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Baker, J.G. (1894) Species and principal varieties of Musa. [Publication]

Banerji, \'{S}\={a}rad\={a} Pras\={a}d (1894) A note on the illustrations of the surgical instruments of Tibet. [Publication]

Beecher, E.F. (1894) Cold weather shooting in Raipur. [Publication]

Bishop, W., F.G. Wiechmann, E. Fischer, A. Maquenne et al. (1894) Ueber Charakterisierung und Bestimmung der Zuckerarten. [Publication]

Bloomfield, Maurice (1894) Contributions to the interpretation of the Veda. 1. The legend of Mudgala and Mudgal\=an\={\i}. [Publication]

Bloomfield, M. (1894) Contributions to the interpretation of the Veda -- Sixth Series, 2: On the meanings of the word `\'{s}u\d{s}ma'. [Publication]

Burnell, A.E (1894) The devil worship of the Tuluvas: the song of Koti and Channaya. [Publication]


Cameron, John (1894) The forest trees of Mysore and Coorg. [Publication]

Chakravarti, Gaurinath (1894) Notes on the worship of Hayagriba Madhava by the Hindus and the Buddhists, etc. [Publication]

Cordier, P. (1894) Étude sur la médecine hindoue (temps védiques et historiques). [Publication]


Dalgado, D.G. (1894) Classifica\c{c}ão botanica das plantas e drogas descriptas nos `Coloquios da India' de Garcia d'Orta. [Publication]

Dey, K.L. (1894) Indian pharmacology: a review. [Publication]


Fayrer, J. (1894) The preservation of health in India. [Publication]

Fortune, J. (1894) Hunting with the chetah. [Publication]


Grierson, G.A. (1894) The hemp plant in Sanskrit and Hindi literature. [Publication]

Groot, J.J.M. de (1894) Iets naders omtrent de verbreiding en de geschiedenis van het betelkauwen. [Publication]


Hallifax, C.H. (1894) Pottery and glass industries in the Punjab. [Publication]

Hart, E. (1894) The medical profession in India. [Publication]

Headley (1894) The Indian systems of medicine and the lesson that may be learnt from them. [Publication]

Henry, Victor (1894) Les Livres VIII et IX de l'Atharvaveda -- Traduits et commentés. [Publication]

Hirschberg, J. (1894) Der Star-Stich der Inder. [Publication]

Hopkins, Edward Washburn (1894) The dog in the Rig-Veda. [Publication]


Imbault-Huart, Camille (1894) Le bétel. [Publication]


Janet, P. (1894) Un cas de possession et l'exorcisme moderne. [Publication]


Kipling, R. (1894) The jungle book. [Publication]


Leclère, M. Adhémard (1894) La médecine chez les Cambodgiens. [Publication]

Lewin, L. (1894) Die Pfeilgifte -- Historische und experimentelle Untersuchungen. [Publication]


Man, E.H. (1894) On the use of narcotics by the Nicobar islanders, and certain deformations connected therewith. [Publication]

Mukherjee, T.N. (1894) A monograph on brass, bronze and copper manufacturers of Bengal. [Publication]


Nairne, A. (1894) The flowering plants of Western India. [Publication]


O'Donell, G.B. (1894) Wolf cubs. [Publication]

Oldenberg, H. (1894) Der vedische Kalender und das Alter des Veda. [Publication]


Pollock, A.J.O. (1894) Sporting days in southern India. [Publication]

Prebble, J.G. (1894) The Nux-vomica tree. [Publication]


Rehn, O. (1894) Kulturpflanzen und Hausthiere in ihrem Uebergange aus Asien nach Griechenland und Italien. [Publication]

Report (1894) Indian Medical Congress Report. [Publication]

Report (1894) Report of the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission, 1893--94. [Publication]

Report (1894) Report of the Royal Commission on opium. [Publication]

Roth, R. (1894) review of: Charaka-Samhit\^{a} translated into English, published by Avinash Chandra Kaviratna etc., Calcutta. [Publication]

Roth, R. (1894) review of: Nibandhasangraha a commentary on the Sushruta-sanhita by Dallana Mishra, edited and published by Pandit Jibananda Vidyasagara, third edition, Calcutta, Saraswati Press, 1891. [Publication]


Shah, T.M. (1894) Summary of a few surgical operations by Hakeems. [Publication]

Simpson, W.J. (1894) Cholera in Calcutta in 1894 and the anti-choleraic inoculation. [Publication]

'Snaffle' (1894) Gun, rifle and hound in East and West. [Publication]


Thurston, E. (1894) Ceylon pearl fishery. [Publication]

Thurston, E. (1894) Inspection of Ceylon pearl banks. [Publication]

Thurston, E. (1894) The Palmyra palm, its occurrence, cultivation and uses. [Publication]

Thurston, E. (1894) Tuticorin pearl fishery. [Publication]

Tull-Walsh, J.H. (1894) On insanity produced by the abuse of ganja and other products of Indian hemp. [Publication]


Vogtherr, Max (1894) Über die Früchte der Randia dumetorum Lam. [Publication]


Waddell, L.A. (1894) The Indian Buddhist cult of Avalokita and his consort T\={a}r\={a} "the Saviouress", illustrated from the remains in Magadha. [Publication]

Watt (1894) First Presidential Address. [Publication]

Windisch, Ernst and Julius Eggeling (1894) Catalogue of the Sanskrit manuscripts in the Library of the India Office. [Publication]

Windisch, Ernst and Julius Eggeling (1894) Catalogue of the Sanskrit manuscripts in the Library of the India Office, part IV. Sa\d{m}sk\d{r}it literature: A. Scientific and technical literature. VII. Philosophy and VIII. Tantra. [Publication]

Withington, E.T. (1894) Medical history from the earliest times. [Publication]

Withington, E. T. (1894) Medical history from the earliest times. [Publication]

Withington, Edward Theodore (1894) A popular history of the healing art. [Publication]

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