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Marshall, Sir John (1921) A guide to Taxila. [Publication]

Abegg, Emil (1921) Der Pretakalpa des Garu\d{d}a-Pur\={a}\d{n}a (Naunidhir\={a}ma's S\={a}roddh\={a}ra). Eine Darstellung des hinduistischen Totenkultes und Jenseitsglaubens; Aus dem Sanskrit übersetzt und mit Einleitung und Indices versehen. [Publication]

Berkeley-Hill, Owen (1921) The anal-erotic factor in the religion, philosophy and character of the Hindus. [Publication]

Bloch, Jules (1921) Sanskrit plu\d{s}i- ``puce''. [Publication]

Brown, G.W. (1921) The human body in the Upanishads. [Publication]

Budden, J. (1921) Blackbuck vs motor car. [Publication]

Carter, H.G. and D.N. Carter (1921) Useful plants of the District of Lakhimpur in Assam. [Publication]

Chiovenda, Emilio (1921) La culla del cocco. [Publication]

Dames, M. Longworth (Ed.) (1921) The book of Duarte Barbosa. An account of the countries bordering on the Indian Ocean and their inhabitants...completed about the year AD 1518. [Publication]

Fermor, L.L. (1921) The mineral resources of Bihar and Orissa. [Publication]

Green, C.R.M. (1921) The Central Provinces pharmacopoeia. [Publication]

Haines, H.H. (1921) The botany of Bihar and Orissa. [Publication]

Haines, H.H. (1921) The botany of Bihar and Orissa. [Publication]

Hartland, E. Sidney (1921) Twins. [Publication]

Hendley, T.H. (1921) Damascening of steel or iron as practised in India. [Publication]

Hodson, T.C. (1921) Tree marriage. [Publication]

Hole, R.S. (1921) The regeneration of sal (Shorea robusta) forests: a study in economic oecology. [Publication]

Hole, R.S. (1921) Oecology of sal. [Publication]

Hoyland, J.C. (1921) An investigation regarding the psychology of Indian adolescents. [Publication]

Johnson, H.J.T. (1921) Sweat-house. [Publication]

Keith, A. Berriedale (1921) Suicide (Hindu). [Publication]

Kreyenborg, H. (1921) Über die Tiere bei K\={a}lid\={a}sa. [Publication]

Lindsay, H.A.E. and C.M. Harlow (1921) Report on lac and shellac. [Publication]

Macht, D.I. and G.C. Ting (1921) Sedative properties of some aromatic drugs and perfumes. [Publication]

Masson-Oursel, P. (1921) Doctrines et méthodes psychologiques de l'Inde. [Publication]

Merrill, E.D. (1921) A review of the new species of plants proposed by N.L. Burman in his Flora Indica. [Publication]

Mukherjee, Braj Lal (1921) The Soma plant. [Publication]

Oesterreich, Traugott K. (1921) Die Besessenheit. [Publication]

Overbeck-Wright, A.W. (1921) Lunacy in India. [Publication]

Parkinson, C.E. (1921) A forest flora of the Andaman Islands: an account of th trees, shrubs and principal climbers of the islands. [Publication]

Pavgee, N.B. (1921) The indigenous far-famed soma and the Aryan autochthones in India. [Publication]

Percival, J. (1921) The wheat plant: a monograph. [Publication]

Report (1921) Report of the Committee on the Indigenous Systems of Medicine. [Publication]

Römer, L.S.A.M. von (1921) Epistolae Bontii. [Publication]

Schmidt, R. (1921) Fakire und Fakirtum im alten und modernen Indien: Yoga-Lehre und Yoga-Praxis nach den Originalquellen dargestellt. [Publication]

Senaviratno, John M. (1921) Some ancient plants and trees of Ceylon. [Publication]

Shamasastry, R. (1921) Origin of the week. [Publication]

Stebbing, E.P. (1921) The forests of India. [Publication]

Stein, Aurel (1921) Serindia -- Detailed report of explorations in Central Asia and Westernmost China, carried out and described under the orders of H.M. Indian Government. [Publication]

Stein, O. (1921) Megasthenes und Kautilya. [Publication]

Storey, Harry (1921) A Ceylon sportsman's diary: an account of the author's shooting experiences from 1909 to 1920 inclusive. [Publication]

Tagore, Abanindra Nath (1921) Art et anatomie hindous. [Publication]

Takakusu, J. (1921) Yuan-chwang, Fa-hian, and I-tsing. [Publication]

Tessitori, L.P. (1921) Yog\={\i}s (K\={a}npha\d{t}\={a}). [Publication]

Thulcke, E.S. (1921) Die pflanzlichen Antisyphilitica. [Publication]

Underhill, M.M. (1921) The Hindu religious year. [Publication]

Vallauri, M. (1921) I fondamenti generali della medicina indiana. [Publication]

Vallauri, M. (1921) L'ippiatria indiana. [Publication]

Vallée Poussin, Louis de la (1921) Suicide (Buddhist). [Publication]

Waddell, L.A. (1921) Sw\={a}t or Udy\={a}na. [Publication]

Webb-Johnson, Cecil (1921) Medicine in India: A lecture delivered at a meeting of the East India Association, London, on 24th January 1921). [Publication]

Zufall, C.J. (1921) Alexandra senna cultivated in India. [Publication]

edited with Introduction by R. Ananta Krishna Sastry, with Foreword by Dr. Ganganatha Jha (1921) Kav\={\i}ndr\=ac\=arya s\=ucipatram. [Publication]

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