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Abhyankar, V\={a}sudeva\'{s}\={a}stri (1937) \={A}rogyavi\d{s}ayako nibandha\d{h}. [Publication]

Aggarwal, Shugan Chand (1937) The salt industry in India. [Publication]

Agrawala, V.S. (1937) Chyavana and Asvin\={\i} or the science of rejuvenation. [Publication]

Aykroyd, W.R. and B.C. Krishnan (1937) Diet surveys in South Indian villages. [Publication]

Banerjee, Manmatha Nath (1937) Hindu psychology: physiological basis and experimental methods. [Publication]

Bateson, W.A. (Ed.) (1937) The Cucurbits: Fiftieth Anniversary Number. [Publication]

Bhatia, B.B. (1937) The pharmacological study of Solanum nigrum Linn. [Publication]

Burkill, I.H. (1937) The cultivated races of Sorghum. [Publication]

Caius, J.F. (1937) The medicinal and poisonous campions of India. [Publication]

Caius, J.F. (1937) The medicinal and poisonous crowfoots of India. [Publication]

Caius, J.F. (1937) The medicinal spiderworts of India. [Publication]

Chattopadhyaya, Kshetre\'{s}achandra (1937) Religious suicide in Pray\={a}ga. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N., S. Ghosh and A.T. Dutt (1937) Some inorganic substances of the Indian indigenous medicine, part IV: raupya bhasma (reduced silver). [Publication]

Chopra, R.N., S. Ghosh and A.T. Dutta (1937) Some inorganic preparations of the Indian indigenous medicine, part V: swarna bhasma (reduced gold) and gold kusth. [Publication]

Coulson, A.L. (1937) Gold in the North Western Frontier Provinces. [Publication]

Damodaran, M. and R. Ramaswamy (1937) Isolation of l-DOPA from the seeds of Mucuna pruriens. [Publication]

Das Gupta, N.N. (1937) The date of Va\.ngasena. [Publication]

De, S.K. (1937) On some Vaidyaka writers of Bengal. [Publication]

Demiéville, Paul and Jean Filliozat (1937) "By\^{o}". [Publication]

Dhirendra, Nath Roy (1937) The principle of Trido\d{s}a in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Dunn, J.A. (1937) The mineral deposits of Eastern Singhbhum and surrounding areas. [Publication]

Esser, A. Albert M. (1937) Blindheit und Blindsein in der indischen Spruchweisheit. [Publication]

Esser, A. Albert M. (1937) Brauen, Wimpern und Lider in den indischen Sprüchen. [Publication]

Esser, A. Albert M. (1937) Pathologie und Therapie der Lider bei V\={a}gbha\d{t}a. [Publication]

Filippi, F. de (1937) An account of Tibet: the travels of Ippolito Desideri of Pistoia, S.J., 1712--1727. [Publication]

Filliozat, Jean (1937) Étude de démonologie indienne -- Le Kum\={a}ratantra de R\={a}va\d{n}a et les textes parallèles indiens, tibétains, chinois, cambodgien et arabe. [Publication]

Gettens, R.J. (1937) The materials in the wall-paintings from Bamiyan, Afghanistan. [Publication]

Glidden, H.W. (1937) The lemon in Asia and Europe. [Publication]

Glover, P.M. (1937) Lac cultivation in India. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1937) Identification of Ra\.{n}ga Jyotirved, the author of Vic\={a}rasudh\={a}kara, a medical treatise composed in A.D. 1765 by order of Raghun\={a}tharao Peshwa. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1937) Identification of historical and geographical names in the Lak\d{s}ma\d{n}otsava, a medical treatise composed in A.D. 1450. [Publication]

Gonda, J. (1937) Altind. pratisara-, sraj- und Verwandtes. [Publication]

Günther, Ursula (1937) Zur Geschichte der Gewurznelke bis zum Ende des Mittelalters. [Publication]

Hardikar, S.W. and M.G. Mohiuddin (1937) Chemical and pharmacological examination of Randia dumetorum, N.O. Rubiaceae. [Publication]

Henderson, V.E. and M.H. Roepke (1937) Drugs affecting parasympathetic nerves. [Publication]

Hill, A.F. (1937) Economic botany. [Publication]

Hooper (1937) Useful plants and drugs of Iran and Iraq. [Publication]

Hora, S. L. (1937) The game fishes of India. II. The buchhwa or butchwa, {\sl Eutropiichthys vacha} (Hamilton). [Publication]

