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Attygalle, John (1916) Garcia and the mongoose plants. [Publication]

Auddy, C. (1916) The diet of the ancient Hindus. [Publication]


David, I. (1916) Some stray notes on native medical practitioners. [Publication]


Fleet, John Faithful (1916) The Indian day. [Publication]


Gibson, C.S. and J.L. Simonsen (1916) Note on the constituents of the bark of the Hymenodyctyon excelsum. [Publication]

Govindan, V. (1916) Fishery statistics and information, West and East coasts, Madras Presidency. [Publication]

Grünwedel, Albert (1916) Die Geschichten der vierundachtzig Zauberer (Mah\={a}siddhas). [Publication]


Haines, H.H. (1916) Descriptive list of trees, shrubs and economic herbs of the Southern Circle, Central Provinces. [Publication]

Hillebrandt, A. (1916) Zur Kenntnis der indischen Materialisten. [Publication]

Hornell, J. (1916) An explanation of the irregularly cyclic character of the pearl fisheries of the Gulf of Mannar. [Publication]

Hornell, J. (1916) Professor Huxley and the Ceylon pearl fishery. [Publication]

Hornell, J. (1916) Report on the pearl fishery held at Tondi in 1914. [Publication]


Jackson, J.W. (1916) The geographical distribution of the use of pearls and pearl shell. [Publication]


Keith, A.B. (1916) Day and night in India. [Publication]

Keith, A.B. (1916) The Indian day. [Publication]

Kern, H. (1916) Over den vermoedelijken oorsprong der n\={a}gaverering. [Publication]

Krishna Sastri, H. (1916) South-Indian images of gods and goddesses. [Publication]


Lankaster, A. (1916) Report on tuberculosis in India. [Publication]

Laufer, B. (1916) Loan-words in Tibetan. [Publication]

Law, Bimala Charan (1916) Taxil\'{a} as a seat of learning in the P\'{a}li literature. [Publication]

Law, Narendra Nath (1916) Promotion of learning in India during Muhammedan rule. [Publication]

Liacre-de Saint-Firmin (1916) Médecine et légendes bouddhiques de l'Inde. [Publication]


Mills, L.H. (1916) The Avestic Haoma and the Vedic Soma. [Publication]

Mitra, S.C. (1916) Demon cults in Mund\={a}ri children's games. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat Chandra (1916) North Indian incantations for charming ligatures for snake-bite. [Publication]

Mullick (1916) Hindu midwifery. [Publication]


Narasimhachar, Rao Bahadur R. (1916) Madhavacharya and his younger brothers. [Publication]


Ranga Achari and K. Rai Bahadur (1916) A manual of elementary botany for India. [Publication]

Rawlinson, H.G. (1916) Intercourse between India and the Western world from the earliest times to the fall of Rome. [Publication]


Smeeth, W.F. and P. Sampat Iyengar (1916) Mineral resources of Mysore. [Publication]

Stewart, Ralph Randles (1916) The flora of Ladak, Western Tibet. II. List of Ladak plants. [Publication]


Witt, D. O. (1916) Descriptive list of trees. [Publication]

Witt, D.O. (1916) Descriptive list of trees, shrubs, climbers and economic herbs of the Northern and Berar Forest Circles, Central Provinces. [Publication]

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