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Ackworth, H.A. (1889) On the Tulsi plant. [Publication]


Ball, V. (1889) A commentary on the Colloquies of Garcia De Orta on the simples, drugs, and medicinal substances of India. [Publication]

Ball, V. (1889) Further notes on the identification of the animals and plants of India which were known to early Greek authors. [Publication]

Bass, Johann Hermann (1889) Outline of history of medicine and the medical profession, translated into English by H.E. Handerson. [Publication]

Basu, B.D. (1889) Prize Essay on Hindu medicine. [Publication]

Bidie, G. (1889) The useful plants of the Nilgiris. [Publication]

Bühler, G. (1889) Ueber das Leben des Jaina Mönches Hemachandra, des Schülers des Devachandra aus der Vajra\'{s}âkhâ. [Publication]


Clarke, C.B. (1889) On the plants of Kohima and Muneypore. [Publication]


Day, F. (1889) The Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma -- Fishes. [Publication]


Ford, H.J.E. (1889) The Medical Services in India: a note on their history and organization. [Publication]


Geldner, Karl F. (1889) Ficus indica in RV 1, 24, 7. [Publication]

Grigg, H.B. (Ed.) (1889) A manual of the Nilgiri District in the Madras Presidency. [Publication]


Hessler, Franz (1889) Generelle Uebersicht der Heilmittel in dem Âyurv\'{e}da des Su\'{s}rutas. [Publication]

Hill, H.C. (1889) Memorandum on the forest laws in force in Upper Burma. [Publication]

Hooper, D. (1889) Gymnemic acid. [Publication]

Hopkins, E.W. (1889) The social and military position of the ruling caste in ancient India as represented by the Sanskrit epic,. [Publication]


Inverarity, J. D. (1889) The Indian bison and some notes on stalking him. [Publication]


Jacobi, Hermann (1889) Kleine Mitteilungen: Additional note to II, p. 154. [Publication]

Jayasinghe, William (1889) Notes on Sethia acuminata (Linn.). [Publication]

Jayasinghe, William (1889) The therapeutic use of Siegesbeckia orientalis (Tamil otta keera, Sinhalese leevanuya). [Publication]


Kittredge, G.A. (1889) A short history of the `Medical women for India' Fund of Bombay. [Publication]


Leumann, Ernst (1889) review of G. Bühler (1889). [Publication]

Lewin, L. (1889) Ueber Areca catechu, Chavica betle und das Betelkauen. [Publication]

Lisboa, J.C. (1889) Short notes on the odoriferous grasses (Andropogons) of India. [Publication]

Lyon, I.B. (1889) A textbook of medical jurisprudence for India; revised as to the legal matter by J.D. Iverarity. [Publication]


Magoun, H.W. (1889) The Asuri-Kalpa; a witchcraft practice of the Atharva-Veda. [Publication]

Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava (1889) Our viceregal life in India: Selections from my journal, 1884--1888. [Publication]

Martin, Sidney and R. Norris Wolfenden (1889) Physiological action of the active principle of the seeds of Abrus precatorius (jequirity). [Publication]


Oates, E.W. and W.T. Blanford (1889) Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma: Birds. [Publication]


Pech, T. (1889) Die tibetische Medizin. [Publication]

Pischel, Richard and Karl F. Geldner (1889) Vedische Studien I. [Publication]

Pringle, R. (1889) Enteric fever in India: its increase, causes, remedies, and probable consequences. [Publication]

Puschmann, Theodor (1889) Geschichte des medicinischen Unterrichts von den ältesten Zeiten bis zur Gegenwart. [Publication]


Roth, R. (1889) Indischer Feuerzeug. [Publication]

Rothney, George Alexander James (1889) Notes on Indian ants. [Publication]


Sieman (1889) Beiträge zur Kenntnis der vedischen Schulen. [Publication]

Simon, Richard (1889) Beiträge zur Kenntnis der vedischen Schulen. [Publication]

Smith, Vincent A. (1889) Graeco-Roman influence on the civilization of ancient India. [Publication]

Stapf, Otto (1889) Die Arten der Gattung Ephedra. [Publication]

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