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Amery, C.F. (1876) On forest rights in India. [Publication]

Antoine, Franz (1876) Das Pflanzenreich auf der Wiener Weltausstellung in Jahre 1873 -- Notizen über die exponirten Pflanzen, Pflanzenrohstoffe and Produkte, sowie über ihre bildlichen Darstellungen. [Publication]

Baden-Powell, B.H. (1876) The political value of forest conservancy. [Publication]

Brandis, D. (1876) Suggestions regarding forest administration in British Burma. [Publication]

Brandis, D. and A. Smythies (Eds.) (1876) Report on the Proceedings of the Forest Conference held at Simla, October 1875. [Publication]

Day, Francis (1876) The fishes of India being a natural history of the fishes known to inhabit the seas and fresh water of India, Burma and Ceylon. [Publication]

Desaint, Constant (1876) Manuel de médecine. [Publication]

Dymock, W. (1876) Notes on Indian drugs. [Publication]

Haas, E. (1876) Über die Ursprünge der indischen Medizin, mit besonderem Bezug auf Susruta. [Publication]

Haas, Ernest (1876) Catalogue of Sanskrit and Pali books in the British Museum. [Publication]

Jacobi, H. (1876) Beitr\"{a}ge zur indischen Chronologie. [Publication]

Jolly, J. (1876) Die rechtliche Stellung der Frauen bei den alten Indern nach dem Dharma\c{c}\={a}stra. [Publication]

Kern, H. (1876) Die Yogay\={a}tr\={a} des Var\^{a}hamihira. [Publication]

Kurz, S. (1876) Bamboo and its uses. [Publication]

Leclerc, L. (1876) Histoire de la médecine arabe; exposé complet des traductions du grec; les sciences en Orient, leur transmission à l'Occident par les traductions latines, I. [Publication]

Macnamara, C. (1876) A history of Asiatic cholera. [Publication]

Magnus (1876) Geschichte des grauen Stares. [Publication]

Mitra, Rajendra Lal (1876) Human sacrifices in India. [Publication]

Mitter, Digamber (1876) The epidemic fever in Bengal (reprinted from 'Hindu Patriot'). [Publication]

Myriantheus (1876) Die A\'{s}vins oder die arischen Dioskuren. [Publication]

Roth, R. (1876) Madanap\={a}la. [Publication]

Roy (1876) On the past and present state of medicine in India. [Publication]

Roy, G.C. (1876) The causes, symptoms, and treatment of Burdwan fever, or the epidemic fever of Lower Bengal. [Publication]

Walhouse, M.J. (1876) The belief in bhutas: devil and ghost worship in Western India. [Publication]

Weber, A. (1876) Madanap\={a}la. [Publication]

Wise, Thomas A. (1876) Remarks on the priority of the ancient system of medicine. [Publication]

Wise, Thomas A. (1876) Remarks on the priority of the ancient system of medicine. [Publication]

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