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Achaih, K. (1928) Ajagallika. [Publication]

Acton, Hugh W. and R. Knowles (1928) On the dysenteries of India with a chapter on streptococcal infections and sprue. [Publication]

Apte, G.D. (1928) A correct interpretation. [Publication]


Basu, B.P. (1928) Destruction of forests in Chotanagpur in Bihar and Orissa. [Publication]

Bonnerjea, Biren (1928) Some notes on magic and taboo in Bengal. [Publication]

Brahmachari, Upendranath (1928) A treatise on kala-azar. [Publication]

Brown, W.N. (1928) The Indian and Christian miracles of walking on water. [Publication]

Buchanan, F. (1928) An account of the district of Purnea in 1809--10. [Publication]


Chandler, Asa C. (1928) The prevalence and epidemiology of hookworm and other helminthic infections in India, part XII: general summary and conclusions. [Publication]

Chatterji, Suniti Kumar (1928) The foundations of civilisation in India. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N. (1928) The present position of the opium habit in India. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N. et al. (1928) Anthelmintics and their uses in medical and veterinary practice. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N., J.C. Gupta and N.N. Ghosh (1928) The Indian varieties of aconite, their chemical composition and biological assay. [Publication]

Chopra, R.N., J.P. Bose and N.R. Chatterjee (1928) Gymnema sylvestre in diabetes mellitus. [Publication]

Coomaraswamy, A.K. (1928) Yak\d{s}as. [Publication]

Covell, Gordon (1928) Malaria in Bombay. [Publication]

Cowan, J.M. (1928) The flora of the Chakaria Sundarbans. [Publication]


Dasgupta, S.N. (1928) Die Medizin der alten Hindus. [Publication]

Des\={a}\={\i}, V\={a}man Ga\d{n}e\'{s} (1928) The ancient chemistry of India (Bh\={a}rat\={\i}ya Rasa\'{s}\={a}stra). [Publication]

Donald, C.H. (1928) Birds of prey and their uses. [Publication]

Dutt, N.B. (1928) Commercial drugs of India. [Publication]

Dyson, G.M. (1928) Antimony in pharmacy and chemistry, I: History and occurrence of the element, II: The metal and its inorganic compounds, III: The organic antimony compounds in therapy. [Publication]


Ellison, B.C. (1928) Game preservation and game experiments in India. [Publication]

Esser, A. Albert M. (1928) Beiträge zur Geschichte der altindischen Augenheilkunde, 1. Erblindung durch Genuss von Pflanzenblättern im Mah\={a}bh\={a}rata. [Publication]


Fischer, C.E.C. (1928) The original home of Santalum album. [Publication]


Ghosh, Ekendranath (1928) An internal evidence for determining the time of the later redactions of the Su\'{s}rutasa\d{m}hit\={a}. [Publication]

Ghosh, Ekendranath (1928) The effect of diet on the pulse according to the Ayurvedic sphygmology. [Publication]

Ghosh, Ekendranath (1928) The pulse conditions in various diseases according to Ayurvedic medicine. [Publication]

Glasfurd, A.I.R. (1928) Musings of an old shikari: reflections on life and sport in jungle India. [Publication]

Groff, G.W. and G.W. Clark (1928) The botany of Ephedra in relation to the yield of physiologically active substances. [Publication]


Hooton, J. (1928) Medical relief in villages. [Publication]

Hora, S.L. (1928) The Moghul emperors of India as naturalists and sportsmen. [Publication]

Husain, Y. (1928) \d{H}au\d{d} al-\d{h}ay\=at, la version arabe de l'Amratkund. [Publication]

Hutton, J.J. (1928) The significance of head-hunting in Assam. [Publication]


Issa Bey, Ahmed (1928) Histoire des Bimaristans (h\^{o}pitaux) à l'époque islamique. [Publication]


Kaul, S.N. (1928) Forest products of Jammu and Kashmir. [Publication]

Korke, Vishnu T. (1928) Observations on filariasis in some areas in British India, part II. [Publication]

Krishna Ayyar, K.V. (1928) Chathan: a devil or disease? [Publication]

Kulishov, N.N. (1928) Some peculiarities in maize of Asia. [Publication]


Lévi, Sylvain (1928) Encore A\'{s}vagho\d{s}a. [Publication]


Masson-Oursel, P. (1928) Les traits essentiels de la psychologie indienne. [Publication]

McCarrison (1928) Studies on lathyrism II. [Publication]

McCarrison, R. (1928) The experimental production of stone-in-the-bladder. IV. [Publication]

Meyer, J.J. (1928) Ueber den anatomisch-physiologischen Abschnitt in der Y\={a}j\~{n}avalkya- und in der Vi\d{s}\d{n}usm\d{r}ti. [Publication]

Mitchell, K.W.S. (1928) Tales from some eastern jungles. [Publication]

Mitra, S.C. (1928) The frog in North-Indian rain-compelling rites. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat C. (1928) Notes on the tree cults in the district of Patna in south Bihar. [Publication]

Modi, Jivanji Jamshedji (1928) The story of Alexander the Great and the poison-damsel of India; a trace of it in Firdousi's Sh\={a}h-n\={a}meh. [Publication]

Mukerji, Girindranath (1928) The krimi or worm in the Sanskrit medical text-books. [Publication]

Mukherjee, Girindra Nath (1928) Jatukarna. [Publication]

Mukherjee, Girindra Nath (1928) Nagarjuna (160 A.D.). [Publication]

Mukherjee, Girindra Nath (1928) Patanjali -- second century B.C. [Publication]

