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Birdwood, G.T. (1920) Practical Bazaar medicines, with over 200 useful prescriptions. [Publication]

Bloomfield, Maurice (1920) The dohada or craving of pregnant women: a motif of Hindu fiction. [Publication]

Bose, G.C. (1920) A manual of Indian botany. [Publication]

Burke, W.S. (1920) The Indian field shikar book. [Publication]

Charpentier, Jarl (1920) Die Supar\d{n}asage -- Untersuchungen zur altindischen Literatur- und Sagengeschichte. [Publication]

Chatterjee, A.C. (1920) Notes on the industries of the United Provinces. [Publication]

Correia, Germano (1920) Os "Luso-descendentes" da India. Estudo antropo-aclimológico e histórico-demográfico. [Publication]

Crooke, W. (1920) Serpent-worship (Indian). [Publication]

Elliot, Robert Henry (1920) Tropical ophthalmology. [Publication]

Geddes, P. (1920) An Indian pioneer of science: the life and work of Sir J.C. Bose. [Publication]

Grierson, G.A. (1920) Sauras. [Publication]

Havell, E.B. (1920) What is Soma. [Publication]

Hingston, R.W.G. (1920) A naturalist in Himalaya. [Publication]

Hirschberg, Julius (1920) Die Augenheilkunde der alten Inder. [Publication]

Hopkins, E. Washburn (1920) Soma. [Publication]

Jacobi, Hermann (1920) Einteilung des Tages und Zeitmessung im alten Indien. [Publication]

Kaye, G.R. (1920) Hindu astronomical deities. [Publication]

Kinnear, N.B. (1920) The past and present distribution of the lion in south eastern Asia. [Publication]

Loon, F.H.G. van (1920) Amok and lattah. [Publication]

MacCulloch, J.A. (1920) Serpent-worship (Introduction). [Publication]

McWilliam, A. (1920) Indian iron making at Mirjati Chotanagpur. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat C. (1920) On the worship of the pipal tree in North Bihar. [Publication]

Moreland, W.H. (1920) India at the death of Akbar -- An economic study. [Publication]

Muusses, Martha A. (1920) Koecultus bij de Hindoes. [Publication]

Oldenberg, Hermann (1920) Buddha; Sein Leben, seine Lehre, seine Gemeinde,. [Publication]

Parry, E.J. (1920) Gums and resins: their occurrence, properties and uses. [Publication]

Patvardhan, R.V. (1920) Rasavidya or alchemy in ancient India. [Publication]

Petch, T. (1920) The early history of botanic gardens in Ceylon with notes on the topography of Colombo. [Publication]

Ratnam, E.V. (1920) Cannabis indica. [Publication]

Richards, F.J. (1920) The village deities in Vellore Taluk, North Arcot District. [Publication]

Schoff, Wilfred H. (1920) Cinnamon, cassia and Somaliland. [Publication]

Sen, Dinesh Chandra (1920) The folk-literature of Bengal. [Publication]

Smythies, E.A. (1920) Afforestation of ravine lands in the Etawah District, United Provinces. [Publication]

Stebbing, E.P. (1920) The diary of a sportsman and naturalist in India. [Publication]

Stevenson, Mrs. Sinclair (1920) The rites of the twice-born. [Publication]

Thurston, A. (1920) Oil of sandalwood and its adulteration. [Publication]

Tod, James (1920) Annals and antiquities of Rajasthan or the Central and Western Rajput States of India, edited with an introduction and notes by William Crooke. [Publication]

Warner, M. (1920) The dates of Rheede's Hortus Malabaricus. [Publication]

Wilson, E. H. (1920) Camphor. [Publication]

Wilson, E.H. (1920) Camphor -- Cinnamomum camphora Nees and Ebermaier. [Publication]

Winternitz, M. (1920) Die Frau in den indischen Religionen. [Publication]

Winternitz, M. (1920) Die Frau in den indischen Religionen. I. Teil: Die Frau im Brahmanismus. [Publication]

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