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Brooks, J.C. (1850) Notes on the zinc mines of Jawar. [Publication]

Cleghorn, H. (1850) On the hedge plants of South India. [Publication]

Griffith, A. (1850) Palms of British East India. [Publication]

Nelaton, A. (1850) Parallèle des divers modes opératoires employés dans le traitement de la cataracte. [Publication]

O'Reilley, E. (1850) The vegetable products of the Tenasserim Provinces. [Publication]

Pieris, T.A. (1850) Singhalese medicine. [Publication]

Renaud (1850) Coup d'oeil sur Calcutta et sur le cholera-morbus. [Publication]

Royle, J.F. (1850) Report on the progress of the culture of the Chinese tea plant in the Himalayas from 1835 to 1847. [Publication]

Sykes, W.H. (1850) Contributions to the statistics of sugar produced within the British dominions in India. [Publication]

Webb, Allan (1850) The historical relations of ancient Hindu with Greek medicine in connection with the study of modern medical science in India. [Publication]

Weber, A. (1850) Indische Studien I--XVIII: I: 1850; II: 1853; III: 1855; IV: 1858; V: 1862; VI: 1861; VII: 1863; VIII: 1863; IX: 1865; X: 1868; XI: 1871; XII: 1872; XIII: 1873; XIV: 1876; XV: 1878; XVI: 1883; XVII, 1885; XVIII: 1898. [Publication]

Weber, A. (1850) Ueber den Taittirîya-Veda, astronomische Data aus beiden Yajus, und eine Stelle des Taitt. Brâhma\d{n}a über die naxatra. [Publication]

Weber, A. (1850) Ueber ein indisches Würfel-Orakel. [Publication]

Weber, A. (1850) Zwei Sagen aus dem \c{C}atapatha-Brâhma\d{n}a über Einwanderung und Verbreitung der Ârier in Indien nebst einer geographisch-geschichtlichen Skizze aus dem weissen Yajus. [Publication]

Wight, Robert (1850) Illustrations of Indian botany. [Publication]

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