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Bentley, G. and H. Trimen (1880) Medicinal plants, being descriptions with original figures of the principal plants employed in medicine and an account of the characters, properties and uses of their parts. [Publication]

Birdwood, G.C.M. (1880) Industrial arts of India. [Publication]

Cameron, L. (1880) Contribution to the medical history of goitre. [Publication]

Eatwell, W.C.B. (1880) On the rise and progress of rational medical education in Bengal. [Publication]

Eduljee, Heeraji (1880) History of the medical art -- past and present. [Publication]

Eliot, James (1880) Indian industries. [Publication]

Grigg, H.B. (1880) The Manual of Nilagiri District. [Publication]

Hoey, W. (1880) Monograph of trade and manufacture in Northern India. [Publication]

Hoey, William (1880) A monograph on trade and manufactures in Northern India. [Publication]

Hoey, William (1880) A monograph on trade and manufactures in Northern India. [Publication]

Holtzmann, Adolf (1880) Der heilige Agastya nach den Erzählungen des Mahâbhârata. [Publication]

Ievers, R.W. (1880) Customs and ceremonies connected with paddy cultivation. [Publication]

Jeans, J.S. (1880) Steel: its history, manufacture, properties, and uses. [Publication]

Lucas, J.C. (1880) Notes on tetanus; with remarks on the efficacy of Cannabis indica when administered through the lungs. [Publication]

Macnamara, F.N. (1880) Climate and medical topography in their relations to the disease distribution of the Himalayan and Sub-Himalayan districts of British India; with reasons for assigning a malarious origin to goitre and some other diseases. [Publication]

Markham, Clements R. (1880) Peruvian bark: a popular account of the introduction of Cinchona cultivation into British India. [Publication]

Moore, Sir W. (1880) Tropical climate and Indian diseases. [Publication]

Müller, A. (1880) Arabische Quellen zur Geschichte der indischen Medizin. [Publication]

Murray, J.A. (1880) Handbook to the geology, botany and zoology of Sind. [Publication]

Nicholls, C.G. (1880) The mohwa tree in the CPs'. [Publication]

Oldfield, H.A. (1880) Sketches from Nepal. [Publication]

Oppert, Gustav (1880) On the weapons, army organization and political maxims of the ancient Hindus, with special reference to gunpowder and firearms. [Publication]

Report (1880) Report of the Famine Commission. [Publication]

Shah, C. (1880) Gonorrhoea as treated in vernacular medicinal literature especially with reference to its therapeutics. [Publication]

Stillman, J.M. (1880) On the origin of the lac. [Publication]

Wardle, T. (1880) The wild silks of India. [Publication]

Weber, A. (1880) Über zwei Parteischriften zu Gunsten der Maga, resp. \c{C}\^{a}kadvîpîya Brâhma\d{n}a. [Publication]

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