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Anonymous (1908) The destruction of wild animals in the CPs during 1907. [Publication]

Bean, William J. (1908) The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew: historical and descriptive. [Publication]

Bentall, William C. (1908) Cancer in Travancore, South India - A summary of 1,700 cases. [Publication]

Bourdillon, T.F. (1908) The forest trees of Travancore. [Publication]

Caland, W. (1908) Zur Exegese und Kritik der rituellen S\=utras. 44. Zum altindischen Würfelspiel. [Publication]

Caland, W. (1908) Altindische Zauberei -- Darstellung der altindischen "Wunschopfer". [Publication]

Charpentier, Jarl (1908) Paccekkabuddha-Geschichten. [Publication]

Clayton, F.H.A. (1908) Beitrag zum Studium des siebentägigen Fiebers der indischen Häfen. [Publication]

Cushny, A.R. (1908) Nutmeg poisoning. [Publication]

Dahmon (1908) The Paliyars: hill-tribe of Palni hills (South India). [Publication]

Dale, H.H. (1908) Note on nutmeg poisoning. [Publication]

Dunbar Brander, A.A. (1908) Degeneration of tigers in the CP. [Publication]

Ewens, G.F.W. (1908) Insanity in India. [Publication]

Gupta, Kaviraja Biraja Charan, Rajavaidya of Cooch Behar (1908) The Vanau\d{s}adhidarpa\d{n}a or the Ayurvedic materia medica with quotations and copious original prescriptions from standard works. [Publication]

Hirschberg, J. (1908) Der Starstich der Inder. [Publication]

Hoernle, A.F. Rudolf (1908) Studies in ancient Indian medicine. III. The authorship of the Charaka Samhita. [Publication]

Hoernle, A.F. Rudolf (1908) Studies in ancient Indian medicine. IV. The composition of the Caraka Samhita and the literary methods of the ancient Indian medical writers. (A study in textual criticism). [Publication]

Holland, T.H. (1908) Sketch of the mineral resources of India. [Publication]

Hooper, D. (1908) Fat of the Himalayan bear -- Ursus torquatus Wagner. [Publication]

Hooper, D. (1908) Oil of Lawsonia alba Lamk. [Publication]

Jacobi, H. (1908) Agastya. [Publication]

Jacobi, H. (1908) Ages of the world (Indian). [Publication]

Jacobi, Hermann (1908) Pandit Kisari Mohan Ganguli. [Publication]

Keith, A.B. (1908) The game of dice. [Publication]

Keith, A.B. (1908) review of A.F.R. Hoernle (1978; orig. publ. 1907). [Publication]

Kincaid, Charles Augustus (1908) The tale of the tulsi plant and other studies. [Publication]

Kugler, Anna S. (1908) A glance at ancient and modern Hindu medicine. [Publication]

Lacôte, Félix (1908) Essai sur Gu\d{n}\={a}\d{d}hya et la B\d{r}hatkath\={a} suivi du texte inédit des chapitres XXVII à XXX du Nep\={a}la-M\={a}h\={a}tmya. [Publication]

Lanman, C.R. (1908) The milk-drinking ha\d{m}sas of Sanskrit poetry. [Publication]

Laufer, B. (1908) Die Sage von den goldgrabenden Ameisen. [Publication]

Lévi, Sylvain (1908) A\c{c}vagho\d{s}a: le Sûtrâla\d{m}kâra et ses sources,. [Publication]

Maharajah of Cooch Behar (1908) Big game shooting in eastern and northern India. [Publication]

McCarrison, Robert (1908) Observations on endemic cretinism in the Chitral and Gilgit valleys. [Publication]

Müller, F.W.K. (1908) Uigurica. [Publication]

Nadkarni, K.M. (1908) Indian plants and drugs with their medical properties and uses. [Publication]

UNSPECIFIED (1908) Notes on criminal classes in the Bombay Presidency. [Publication]

Pearse, Frederick (1908) "Sutika", die puerperale Diarrhöe von Bengalen,. [Publication]

Phillott, D.C. (1908) Note on the drum in falconry. [Publication]

Phillott, D.C. (1908) Note on the peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus). [Publication]

Pozdneyev, A. (1908) Ucebnik tibetskoj meditsiny, tom pervyj, c mongolskago i tibetskago perevel. [Publication]

Quackenbos, P. (1908) Classical allusions to the pearl-fisheries of the Persian gulf. [Publication]

Rhys Davids, T.W. (1908) Ahi\d{m}s\={a}. [Publication]

Roberts, Emmanuel (1908) Notes on native drugs. [Publication]

Rogers, L. (1908) Fevers in the tropics -- Their clinical and microscopical differentiation, including the Milroy lectures on kala-azar. [Publication]

Schroeder, L. von (1908) Das Ap\={a}l\={a}-Lied. [Publication]

Sen, G. (1908) The medical science in ancient India. Sen. [Publication]

Singh, Madan Mohan (1908) India's over sea trade as known from the Buddhist Canons. [Publication]

Smith, H. (1908) The treatment of immature cataract. [Publication]

Speyer, J.S. (1908) Studies about the Kath\={a}sarits\={a}gara. [Publication]

Suali, L. (1908) Matériaux pour servir à l'histoire du matérialisme indien. [Publication]

Tschirch, A. (1908) Handbuch der Pharmakognosie. [Publication]

Vallée Poussin, L. de la (1908) The Buddhist councils. [Publication]

Vogel, J. P. (1908) {N}\={a}ga worship in ancient Mathura. [Publication]

Wickham, H. (1908) On the plantation. [Publication]

Wickham, H. (1908) On the plantationcultivation and curing of Para Indian rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) with an account of its introduction from the west to the eastern tropics,. [Publication]

Windisch, Ernst (1908) Buddha's Geburt und die Lehre von der Seelenwanderung. [Publication]

Windisch, Ernst (1908) Buddha's Geburt und die Lehre von der Seelenwanderung. [Publication]

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