Hora, S.L. (1937) The game fishes of India. III. Garua b\={a}chch\={a} or gaurchch\={a}, {\sl Clupisoma garua} (Hamilton) and two allied species. [Publication]

Hora, Sunder Lal (1937) The game fishes of India. I. The indian trout, Barilius (Opsarius) bola Hamilton. [Publication]

Itallie, L. van (1937) Soma-Haoma: de heilige plant der Indiërs en der Perzen. [Publication]

Kane, P.V. (1937) The marrigeable age of girls in ancient India. [Publication]

Keith, A.B. (1937) A new explanation of the gandharvas. [Publication]

Keith, A.B. (1937) The A\'{s}vins and the Great Goddess. [Publication]

Krayer, O. (1937) Kürbissamen als Bandwurmmittel. [Publication]

Krishnaswami Iyer, A. (1937) Veterinary science in India ancient and modern, with special reference to tuberculosis. [Publication]

Kuiper, F.B.J. (1937) Indoiranica. [Publication]

Lal, R.B. and S.C. Roy (1937) Investigations into the epidemiology of epidemic dropsy, parts I--V. [Publication]

Lüders, Heinrich (1937) Sk. ka\d{d}\={a}ra-viklidha. [Publication]

Möbius, M. (1937) Geschichte der Botanik -- Von den ersten Anf\"{a}ngen bis zur Gegenwart. [Publication]

Mahdihassan, S. (1937) The Kashmir and Rajputana lac insect. [Publication]

Majumdar, G.P. (1937) Botany in India -- past and present. [Publication]

Maplestone, P.A. and N.V. Bhaduri (1937) Taenia solium and Cysticercus cellulosae in India. [Publication]

Mariadassou, P. (1937) Médecine traditionnelle de l'Inde -- Matière médicale ayulvédique. [Publication]

Mariadassou, Paramananda (1937) Médecine traditionnelle de l'Inde -- La magie noire. [Publication]

Masson-Oursel, P. (1937) L'Inde a-t-elle fait une psychologie? [Publication]

Mayo, Katherine (1937) Mother India. [Publication]

Meier, Karl (1937) Über den Medina-Wurm. [Publication]

Meyer, J.J. (1937) Trilogie altindischer Mächte und Feste der Vegetation -- Ein Beitrag zur vegleichenden Religions- und Kulturgeschichte. [Publication]

Meyerhof, M. (1937) On the transmission of Greek and Indian science to the Arabs. [Publication]

Mitra, K. (1937) Maniya Math and snake-cult. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat C. (1937) Notes on the cult of the godling N\={a}ga in south Bihar and on a rain-compelling rite connected therewith. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat C. (1937) On a rain-compelling rite from north Bihar. [Publication]

Mukerji, B. (1937) Ancient Indian medicine and modern therapeutic research. [Publication]

Mukherjee, B. (1937) Ancient and Indian medicine and modern therapeutical research. [Publication]

Müller. R.F.G. (1937) Über die Entwicklung von Lehrbüchern indischer Medizin. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1937) Indische chirurgische Instrumente. [Publication]

Müller, Reinhold F.G. (1937) Der takman des Atharvaveda (Eine medizin-geschichtliche Skizze); In memoriam Albert Gr\"{u}nwedel. [Publication]

Müller, Reinhold F.G. (1937) Die Herz-Lehre der altindischen Ärzte. [Publication]

Nadvi, S. Sulayman (1937) The early relations between Arabia and India. [Publication]

Narang, K.S., J.N. Ray and B.S. Roy (1937) Rottlerin, parts I--IV. [Publication]

Negi, P.S. and S.N. Gupta (1937) Eupelmus tachardiae How., and the lac insect. [Publication]

Oostroom, S.J. van (1937) Hermann's collection of Ceylon plants in the Rijksherbarium (National Herbarium) at Leyden. [Publication]

Paramasivan, S. (1937) The mural paintings in the Brihadisvara temple at Tanjore -- an investigation into the methods. [Publication]

Paranavitana, S. (1937) Treatment of animals in ancient Ceylon. [Publication]

Patel, J.S. (1937) The coconut -- A monograph. [Publication]

Pocock, R.I. (1937) The foxes of British India. [Publication]

Pocock, R.I. (1937) The mongooses of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. [Publication]

