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Andrew, A. (1841) Zur ältesten Geschichte der Augenheilkunde -- Ophthalmiatriam antiquissimam Indorum. [Publication]

Cureton, William (1841) A collection of such passages relative to India as may occur in Arabic writers. Article V. Extract from the work entitled `Uy\={u}n al-anb\={a}' f\={\i} tabaq\={a}t al-a\d{t}ibb\={a}' or Fountains of information respecting the classes of physicians, by Mu. [Publication]

Epp, J.M.F. (1841) Dissertatio inauguralis medica sistema monographiem febris in India Orientali endemicae. [Publication]

Irvine, R.H. (1841) Some account of the general and medical topography of Ajmere. [Publication]

Johnson, J. and J.R. Martin (1841) The influence of tropical climate on European constitutions. [Publication]

M'Clelland, John (1841) On the manufacture of salt in India. [Publication]

McRae, J. (1841) Report on Cawnpur Dispensary. [Publication]

Moorcroft, William and George Trebeck (1841) Travels in the Himalayan provinces of Hindustan and the Panjab ... from 1819 to 1825. [Publication]

O'Shaughnessy, W.B. (1841) The Bengal dispensatory and pharmacopoeia; Parts I and II: The dispensatory. [Publication]

Sigmond, George G. (1841) Ceylon moss for the cure of consumption, asthma, catarrh, affections of the trachea, diseases of the mucous membranes, and disorders of the stomach. [Publication]

Spry, H.H. (1841) Suggestions received by the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India for extending the cultivation and introduction of useful and ornamental plants with a view to the improvement of the agricultural and commercial resources of India. [Publication]

Wight, Robert (1841) Recent botanical letters of Dr. Robert Wight. [Publication]

Wight, R. (1841) Recent botanical letters...addressed to {G}.{A}.{W}. Arnott. [Publication]

Wight, R. (1841) Recent botanical letters...addressed to G.A.W. Arnott. [Publication]

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