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Anonymous (1887) Bombay Forests Inquiry Commission. [Publication]

Anonymous (1887) Cubebs (Piper cubeba L.). [Publication]

Attygalle, John (1887) Notes on the Sinhalese materia medica. [Publication]

Attygalle, John (1887) Prophylactic treatment of hydrophobia by Sinhalese vedaralas. [Publication]

Aufrecht, Th. (1887) Bemerkungen, 3: Ueber das Alter des R\={a}janigha\d{n}\d{t}u. [Publication]


Baker, E.B. (1887) Sport in Bengal. [Publication]

Bloomfield, Maurice (1887) On the position of the Vait\=ana-S\=utra in the literature of the Atharva-Veda. [Publication]

Brown, James Moray (1887) Shikar sketches, with notes on Indian field-sports. [Publication]


Caldwell, R. (1887) On demonolatry in southern India. [Publication]


Daalmans, Aegidius (1887) A Belgian physician's notes on Ceylon in 1687--1689. [Publication]

Dufrené, Hector (1887) La flore sanscrite -- Essai d'explication des noms sanscrits servant à désigner les principales plantes de l'Inde d'après leur étymologie. [Publication]

Dymock, W. (1887) Marathi names of plants. [Publication]


Editorial (1887) The political value of the Indian Medical Service. [Publication]


Frédé, Pierre (1887) La pêche aux perles en Perse et à Ceylan. [Publication]


Gray, Albert (translator) (1887) The voyage of Fran\c{c}ois Pyrard of Laval to the East Indies, the Maldives, the Moluccas, and Brazil. [Publication]


Hacker, J.H. (1887) Memoirs of Thomas Smith Thomson: Medical missionary at Neyoor. [Publication]

Harris, G.H. (1887) An Indian remedy for tapeworm. [Publication]

Hessler, Franz (1887) Allgemeine Uebersicht der Heilkunde der alten Inder. [Publication]

Hessler, Franz (1887) Ueber Naturgeschichte der alten Inder. [Publication]

Hickson, S.J. (1887) Cocoa-nut pearls. [Publication]


James, Joseph F. (1887) The milkweeds. [Publication]


Keegel, H.A. (1887) Superstition in native medicine. [Publication]

Kew (1887) Fibre plants. [Publication]

Khory, Rustomjee Naserwanjee and Nanabhai Navrosji Katrak (1887) The Bombay Materia Medica and their therapeutics. [Publication]

Knox, K.A. (1887) The National Association for Supplying Female Medical Aid to the Women of India. [Publication]

Kynsey, W.R. (1887) Some endemic diseases. [Publication]


Mackenzie, Stephen (1887) Remarks on the value of Indian hemp in the treatment of a cerain type of headache. [Publication]

Mallett, F.R. (1887) A manual of the geology of India, part IV: Mineralogy. [Publication]

Martin, Sidney (1887) The proteids of the seeds of Abrus precatorius (jequirity). [Publication]

Modder, E.E. (1887) On the medicinal uses of Carica papaya L. [Publication]


Pedley, Thomas Franklin (1887) Midwifery among the Burmese. [Publication]


Reid, W.N. (1887) Culture and manufacture of indigo. [Publication]

Report (1887) Report of the Bombay Forest Commission. [Publication]


Schroeder, Leopold von (1887) Indiens Literatur und Cultur in historischer Entwicklung. [Publication]

Schuchardt, Bernh. (1887) Zur Geschichte und Casuistik des Lathyrismus. [Publication]


Trimen, H. (1887) Hermann's Ceylon herbarium and Linnaeus's Flora Zeylanica. [Publication]


Veth, P.J. (1887) Hendrik Adriaan van Rheede tot Draakenstein. [Publication]

Vogl, August (1887) \"{U}ber Garcia da Orta und seine Bedeutung f\"{u}r die Pharmakognosie. [Publication]


Watt, George (1887) The aboriginal tribes of Manipur. [Publication]

Weber, A. (1887) Über den Pârasîprakâ\c{c}a des K\d{r}ish\d{n}adâsa. [Publication]

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