'Inde ancienne. [Publication]

Esser, A. Albert M. (1941) Lange Superzilien. [Publication]

Esser, A. Albert M. (1941) Über den frühesten altindischen Augenarzt. [Publication]

Filliozat, J. (1941) Bibliothèque Nationale -- Département des manuscrits -- Catalogue du fonds sanscrit. [Publication]

Fogg, Walter (1941) The wares of a Moroccan folk-doctor. [Publication]

Friedenwald, Harry (1941) The medical pioneers in the East Indies. [Publication]

Godbole, N.N., B.G. Gunde and P.D. Srivastava (1941) The seed fat of Buchanania latifolia. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1941) Early Indian interest in Syrian figs in the 3rd century B.C. contrasted with their late cultivation in the Deccan in the 17th century A.D. [Publication]

Gode, P. K. (1941) Lolimbar\={a}ja and his works: (1) Harivil\={a}sa, (2) Commentaries on the Harivil\={a}sa, (3) Ratnakal\={a} caritra, (4) Camatk\={a}racint\={a}ma\d{n}i, (5) Vaidy\={a}vata\.{m}sa, (6) Vaidyaj\={\i}vana. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1941) Raghun\={a}tha, a protégé of queen D\={\i}p\={a}b\={a}\={\i} of Tanjore, and his works -- Between A.D. 1675--1712. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1941) Some notes on the history of the fig (Ficus Carica) from foreign and Indian sources. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1941) The Hindu nose-ornament -- its past and present. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1941) The chronology of the works of Mah\={\i}dhara, the author of the Vedad\={\i}pa and the Mantra-mahodadhi -- Between A.D. 1530 and 1610. [Publication]

Govindasami, S.K. (1941) Omens and divination in early Tamil religion. [Publication]

Horine, Emmet Field (1941) An epitome of ancient pulse lore. [Publication]

Iyer, Krishnaswami A. (1941) A study of the ancient Indian veterinary lore and its possibilities for the future. [Publication]

Jacob, K. Cherian (1941) A margosa tree without the bitter principle. [Publication]

Jang, Chang-Shaw (1941) The action of berberine on mammalian hearts. [Publication]

Johnson, Helen M. (1941) Grains of mediaeval India. [Publication]

Kew Bulletin (1941) Centenary of the Royal Botanic Garden. [Publication]

Kibe, M.V. (1941) Cultural descendants of R\={a}va\d{n}a (the ruler of La\.{n}k\={a}). [Publication]

Koul, S.C. (1941) Some wild flowers of Kashmir and their indigenous use. [Publication]

Krenkow, F. (1941) The chapter on pearls in the Book on Precious Stones by Al-Ber\={u}n\={\i}. [Publication]

Krishnaswamy, A. (1941) Animal husbandry in ancient India. [Publication]

Krishnaswamy, A. (1941) Authors on Indian veterinary science: their works, age, and antiquity. [Publication]

Lal, R.B. and A.C. Das Gupta (1941) Investigations into the epidemiology of epidemic dropsy, part X -- A note on an outbreak of epidemic dropsy associated with the use of mustard oil pressed from adulterated seed. [Publication]

Lal, R.B., A.C. Das Gupta, S.P. Agarwala and B. Adak (1941) Investigations into the epidemiology of epidemic dropsy, part XIII. [Publication]

Lal, R.B., A.C. Das Gupta, S.P. Mukherji and B. Adak (1941) Investigations into the epidemiology of epidemic dropsy, part XIV. [Publication]

Lal, R.B., S.R. Chatterji, S.P. Agarwala and A.C. Das Gupta (1941) Investigations into the epidemiology of epidemic dropsy, part XI. [Publication]

Luthra, J.C (1941) Comments on cereals and fruits. [Publication]

Luthra, Jai Chand (1941) Rosha grass oil. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1941) Von den berühmten altindischen Ärzten Tscharaka Suschruta und W\={a}gbhata, sowie von den nach ihnen benannten Lehrsammlungen. [Publication]

Macht, D.I. (1941) Therapeutic uses of snake venoms. [Publication]

Majumdar, G.P.. (1941) The white sandal. [Publication]

Mitra, Kalipada (1941) Magic and miracle in Jaina literature. [Publication]

Mobbs, E.C. (1941) The early history of Indian forests. [Publication]

Mukherjee, S.P., R.B. Lal and K.B.L. Mathur (1941) Investigation into the epidemiology of epidemic dropsy - XII. Isolation of active substances from toxic ois. [Publication]

Mukherji, S.P., R.B. Lala and K.B.L. Mathur (1941) Investigations into the epidemiology of epidemic dropsy, part XII. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1941) Eine Konstitutionslehre der altindischen Medizin. [Publication]

