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Acton, H.W. and R. Knowles (1924) On the dysenteries of India. [Publication]


Balfour, Andrew and H.H. Scott (1924) Health problems of the empire: past, present and future. [Publication]

Berkeley-Hill, O. (1924) The Ranchi European mental hospital. [Publication]

Bhattacharyya, Vinayatosa and G.K. Shrigondekar (1924) Sanskrit works on elephants. [Publication]

Big Bore (1924) A guide to shikar on the Nilgiris. [Publication]

Burkill, I.H. (1924) A list of Oriental vernacular names of the genus Dioscorea. [Publication]


Das, T.C. (1924) Sun-worship amongst the aboriginal tribes of Eastern India. [Publication]


Fairley, H.N. and W.G. Liston (1924) Studies in dracontiasis, part III: a note on various local Indian remedies. [Publication]

Fairley, N.H. (1924) Studies in dracontiasis. part IV: the clinical picture -- an analysis of 140 cases. [Publication]

Francke, A.H. (1924) Two ant stories from the territory of the ancient kingdom of Western Tibet; a contribution to the question of the gold-digging ants. [Publication]


Gananath Sen, Mahamahopadhyaya Kaviraj (1924) Pratyaksha-Shariram, part I: A text-book of human anatomy in Sanskrit with English and Sanskrit Introductions containing A short history of Ayurvedic literature; part II: A text-book of human anatomy in Sanskrit (including history of Ayurveda, classical. [Publication]

Gathercoal, E.N. (1924) Kino, gambir and catechu. [Publication]

Ghosh, Rai Sahib Manoranjan (1924) The use of glass in ancient India. [Publication]

Ghosh, E.N. (1924) Sphygmology in Ayurveda. [Publication]

Gravely, F.H. (1924) History of zoology in India and Ceylon. [Publication]

Greval, S.D.S. (1924) Rabies in the mongoose. [Publication]


Holmes, E.M. (1924) Henna. [Publication]

Hutton, J.H. (1924) The occurrence of the blow-gun in Assam. [Publication]


Kalbfleisch, Karl (1924) Ein griechisches Zeugnis für den Starstich aus dem 3. vorchristlichen Jahrhundert. [Publication]

Koman, M.C. (1924) Report on the investigation of indigenous drugs. [Publication]


Laufer, B. (1924) Tobacco and its use in Asia. [Publication]

Law, Satya Churn (1924) Ornithological researches - 3. Kalidasa and the migration of birds. [Publication]

Lewin, L. (1924) Phantastica: die betäubenden und erregenden Genussmittel. [Publication]


Majumdar, G.P. (1924) The genesis and development of medicinal science in ancient India as illustrated by plants. [Publication]

Majumdar, N.G. (1924) Notes on Vajra. [Publication]

McCombie Young, T.C. (1924) Kala-azae in Assam -- an account of the preventive operations1910 to 1923, and notes on the epidemiology of the disease in Assam and India. [Publication]

Memoir (1924) Reports of the Kala-azar Commission. [Publication]

Mironov, N.D. and S.M. Shirokogoroff (1924) \'{S}rama\d{n}a shaman: etymology of the word "shaman". [Publication]

Mitra, K.P. (1924) Customs and taboos observed by a West Bengal woman from pregnancy to childbirth. [Publication]

Morstatt (1924) Von der Lackkultur in Indien. [Publication]

Mukerjee, G.N. (1924) Comparative medicine. [Publication]

Mukerjee, G.N. (1924) M\={a}dhava Kara. [Publication]

Mukerjee, G.N. (1924) M\={a}dhav\={a}c\={a}rya and others. [Publication]

Mukerjee, G. . (1924) V\d{r}nda M\={a}dhava. [Publication]


Nanavutty, S.H. (1924) The existence of Hymenolepis nana infection in India. [Publication]

Narayanaswami Aiyar, C.S. (1924) Ancient Indian chemistry and alchemy of the chemico-philosophical Siddhanta system of Indian mystics. [Publication]


Oldrieve, Frank (1924) India's lepers: how to rid India of leprosy. [Publication]


Padhye, K.A. (1924) Some ceremonies and customs regarding the domestic life of the Hindu. [Publication]

Pavgee, N.B. (1924) Soma juice is not liquor. [Publication]

Penzer, N.M. (1924) Note on precautions observed in the birth-chamber. [Publication]

Penzer, N.M. (1924) Note on the Garu\d{d}a bird. [Publication]

Penzer, N.M. (1924) Note on the use of collyrium and ko\d{h}l. [Publication]

Penzer, N.M. (1924) On the dohada or craving of the pregnant woman, as a motif in Hindu fiction. [Publication]

Penzer, N.M. (1924) Poison-damsels. [Publication]

Penzer, N.M. (1924) The ocean of story, being C.H. Tawney's translation of Katha sarit sagara (or ocean of streams of story) by Somadeva; new edition with introduction, fresh explanatory notes and terminal essay. [Publication]

Penzer, N.M. (1924) Umbrellas. [Publication]

Prater, S.H. (1924) The snakes of Bombay island and Salsette. [Publication]

Przyluski, J. (1924) Emprunts Anaryens en Indo-Aryen: les noms du bétel. [Publication]


Reichelt, H. (1924) Die indoiranischen Benennungen des Salzes. [Publication]


Sanyal, Devaprasad (1924) Vegetable drugs of India. [Publication]

Sen, Binoy Kumar (1924) Ramai Pandit. [Publication]

Slater, Gilbert (1924) The Dravidian element in Indian culture. [Publication]

Smythies, E.A. (1924) India's forest wealth. [Publication]

Stcherbatsky, Th. (1924) Scientific achievements of ancient India. [Publication]


Vallauri, M. (1924) La terapeutica indiana (Saggi sulla medicina indiana). [Publication]

Vogel, J. Ph. (1924) Serpent worship in ancient and modern India. [Publication]


Wall, F. (1924) The hamadryad or king cobra {\sl Naia hannah} (Cantor). [Publication]

Wilson, Lt. Col. Alban (1924) Sport and service in Assam and elsewhere. [Publication]

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