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Ahrens, W. (1917) Studien über die magischen Quadrate der Araber. [Publication]

Attygalle, John (1917) Sinhalese Materia Medica. [Publication]


Basappannavar, C.H. (1917) Extraction and utilization of sandal wood. [Publication]

Belvalkar, S.K. (Ed.) (1917) Commemorative essays presented to Sir Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar. [Publication]

Bhattacharyya, Dinesh (1917) {IA}. [Publication]

Billai, S.R. (1917) Die Forstwirtschaft in Cravancore. [Publication]

Billai, S.R. (1917) Die Forstwirtschaft in Cravancore. [Publication]

Billai, S.R. (1917) Die Forstwirtschaft in Cravancore. [Publication]

Bloomfield, Maurice (1917) On the art of entering another's body: a Hindu fiction motif. [Publication]

Brito-Babapulle, C. (1917) Internal and external uses of gingelly. [Publication]

Buck, Albert H. (1917) The growth of medicine from the earliest times to about 1800. [Publication]


Caldwell, K.S. (1917) Chemical analysis of silajit from the Hanria hill. [Publication]

Chatterji, K.K. and C. Ray (1917) Clinical application of Ayurvedic remedies. [Publication]

Crooke, W. (1917) Bull-baiting, bull-racing, bull-fights. [Publication]


Elliot, R.H. (1917) Hunterian lectures on the Indian operation of couching for cataract. [Publication]

Elliot, R.H. (1917) The Indian operation of couching for cataract. [Publication]

Elliot, Robert Henry (1917) On the Indian operation of couching for cataract. [Publication]


Gop\={a}la \={A}c\={a}rya, D. (1917) Dak\d{s}i\d{n}a-bh\={a}rate \={a}yurveda-vidy\={a}-prac\={a}ra\d{h}. [Publication]

Gunawardhana, G.W. Gabriel (1917) Medicinal plants of Ceylon and Singhalese medicines in English. [Publication]

Gupta, Birajacharan (1917) An account of the principal works of the Atreya school of medicine with their chronology. [Publication]

Gupta, U.C. (1917) The \={A}treya school of medicine. [Publication]


Hill, A.W. (1917) The genus Strychnos in India and the East. [Publication]

Hoernle. A.F.R. (1917) An ancient medical manuscript from Eastern Turkistan. [Publication]

Hubbard, W.S. (1917) The identification of emodin-bearing drugs. [Publication]


Jackson, J.W. (1917) Shell-trumpets and their distribution in the Old and New Worlds. [Publication]

Jackson, J.W. (1917) Shells as evidence of the migrations of early culture. [Publication]

Jackson, V.H. (1917) Hiuen Tsang's route in South Bihar: an identification of the Buddhavana mountain and a discussion of the most probable site of the Kukkutapadagiri; Appendix: The nature of silajit. [Publication]


Keith, A.B. (1917) The order of the nakshatras in the Epic and the Epic month. [Publication]


La Touche, Th.H. D. (1917) A bibliography of Indian geology and physical geography with an annotated index of minerals of economic value. [Publication]

Laufer, B. (1917) Origin of the word shaman. [Publication]

Laufer, B. (1917) La mandragore. [Publication]


Marine, D. and O.P. Kimball (1917) The prevention of simple goiter in man. [Publication]

Maxwell-Lefroy, H. and E.C. Ansorge (1917) Report on an enquiry into the silk industry in India. [Publication]

McCarrison, R. (1917) India and medical progress. [Publication]

Merrill, E.D. (1917) An interpretation of Rumphius's Herbarium Amboinense. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat C. (1917) On some Indian ceremonies for disease-transference. [Publication]


Nagai (1917) Journal of the Pali Text Society 69--80 (see G.C. Kashikar 167). Nagae. [Publication]

Naidu, G. Krishnamurti (1917) Commercial guide to the forest economic products of Mysore. [Publication]

Narayanaswami Aiyar, C.S. (1917) Ancient Indian medicine. [Publication]


Pargiter, F.E. (1917) Visvamitra, Vasistha, Hariscandra, and Sunahsepa. [Publication]

Pate, H.R. (1917) Madras District Gazetteers: Tinnevelly, volume I. [Publication]

Peri, Noel (1917) H\={a}r\={\i}t\={\i}, la Mère-de-démons. [Publication]


Quackenbos, G. P. (1917) The Sanskrit poems of May\={u}ra (ed. and transl.). [Publication]


Ray, J.C. (1917) Textile industry in ancient India. [Publication]


Sarkar, Benoy Kumar (1917) The folk-element in Hindu-culture: A contribution to socio-religious studies in Hindu folk-institutions. [Publication]

Schoff, W.H. (1917) Navigation to the Far East under the Roman Empire. [Publication]

Shastri, Hara Prasad (1917) The punsavan ceremony. [Publication]

Singh, P. (1917) Note on the galls of Pistacia integerrima. [Publication]

Stockman, Ralph (1917) Lathyrism. [Publication]

Stockman, Ralph (1917) Lathyrism in man. [Publication]


Troup, R.S. (Ed.) (1917) The work of the Forest Department in India. [Publication]


Wall, F. (1917) The poisonous terrestrial snakes of our British Indian Dominions (including Ceylon) and how to recognize them with symptoms of snake poisoning and treatment,. [Publication]

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