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Haines, H.H. (1910) The Forest Flora of Chotanagpur. [Publication]

Adamson, R.S. (1910) Note on the root of Terminalia arjuna Bedd. [Publication]

Aiyangar, K.S. (1910) Fire-walking ceremony at the Dharmar\=aja festival. [Publication]

Alexander, H.G. (1910) Narcotics in India and South Asia. [Publication]

Basu, B.B. (1910) Therapeutic uses of Boerhaavia diffusa Linn. [Publication]

Bateson, J.H. (1910) Charms and amulets (Buddhist). [Publication]

Bentley, Charles (1910) An interim report upon malaria in the southern portion of the island of Bombay. [Publication]

Birdwood, H.M. (1910) Indian timbers -- The hill forests of Western India. [Publication]

Blatter, E. (1910) History of the sea coconut (Lodoicea sechellarum Labill.). [Publication]

Bloch, T. (1910) Eine indische Version der iranischen Sage von S\={a}m. [Publication]

Bolling, G.M. (1910) Charms and amulets (Vedic). [Publication]

Chatterjee, B.C. (1910) The economic botany of India. [Publication]

Choksey, Khan Bahadur (1910) Leprosy legislation in India. [Publication]

Coedès, George (1910) Textes d'auteurs grecs et latins relatifs à l'Extrême-Orient. [Publication]

Crooke, W. (1910) Charms and amulets (Indian). [Publication]

Eardley Wilmot, S. (1910) Forest life and sport in India. [Publication]

Ekambaram, R. (1910) Couchers and their methods. [Publication]

Evans, G.H. (1910) Elephants and their diseases. [Publication]

Fick, R. (1910) Child marriage (India). [Publication]

Fick, R. (1910) Children (Hindu). [Publication]

Fonahn, A. (1910) Zur Quellenkunde der persischen Medizin. [Publication]

Foucher, A. (1910) La madone bouddhique. [Publication]

Gray, Louis H. (1910) Cock. [Publication]

Herrmann, A. (1910) Die alten Seidenstraszen zwischen China und Syrien. [Publication]

Heslop, S. (1910) Indian mining: its earlier history and subsequent developments. [Publication]

Hicks, F.C. (1910) Forty years among the wild animals of India from Mysore to the Himalayas. [Publication]

Hilka, Alfons (1910) Beitr\"{a}ge zur Kenntnis der indischen Namengebung - Die altindischen Personennamen. [Publication]

Hoernle, A.F. Rudolf (1910) The Bheda Samhita in the Bower Manuscript. [Publication]

Holland, T.H. and L.L. Fermor (1910) Quinquennial review of the mineral production of India during the years 1904--1908. [Publication]

Hooper, D. (1910) Materia medica animalium Indiae. [Publication]

Hooper, D. (1910) Medicinal lizards. [Publication]

Hopkins, E. Washburn (1910) Mythological aspects of trees and mountains in the Great Epic. [Publication]

Hopkins, E.W. (1910) Magic observances in the Hindu epic. [Publication]

Hopkins, E.W. (1910) Mythological aspects of trees and mountains in the Great Epics. [Publication]

Howard, A. and G.L.C. Howard (1910) Wheat in India -- its production, varieties and improvement. [Publication]

Indraji, T.J. (1910) Vanaspatishastra. [Publication]

Indraji, T. J. (1910) Vanaspatishastra. [Publication]

Iyer, V.S. Sambasiva (1910) A sketch of the mineral resources of the Baroda State. [Publication]

Jackson, John (1910) Lepers: thirty-one years' work among them, being the history of the Mission to lepers in India and the East, 1874--1905. [Publication]

Johansson, K.F. (1910) Solf{\aa}geln i Indien -- En religionshistorisk-mytologisk studie. [Publication]

Kirtikar, K.R. (1910) The use of saffron and turmeric in Hindu marriage ceremonies. [Publication]

Lillingston, Frank (1910) Cham\={a}rs. [Publication]

Martins, J.F. Ferreira (1910) História da Misericórdia de Goa (1520--1910). [Publication]

McMillan (1910) A handbook of tropical gardening and planting, with special reference to Ceylon. [Publication]

Neogy, Panchanan and Birendra Bhusan Adhikary (1910) Chemical examination of Ayurvedic metallic preparations; part I: "shata-puta lauha and shahasra-puta lauha" (iron roasted a hundred and a thousand times). [Publication]

Neuburger, Max (1910) History of medicine. [Publication]

Owen, Mark (1910) Old traditions, new techniques: The bodily preservation of Kyabje Ling Rinpoche. [Publication]

Pizzagalli (1910) La cosmogonia di Bh\d{r}gu. [Publication]

Richards, F.J. (1910) Fire-walking ceremony at the Dharmaraja festival. [Publication]

Schmidt, Richard (1910) Beiträge zur Flora Sanscritica. [Publication]

Schrader, Friedrich Otto (1910) On ahi\d{m}s\={a} and vegetarianism, mainly in Buddhism. [Publication]

Seligmann, S. (1910) Der böse Blick und Verwandtes. [Publication]

Sircar, Mahendralal -- see on him: S.C. Ghose (1910) Medical administration of India. [Publication]

Sivarow, Sundara P. (1910) The Koyas: the hill tribe of the Godavary Agency. [Publication]

Stapleton, H.E. (1910) Alchemical compilation of the thirteenth century. [Publication]

Stebbing, E.P. (1910) A note on the lac insect -- its life history, propagation and collection. [Publication]

Sticker, Georg (1910) Abhandlungen aus der Seuchengeschichte ubd Seuchenlehre. [Publication]

Trelwase, William (1910) Species in Agave. [Publication]

Turner, J.A. (1910) Report on malaria in Bombay from 1902--1909. [Publication]

Waddell, L.A. (1910) Ancient anatomical drawings preserved in Tibet. [Publication]

Walsh (1910) The Tibetan anatomical system. [Publication]

Woodrow, G. Marshall (1910) Gardening in the tropics; being a sixth edition of `Gardening in India'; adapted for all tropical or semi-tropical regions. [Publication]

Woodrow, G. Marshall (1910) Gardening in the tropics; being a sixth edition of 'Gardening in India'; adapted for all tropical or semi-tropical regions. [Publication]

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