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Aflalo, A.G. (Ed.) (1904) The sportman's handbook for India. [Publication]

Arbuthnot, A. (1904) Bison shooting in Central India. [Publication]

Arbuthnot, A.J. (Ed.) (1904) Major-General Sir Thomas Munro: Selections from his official minutes and other writings. [Publication]

Baker, Sir Samuel White (1904) The rifle and hound in Ceylon. [Publication]

Bateson, V. (1904) Some observations on Tibetan medical methods. [Publication]

Bolling, G.M. (1904) The \c{C}\=antikalpa of the Atharva-veda. [Publication]

Burg, C.L. van der (1904) Une relation ancienne sur la syphilis aux Indes orientales. [Publication]

Caland, W. (1904) Zur Atharvavedalitteratur. [Publication]

Cohn, Georg (1904) Die Riechstoffe. [Publication]

Cooke, T. (1904) Flora of the Bombay Presidency. [Publication]

Fleet, J.F. (1904) Notes on Indian history and geography: Amoghavar\d{s}a I as a patron of literature. [Publication]

Hole, R.S. (1904) A list of trees, shrubs and economic herbs of Northern Forest Circle, Allahabad. [Publication]

Hooper, D. (1904) Rusot, an ancient eastern medicine. [Publication]

House, H.D. (1904) The nomenclature of Calonyction bona-nox. [Publication]

Jolly, J. (1904) Zur Quellenkunde der indischen Medizin. 3. Ein alter Kommentar zu Su\'{s}ruta. [Publication]

Kipling, John L. (1904) Animals in India: the suffering species. [Publication]

Kuppuswami Sastri, T.S. (1904) R\={a}mabhadra D\={\i}k\d{s}ita and the Southern poets. [Publication]

MacLaren, J.M. (1904) The auriferous occurrence of Chota Nagpur, Bengal. [Publication]

Mervin Smith, A. (1904) Sport and adventure in the Indian jungle. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat C. (1904) Note on clay-eating as a racial characteristic. [Publication]

Nélaton, Ch. and L. Ombrédanne (1904) La rhinoplastie. [Publication]

Raya, Chittaranjana (1904) Sacred trees of the Hindus. [Publication]

Roncin, Édouard (1904) Étude physiologique sur les fakirs. [Publication]

Schmidt, Richard (1904) Liebe und Ehe im alten und modernen Indien. [Publication]

Schmidt, R. (1904) Reva\d{n}\={a}r\={a}dhyas Smaratattvaprak\={a}\'{s}ik\={a}. [Publication]

Schmidt, Richard (1904) Liebe und Ehe im alten und modernen Indien (Vorder-, Hinter- und Niederländisch-Indien). [Publication]

Sinha, P., R.R. Prasad and S.P. Wahi (1904) Pharmacognostical studies on Euphorbia prostrata W. Ait. [Publication]

Smith, A. Mervyn (1904) Sport and adventure in the Indian jungle. [Publication]

Smith, H. (1904) Cataract couching. [Publication]

Smith, H. (1904) Night-blindness. [Publication]

Watt, G. (1904) Coix spp. or "Job's tears" -- A review of all available information. [Publication]

Watters, Thomas (1904) On Yuan Chwang's travels in India (A.D. 629--645). [Publication]

Woodrow, M. Paisley (1904) The mango -- its culture and varieties. [Publication]

Woodrow, M. (1904) The mango -- its culture and varieties. [Publication]

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