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Anonymous (1888) The game and game laws of India. [Publication]


Bailey, Wellesley C. (1888) A glimpse at the Indian mission-field and leper asylums in 1886--87. [Publication]

Basu, B.D. (1888) Anatomy of the Tantras. [Publication]

Blanford, W.T. (1888) The fauna of British India. [Publication]


Carter, H.V. (1888) Scientific background of the medical officers of India. [Publication]

Carter, H. V. (1888) Scientific memoirs of the medical officers of India. /begin{C}/ Checked: No /end{C}/ Carus. [Publication]

Collinet, P. (1888) Vedic chips. [Publication]

Crooke, William (1888) A rural and agricultural glossary for the North-Western Provinces and Oudh. [Publication]

Culler, Jonathan (1888) The public health in India. [Publication]


Daalmans, Aegidius (1888) Observations on the diseases of Ceylon and India (from: De Nieuw Hervormde Geneeskonst Gebouwd op de Gronden van 't Acidum en Alcali, 4th ed., Amsterdam 1703). [Publication]

Dawson, G. (1888) On the Nymphaeaceae. [Publication]

Duthie, John Firminger (1888) The fodder grasses of Northern India. [Publication]


Fayrer, J. (1888) The natural history and epidemiology of cholera. [Publication]

Foote, R.B. (1888) The Dharwar system, the chief auriferous rock series in South India. [Publication]


Hessler, Franz (1888) Beiträge zur Naturphilosophie der alten Hindu. [Publication]


Jacobi, Hermann (1888) On Rudra\d{t}a and Rudrabha\d{t}\d{t}a. [Publication]

Jacobi, Hermann (1888) Rudra\d{t}a und Rudrabha\d{t}\d{t}a. Eine Erwiderung. [Publication]

Jayasinghe, William (1888) The therapeutic use of Boerhaavia diffusa (Linn.). [Publication]

Jayasinghe, William (1888) The therapeutic use of Justicia adhatoda (Linn.). [Publication]


Kern, H. (1888) Bijdrage tot de verklaring van eenige woorden in Paligeschriften voorkomende. [Publication]


Larking, Col. Cuthbert (1888) Bandobast and khabar -- Reminiscences of India. [Publication]

Loos, James (1888) The nature and causes of fevers in Ceylon. [Publication]


Macready, W.C. (1888) The jungles of R\={a}javanni Pattu and the ceremony of passing through fire. [Publication]


Oldenberg, H. (1888) Ueber die Liedverfasser des \d{R}igveda nebst Bemerkungen über die vedische Chronologie und über die Geschichte des Rituals. [Publication]


Pischel, R. (1888) Rudra\d{t}a und Rudrabha\d{t}\d{t}a. [Publication]


Schwartz, W. (1888) Die rossgestaltigen Himmelsärzte bei Indern und Griechen. [Publication]

Short, J. (1888) A monograph on the coconut palm or Cocos nucifera. [Publication]

Sirkar, Jasoda Nandan (1888) Treatment of Asiatic cholera based on Hindu medicine (visuci cikitsa). [Publication]


Varthema, Ludovico di (1888) Les voyages de Ludovico di Varthema ou Le viateur en la plus grande partie de l'Orient, traduits de l'italien en fran\c{c}ais par J. Balarin de Raconis. [Publication]


Wigand, A. (1888) Nelumbium speciosum. Eine monographische Studie. [Publication]

Winternitz, M. (1888) Der Sarpabali. [Publication]

Winternitz, M. (1888) Der Sarpabali, ein altindischer Schlangencult. [Publication]

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