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Jepson, Stanley (Ed.) (1938) Big game encounters. [Publication]

Agrawala, V.S. (1938) One hundred and one names of Pr\={a}\d{n}a in Vedic literature. [Publication]

Anonymous (1938) Ephedra. [Publication]

Banerjea, Jitendra Nath (1938) Some folk goddesses of ancient medieval India. [Publication]

Blackwell, Edith V. (1938) Nursing in Burma. [Publication]

Bose, G. (1938) Progress of psychology in India in the past twenty-five years. [Publication]

Bose, Subhas Chandra (1938) The Indian cotton textile industry: a note. [Publication]

Bradfield, E.C.W. (1938) An Indian Medical Review. [Publication]

Burgham, E. (1938) Die Groszmoguln und ihre Ärzte. [Publication]

Caius, J.F. (1938) Medicinal and poisonous plants of India: Magnoliads, Dilleniads Anonads Menispermads Berberids. [Publication]

Caius, J.F. (1938) Medicinal and poisonous plants of India: waterlilies, poppyworts, fumitories. [Publication]

Caius, J.F. (1938) The medicinal and poisonous spurges of India. [Publication]

Champion, H.G. (1938) Progress of forestry in India during the last 25 years. [Publication]

Chintamani, T.R. (1938) Vidy\=avinoda N\=ar\=aya\d{n}a's commentary on the Amarako\'sa. [Publication]

Chintamani, T.R. (1938) Vidy\={a}vinoda N\={a}r\={a}ya\d{n}a's commentary on the Amarako\d{s}a. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N. (1938) Insecticidal and insect-repelling plants of India. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N., S. Ghosh and A.T. Dutt (1938) Some inorganic preparations of the Indian indigenous medicine, part VI: samudra phena. [Publication]

Correia, A.C.G. (1938) India Portuguesa -- Prostitui\c{c}ão e profilaxia anti-venérea; história, demografia, etnografia, higiene e profilaxia. [Publication]

Dandekar, R. N. (1938) Der vedische Mensch: Studien zur Selbstauffassung des Inders in \d{R}g- und Atharvaveda. [Publication]

Deraniyagala, P.E.P. (1938) Some aspects of the Asiatic elephant in zoology and ethnography. [Publication]

Deshpande, S.S. et al. (1938) Essential oil from flowers of kewda (Pandanus odoratissimus). [Publication]

Dharma, P.C. (1938) Occupations and professions as seen in the R\={a}m\={a}ya\d{n}a. [Publication]

Dharma, P. C. (1938) Women during the Ramayana period. [Publication]

Dutt, Kartic Chunder (1938) Cataract operations in the prehistoric age. [Publication]

Eliade, Mircea (1938) Metallurgy, magic and alchemy. [Publication]

Esser, A. Albert M. (1938) Asketische Selbstblendung. [Publication]

Esser, A. Albert M. (1938) Von altindischer Ophthalmologie. [Publication]

Fischer, C.E.C. (1938) Where did the sandal wood tree evolve? [Publication]

Fischer, Cecil E.C. (1938) The flora of the Lushai Hills. [Publication]

Gandhi, M.P. (1938) The Indian cotton textile industry. [Publication]

Garland, E.A. (1938) Indian Ephedra. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1938) Kaiyadeva and a medical or botanical glossary ascribed to him -- Before A.D. 1450. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1938) The U\d{d}\d{d}\={\i}y\={a}na-bandha of Ha\d{t}ha-yoga. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1938) V\={a}gbha\d{t}a, the author of the A\d{s}\d{t}\={a}\.{n}gah\d{r}daya and his commentators. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1938) \={A}k\={a}\'{s}abhairava-kalpa, an unknown source of the history of Vijayanagara. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1938) \'Sa\d{m}kara. mentioned by Jyotirvid Ra\.{n}gan\={a}tha in his treatise on piles (1765 A.D.). [Publication]

Gonda, J. (1938) Altind. $^o$anta-, $^o$antara-, usw. [Publication]

Habibullah, A.B.M. (1938) Medieval Indo-Persian literature relating to Hindu sciences and philosophy 1000--1800 AD. [Publication]

Haldar, R. (1938) The Oedipus wish in iconography. [Publication]

Hammett, F.S. (1938) The ideas of the ancient Hindus concerning man. [Publication]

Heras, H. (1938) Tree worship in Mohenjo Daro. [Publication]

Hewett, Sir John (1938) Jungle trails in northern India. [Publication]

Hewitt, J. (1938) Jungle trails in Northern India: reminescences of hunting in India. [Publication]

Hiriyanna, M. (1938) Vy\={a}\d{d}i and V\={a}japy\={a}yana. [Publication]

Hora, S.L. (1938) An outline of the field sciences in India. [Publication]

Hora, Sunder Lal (1938) The biology of the freshwater grey-mullet with observations on aerial vision in fishes. [Publication]

Iyengar, N.K., K.B. Sehra, B. Mukerji and R.N .Chopra (1938) Choline esterase in cobra venom. [Publication]

Iyer, A. Padmanabha (1938) Serpent worship in Travancore: special temples or kavus (groves of trees). [Publication]

J\=adavji Trikamji \=Ach\=arya, Vaidya (from the beginning to the 9th Adhy\=aya of Chikits\=asth\=ana) and the rest by N\=ar\=aya\d{n} R\=am \=Ach\=arya "K\=avyat\={\i}rtha" (Eds.) (1938) The Su\'srutasa\d{m}hit\=a of Su\'sruta with the Nibandhasa\~ngraha commentary of \'Sr\={\i} Dalha\d{n}\=ach\=arya and the Ny\=ayachandrik\=a Pa\~njik\=a of \'Sr\={\i} Gayad\=as\=ach\=arya on Nid\=anasth\=ana. [Publication]

