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Basu, B.D. (1891) On the study of indigenous drugs. [Publication]

Berendes, J. (1891) Die Pharmacie bei den alten Culturvölkern. [Publication]

Bloomfield, Maurice (1891) Contributions to the interpretation of the Veda -- Fourth Series. [Publication]

Bloomfield, Maurice (1891) Contributions to the interpretation of the Veda. [Publication]

Bühler, G. (1891) A further note on the Mingai or Bower Ms. [Publication]

Bühler, G. (1891) The new Sanskrit Ms. from Mingai. [Publication]

Carstensen, G. (1891) Landscape gardening in native states. [Publication]

Hatfield, James Taft (1891) The \={A}u\c{c}anas\={a}dbhut\={a}ni. [Publication]

Hellin, Heinrich (1891) Der giftige Eiweisskörper Abrin und seine Wirkung auf das Blut. [Publication]

Hoernle, A.F. Rudolf (1891) A note on the date of the Bower Manuscript. [Publication]

Hoernle, A.F. Rudolf (1891) An instalment of the Bower Manuscript. [Publication]

Jackson, H.St.J. (1891) Landscape gardening in native states. [Publication]

Jahns, E. (1891) Ueber die Alkaloide der Arekanuss. [Publication]

Joachim, Heinrich (1891) Die Diätetik und die Krankheiten des kindlichen Alters bei den alten Indern. [Publication]

Kew (1891) Historical account of Kew Gardens to 1841. [Publication]

King, G. (1891) The species of Myristica of British India. [Publication]

Kipling, John Lockwood (1891) Beast and man in India -- A popular sketch of Indian animals in their relations with the people. [Publication]

Lisboa, J.C. (1891) A list of the odoriferous grasses of India. [Publication]

Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava (1891) The women of India. [Publication]

Mitra, Saratchandra (1891) A plea for the formation of a Linnaean Society in Calcutta. [Publication]

Monier-Williams, Monier (1891) Br\={a}hmanism and Hind\={u}ism; or religious thought and life in India, as based on the Veda and other sacred books of the Hind\={u}s. [Publication]

Moodeen Sheriff (1891) Materia Medica of Madras. [Publication]

Oldham, C.F. (1891) Serpent worship in India. [Publication]

Orta, Garcia de (1891) Colóquios dos simples e drogas da \'{I}ndia. [Publication]

Plebst, G. and C. Stolz (1891) Five hundred Indian plants, their use in medicine and arts, in Canarese called Vrikshaidigalu varnanai. [Publication]

Sheriff, Khan Bahadur Mohideen (1891) Materia Medica of Madras. [Publication]

Windisch, E. (1891) Ueber den Sitz der denkenden Seele. [Publication]

Windisch, E. (1891) Ueber den Sitz der denkenden Seele besonders bei den Indern und Griechen, und eine Etymologie von gr. prapídes. [Publication]

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