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Balfour, Margaret I. and Ruth Young (1930) The work of medical women in India. [Publication]

Bose, G. (1930) The psychological outlook of Hindu philosophy. [Publication]

Buschan, Georg (1930) Vom Erde-essen. [Publication]


Caius, J.F. and K.S. Mhaskar (1930) A comparative study of the dried bark of the commoner Indian species of genus Terminalia Linn. [Publication]

Caton, A.R. (Ed.) (1930) The key of progress: a survey of the status and conditions of women in India. [Publication]

Chaplin, Dorothea (1930) Some aspects of Hindu medical treatment; two psychotherapeutic tales. [Publication]

Chen, K.K. and C.F. Smith (1930) Ephedrine and related substances. [Publication]

Chopra, N.R., K.S. Grewal, J.S. Chowhan and G.S. Chopra (1930) Addiction to `post' (unlanced capsules of Papaver somniferum) in India. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N. (1930) A preliminary note on addiction to post (uncleaned capsules of Papaver somniferum). [Publication]

Chopra, R.N. (1930) Plantago ovata, isapaghul in chronic diarrhoeas and dysenteries. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N. and P. De (1930) The failure of the alkaloids of Holarrhena antidysenterica (kurchi) in the treatment of amoebic hepatitis. [Publication]

Chowry, Muthu David (1930) A short account of the antiquity of Hindu medicine and civilization. [Publication]

Collier, W.A. and Y. Nitta (1930) Über die Wirkung ätherischer Öle auf verschiedene Bakterienarten. [Publication]

Collier, W. A. and Y. Nitta (1930) Über die Wirkung ätherischer Öle auf verschiedene Bakterienarten. [Publication]

Coomaraswamy, A.K. (1930) Further references to painting in India. [Publication]

Coomaraswamy, A.K. (1930) One hundred references to Indian painting. [Publication]

Crawford, D.G. (1930) The roll of the Indian Medical Service 1615--1930. [Publication]


Degweker, B.V. (1930) Tridosh theory of Ayurveda. [Publication]

Dhunjibhoy, J.E. (1930) A brief résumé of the types of insanity commonly met with in India, with a full description of `Indian hemp insanity', peculiar to the country. [Publication]


Eardley-Wilmot, Sir S. (1930) Leaves from the Indian forest. [Publication]

Esser, A. Albert M. (1930) Die Ophthalmologie des Bh\={a}vaprak\={a}. \'{s}aquellenkritisch bearbeitet, Erster Teil: Anatomie und Pathologie. [Publication]


Fawcett, F. (1930) N\={a}yars. [Publication]

Fitzsimons, F.W. (1930) Snake venoms: their therapeutic uses and possibilities. [Publication]


Ganguli, R. (1930) Cattle and cattle-rearing in ancient India. [Publication]

Garrison, Fielding Hudson (1930) Newer sidelights on the antiquity and provenance of Indian medicine. [Publication]

Geddes, P. (1930) Leben und Werk von Sir Jagadis C. Bose. [Publication]

Ghosh, Ekendranath (1930) Pulse in fevers according to the Ayurvedic medicine. [Publication]

Ghosh, Ekendranath (1930) Pulse in prognosis of diseases according to Ayurvedic medicine. [Publication]

Ghosh, Ekendranath (1930) The pulse in prognosis according to Ayurvedic medicine. [Publication]

Ghosh, Ekendranath (1930) The twin-gods A\'{s}vins of the \d{R}g-veda. [Publication]

Ghoshal, U.N. (1930) The agrarian system in ancient India. [Publication]

Gimlette, J.D. (1930) The medical book of Malayan medicine. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1930) Date of Mallaprak\={a}\'{s}a ascribed to Malladeva -- (between {A}.{D}. 1551--1568). [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1930) Exact date of Dinakara's commentary G\={u}\d{d}haprak\={a}\'{s}ik\={a} on the Upac\={a}ras\={a}ra of Mukundadaivaj\~{n}a. [Publication]

Grierson, G.A. (1930) N\={a}gas. [Publication]


Hammermann, A. and B. Semicov (1930) Sur les médicaments tibétains. [Publication]

Hertel, Johannes (1930) Nachtrag zu \d{R}gveda X.163 -- Vendidad VIII, 35--72. [Publication]

Hodson, T.C. (1930) N\={a}gas. [Publication]


Johnston, E.H. (1930) Some S\={a}\d{m}khya and Yoga conceptions of the \'{S}vet\={a}\'{s}vatara Upani\d{s}ad. [Publication]


Kanngiesser, F. and C. Bachern (1930) Tollkirschen-Vergiftungen. [Publication]

Knapp, Paul (1930) Zur Frage der Staroperation bei den alten Griechen. [Publication]


Laufer, Berthold (1930) Geophagy. [Publication]


