Dravyagu\d{n}a\'sata\'slok\={\i} of Trimallabha\d{t}\d{t}a

Neelakandhan, C.M. et al. (Eds.)K\d{r} (2014) Dravyagu\d{n}a\'sata\'slok\={\i} of Trimallabha\d{t}\d{t}a. [Publication]

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Item Type: Publication
Author(s): Neelakandhan, C.M. et al. (Eds.)K\d{r}
Title order (without accents): Dravyagunasatasloki of Trimallabhatta
Type of publication: Book (monograph)
Language: English
Description of the publication: XXVI and 108 p.
Published in: K\d{r}tibodha Series 5
Location: reference
Additional info: text with Hindi translation, foreword, preface, prologue, introduction in English
Checked: no
Publisher: National Mission for Manuscripts, New Delhi
ReferenceID: 510n
Date Deposited: 07 Jul 2017 12:52
Last Modified: 07 Jul 2017 12:52
URI: http://indianmedicine.eldoc.ub.rug.nl/id/eprint/73875

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