\'{S}ukrak\d{s}ayajanya oj k\d{s}aya eva\d{m} aupasargik vy\={a}dhi Aids k\={a} \={a}yurvedik vivecan

Uniy\={a}l, M\={a}y\={a}r\={a}m (2000) \'{S}ukrak\d{s}ayajanya oj k\d{s}aya eva\d{m} aupasargik vy\={a}dhi Aids k\={a} \={a}yurvedik vivecan. [Publication]

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Item Type: Publication
Author(s): Uniy\={a}l, M\={a}y\={a}r\={a}m
Author(s) order (without accents): Uniyal, Mayaram
Title order (without accents): Sukraksayajanya oj ksaya evam aupasargik vyadhi Aids ka ayurvedik vivecan
Type of publication: Article / Letter to editor
Language: English
Published in: Sachitra Ayurved 52, 12, 1100--1104
Location: present
Additional info: on oja\d{h}k\d{s}aya; the author recommends a series of single drugs, useful in the treatment of Aids: a\'{s}vagandh\={a}, ma\d{n}\d{d}\={u}kapatr\={\i}, br\={a}hm\={\i}, tulas\={\i}, gu\d{d}\={u}c\={\i}, \'{s}at\={a}var\={\i}, vid\={a}r\={\i}kanda, musal
Checked: yes
ReferenceID: 130225
Date Deposited: 07 Jul 2017 11:53
Last Modified: 07 Jul 2017 11:53
URI: http://indianmedicine.eldoc.ub.rug.nl/id/eprint/4854

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