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Acton, H.W. and R. Knowles (1914) The dose of venom given in nature by the Echis carinatus in a single bite. [Publication]

Annandale, N. and M.H. Shastri (1914) Relics of the worship of mud-turtles (Trionychidae) in India and Burma. [Publication]

Barbézieux, G. (1914) Contribution a l'etude de l'histoire de la lèpre - La lèpre dans la plus haute antiquité. [Publication]

Basu, B.D. (1914) Indigenous medicine. [Publication]

Berkeley-Hill, Owen (1914) A short analysis of 89 cases of epilepsy in the Punjab Lunatic Asylum. [Publication]

Bloomfield, M. (1914) On talking birds in Hindu fiction. [Publication]

Buchanan, W.J. (1914) The introduction and spread of western medical science in India. [Publication]

Cappeller, Carl (1914) Ein medizinisches Sanskritdrama. [Publication]

Crawford, D.G. (1914) A history of the Indian medical service 1600--1913. [Publication]

Engelbrecht, T.H. (1914) Die Feldfrüchte Indiens in ihrer geographischen Verbreitung: I. Text, II. Atlas. [Publication]

Enthoven, R.E. (1914) Folk lore notes, vol. I -- Gujarat, compiled from materials collected by the late A.M.T. Jackson. [Publication]

Fletcher, T.B. (1914) Some South Indian insects and other animals of importance considered especially from an economic point of view. [Publication]

Gode, P.K. (1914) References to the Caitragaccha in inscriptions and literature. [Publication]

Gracias, José António Ismael (1914) Fisicos-Móres da India no seculo XIX -- Memoria historica. [Publication]

Hoernle, A.F. Rudolf (1914) The discovery of the Bower Manuscript. [Publication]

Hornell, James (1914) The sacred chank of India: a monograph on the Indian conch (Turbinella pyrum). [Publication]

Iyengar, P. Sampat (1914) Bhuta worship in the West coast. [Publication]

Jolly, J. (1914) Der Stein der Weisen. [Publication]

Jolly, J. (1914) Initiation (Hindu). [Publication]

Jolly, J. (1914) Kollektaneen zum Kau\d{t}il\={\i}ya Artha\'{s}\={a}stra, I. \'{S}\={a}n\={a}q's Buch über die Gifte. [Publication]

Kenrick, W.H. (1914) Report upon malaria in the Central Provinces. [Publication]

Kr\v{c}ek, Franz (1914) Zu AI. phalg\'{u}-. [Publication]

Kreemer, J. (1914) Volksheelkunde in den Indischen Archipel. [Publication]

MacCulloch, J.A. (1914) Incense. [Publication]

Mann, H.H. and N.V. Kantikar (1914) Notes on the fat of Garcinia indica, the so called kokam butter. [Publication]

McCarrison, R. (1914) An enquiry into the causation of goitre at the Lawrence Military Asylum, Sanawar. [Publication]

Mundy, P. (1914) Travels in Asia 1628--1634. [Publication]

Neogi, Panchanan (1914) Iron in ancient India. [Publication]

Perry, E.L. (1914) Endemic malaria of the Jeypore Hill Tracts of the Madras Presidency. [Publication]

Powell, J.H. (1914) Hook-swinging in India. [Publication]

Rao, S.M. and R. Rao (1914) Flowerung plants of Travancore. [Publication]

Reese, W. (1914) Die griechischen Nachrichten über Indien bis zum Feldzuge Alexanders d. Grossen. [Publication]

Rockhill, W.W. (1914) Notes on the relations and trade of China with the Eastern Archipelago and the coast of the Indian Ocean during the +15th century. [Publication]

Roy, Sarat Chandra (1914) Magic and witchcraft on the Chota-Nagpur-Plateau. A study in the philosophy of primitive life. [Publication]

Safford, Mrs. Henry G. (1914) The Golden Jubilee. [Publication]

Sarkar, Sarasi Lal (1914) Colouring matter contained in the seed-coats of Abrus precatorius. [Publication]

Schrader, F. Otto (1914) Das \d{S}a\d{s}\d{t}itantra. [Publication]

Sieg, E. (1914) Itih\={a}sa. [Publication]

Smith, Vincent A. (1914) Kani\d{s}ka. [Publication]

Smythies, E.A. (1914) The resin industry of Kumaon. [Publication]

Sudhoff, Karl (1914) Die anatomischen Ganzfiguren in tibetanischer Ueberlieferung. [Publication]

\'{S}ukla, Jagann\={a}thpras\={a}d (1914) Nigha\d{n}\d{t}u\'{s}iroma\d{n}i. [Publication]

\'{S}ukla, Jagann\={a}thpras\={a}d (1914) Nigha\d{n}\d{t}u\'{s}iroma\d{n}i. [Publication]

Temple, R.C. (Ed.) (1914) The travels of Peter Mundy in Europe and Asia. [Publication]

kavir\={a}ja-ume\'{s}acandra\-gu\-pta\-ka\-vi\-ra\-tnena sa\.{n}kalita\d{h}, kavir\={a}ja-\'{s}r\={\i}nagendran\={a}thasena-vaidya\'{s}\={a}stri\d{n}\={a} sa\d{m}\'{s}odhita\d{h} parivardhita\d{h} prak\={a}sita\'{s} ca, (1914) \={A}yurved\={\i}ya-\'{s}abdau\d{s}adha-n\={a}ma-nir\d{n}\={a}yako v\d{r}hatko\d{s}agrantha\d{h} Vaidyaka-\'{s}abdasindhu\d{h}. [Publication]

Vallée Poussin, L. de la (1914) J\={\i}vanmukta. [Publication]

Zachariae, Th. (1914) Die Weisheitssprüche des \v{S}\={a}n\={a}q bei a\d{t}-Tor\d{t}\={u}\v{s}\={\i} (Uebersetzung und Kommentar). [Publication]

Zimmer, Heinrich (1914) Studien zur Geschichte der Gotras. [Publication]

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