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Albright, W.F. (1922) The location of the garden of Eden. [Publication]

Anonymous (1922) An Indian psychoanalyst. [Publication]

Bender, H.H. (1922) The etymology and meaning of Sanskrit gar\'{u}tmant. [Publication]

Bentley, C.A. (1922) Some economic aspects of Bengal malaria. [Publication]

Bevan, E.R. (1922) India in early Greek and Latin literature. [Publication]

Beveridge, A.S. (1922) The Babur Namah, edited and translated. [Publication]

Cragg, F.W. (1922) Relapsing fever in the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh. [Publication]

Dahlgren, B.E. (1922) The coco palm. [Publication]

Dudgeon, W. (1922) The botanical opportunity in India (Presidential address). [Publication]

Fischer, I. (1922) Geburtshilflich-gynäkologisches aus der vedischen Literatur. [Publication]

Foxworthy, F.W. (1922) Minor forest products of the Malay Peninsula. [Publication]

Froehner, R. (1922) \'{S}\={a}lihotra. [Publication]

Glasson, A.K. (1922) Artificial regeneration of sal in the low-level forests of the Duars. [Publication]

Gopal Rau, M. and J.L. Simonsen (1922) Oils and fats from the seeds of Indian forest trees, parts I--V, III -- The oil from the seeds of Mimusops elengi. [Publication]

Gray, Louis H. (1922) The Indian god Dhanvantari. [Publication]

Haupt, P. (1922) Manna, nectar, and ambrosia. [Publication]

Hornell, J. (1922) Pearl formation in the Indian pearl oyster. [Publication]

Hornell, J. (1922) The Indian pearl fisheries of the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay. [Publication]

Hutton, J.J. (1922) Divided and decorated heads as trophies. [Publication]

Hutton, J.H. (1922) The use of the bow among the Naga tribes of Assam. [Publication]

Jacobi, Felix (1922) Ktesias. [Publication]

Matthes, M. (1922) Über Proteinkörpertherapie. [Publication]

Milroy, A.J.W. (1922) A short treatise on the management of elephants. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat Chandra (1922) On the cult of the tree-goddess in Eastern Bengal. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat Chandra (1922) Supplementary remarks on the foregoing notes (= Chittaranjana Raya 1922). [Publication]

Modi, Jivanji Jamshedji (1922) Leprosy an old Iranian view of it; the legend suggesting cow-urine as its supposed preventive. [Publication]

Modi, Jivanji Jamshedji (1922) The religious ceremonies and customs of the Parsees. [Publication]

Monserrate (1922) Commentary on his journey to the court of Akbar, translated by J.S. Hoyland and S.N. Banerjee. [Publication]

Moses, S.T. (1922) Fish and religion in South India. [Publication]

Mukhopadhyaya, Girindranath (1922) History of Indian medicine, containing notices, biographical and bibliographical, of the Ayurvedic physicians and their works on medicine, from the earliest ages to the present time. [Publication]

Osmaston, A.E. (1922) Notes on the forest communities of the Garhwal Himalaya. [Publication]

Pant, Govind Ballabh (1922) The forest problem in Kumaon: Forest problems and national uprisings in the Himalayan region, with a commentary by Ajay S. Rawat. [Publication]

Rapson, E.J. (1922) Cambridge History of India. [Publication]

Raschke, Otto (1922) Beiträge zur Geschichte der Tiermedizin in Indien - Zur Geschichte der Besprechung von Tierkrankheiten. [Publication]

Raya, Chittaranjana (1922) On tree-cults in the district of Midnapur in South-Western Bengal. [Publication]

Safford, W.E. (1922) Daturas of the Old World and New: an account of their narcotic properties and their use in oracular and initiatory ceremonies. [Publication]

Saunders, Virginia (1922) Some allusions to magic in Kay\d{t}ilya's Artha\'{s}\={a}stra. [Publication]

Schmidt, Richard (1922) Beiträge zur indischen Erotik -- Das Liebesleben des Sanskrit-Volkes, nach den Quellen dargestellt. [Publication]

Schoff, Wilfred H. (1922) Aloes. [Publication]

Schoff, Wilfred H. (1922) Camphor. [Publication]

Stebbing, E.P. (1922) The forests of India and the development of the Indian Forest Department. [Publication]

Stuart Baker, E.C. (1922) The Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma: Birds -- Vol. I (second edition). [Publication]

The International Health Board, the Rockefeller Foundation, New York (1922) Distribution and control of hookworm disease in India. [Publication]

Utgikar, Narayana Bapuji (1922) The story of \d{R}\d{s}i A\d{n}i-M\={a}\d{n}\d{d}avya in its Sanskrit and Buddhist sources. [Publication]

Vallauri, M. (1922) La somatologia e l'anatomia indiana. [Publication]

Wester, P.J. (1922) A descriptive list of mango varieties in India. [Publication]

Wester, P. J. (1922) A descriptive list of mango varieties in India. [Publication]

Woodyatt, Nigel (1922) My sporting memories, 40 years with notebook and gun. [Publication]

Zimmer, H. (1922) Der Name Avalokite\'{s}vara. [Publication]

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