Prospectus (1937) Prospectus of the Government Ayurvedic and Unani College. [Publication]

Ramanatha Ayyar, A.S. (1937) Srirangam inscription of Garudavahana-Bhatta: Saka 1415. [Publication]

Ransome, Hilda M. (1937) The sacred bee in ancient times and folklore. [Publication]

Rao, H.S. (1937) An outline of the fauna of India. [Publication]

Rao, P.V.K. (1937) Comparative study of the marmas. [Publication]

Ray, Kaviraj Dhirendra Nath (1937) The principle of trido\d{s}a in \={A}yurveda. [Publication]

Ray, P.C. (1937) Progress of chemistry in ancient India. [Publication]

Ray, Sarat Chandra and Ramesh Chandra Roy (1937) The Kharias, vol. 2. [Publication]

R\=aya, Dhirendran\=atha (1937) The principle of trido\d{s}a in \=Ayurveda. [Publication]

Saletore, B.A. (1937) The K\={a}naph\={a}\d{t}a Jogis in Southern history. [Publication]

Sarton, G. (1937) Rumphius Plinius Indicus (1628--1702). [Publication]

Schrader, Friedrich Otto (1937) The place of the Siddhis in Brahmanism and Buddhism. [Publication]

Schultz, Edith (1937) Kennt die alte indische Literatur über die Heilkunstwie sie durch die Sushruta Ayurveda überliefert ist, die Zahnheilkunst, und welche Bedeutung ist derselben beizumessen. [Publication]

Seligman, C.G. (1937) The Roman Orient and the Far East. [Publication]

Sen Saraswati, Gananath (1937) Lectures of M.M. Ga\d{n}an\={a}th Sen Saraswati on Hindu medicine: An address on Hindu medicine -- The scientific basis of \={A}yurveda -- Glory of \={A}yurveda. [Publication]

Sen, Gananath (1937) Hindu medicine -- An address. [Publication]

Seshadri, P. (Ed.) (1937) Har Bilas Sarda Commemoration Volume, presented on the occasion of his completing seventy years. [Publication]

Sharma, Sri Ram (1937) Organization of public services in Mughal India (1526--1707). [Publication]

Sharma, Har Dutt (1937) A forgotten event of Shah Jehan's reign -- Kav\={\i}ndracandrodaya. [Publication]

Sharpe, Elizabeth (1937) An eight-hundred year old book of Indian medicine and formulas. [Publication]

Singh, Mohan (1937) Gorakhn\={a}th and mediaeval Hindu mysticism, including text and translation of Machhendra -- Gorakh Goshti Padas and Shlokas of Gorakh: Shlokas of Charpatnath. [Publication]

Smith, J.H.C. (1937) Plant pigments. [Publication]

Smith, Malcolm A. (1937) The names of two Indian vipers. [Publication]

Stein, O. (1937) Moriz Winternitz -- In memoriam. [Publication]

Stein, Otto (1937) Additional notes on the number 18. [Publication]

Stein, Otto and Wilhelm Gampert (1937) Bibliographie Moriz Winternitz II, 1933--1937 und Nachträge. [Publication]

Stephens, J.W.W. (1937) Blackwater fever -- A historical survey of observations made over a century. [Publication]

Stora, Elie (1937) Un médecin au XVIIe siècle: Fran\c{c}ois Bernier (1620--1688). [Publication]

Subbaramiah, K. and B. Sanjiva Rao (1937) The mechanism of the clarification of muddy water by Strychnos potatorum seeds. [Publication]

Trivedi, H. V. (1937) A note on the date of Va\.{n}gasena. [Publication]

Ullah, M.S. (1937) The technique of the mural paintings of the Brhadesvara temple at Tanjore. [Publication]

Vishwa Nath and K. S. Grewal (1937) Cancer in India. [Publication]

Wats, R.C. and K.H. Bharucha (1937) Cashew nut shell oil as a mosquito larvicide. [Publication]

Weck, Wolfgang (1937) Heilkunde und Volkstum auf Bali. [Publication]

Weckerling, Adolf (1937) Das Glück des Lebens -- Medizinisches Drama des \={A}nandar\={a}yamakh\={\i} -- Zum ersten Male aus dem Sanskrit ins Deutsche übersetzt. [Publication]

Wiser, C.V. (1937) The foods of an Indian village of North India. [Publication]

Zimmer, H.R. (1937) Umrisse indischer Seelenführung. [Publication]

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