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Abegg, E. (1919) Indische Traumtheorien. [Publication]


Bloomfield, Maurice (1919) The fable of the crow and the palm-tree: a psychic motif in Hindu fiction. [Publication]

Brown, George William (1919) Pr\={a}\d{n}a and ap\={a}na. [Publication]


Calder, C.C. (1919) The species of Oxalis now wild in India. [Publication]

Chakladar, Haran Chandra (1919) Studies in the K\={a}mas\={u}tra of V\={a}tsy\={a}yana. [Publication]

Classen, E. (1919) Examination of a sample of gum asafoetida. [Publication]

Crooke, W. (1919) Hut-burning in the ritual of India. [Publication]

Crooke, William (1919) Nudity in India in custom and ritual. [Publication]

Crooke, W. (1919) The cults of the mother goddesses in India. [Publication]


Elliot, Robert Henry (1919) A study of some results of infection of the vitreous body with septic material in couched eyes. [Publication]


Frazer, J.G. and K.R. Acharyar (1919) Milk customs of the Todas. [Publication]


Gupta, S.N. (1919) The medicine and pharmacy of ancient India. [Publication]

Gupte, Rai Bahadur (1919) Hindu holidays and ceremonials with dissertations on origin, folklore and symbols. [Publication]


Hagedorn, B.O. (1919) Die Diphtherie in ihrem geschichtlichen Aufbau. [Publication]

Hultzsch, E. (1919) Zur Inschrift der Wardak-Vase. [Publication]


Jacobi, H. (1919) unknown. [Publication]


Keay, F.R. (1919) Ancient Indian education. [Publication]


Lewin, Louis (1919) Pfeilgifte und Pfeilgiftwirkungen. [Publication]

Lipmann, Edmund O. von (1919) Entstehung und Ausbreitung der Alchemie, mit einem Anhange: Zur älteren Geschichte der Metalle, ein Beitrag zur Kulturgeschichte, Bd. I, II (Ein Lese- und Nachschlage-Buch). [Publication]


Majumdar, S.N. (Ed.) (1919) Cunningham's Ancient Geography of India, edited with introduction and notes. [Publication]

Majumdar, Surendranath (1919) Contributions to the study of the ancient geography of India. [Publication]

Menon, C.R. (1919) Embelia ribes -- a medicine for influenza. [Publication]


Nelson, E.K. and L.E. Dawson (1919) The constitution of capsaicin, the pungent principle of Capsicum. [Publication]


Olden, C. (1919) Note on a discovery of ancient copper smelting apparatus at Rakha in the Dalbhum Pargana of Singhbhum. [Publication]


Petch, T. (1919) Garcia da Orta's mongoose plants. [Publication]

Prain, D. (1919) `John' Roxburgh. [Publication]


Ray, P.C. (1919) The chemical knowledge of the Hindus of old. [Publication]

Roberts, Emmanuel (1919) Native remedies used in snake-bites, etc. [Publication]


\'{S}\={a}str\={\i}, Harapras\={a}d (1919) Contributions of Bengal to Hindu civilization. [Publication]

\'{S}\={a}str\={\i}, Harapras\={a}d (1919) Contributions of Bengal to Hindu civilization. I. The first contribution: Taming and treatment of elephants; The third contribution: Silk; The fourth contribution: Linen; III: Ships and boats, etc. [Publication]

\'{S}\={a}str\={\i}, Harapras\={a}d (1919) Literary history of the {P}\={a}la period. [Publication]

\'{S}\={a}str\={\i}, Harapras\={a}d (1919) Literary history of the P\={a}la period. [Publication]

Stasiak, Stefan (1919) Le c\={a}taka. [Publication]

Steel, L. (1919) Plantago in medicine. [Publication]

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