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Ball, V. (1886) Zinc and zinc ores: their occurrence, metallurgy and history in India. [Publication]

Bloomfield , M. (1886) Seven hymns of the Atharva-Veda. [Publication]

Bourdillon, F. (Ed.) (1886) Report on the Travancore forests. [Publication]

Burnell, A.E. (1886) The devil worship of the Tuluvas: the origin of the Beiderlu (Mr. Männer's variants). [Publication]


Casartelli, L.C. (1886) Un traité pehlevi sur la médecine. [Publication]

Chevers, Norman (1886) A commentary on the diseases of India. [Publication]

Church, A.H. (1886) Food-grains of India. [Publication]

Church, A.H. (1886) Food-grains of India. [Publication]


De Cunha, John (1886) On the evil eye among the Bunnias. [Publication]

Dymock, W. (1886) Anthropogonic trees of the Hindu castes. [Publication]


Giles, George M. (1886) Notes on endemic goitre; its aetiology and treatment. [Publication]


Huber, J.C. (1886) Historische Notizen über den Lathyrismus. [Publication]


Joshi, Purushottam Balkrishna (1886) On the evil eye in Konkan. [Publication]


Kipling, L.J. (1886) Brass and copper ware of the Punjab and Kashmere. [Publication]

Kirtikar, K.R. (1886) Folk-lore of Indian plants. [Publication]

Kirtikar, K.R. (1886) On the ceremonies observed among the Hindus during pregnancy and parturition. [Publication]

Kuhn, Adalbert (1886) Mythologische Studien, herausgegeben von Ernst Kuhn, erster Band: Die Herabkunft des Feuers und des Göttertranks. [Publication]


Lanessan, J.L. de (1886) Les plantes utiles des colonies fran\c{c}aises. [Publication]

Liétard, G. (1886) Haridharitagrantha. [Publication]

Liétard, G. (1886) H\={a}r\={\i}ta. [Publication]

Lisboa, Jose Camillo (1886) List of Bombay grasses and their uses. [Publication]


Maclean, William Campbell (1886) Diseases in tropical climates: lectures delivered at the Army Medical School. [Publication]

Mendes, Lopes (1886) A India Portuguesa. [Publication]

Murray-Aynoley, H.G.M. (1886) Discursive contributions toward the comparative study of Asiatic symbolism, VII: snake worship. [Publication]


Nevill, Hugh (1886) Malabathrum is patchouli. [Publication]


Ribbentrop, B. (1886) Note on an inspection of the forests in the Central Provinces November 1885 to February 1886. [Publication]

Rose, F. (1886) Uses of the flowers of Pandanus odoratissimus. [Publication]


Schrader, F.O. (1886) Linguistisch-historische Forschungen. [Publication]

Schwab, Jul. (1886) Das altindische Thieropfermit Ben\"{u}tzung handschriftlicher Quellen dargestellt,. [Publication]

Simson, F.B. (1886) Letters on sport in Eastern Bengal. [Publication]

Singh, Jai (1886) Prevalence of goitre in Chiniot and in the villages about it. [Publication]

Sterndale, H.B. (1886) On the use of Pandanus or screwpine. [Publication]


Vanderstraaten, Julian Louis (1886) A brief sketch of the medical history of Ceylon. [Publication]


Weir, T.S. (1886) Note on sacrifices in India as a means of averting epidemics. [Publication]

Weir, T. S. (1886) Note on sacrifices in India as a means of averting epidemics. [Publication]

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