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Böhtlingk, O. (1901) Über pr\={a}\d{n}a und ap\={a}na. [Publication]

Barnes, Irene H. (1901) Between life and death: CeylonThe story of the C.E.Z.M.S. Medical Missions in India, China and Ceylon. [Publication]

Bloch, Iwan (1901) Der Ursprung der Syphilis: eine medizinische und kulturgeschichtliche Untersuchung. [Publication]

Böhtlingk, O. (1901) Dohada. [Publication]

Buckland, C.E. (1901) Bengal under the Lieutenant-Governors, being a narrative of the principal events and public measures during their periods of service, from 1854 to 1898. [Publication]

Burg, C.L. van der (1901) Dengue. [Publication]

Caland, W. (1901) Zur Exegese und Kritik der rituellen S\={u}tras. XXXIV; XXXV. [Publication]

Cash, J. Theodore and Wyndham R. Dunstan (1901) The pharmacology of pyraconitine and methylbenzaconine considered in relation to their chemical constitution. [Publication]

Chandra Kanta Sen (1901) The social status of the Baidya caste. [Publication]

Choksy, N.H. (1901) Report on leprosy and the homeless leper asylum Matunga, Bombay, 1890--1897. [Publication]

Cordier, P. (1901) Médecine indienne: la variole "\c{C}\={\i}tal\={a}". [Publication]

Cordier, P. (1901) Origines, évolution et décadence de la médecine indienne. [Publication]

Cordier, P. (1901) V\={a}gbha\d{t}a. Étude historique et religieuse. [Publication]

Cordier, P. (1901) review of J. Jolly, Zur Quellenkunde der indischen Medizin: I, V\={a}gbha\d{t}a. [Publication]

Dryad (1901) Destruction of game. [Publication]

Editorial (1901) Medical progress in India during the past century. [Publication]

Evans, G.H. (1901) A treatise on elephants; their treatment in health and disease. [Publication]

Ewing, Arthur H. (1901) The Hindu conception of the functions of breath -- A study in early Hindu psychophysics. [Publication]

Goris, A. (1901) De la structure des Aconits et de son utilisation pour la détermination des Aconits de l'Inde. [Publication]

Hatch, F.H. (1901) The Kolar gold field. [Publication]

Hatt, C.C. (1901) The destruction of game in the CPs. [Publication]

Hayden, H.H. and F.H. Hatch (1901) The gold fields of Wainad. [Publication]

Hooper, D. (1901) Introduction to Materia Medica for India. [Publication]

Hopkins, E. Washburn (1901) India old and new. [Publication]

Hopkins, Washburn (1901) On the Hindu custom of dying to redress a grievance. [Publication]

Hopkins, E. Washburn (1901) Yoga-technique in the Great Epic. [Publication]

Jackson, A.M.T. (1901) Signature marks and N\={a}g\={a}rjuna's Kak\d{s}apu\d{t}a. [Publication]

Jacobi, H. (1901) Die indische Logik. [Publication]

Jolly, Julius (1901) Medicin. [Publication]

Joret, C. (1901) La flore de l'Inde d'après les écrivains grecs. [Publication]

King, G. (1901) Report of the Central Indigenous Drugs Committee 1896. [Publication]

Kübler, P. (1901) Geschichte der Pocken und der Impfung. [Publication]

Laufer, H. (1901) Einige Bemerkungen ueber die Heilkunde auf Ceylon. [Publication]

Ludwig, A. (1901) \c{C}a\.{n}khalikhita. [Publication]

Meige, Henry (1901) Une extraction de la filaire vers la fin du XVIIe siècle. [Publication]

Menon, C. Karunakara (1901) Serpent worship in Malabar. [Publication]

Menon, C.K. (1901) Serpent worship in Malabar. [Publication]

Mohammed, I.J. (1901) The use of "surmas" by natives of India. [Publication]

Mukerji, Nitya Gopal (1901) Handbook of Indian agriculture. [Publication]

Oldham, C.F. (1901) The Nagas -- a contribution to the history of serpent worship. [Publication]

Paranjpe, G.B. (1901) The science of nursing and hygiene. [Publication]

Ponder, C.F. and D. Hooper (1901) An introduction to materia medica for India, including the preparations of the British Pharmacopoeia 1898. [Publication]

Powers, H. (1901) A plea for the occasional performance of the operation of depression in cases of cararact. [Publication]

Report (1901) First Report of the Indigenous Drugs Committee. [Publication]

Rhys Davids, C.F. (1901) Notes on early economic conditions in northern India. [Publication]

\'{S}\={a}str\={\i}, Harapras\={a}d (1901) Report on the search of Sanskrit manuscripts during the years 1895 to 1900. [Publication]

\'{S}\={a}str\={\i}, Harapras\={a}d (1901) Report on the search of Sanskrit manuscripts during the years 1895 to 1900. [Publication]

Scheube, B. (1901) Ueber den Ursprung der Syphilis. [Publication]

Schmidt, Richard (1901) Indische Erotik nach den wichtigsten Quellen erstmalig dargestellt. [Publication]

Schroeder, L. von (1901) Das Bohnenverbot bei Pythagoras und im Veda. [Publication]

Schwarz, C.R. von (1901) Ueber die Eisen- und Stahlindustrie Ostindiens. [Publication]

Smith, V.A. (1901) Asoka, the Buddhist emperor of India. [Publication]

Thurston, Edgar (1901) Todas of the Nilgiris. [Publication]

Tribe, Walter H. (1901) Serpent worshippers of India. [Publication]

Vanderstraaten, Julian Louis (1901) A brief sketch of the medical history of Ceylon. [Publication]

Warden, C.J. (1901) A permanent scheme for collecting information regarding and ascertaining the therapeutic values of indigenous drugs. [Publication]

Wecker, L. de (1901) Die Einführung des Jequirity in die ophthalmologische Therapie. [Publication]

Wilder, Alexander (1901) A brief outline of medical history. [Publication]

Wilder, Alexander (1901) A brief outline of medical history. [Publication]

Willis, J. C. and Herbert Wright (1901) A handbook of the vegetable economic products of Ceylon. [Publication]

Willis, J.C. and Herbert Wright (1901) A handbook of the vegetable economic products of Ceylon, native, cultivated or imported. [Publication]

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