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Atkinson, E.T. (1882) The Himalayan Gazetteer. [Publication]

Atkinson, E.T. (1882) The Himalayan districts of North West Provinces of India. [Publication]

Atkinson, E.T. (1882) Notes on economic mineralogy of the Hill Districts of N.W. Provinces of India. [Publication]

Auboeuf, J. (1882) Contribution à l'étude de l'hygiène et des maladies dans l'Inde. [Publication]

Baden-Powell, B.H. (1882) A manual of jurisprudence for forest officers. [Publication]

Barth, Auguste (1882) Inscriptions sanscrites du Cambodge. [Publication]

Beilby, E. (1882) Zenana medical missionaries. [Publication]

Bell, H.C.P. (1882) Sinhalese customs and ceremonies connected with paddy cultivation in the low country. [Publication]

Duthie, J.F. and J.B. Fuller (1882) Field and garden crops of the North-Western Provinces and Oudh. [Publication]

Ewart, Joseph (1882) On scrofula, tuberculosis, and phthisis in India. [Publication]

Fayrer, Sir Joseph (1882) On the climate and fevers of India. Being the Croonian lectures delivered at the Royal College of Physicians in March 1882. [Publication]

Garbe, R. (1882) Die indischen Mineralien, ihre Namen und die ihnen zugeschriebenen Kr\"{a}fte -- Narahari's R\={a}janigha\d{n}\d{t}u, varga XIII, Sanskrit und Deutsch, mit kritischen und erl\"{a}uternden Anmerkungen. [Publication]

Hopkins, E.W. (1882) On the words for colour in the \d{R}gveda. [Publication]

Kern, H. (1882) Geschiedenis van het Buddhisme in Indië. [Publication]

Leitner, G. (1882) History of indigenous education in the Punjab since annexation and in 1882. [Publication]

Mason, Rev. F. (1882) Burma its people and productions; or, Notes on the fauna, flora and minerals of Tenasserim, Pegu and Burma, rewritten and enlarged by W. Theobold,. [Publication]

McCrindle, J.W. (1882) Ancient India as described by Ktesias the Knidian. [Publication]

Oldham, T. and R.D. Oldham (1882) The thermal springs of India. [Publication]

Ondaatje, W.C. (1882) Remarks on some medicinal plants of Ceylon. [Publication]

Rochebrune, A.T. de (1882) De l'emploi des mollusques chez les peuples anciens et modernes. [Publication]

Roth, R. (1882) Der Adler mit dem Soma. [Publication]

Roussellet, Louis (1882) India and its native princes -- Travels in Central India and the Presidencies of Bombay and Bengal. [Publication]

Stuart, A.J. (1882) Extracts from 'Man and Nature'...with some notes on forests and rainfall in Madras. [Publication]

Temple, R.C. (1882) Agricultural folk-lore notes. [Publication]

Vincent, F.D.A. (1882) Report on the conservation and management of the Crown forests of Ceylon. [Publication]

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