Müller, R.F.G. (1930) Über Krankenhäuser aus Indiens älteren Zeiten. [Publication]

Maheshwari, P. (1930) Contributions to the morphology of Boerhaavia diffusa (II). [Publication]

Majumdar, A.R. (1930) Use of a standardized preparation of the total alkaloids of kurchi bark in amoebic dysentery. [Publication]

McNair, J.B. (1930) Spices and condiments. [Publication]

Menault, Bernard (1930) Matière médicale cambodgienne. [Publication]

Meyer, J.J. (1930) Die menschlichen Körperteile in ihrer Bedeutung für Schicksal and Character. Ein Beitrag zur Kulturgeschichte und zur Frage von der Entstehungsart der Pur\={a}\d{n}as. [Publication]

Mhaskar, K.S. and J.F. Caius (1930) A study of Indian medicinal plants -- II. Gymnema sylvestre R.Br. [Publication]

Moghadam, Sadegh (1930) Les mannes de Perse -- Avec diverses notes sur l'histoire de la médecine en Orient et une étude critique sur l'origine de la manne des Hébreux. [Publication]

Mohan, B.S. (1930) Medicinal drugs of India. [Publication]

Mohan, Balwant Singh (1930) Medicinal drugs of India. [Publication]

Mukherjee, Girindra Nath (1930) Vagbhata II. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1930) Die Gelbsucht der Alt-Inder. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1930) Die Gelbsucht der Alt-Inder. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1930) Die Medizin im \d{R}g-Veda. [Publication]


Napier, L.E. (1930) India's contribution towards the solution of kala-azar problem. [Publication]

Naraharayya, S.N. (1930) Keladi dynasty. [Publication]

Newcomb, C. and S. Ranganathan (1930) The composition of urinary calculi. [Publication]


Pathak, K. B. (1930) On the date of Samantabhadra. [Publication]

Pertold, O. (1930) The ceremonial dances of the Sinhalese: An inquiry into the Sinhalese folk religion. [Publication]

Pisharoti, K. Rama (1930) Sastras -- practical and theoretical. [Publication]

Portap Sinha, K. (1930) Kharpar, a zinc mineral. [Publication]


Rachmati, G.R. (1930) Zur Heilkunde der Uiguren. [Publication]

Ramamurthi Iyer, T.G. (1930) A scientific study of septic cases treated in indigenous system. [Publication]

Ramamurthi Iyer, T.G. (1930) Cobra bite. [Publication]

Ramana-sastrin, V.V. (1930) Kankah. [Publication]

Raulin, L. (1930) Étude historique et médicale sur l'Inde ancienne. [Publication]

Rickard, T.A. (1930) The story of the gold-digging ants. [Publication]

Rieck, W. (1930) Bujatrik bei den Tamilen. [Publication]

Roy, Ashutosh (1930) A peep into the theories of ancient Greek and Hindu medicine. [Publication]

Roy, Ashutosh (1930) Astrology in Hindu medicine. [Publication]

Roy, Ashutosh (1930) The nervous system of the ancient Hindus. [Publication]


Sarasin, A. (1930) Der Handel zwischen Indien und Rom zur Zeit der römischen Kaiser. [Publication]

\'S\=astr\={\i}, Haridatta (1930) \'Sr\={\i} Bha\d{t}\d{t}\=ara Haricandra. [Publication]

Schmidt, R. (1930) Das Ratirahasyam. [Publication]

Shastri, Dakshina Ranjan (1930) A short history of Indian materialism. [Publication]

Singh, B. (1930) Medicinal drugs of India. [Publication]


Timmer, B.C.J. (1930) Megasthenes en de Indische maatschappij. [Publication]

Tucci, Giuseppe (1930) A Sanskrit biography of the Siddhas and some questions connected with Nagarjuna. [Publication]

Tucci, G. (1930) Animadversiones Indicae: III. On the names M\={\i}nan\={a}tha and Matsyendran\={a}tha (132--134; IV. The Gorak\d{s}asa\d{m}hit\={a} and the Avadh\={u}tag\={\i}t\={a} (134--136); V. A Sanskrit work by Siddha Carpa\d{t}i (136--138); VI. A Sanskrit biography. [Publication]


Ukil, A.C. (1930) The epidemiology and pathology of tuberculosis in India. [Publication]


Vallée Poussin, L. de la (1930) Magic (Buddhist). [Publication]

Vallée Poussin, Louis de la (1930) Quelques observations sur le suicide dans le bouddhisme ancien. [Publication]

Vogel, J. Ph. (1930) Het Sanskrit woord tejas (= gloed. [Publication]


Waley, A. (1930) Notes on Chinese alchemy (Supplementary to Johnson's `A study of Chinese alchemy'). [Publication]

Waley, A. (1930) References to alchemy in Buddhist scriptures. [Publication]

Ward, A.E. (1930) Modern pig-sticking. [Publication]

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