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Barbosa, Duarte (1918) The book of Duarte Barbosa: an account of the countries bordering on the Indian Ocean and their inhabitants written by Duarte Barbosa, and completed about the year 1518 A.D., edited and annotated by Mansel Longworth Dames. [Publication]

Barrington, A.H.M. (1918) Forest administration in the Arakan Forest Division from the 1st July 1902 to the 30th June 1915. [Publication]

Basu, B.D. (1918) Indian medicinal plants. [Publication]

Basu, B.D. (1918) Indian medicinal plants. [Publication]

Belaiew, N. (1918) Damascene steel. [Publication]

Blatter, E. and F. Hallberg (1918) The flora of the Indian desert (Jodhpur and Jaisalmer). [Publication]

Britten, J. (1918) `John' Roxburgh. [Publication]

Chaudhuri, K.N. (1918) Shikar in Jheel and Jungle. [Publication]

Correia (1918) História do ensino médico na Ã�ndia Portuguesa. [Publication]

Delaney, C.R. (1918) The manufacture, use, and newer developments of the natural dyestuffs. [Publication]

Dutta, A.K. (1918) Iron industry in ancient India. [Publication]

Foster, W. (1918) English commerce with India, 1608--1658. [Publication]

Grierson, G.A. (1918) Pi\'{s}\={a}chas. [Publication]

Huxley, Leonard (1918) Life and letters of Joseph Dalton Hooker. [Publication]

Huxley, Leonard (1918) Life and letters of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, based on materials collected and arranged by Lady Hooker. [Publication]

Jamieson, A.K. (1918) Final report on the survey and settlement operations in the district of Midnapore, 1911--1917. [Publication]

Kimball, O.P. and D. Marine (1918) The prevention of simple goiter in man. Second paper. [Publication]

Laufer, Berthold (1918) Malabathron. [Publication]

Mahdihassan, S. (1918) The how and why of lac industry. [Publication]

Maltby, T.J. (1918) The Ganjam district manual. [Publication]

Milne, D. (1918) The date palm and its cultivation in the Punjab. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat C. (1918) Further note on the use of swallow-worts in the ritual of the Hindus. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat C. (1918) On the use of swallow-worts in the ritual sorcery and witch-craft of the Hindus and the pre-Islamitic Arabs. [Publication]

Mukerji, Abhay Charan (1918) Hindu fasts and feasts. [Publication]

Natesan, G.A. (Ed.) (1918) Essays and discourses by Dr. Prafulla Chandra Ray. [Publication]

Neogi, P. (1918) Copper in ancient India. [Publication]

Pargiter, F. E. (1918) The North Pancala Dynasty. [Publication]

Playne, Somerset (1918) The Bombay Presidency, the United Provinces, the Punjab, etc., their history, peoples, commerce and natural resources. [Publication]

Ponon, B.J. (1918) Five hundred Indian plants -- their use in medicine and the arts. [Publication]

Ray, P.C. (1918) Antiquity of Hindu chemistry. [Publication]

Ray, P.C. (1918) Pursuit of chemistry in ancient India. [Publication]

Ray, Rai Bahadur Joges Chandra (1918) Sugar industry in ancient India. [Publication]

Roy, Sarat Chandra (1918) Birth, childhood and puberty ceremonies among the Birhors. [Publication]

Sarkar, Benoy Kumar (1918) Hindu achievements in exact science -- A study in the history of scientific development. [Publication]

Sastri, S. Kuppuswami (1918) A descriptive catalogue of the Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, Madras, vol. XXIII -- Medicine. [Publication]

Schelenz, H. (1918) Warum heissen die semina strychni Brechnüsse? [Publication]

Tschirch, A. (1918) Warum heissen die Semina strychni Brechnüsse? [Publication]

Wallis, W.D. (1918) Prodigies and portents. [Publication]

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