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Anonymous (1846) A sketch of the life, and some account of the works, of the late Dr. James Johnson. [Publication]

Duff, Alexander (1846) A description of the Durga and Kali festivals celebrated in Calcutta, at an expense of three millions of dollars. [Publication]

Geddes, William (1846) Clinical illustrations of the diseases of India. [Publication]

Gibson, A. (1846) Notes on Indian agriculture as practised in the western or Bombay provinces of India. [Publication]

Gibson, A. (1846) Report on deforestation in South Conkan. [Publication]

Gibson, H. (1846) Report on teak and other forests visited in 1843--44. [Publication]

Heusinger, C.F. (1846) Die von den englischen Aertzen in Ostindien unter dem Namen "Burning of the feet" beschriebene Krankheit. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Kriebelkrankheit. [Publication]

Roberton, John (1846) On Hindu midwifery. [Publication]

Roth, Rudolf (1846) Zur Literatur und Geschichte des Weda: drei Abhandlungen; III. Geschichtliches im Rigweda -- Vasishtha's Kampf mit Vi\c{c}v\={a}mitra. [Publication]

Stenzler, A. (1846) Zur Geschichte der indischen Medizin. [Publication]

Vullers, J. A. (1846) Altindische Geburtsh\"{u}lfe aus Susruta's System der Medizin. [Publication]

Webb, Allan (1846) Pathologia Indica, or the anatomy of Indian diseases, based upon morbid specimens, from all parts of the Indian Empire in the Museum of the Calcutta Medical college. [Publication]

Wight, R. (1846) Spicilegium Neilgherrense. [Publication]

Wight, R. (1846) Spicilegium Neilgherrense, or A selection of Neilgherry plants, drawn and coloured from nature, with brief descriptions of each, some general remarks on the geography and affinities of natural families of plants, and occasional notices of their economical. [Publication]

Windischmann, Friedrich (1846) \"{U}ber den Somakultus der Arier. [Publication]

Windischmann, Friedrich (1846) Über den Somakultus der Arier. [Publication]

Wise, Th.A. (1846) Medical knowledge of the Hindus. [Publication]

Wise, Th.A. (1846) Medical knowledge of the Hindus. [Publication]

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