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Anonymous (1895) Ai camphor: Blumea balsamifera D.C. [Publication]

Banks, Charles (1895) Observations on epidemics of cholera in India, with special reference to their immediate connection with pilgrimages. [Publication]

Blonk, J.C. (1895) Koro. [Publication]

Bower, Hamilton (1895) A trip to Turkestan. [Publication]

Braddon, E. (1895) Thirty years of shikar. [Publication]

Cotton, Arthur (1895) Public works in India. [Publication]

Drake-Brockman, H.E. (1895) The Indian oculist and his equipment. [Publication]

Drake-Brockman, H. E. (1895) The Indian oculist and his equipment. [Publication]

Ghosa, J.S. (1895) Sacred flowers of the Hindus. [Publication]

Girdharl\'{a}l, Chamanl\'{a}l (1895) On N\'{a}gar Brahmins. [Publication]

Grassmann, H. (1895) Der Campherbaum. [Publication]

Griffith, Ralph Thomas Hotchkin (1895) The hymns of the Atharvaveda. Translated with a popular commentary. [Publication]

Haffkine, W.M.W. (1895) Anti-cholera inoculation -- Report to the Government of India. [Publication]

Haffkine, W.M.W. (1895) Anti-cholera inoculation in India. [Publication]

Hendley, T. Holbein (1895) A medico-topographical account of Jeypore, based on the experience of twenty years' service as a Residency Surgeon and thirteen as Superintendent of Disoensaries at Jeypore, Rajasthan. [Publication]

Huth, Georg (1895) Nachträgliche Ergebnisse bezüglich der chronologischen Ansetzung der Werke im tibetischen Tanjur Abtheilung mDo (S\={u}tra), Band 117--124. [Publication]

Huth, Georg (1895) Verzeichnis der im tibetischen Tanjur Abtheilung mDo (S\={u}tra), Band 117--124, enthaltenen Werke. [Publication]

Inverarity, J.D. (1895) The Indian wild buffalo. [Publication]

Jacobi, Hermann (1895) Jaina s\^{u}tras, translated from Prakrit, Part II: the Uttar\^{a}dhyayana S\^{u}tra, the S\^{u}trakrit\^{a}\.{n}ga S\^{u}tra. [Publication]

King, G. (1895) A brief memoir on William Roxburgh, the author of the Flora Indica. [Publication]

Kipling, R. (1895) The second jungle book. [Publication]

Krehl, L. and M. Matthes (1895) Ueber die Wirkungen von Albumosen verschiedener Herkunft sowie einiger diesen nahestehender Substanzen. [Publication]

Lawrence, Walter R. (1895) The Valley of Kashmir. [Publication]

Leclère, M. Adhémard (1895) La sorcellerie chez les Cambodgiens. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat C. (1895) On the Harparowri or the Behari women's ceremony for producing rain. [Publication]

Modi, Jivanji Jamshedji (1895) On the chariot of the goddess (m\={a}t\={a}noratha), a supposed remedy for driving out an epidemic. [Publication]

Pearson, G.F. (1895) The Indian wild buffalo. [Publication]

Raasch, Chr. (1895) Über das Klima und die Krankheiten im Königreich Siam. [Publication]

Ranina, Rustam N.R. (1895) The surgical instruments of the ancient Hindus. [Publication]

Roberts, Sir William (1895) On the general features and the medical aspects of the opium habit in India. [Publication]

Roth, R. (1895) review of: A\d{s}\d{t}\={a}\.{n}gah\d{r}daya of V\={a}gbha\d{t}a with Aru\d{n}adatta's commentary, ed. by A.M. Ku\d{n}\d{t}e, Bombay 1891tary. [Publication]

Salam, Abdus (1895) Physical education in India. [Publication]

Schroeder, L. von (1895) Bemerkungen zu H. Oldenbergs Religion des Veda. [Publication]

Schroeder, L. von (1895) [on the A\'svins]. [Publication]

Simpson, W.J. (1895) Anti-choleraic inoculation: a report to the Government of India. [Publication]

Sinclair, W.F. (1895) Nux-vomica. [Publication]

Watt, G. (1895) Results of the examination of Indian turpentines. [Publication]

Wellmann, Max (1895) Die pneumatische Schule bis auf Archigenes in ihrer Entwickelung dargestellt. [Publication]

Wellmann, Max (1895) Die pneumatische Schule bis auf Archigenes in ihrer Entwickelung dargestellt. [Publication]

Winternitz, M. (1895) Nejamesha. [Publication]

Winternitz, M. (1895) Nejamesha, Naigamesha, Nemeso. [Publication]

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