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Aiyar, R. Kalyanasundaram (1932) South Indian serpent lore. [Publication]

Bakker, C. (1932) De geneeskunst der oude Arische volken. [Publication]

Banerjee, Manindra Nath (1932) A note on iron in the Rg-vedic age. [Publication]

Banerji, M.N. (1932) The Hindu psychology of expiation. [Publication]

Bénazet, A. (1932) De quelques pratiques de la médecine indigène chez les Cambodgiens. [Publication]

Bhattacharya, Vidhusekhara (1932) Sanskrit treatises on Dhatuvada or alchemy as translated into Tibetan. [Publication]

Bobrinskoy, George V. (1932) The rite of dantadh\={a}vana in Sm\d{r}ti literature. [Publication]

Bose, K.C. (1932) Pharmacopoeia Indica, being a collection of vegetable, mineral and animal drugs in common use in India. [Publication]

Brodowski, F. (1932) Badmajeffowie -- Medycyna Tybetu w zetknieciu z cywilizacja zachodu (The Badmaevs -- Tibetan medicine in touch with the civilisation of the Occident). [Publication]

Buckley, R.A. (1932) The damars of the Malay Peninsula. [Publication]

Chakravarti, Chintaharan (1932) Two new lists of Kal\={a}s. [Publication]

Chakravarty, S.N. and S. Venkarasubramanian (1932) Preliminary chemical examination of the root-bark of Capparis horrida. [Publication]

Chand, A. (1932) Asafoetida. [Publication]

Chatterji, K.R. (1932) Survey reports: Report on leprosy survey work done at Salbani police station, Midnapore, Bengal. [Publication]

Chaudhury, R.R. (1932) Indian mica; trading, manufacture and utilisation. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N. (1932) The medicinal and economic aspects of some Indian medicinal plants. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N. and P. De (1932) A preliminary note on the action of the alkaloid of Moringa pterygosperma. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N., G.S. Chopra and K.S. Grewal (1932) The opium habit in the Punjab, part I. [Publication]

Chopra, R. N., P. De and N. N. De (1932) Moringa pterygosperma (N.O. Moringeae). [Publication]

Chowdhury, R.R. (1932) Handbook of mica, being a comprehensive treatise in six parts dealing with natural and built up mica and mica products in all respects, including geology, mining production, utilization and marketing of mica. [Publication]

Das, Frieda Hauswirth (1932) Purdah: the status of Indian woman. [Publication]

De, M.N. (1932) Some facts about the incidence of splenomegaly in Bengal. [Publication]

Esser, A. Albert M. (1932) Die ophthalmologische Therapie des Bh\={a}vaprak\={a}\'{s}a (Der Ophthalmologie des Bh\={a}vaprak\={a}\'{s}a zweiter Teil), quellenkritisch bearbeitet. [Publication]

Esser, A. Albert M. (1932) Gefährliche Augenärzte in der Antike. [Publication]

Gangopadhyay, R. (1932) Some materials for the study of agriculture and agriculturalists in ancient India. [Publication]

Gangopadhyaya, R. (1932) Some materials for the study of agriculture and agriculturalists in ancient India. [Publication]

Ganguli, R.C. (1932) Some materials for the study of agriculture and agriculturalists in ancient India. [Publication]

Ghosh, T.P., Srikrishna, K.S. Narang, J.N. Ray (1932) Vasicine. [Publication]

Gonda, J. (1932) Austrisch en Arisch -- Het belang van de kennis der Austrische talen, voornamelijk voor de Indische philologie. [Publication]

Gonda, J. (1932) Etymologica. I. Lava\.{n}ga. [Publication]

Greene, Robert A. (1932) Composition of the pulp and seeds of Adansonia digitata. [Publication]

Gupta, N.C. (1932) Some notes on lac. [Publication]

Gurner, C.W.G. (1932) The Ephedra, the Hum plant and the Soma. [Publication]

Hobbart, C. (1932) Pig-rearing Pasis and kindred clans. [Publication]

Huebotter, F. (1932) Die {S}\={u}tras über Empfängnis und Embryologie. [Publication]

Iyer, K.C. V\={\i}rar\={a}ghava (1932) The study of alchemy. [Publication]

Jolly, J. (1932) necrology: Prof. Julius Jolly of {W}ürzburg. [Publication]

Kalyanasundaram Aiyar, R. (1932) South Indian serpent lore. [Publication]

Kaufman, David B. (1932) Poisons and poisoning among the Romans. [Publication]