Müller, Max (1928) The six systems of Indian philosophy. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1928) Die Medizin der J\={a}takas. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1928) Völkerkundliche Bibliographie der Jahre 1924 und 1925: China, Tibet, Mongolei, Ost-Turkestan. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1928) Yoga-Wunder. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1928) Zur altindischen Geburtshilfe. [Publication]

Müller, R.F.G. (1928) Zur physiologischen Optik in Asien. [Publication]


Naga Raja Sarma, R. (1928) New light on dream-psychology (from Upani\d{s}adic sources). [Publication]

Negelein, J. von (1928) Die ältesten Meister der indischen Astrologie und die Grundidee ihrer Lehrbücher. [Publication]

Negelein, Julius von (1928) Die Begriffe rechts und links in der indischen Mantik. [Publication]

Negelein, Julius von (1928) Die Wahrzeichen des Himmels in der indischen Mantik. [Publication]


Ostmarton, R.C. (1928) Sal and its regeneration. [Publication]


Patwardhan, G.B. (1928) Field, orchard, and garden crops of the Bombay Province, Bombay. [Publication]


Raman, A. (1928) Fever in Ayurveda -- Dwandvaja and sannipataja. [Publication]

Rogers, Leonard (1928) The incidence and spread of cholera in India: forecasting and control of epidemics. [Publication]

Row, D. Narayana (1928) Glances at Ayurveda, the Hindu medical science. [Publication]

Row, D. Narayana (1928) Some classifications of diseases in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Row, D. Narayana (1928) The five methods of ascertainment of disease. [Publication]

Roy, S.C. (1928) Oran, religion and customs. [Publication]

Roy, Ashutosh (1928) Pulse -- Its theory, sphigmography and conditions in health and disease, etc. [Publication]

Russell, A.J.H. and E.R. Sundararajan (1928) The epidemiology of cholera in India. [Publication]


Samaddar, J.N. (1928) A note on Revanta. [Publication]

Sandu, D.V. (1928) Abscess of the left breast (acute mastitis). [Publication]

Sharma, R.N.R. (1928) New light on dream-psychology. [Publication]

Shastri, Bhanushanker P. (1928) A successful case of typhus. [Publication]

Sidd\'{\i}q\'{\i}, M.Z. (1928) Edition of the Firdaws al-\d{h}ikma f\={\i}'l \d{t}ibb. [Publication]

Singh, H.B. and R.K. Arora (1928) Wild edible plants of India. [Publication]

Sinha, Pratab, M.B. Kane and Lakshman Singh Bhatia (1928) Studies in Ayurvedic medicines -- partII: cinnabar (hi\.{n}gula) and mercury (p\={a}rada). [Publication]

Stockeley, C.H. (1928) Shikar, being tales told by a sportsman in India. [Publication]

Stockley, C.H. (1928) Big game shooting in the Indian empire. [Publication]

Stuart, A.E. (1928) Tiger and other game: the practical experiences of a soldier shikari in India. [Publication]

Subba Rao, V. (1928) The care of infancy and diseases of childhood in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Subbarao, V. (1928) Sterility in Ayurveda. [Publication]


Transactions, ed. by Lt. Col. J. Cunningham (1928) Transactions of the 7th Congress of the Far Eastern Asociation of Tropical Medicine held in British India, December 1927. [Publication]

Trivedi, Amritlal D. (1928) Hydrargyri perchloridum HgCl$_2$; hydrargyri sulphurettum. [Publication]

Trivedi, Amritlal D. (1928) Mineral poison -- Arsenicum. [Publication]

Trivedi, Amritlal D. (1928) Plumbi oxidum PbO; Plumbi oxidum rubrum (Pb$_3${S}$_4$)5So; Plumbi sulphurettum: PbS. [Publication]

Trivedi, Amritlal D. (1928) Plumbum or lead; Pb. [Publication]

Trivedi, Amritlal D. (1928) Snake bite in India. [Publication]

Trivedi, Amritlal D. (1928) Zincum Zn, part I; Zinci sulphidum, ZnSO$_3$. [Publication]

Turner, A. and A.N. Gulati (1928) The early history of cotton. [Publication]


Ui, H. (1928) On the author of the Mah\={a}y\={a}na {S}\={u}tr\={a}la\.{n}k\={a}ra. [Publication]

Unkrig, W.A. (1928) Ein eigenartiges Kapitel mittelasiatischer Lebensweisheit -- Nach mongolischen Quellen. [Publication]


Vaishya, R.L. (1928) Da\'{s}am\={u}la. [Publication]

Varthema, Ludovico de (1928) Itinerario di Ludovico de Varthema Bolognese nello Egypto, nella Suria, nella Arabia Deserta et Felice, nella Parsia, nella India et nella Etiopia. La fede, el vivere et costumi de tutte le prefate provincie, a cura di Paolo Giudici. [Publication]

Varthema, Ludovico di (1928) The itinerary of Ludovico di Varthema of Bologna from 1502 to 1508 as translated from the original Italian edition of 1510, by John Winter Jones in 1863 for the Hakluyt Society. With a discourse on Varthema and his travels in Southern Asia by Richard Carn. [Publication]


Weidman Groff, G. and Guy W. Clark (1928) The botany of Ephedra in relation to the yield of physiologically active substances. [Publication]

Weidman Groff, G. and Guy W. Clark (1928) The botany of Ephedra in relation to the yield of physiologically active substances. [Publication]

Whistler, H. (1928) Popular handbook of Indian birds. [Publication]

Whistler, H. (1928) Popular handbook of Indian birds. [Publication]

Wilson, Alban (1928) Man-eaters and other denizens of the Indian jungle. [Publication]

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