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Aitchison, J.E.T. (1890) Notes on the products of Afghanistan and North-Eastern Persia. [Publication]

Baker, Sir Samuel White (1890) Wild beasts and their ways. [Publication]

Bloomfield, Maurice (1890) On a Vedic group of charms for extinguishing fire by means of water-plants and a frog. [Publication]

Bloomfield, Maurice (1890) V. Contributions to the interpretation of the Veda -- Second Series. [Publication]

Bonavia, E. (1890) The cultivated oranges and lemons etc. of India and Ceylon with researches into their origin and the derivation of their names and other useful information, with an atlas of illustrations. [Publication]

Bower, Lieut. (1890) Note. [Publication]

Castellan, H. (1890) Relation médicale d'un voyage d'immigration indienne effectué par le steamer Nantes-Bordeaux. [Publication]

Dymock, W. (1890) On the use of turmeric in Hindu ceremonial. [Publication]

Dymock, W. (1890) Flowers of the Hindu poets. [Publication]

Dymock, W. (1890) Notes on the economic botany of the Cucurbitaceae of Western India. [Publication]

Dymock, W. (1890) On the use of ganja and bhang in the East as narcotics. [Publication]

Fawcett, F. (1890) On some festivals to village goddesses. [Publication]

Fayrer, J. (1890) Recollections of my life. [Publication]

Giles, G.M.J. (1890) A report of an investigation into the causes of the disease known in Assam as kala-azar and beri-beri. [Publication]

Hooper, D. (1890) Leaves of Strychnos nux-vomica. [Publication]

Kirtikar, K.R. (1890) Botanical characters of Indian poisonous plants. [Publication]

Lévi, S. (1890) Nouvelles et mélanges II: La ville de Taxile. [Publication]

Manual (1890) A manual of arboriculture prescribed for the use of district officers and committees and boards in the Punjab. [Publication]

Mitra, S. (1890) The pursuit of natural history among the natives of India. [Publication]

Mitra, Sarat C. (1890) On vestiges of moon-worship in Behar and Bengal. [Publication]

Murray, James A. (1890) The avifauna on the island of Ceylon. [Publication]

Ormerod, E.A. (1890) A manual of injurious insects with methods of prevention and remedy for their attacks to food crops, forest trees, and fruits, to which is appended a short introduction to entomology. [Publication]

Ragotzi, V. (1890) Ueber die Wirkung des Giftes der Naja tripudians. [Publication]

Skey-Muir, H. (1890) On the cause of enteric fever in India. [Publication]

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