Korke, Vishnu T. (1932) Observations on filariasis in some areas in British India, part VIII. [Publication]

Lalou, Marcelle (1932) Un traité de magie bouddhique. [Publication]

Masani, R.P. (1932) Customs ceremonies and superstitions connected with the naming of children in India, as compared with those prevailing in other countries. [Publication]

Meyerhof, M. (1932) Das Vorwort zur Drogenkunde des B\={\i}r\={u}n\={\i}; eingeleitet, übersetzt und erläutert. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat C. (1932) Notes on ghost-lore from south Bihar. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat Chandra (1932) On ancient Indian dream-lore. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat Chandra (1932) Studies in bird-myths. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat Chandra (1932) Studies in plant-myths. [Publication]

Morris, Randolph C. (1932) Elephants eating earth. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1932) Die Harnruhr der Alt-Inder, {\sl Prameha} (unter besonderer Ber\"{u}cksichtigung der {\sl Carakasa\d{m}hit\={a}}. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1932) Über die Tuberkulose in der altindischen Medizin. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1932) Zum Alter der frühen Fachüberlieferungen der indischen Medizin, der Sa\d{m}hit\={a} des Caraka, Su\'{s}ruta und V\={a}gbha\d{t}a. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1932) Zur Forschungsmethodik in der Medizingeschichte Indiens. [Publication]

Nieuwenkamp (1932) [on edible lotus rhizomes]. [Publication]

Obermiller (1932) The history of Buddhism in India and Tibet. [Publication]

Padhye, K.A. (1932) Popular beliefs about the sacred pippal tree. [Publication]

Pearson, R.S. and H.P. Brown (1932) Commercial timber of India, vol. I. [Publication]

Pearson, R.S. and H.P. Brown (1932) Commercial timbers of India. [Publication]

Prashad, B. (1932) Some pre-Linnaean writers on Indian zoology. [Publication]

Rao, L.N. (1932) Studies in the life-history of Balanophora indica. [Publication]

Rây, Prafulla Chandra (1932) Life and experiences of a Bengali chemist. [Publication]

R\={a}y, Prafulla Chandra (1932) see on him: Anil Bhattacharya (2004). [Publication]

Rele, Vasant Ga\.{n}g\={a}r\={a}m (1932) The mysterious Ku\d{n}\d{d}alin\={\i}; the physical basis of the 'Ku\d{n}\d{d}ali (Hatha) Yoga' in terms of Western anatomy and physiology. [Publication]

Ruska, J. (1932) Arabische Giftb:ucher. 1. Das Giftbuch des Inders Sch\={a}n\={a}q. [Publication]

Sarkar, S. (1932) The psychology of taking prasad. [Publication]

Schachter (1932) Un médecin perse du IXe siècle d'origine chrétienne -- Ali ibn Rabban at-Tabari. [Publication]

Sen, G.N. (1932) Introduction to the vegetable drugs of the Pharmacopoeia Indica. [Publication]

Shaw, W.S. (1932) The Alienist Department of India. [Publication]

Shaw, W.S. . (1932) The Alienist Department of India. [Publication]

Silva, C.R. De (1932) The pearl fisheries of Ceylon, 1796--1837. [Publication]

Sivaramamurti, C. (1932) A passage on painting in Potanas Bh\={a}gavata. [Publication]

Sivaramamurti, C. (1932) Painting and allied arts as revealed in B\={a}\d{n}a's works. [Publication]

Smith, M.A. (1932) Some notes on the monitor lizards. [Publication]

Stockman, Ralph (1932) Historical notes on poisoning by leguminous foods. [Publication]

Stott, H. (1932) The distribution and cause of endemic goitre in the United Provinces. [Publication]

Vader, Vishnu Hari (1932) The twin gods A\'{s}vinau. [Publication]

Vallauri, M. (1932) Filologia sanscrita recente e un nuovo testo sulla scienza delle costruzioni: il "Samar\={a}\.{n}ga\d{n}as\={u}tradh\={a}ra". [Publication]

Vallauri, M. (1932) Un capitolo di lessicografia del Samar\={a}\.{n}ga\d{n}as\={u}tradh\={a}ra. [Publication]

Vallée Poussin, Louis de la (Ed.) (1932) Mélanges chinois et bouddhiques. [Publication]

Wachholz, L. (1932) Über 3 Fälle von Vergiftung mit Arecolin. [Publication]

Waley, A. (1932) Did Buddha die of eating pork? [Publication]

Weckerling, Adolf (1932) Indische Medizin. [Publication]

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