Jila, K.D. (1938) Dentistry in ancient India. [Publication]

Kane, P.V. (1938) Naming a child or person. [Publication]

Kawiratne, E.M.S. (1938) "Gotu kola" and its uses. [Publication]

Keay, F.R. (1938) Indian education in ancient and later times. [Publication]

Kipnis, W.S. (1938) Beitrag zum Studium des Ayurveda, das Heilsystem der Inder. [Publication]

Kohlbrugge, Dina Johanna (1938) Atharvaveda-pari\'{s}i\d{s}\d{t}a \"{u}ber Omina. [Publication]

Krishna, S. and T.P. Ghose (1938) Indian Tephrosia sp. as a source of rosenone. [Publication]

Krishnan, M. (1938) Flying foxes. [Publication]

Kuske, Hans (1938) Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Photosensibilisierung der Haut durch pflanzliche Wirkstoffe. [Publication]

Lalou, M. (1938) Le culte des N\={a}ga et la thérapeutique. [Publication]

Law, N.N. (Ed.) (1938) Winternitz Memorial Number. [Publication]

Lipmann, E. von (1938) Nachträge zur `Geschichte des Zuckers'. [Publication]

Macht, David I. (1938) Therapeutic experiences with cobra venom. [Publication]

Mahdihassan, S. (1938) Die Struktur des Stocklacks. [Publication]

Majumdar, G.P. (1938) Some aspects of Indian civilization (in plant-perspective). [Publication]

Mariadassou, P. (1938) Le rajeunissement par le kayacarpam. [Publication]

Mariadassou, P. (1938) Médecine usuelle. [Publication]

Mariadassou, Paramananda (1938) Médecine traditionnelle de l'Inde -- Hygiène locale. [Publication]

Masson-Oursel, P. (1938) La conception indienne du fait psychologique. [Publication]

Minakshi, C. (1938) Elephant lore in Pallava history. [Publication]

Mitra, S.C. (1938) On an ancient Indian charm for exorcising away noxious animals. [Publication]

Mookerjee, Bhudeb (1938) Rasajalanidhi V: Introduction. [Publication]

Mooss, Vayaskara (1938) The All India Ayurvedic Directory 1937, No. 1. [Publication]

Morgan, W.S. (1938) 1936--37 Lhasa mission medical report. [Publication]

Obeyesekere, Gananath (1938) The fire walkers of Kataragama: the rise of bhakti religiosity in Buddhist Sri Lanka. [Publication]

Paramasivan, S (1938) The mural paintings in the cave temple at Sittannav\={a}\'{s}al -- an investigation into the methods. [Publication]

Parmasivan, S. (1938) The mural paintings in the Bagh caves -- an investigation into the methods. [Publication]

Patkar, M.M. (1938) Moghul patronage to Sanskrit learning. [Publication]

Patkar, M.M. (1938) Prat\={a}pakalpadruma. A rare work on medicine - composed by Ananta for Prat\={a}pasimha of Jaipur in A.D. 1792. [Publication]

Prasad, B. (Ed.) (1938) The progress of science in India during the past twenty-five years. [Publication]

Przyluski, J. (1938) Les hommes-dieux dans la mythologie bouddhique. [Publication]

Rao Sahib, E.V. (1938) The forests of South Kanara. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1938) Firangi disease - earliest observation on syphilis in India: Garcia da Orta. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1938) Glimpses into the praxis and principles of medicine in Buddhistic India in the 7th century A.D., gleaned from "The records of Buddhist religion" by the Chinese monk I-Tsing. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1938) Medicine at the Moghul court -- Baber and his times. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1938) Observations on syphilis in India in the 17th century: John Fryer. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S. (1938) Seventeenth century remedies for syphilis in India: John Marshall. [Publication]

Reddy, D.V.S (1938) The art of surgery in ancient Indian sculptures. [Publication]

Rowntree, G. (1938) Surgery in Tibet. [Publication]

Sayeeduddin, M. (1938) A further contribution to some of the common flowering plants of Hyderabad State, their distribution and economic importance -- Dicotyledons. [Publication]

Shah, P.G. (1938) Origin of s\={a}lagr\={a}ma and tulasi worship. [Publication]

Smythies, E.A. (1938) Soil ersion problems in India. [Publication]

Sunthankar, S.R. and S.K.K. Iatkar (1938) Utilization of myrobalans, its preparation, purification and oil, parts I, II, III. [Publication]

Tripathi, Narayandatta (1938) \={A}yurvedadar\'{s}ana. [Publication]

Troup, R.S. (1938) Forestry and state control. [Publication]

Ukil, A.C. (1938) Anti-tuberculosis work in Bengal. [Publication]

Velze, J.A. van (1938) Names of persons in early Sanskrit literature. [Publication]

Whipple, Allen O. (1938) The medical school and hospital of Gondi-Sapor and its influence on Arabian medicine. [Publication]

Whipple, Allen O. (1938) The medical school and hospital of Gondi-Sapor and its influence on Arabian medicine. [Publication]

Widengre (1938) Hochgottglaube im alten Iran. [Publication]

Widengren (1938) Hochgottglaube im alten Iran. [Publication]

Wikander, Stig (1938) Der arische {M}\"{a}nnerbund. [Publication]

Wikander, Stig (1938) Der arische Männerbund. [Publication]

Wirz, Paul (1938) \"{U}ber den indischen Milchquirl und die Butterbereitung in Indien. [Publication]

Wirz, Paul (1938) Über den indischen Milchquirl und die Butterbereitung in Indien. [Publication]

Y\={a}dava\'{s}arman (1938) upodgh\={a}ta to the Su\'{s}rutasa\d{m}hit\={a}. [Publication]

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