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Bolling, G.M. (1912) Dreams and sleep (Vedic). [Publication]

Bouquet, J. (1912) Contribution à l'étude du chanvre indien (L'herbe aux fakirs). [Publication]

Comrie, J.D. (1912) Ancient Hindu medicine. [Publication]

Cordier, P. (1912) Histoire de la médecine indienne. La phthisie pulmonaire. [Publication]

Crooke, W. (1912) The veneration of the cow in India. [Publication]

Elliot, R.H. (1912) The operation of couching as practised in Southern India. [Publication]

Elworthy, F.T. (1912) Evil eye. [Publication]

Fleet, John Faithful (1912) The use of the planetary names of the days of the week in India. [Publication]

Fryer, John (1912) A new account of East India and Persia being nine years' travels 1672--1681. [Publication]

Gerini, G.E. (1912) Siam and its productions. [Publication]

Gracias, C.F.X. (1912) Flora sagrada da India ou mythologia das plantas indianas. [Publication]

Graves, H.G. (1912) Further notes on the early use of iron in India. [Publication]

Grierson, G.A. (1912) Pi\'{s}\={a}cas in the Mah\={a}bh\={a}rata. [Publication]

Hadfield, R. (1912) Sinhalese iron and steel of ancient origin. [Publication]

Hommel, W. (1912) Ueber indisches und chinesisches Zink. [Publication]

Iyer, L.K. Anantha Krishna (1912) The Cochin tribes and castes. [Publication]

Jolly. J. (1912) Expiation and atonement. [Publication]

Jolly, J. (1912) Family (Hindu). [Publication]

Jolly, J. (1912) Fate (Hindu). [Publication]

Mookerji, Radhakumud (1912) Indian shipping -- A history of the sea borne trade and maritime activity of the Indians from the earliest times. [Publication]

Mukherjee, Braj Lal (1912) The date of Varaha Mihira's birth. [Publication]

Negelein, Julius von (1912) Der Traumschlüssel des Jagaddeva; ein Beitrag zur indischen Mantik. [Publication]

O'Malley, L.S.S. (1912) Bebgal District Gazetteers: Jessore. [Publication]

Overbeck-Wright, A.W. (1912) Mental derangements in India. [Publication]

Pearson, R.S. (1912) Commercial guide to the forest economic products of India. [Publication]

Pelliot, P. (1912) [list of 32 Indian perfumes]. [Publication]

Reid, John (1912) Final report on the survey and settlement operations in Ranchi district. [Publication]

Rhys Davids, T.W. (1912) Family (Buddhist). [Publication]

Richter, Paul (1912) Beiträge zur Geschichte der Pocken bei den Arabern. [Publication]

Rizav, C.A.G. (1912) Indian small game shooting for novices. [Publication]

Shastri, Haraprasad (1912) Dakshini pandits at Benares. [Publication]

Singh, P. (1912) Podophyllum emodi. [Publication]

Smith, V.A. (1912) Comments. [Publication]

Srinivas Iyengar, P.T. (1912) Life in ancient India in the age of the mantras. [Publication]

Stebbing, E.P. et al. (1912) Stalks in the Himalayas. [Publication]

Strauss, O. (1912) Ethische Probleme aus dem Mah\=abh\=arata. [Publication]

Thurston, Edgar (1912) Omens and superstitions of Southern India. [Publication]

Vignolo-Lutati, Karl (1912) Über die experimentellen Alopecien durch Abrin. [Publication]

Waddell, L.A. (1912) Evolution of the Buddhist cult, its gods, images, and art: a study in Buddhist iconography, with reference to the guardian gods of the world and Hariti, `the Buddhist madonna'. [Publication]

Waddell, L.A. (1912) The "dh\={a}ra\d{n}\={\i}" cult in Buddhism, its origin, deified literature and images. [Publication]

Wroughton, R. C. et al. (1912) Bombay Natural History Society's Mammal Survey of India. [Publication]

Wroughton, R.C. et al. (1912) Bombay Natural History Society's Mammal Survey of India, Reports 1--46. [Publication]

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