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Studies on some South Indian market samples of Ayurvedic drugs -- V


Author(s): Vasudevan Nair, K., Indira Balachandran, S.N. Yoganarasimhan and K. Gopakumar
Title: Studies on some South Indian market samples of Ayurvedic drugs -- V
Publication date: 1986
Published in: Ancient Science of Life 6, 1, 30--34
Checked: yes
Description: on cavya, gajapippal\={\i}, hr\={\i}vera; the accepted source of cavya consists of the roots of Piper retrofractum Vahl = P. chaba Hunter, non Blume, a species confined to Indonesia in its wild state; the physicians of Kerala use as cavya two other species of Piper: P. schmidtii Hook.f. and P. bantamense Blume; the accepted source of gajapippal\={\i} consists of the fruits of Scindapsus officinalis Schott; the South Indian drug markets sell as gajapippal\={\i} the rhizome, stalk and inflorescences of the male and female plant called Balanophora fungosa J.R. et G.Forst. subsp. indica (Arn.) B. Hansen, a root parasite in the forests of South India; the accepted source of hr\={\i}vera consists of the roots of Coleus vettiveroides K.C.Jacob; the sources of hr\={\i}vera in South India are: Coleus zeylanicus (Benth.) Cramer, never found wild but often cultivated, and, in particular in the drug markets, the stem and wiry main roots of a mixture of Coleus zeylanicus, C. barbatus (Andr.) Benth. and Plectranthus amboinicus (Lour.) Spreng. = Coleus amboinicus Lour.; the stout tap roots and portions of the stem of Pavonia odorata Willd. is sold in Tamil Nadu as hr\={\i}vera

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