Müller, Reinhold F.G. (1941) Vom Bauchschnitt altindischer Chirurgen. [Publication]

Naik, K.C. (1941) South Indian mangoes. [Publication]

Pinkham, Caroline M.W. (1941) The status of women in Hinduism as reflected in the Puranas. [Publication]

Pinkham, Mildred Worth (1941) Woman in the sacred scriptures of Hinduism. [Publication]

Prasad, S. (1941) A pharmacognostic study of Gaultheria fragrantissima. [Publication]

Prater, S.H. (1941) The whale shark ({\sl Rhineodon typus}) Smith in Indian coastal waters. [Publication]

Puri, V. (1941) The life history of Moringa oleifera Lamk. [Publication]

Radhakrishnan, E.P. (1941) An\={u}pasi\d{m}ha and some of his favourite scholars. [Publication]

Raju, Sarada (1941) Economic conditions in the Madras Presidency, 1800--1850. [Publication]

Ramachandra Rao, Y. (1941) A list of some of the common plants of the desert areas of Sind, Baluchistan, Rajputana, Kathiawar and southwest Punjab, with some local names. [Publication]

Rao, V.N.S. and M.H. Krishnaswamy (1941) List of the more important tress, shrubs, climbers and herbs occurring in the forests of the Madras Presidency with their local names. [Publication]

Raychaudhuri, S.P. (1941) A short account of the agricultural methods practised in ancient India. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1941) Dr. Samuel Brown, physician and proprietor of Madras in the 17th century. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1941) Early medieval medicines in South India based on observations by foreign travellers and writers. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1941) Effective native remedies for beriberi in the early part of the XIX century. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1941) Medical adventures and memoirs of Manucci, an Italian quack doctor in India in the second half of the 17th century. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1941) Medical lore in B\={a}\d{n}a's K\={a}dambar\={\i}. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1941) Medical practitioners and medical relief at the Moghul court during the reign of Akbar the Great. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1941) Medical relief in medieval South India -- Centres of medical aid and types of medical institutions, based on epigraphical evidences. [Publication]

Rivera, G. (1941) Preliminary chemical and pharmacological studies on cundeamor, Momordica charantia. [Publication]

Sahni, B. (1941) A margosa tree without the bitter principle. [Publication]

Sanaullah, M. (1941) The development of technical knowledge in India in early times. [Publication]

Sarma, K. Madhava Krishna (1941) The Jyotirvid\={a}bhara\d{n}a and the nine jewels. [Publication]

Sayeeduddin, M. (1941) Some common Indian herbs with notes on their anatomical characters. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1941) Santat aur vi\d{s}amjvar. [Publication]

Sharma, P.V. (1941) Vy\={a}y\={a}m aur usk\={a} prabh\={a}v. [Publication]

Siggel, Alfred (1941) Gynäkologie, Embryologie und Frauenhygiene aus dem Paradies der Weisheit. [Publication]

Sircar, N.N. (1941) Identification of brahmi. [Publication]

Sufi, G.M.D. (1941) Al-Minh\=aj: being the evolution of the curriculum in the Muslim educational institutions of India. [Publication]

Thirumalachar, M.J. (1941) A margosa tree without the bitter principle. [Publication]

Troup, R.S. (1941) Colonial forest administration. [Publication]

Ukil, A.C. (1941) Some aspects of public health in India. [Publication]

Upadhya, Bhagwat Saran (1941) Women in \d{R}gveda. [Publication]

Vallauri, M. (1941) L'antica medicina indiana. [Publication]

Vats, M.S. (1941) Excavations at Harappa 1 and 2. [Publication]

Venkatakrishna Rao, U. (1941) Daiva and puru\d{s}ak\={a}ra in K\={a}lid\={a}sa. [Publication]

Vijayaraghavan, T. (1941) On Jaina magic squares. [Publication]

Watts, P.G. (1941) Ergot in India. [Publication]

Wikander, Stig (1941) Vayu: Texte und Untersuchungen zur indo-iranischen Religionsgeschichte. [Publication]

Wikander, Stig (1941) Vayu: Texte und Untersuchungen zur indo-iranischen Religionsgeschichte; Teil I: Texte. [Publication]

Wirz, Paul (1941) Exorzismus und Heilkunde auf Ceylon. [Publication]

Wirz, Paul (1941) Exorzismus und Heilkunde auf Ceylon. [Publication]

Yamunacharya, M. (1941) The cult of sun-worship in India. [Publication]

Yesoda, K.M. (1941) The milk clotting enzyme of Withania coagulans. [Publication]

Zand, S.J.. (1941) Kapok: a survey of its history, cultivation and uses. [Publication]

Zingg, R.M. (1941) India's wolf children. [Publication]

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